Prague Lipo, Inner Thigh and Knee Area - Forme clinic, Prague, CZ

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Hello, I thought I'd write a review as there...

Hello, I thought I'd write a review as there wasn't many out there when I was going for my op. I had lipo suction on my inner thighs, inner knee and on top of my knee for €1240 euro at the forme clinic in Prague, I went through medical travel and a lovely woman called Jana sorted it all out for me and booked me a taxi to get to my hotel and also picked me up from my hotel on the day of surgery and waited with me while I had my bloods and consultation, I would definitely suggest using them as I was a bit worried not knowing where to go ect. It was all included in the price as well so I was happy :) I paid for 2 areas inner thighs and knees, but when I went for the consolation he actually said he would do my inner knees and on top of my knees all for the same price which made me happy.

So the surgery, I was awake during the whole thing with local anesthesia.. Those that say you can't feel a thing are lying (well I could feel) just some areas when he was going round the back of my Inner thighs and I had no injections there but it was about the same pain as a Hollywood wax so looking back now was not that bad, First they injected the local anesthesia then waited 20 minutes for it to go numb, I had waterjet lipo so then the blew up my thighs and knees with water then left it for 20 minutes or so, so that the anesthesia could mix in or whatever, then they sucked out the fat. I had a lovely woman beside me who couldn't speak English but held my hand all the way through reassuring me.

Then I was put into a garment, jumped off the bed and walked to my room! I know some people won't like the idea of being awake (I didn't) but I was glad after so that I could go back to the hotel with my sister the same day. They made me say for an hour and a half after surgery but I just wanted to get back. I herd some reviews about people felt like they were being pushed out but I felt like they just wanted me to stay haha. They give me a bag full of piss pads (these will come in handy) a roller (to roll your thighs once healed to stop any lumps and bumps) steri strips for after showers (I had no stitching just steri strips) and last of all 3 lots of tablets (antibiotics to stop injection, strong painkillers and some to stop swelling) couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to rest properly. I laid on all the pads because you will leek quite a bit, I had 1 litre drained which I am happy about. I could see some change about 10 hours after but the swelling goes up and down you won't be able to tell, and those people weighing themselves straight after lipo?? What's the point? You will be swollen and stuck in bed. I'm not weighing myself for a month so I can see results properly.

So it's day two and my legs are pretty tight, when I first stand up the pressure hurts my knees but I'm getting up every few hours for the loo. You will need someone with you to help you especially getting your knees done it's very difficult to bend, and the back of my thighs hurt so I kind of hover over the toilet to wee (I have a crotchless garment) which I thought was silly at first but thank god I do not have to pull it off and struggle to get it back on every time I need the loo, I might shower later but I'm worried I won't get the garment back on it took two nurses to get me in and I don't really want to see the bruising or cuts yet ????

I'd like to know when's best to shower and if it's better to keep bending my knees to keep them moving and not stiff or if that would delay the healing process?
Dr krejca

Not ready to review this yet I want to see the results first

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