28 Year Old Switched Professions Gained Weight Fast. Forest Hills, NY

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Hey guys hope this is helpful. I went for my...

Hey guys hope this is helpful. I went for my consultation with Dr.Sadeh last Thursday and he was so cool calm and gave me some realistic goals. This is the third doctor I've seen regarding a bbl and he was the only one that I believe was 100% honest with me about what type of results to expect . He answered all my questioned and assured me that everything will turn out great. He and his staff were so nice and made me feel super comfortable. As far as money wise, I got in during the bbl promo so I got in at a great time. His wife/assistant Mickel (sorry for spelling your name wrong) will work with you on a payment plan or schedule. There really flexible as long as your paid in full by your surgery date (of course) . Im super happy that I found him and can't wait for my surgery

4 days till my bbl

So excited nervous scared but above all I'm ready to get it over with. I'm hoping to get between 1000 and 1100 cc in each cheek I will post my befores with my 1 or two day post ops !!!! Sooooooooo ready

Beyond ready

I got just about everything you can think of to recover smh lol plus some.

Unsure two weeks post op

I'm very unsure how to feel. I'm trying to allow nature to take its course but something I feel like just aren't right. I'm not the type that's going to complain about my doctor as of yet but I'm not totally happy so much so that I'm not ready to take pictures. Ladies just make sure you really do you research and make sure your doctor specializes in what your looking to get done. I definitely know I'm going to either have to have more surgery to get the look I want or I'm just got to have to live with the body God gave me smh depressed!

Dr Sadeh great lipo terrible ass

Dr Sadeh is one of the cheapest doctors in New York and I'm not going to lie that was one of my deciding factors in using him. Now I will say his spirit and has staff was A+++ surgery day went smooth and again staff was amazing. Diane his recovery nurse I absolutely love her . I'm starting to see my results as far as lipo my stomach looks ok my sides look as if they weren't touched. But let's get to the real part my butt is still square as a board no projection or roundness. Again I love my doctor and staff but I have to be honest I did not get the ass of my dream and I know for sure I'm going to have to get a revision. I definitely want to go to fisher in Miami. If your looking for some lipo definitely go to him but a BBL I WOULDNT SUGGEST USING HIM. I'll post pics when I'm completely comfortable. I'm still really disappointed
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