26 Years Old - 415/460cc Polyeurothane Coasted Breast Implants

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Hi there, I am really excited (but also really...

Hi there,

I am really excited (but also really nervous).

I am quite a solid build as I have trained heavy weights for many years, and have competed in figure competitions. After dropping a lot of weight, and putting it back on with these competitions, my breasts were just never the same! They look quite deflated and I feel they are too small for my frame and build, so I have decided to get reasonably large breast implants, to help fill out the volume and balance my frame.

After meeting with three different surgeons, I decided to go with Dr Benjamin Norris from Form and Face in Bondi Junction. I felt he was very straight forward, honest, and first and foremost a surgeon (instead of a salesman) which I felt with the other surgeons I met with. I also felt he really had my best interests at heart and really listened to what I wanted whilst setting realistic expectations.

The other surgeons wanted to go round shape (which I think is easier for the surgeon) but Norris wants to go tear drop as I want a more natural shape (particularly with going quite large). He also showed me that the tear drop had a wider base, which I need as I don’t want much of a gap between my breast and want them to sit relatively high etc, and would give me the outcome I wanted. He also said I definitely need two different sizes! Putting the same size in both will show a significant asymmetry after, as I am starting with a decent asymmetry to begin with! The other two surgeons wanted to do the same size in both! Thank goodness I want to see him is all I can say.

After much research I had my heart set on polyurethane coated implants, instead of textured or smooth. He said he can use whatever implants I want and although does not have a contract with Polytech, he would organise to get them, and we looked through the catalogue with my measurements in mind and decided on a 460cc for my left breast, and 415 for my right breast (I am aiming for a DD). The other surgeons ONLY had one company/brand they would order implants off, because I assume they have an exclusive deal with them – i.e. what is best for the surgeon and not the for client. I was so impressed that Norris was happy to use any brand (as long as it was right for the client too) and has plenty of experience using this kind of implant too.

He gave me some sizes to try with a bra and take home to put under clothes and see what I liked best. I felt NO pressure to sign on with him, decided on a date, etc etc, which I felt at the end of the consult with the other surgeons. Needless to say, I called his office the next day and booked in with him. They then booked my pre-op consult for the week before. After my pre-op consult I couldn’t be more sure of me decision to choose him! :)

Anyway, the date of the surgery is in 8 days (not counting or anything) and I have decided to post everything on here including my results and recovery (which I am scared about with so much muscle and going under the muscle) to help anyone that is considering breast implants, Benjamin Norris, or an individual’s recovery! Needless to say, I update as soon as I am able to after the surgery, hopefully the day of, or the day after, so I don’t forget too many details to include for anyone that is interested.

Wise me luck :)

A few hours post surgery

I had my surgery this afternoon!!! All went well apparently :) East Sydney Orivate Hospital was lovely!! I was incredibly nervous but nurses were extremely kind and caring.

I was soooo groggy coming out of the anesthetic, apparently I was demanding cocktails hahaha I don't remember any of that!!! They gave me more painkillers in the recovery room as I was in a little bit of pain. Did not feel nauseaous which is good, but I had to keep eating a drinking to help bring my blood pressure up before I could go as it was very low!

At home now just watching a move while my wonderful partner cooks me some dinner! Not hungry but need to have food with painkillers. I'm a bit nervous for tonight and tomorrow with pain - I guess I will just have to keep the painkillers up!! He has put a stabilizer strap on above my breasts which is quite uncomfortable!! But I assume necessary.

I just wish I could take everything off and see them!!!!! Will post a photo soon :)

Day 2 post surgery

So yesterday, day 1, wasn't so bad. I didn't struggle sleeping propped up on pillows which is great. I slept most of the day in front of the TV.. Netflix is a godsend haha!

But this morning when I woke up (day 2) I was in so much pain! I felt like my chest muscles were spasming which hurt so much, so I text my PS and he says to get some Valium to help my muscles relax! I think they must have used a long acting anesthetic because today is 10 times worse than yesterday! Sitting up, even from a propped up position, is so hard, and if I'm too horizontal it is almost impossible without someone helping me up!! I have to wake up my poor partner every time I need to use the bathroom at night. I am taking laxatives too which has seemed to help keep me reasonably regular - I was told all the painkillers are quite constipating!

Staying on the Oxycodone every 4 hours has helped a lot!!! But I'm scared I'll run out and still need more! But I suppose I'll just see how I go.

I have a stabilizer strap on underneath the bra which is so uncomfortable but apparently I only have to wear it for 1 week as it is less useful for polyurethane coated implants.

Oh and I forgot to mention.. we actually went 495cc on left and 445cc on right. I really want to take everything off and have a look but I don't think I will for a couple more days. I have just been showering from the stomach down and wet wiped underarms and neck as I'm paranoid about getting the stitches wet.

I'm hoping the pain and tight discomfort is less tomorrow!!!!

Day 3 post op

Hi there!

So today is day 3 and I feel a hell of a lot better than yesterday!!!!! Much less pain when not moving (sitting up is still quite painful). I must say yesterday was so hard! Physically, but also emotionally. I felt really teary which is really strange for me as I am the happiest, most level headed person in the world! But one of my friends told me that this happens after general anaesthetic as it affects your endorphin levels. Needless to say feeling more back to my mental self today :)

The Valium to help relax my chest muscles has done wonders, I honestly don't know what I would have done without it at this stage! I had 2 valiums before bed lat night and slept so well, no chest spasming, and I was even able to get myself up to use the bathroom without my partners help at around 5am! But come 8am I certainly needed his help! Haha the poor darling think is more tired than me! I feel like Valium or another type of muscle relaxant is super important for recovery, particularly if you have quite a bit of chest muscle like me from all my weight training! My chest still feels really tight but no where near as unbearable as yesterday.

I cant wait to take my bra and strap off tonight to have a look, and so my partner can shower me!! Will post photos then :) Fingers crossed!
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