49yo, 510cc Implants to Be Removed, No Lift, No Replacement :-( - Fontana, CA

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Hi Ladies, I have been following explant patients...

Hi Ladies,
I have been following explant patients on this site for about a month and the letters and pictures have been so helpful. Now I want to share my own story as I near my surgery date.

I am 49 years old, and nearly 25 years ago, after two babies, I went to a plastic surgeon for breast implants because I was very unhappy with my sagging barely-B breasts. I told him I wanted an implant large enough to lift up the excess skin. I ended up with 600 cc textured silicon implants, putting me at a DD to DDD. To be honest, I have mostly enjoyed them all these years. I have received a ton of attention with them. Sad that it was important to me but I have body issues.

Over the past two years I have changed my life by becoming vegetarian, dropping 60 pounds, and exercising daily. I have grandchildren and an active life. I am tired of these heavy things on my chest. I am tired of cold, hard boobs and giving everyone a side hug. I am tired of indentations on my shoulders from my giant bra straps. My neck and shoulders and back hurt all the time. I love to run, but it is really hard on my chest and I have to wear 3 bras. When I look in the mirror, I see a really heavy woman with matronly breasts, but I am 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) and weigh 135 lbs (61 kg). Not skinny but not exactly obese!! Yet I feel HUGE.

In the past 2 years, my breasts have become harder, and I have a strange flatness under both nipples. Also, with the weight loss, I have hardly any tissue covering the implant, so a funny fold in the implant is visible on top of my breast, so I can’t wear any cute necklines without this strange shape showing.

I recently had a mammogram and was shocked by the size of the implant comparative to my own tissue. I had never seen my mammogram before. I was also alarmed by the fact that my implant pretty much masks everything on the mammogram. I mean, I could have a golf ball sized tumor in there and it would not be possible to view it. That’s alarming.

I have being going back and forth on one issue: do I explant only, or explant with a lift? If I go through Kaiser (my insurance-- based in California), they will only do an explant. I wasn’t sure if the cost savings was worth putting myself through 2 surgeries if I really need a lift. And I was sure that I would need a lift, since that was part of the initial reason for getting implants, and my body did not improve with age…

So today I went to Kaiser because I read on this site that they might do the explant for free. (I also have two more appointments with private PSs next week for their input.)
I was examined by the PS. She measured my breasts and reviewed my mammogram. She said I have some contracture. I told her about my issues: neck pain, hardness, shape changes. She said the mammogram does not show an obvious leak but there could be a leak within the capsule. She said I have almost no breast tissue and I will be flat-flat, like an A, and they will sag and hang LIKE FLAPS. I am envisioning a pancake. At this point in the exam I was thinking that’s it, let me just get a lift at the same time with a private PS. Then she said something that I have not seen mentioned on this site before. She said she does NOT advise a lift at the same time as explant in my case because I have such a small amount of tissue, such huge implants, and so much skin would need cut off that it would affect the blood supply to my nipples and I could LOSE THEM. !!!????? What the…?????? She said maybe a private PS might want to try it, maybe he has more leeway with the chances he can take… At that point, I knew I would not try to talk anyone into doing a simultaneous explant and lift. I am not risking losing nipples! Has anyone else heard this??? I am so glad I went to Kaiser first, because they seem to be conservative in their approach to everything and I like that.

However... I am grieving today. I feel stupid for ever getting these giant rocks in the first place. I look ridiculous. I am grieving for the pancake boobs I will soon have. I am not ruling out a lift in a second surgery, but now I am also thinking, who cares what my boobs look like. Really I could use a tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift etc etc it never does stop. Why do I need perky boobs when the rest isn’t perky? Mostly I want to be healthy and not worrying about leaks. And neck pain. And I don’t want to be planning another explant surgery when I am in my 70s so I am not considering a replacement.

I feel so sad. I am going to look like a man. No, much worse than a man. I am going to attach pics of my mammogram, and current pics of my enormous breasts. ? For some reason they want to flip upside-down after the upload. Sorry!

I want to say, thank you to all of you who posted 1 day post op pics and etc. I had really thought I would do the same thing for the next person in my shoes, but I don’t think I can bare to look at them. It is going to be horribly gruesome. Do any of you think, with a really good bra, like a VS Miracle bra, would I look somewhat ok? Is there any bra that can help? I’ll just never be naked in front of my husband ever again.

Ugh, sorry to be such a downer. Today was a hard day—slap to reality.

By the way, to anyone else in California—to get my implants removed, Kaiser is charging me $15 co-pay! That’s it!!! I LOVE KAISER!!! All I had to do is get my primary care doctor to refer me to plastic surgery, and it was approved today as a covered procedure. The surgeon is really respected and seems to know her stuff. She took her time with me and I feel as good as can be expected.

Coming to terms with this

So I woke up with one throbbing breast and realized this really needs to happen. These rocks have got to go! I had been moping about, wallowing in a little self-pity, and while sitting on the sofa with coffee this morning I was checking on my son's instagram (they call it stalking-- i call it parenting. Potato, potah-to). He posted a pic of him at an indoor climbing gym, a selfie taken about 60 feet up, with me on the ground belaying the line. I am like a stick figure at the bottom of the shot, 60 feet away, and all you see is stick arms and legs and two bowling ball boobs!!! FROM 60 FEET AWAY!! I look like a cartoon! Ok, these things have to GO!

So today, I took my daughter shopping and looked at tops. Girls with big bazookas don't wear a lot of ruffles on top-- it adds weight. Well, I was on a mission to find ruffly fluffy tops to hide my imminent flatness. I found some stuff, we shall see if it fits. Isn't it funny how an innocent top or sundress on a small busted woman looks porno on a busty woman?! Well! I wonder what I will look like all flat.

Ok so here is a confession. I bought some breast forms/pads and pocket bras on amazon today. I am so stressed out about returning to work flat! I am a teacher (grade 8), and it will be noticed, by students and faculty alike. My friend says, so what, tell them you got implants removed! Who cares! In Southern California its the equivalent of dying your hair or taking off acrylic nails!! Or getting a spray tan! Everyone does it!! I don't know... I just can't come out and announce that. My mother, who by the way is doing cartwheels of joy over this decision, says tell them its none of their business! Because it isn't! I don't know... I was thinking wear super padded bras and breast forms, then slowly stop doing it.

So my students return to school about 2 weeks post surgery. I am not taking days off work for this. I am saving sick days for the important things in life-- travel. Hahaha

I got the new Ikea catalogue today in the mail. On page 320 is a woman sitting on a kitchen counter, wearing jeans and a loose tan sweater. She is thins and flat chested and, in my imagination, completely self aware and confident and smart and healthy. This woman never considered breast implants. This woman loves life and family and doesn't have a vain bone in her body. She is healthy, does yoga, is vegan and smiles all the time. I want to be her. I will be her!!

Second opinion day

Hi Ladies,
So I went to a private plastic surgeon today for a second opinion. I'm glad I went because I was starting to think maybe I can put this surgery off, what's the rush... Well he said "Your implants are HOW old? 25 YEARS? WOW! That's really old!" Hmmm. Then he said the reason for my recent capsular contracture after so many years of no problems is likely a silicone bleed-- not a big rupture, but there is likely bleed going on in there. Ick. Ok, I want these out yesterday!!! He is very kind, the pictures of his "afters" were amazing, but he would charge $8000 for removal /capsulectomy and $12,000 for removal/ capsulectomy/ lift. Wow, that's a chunk of change.

So I am sticking with Kaiser (insurance). He said my breasts will be likely A cup and a lift would reposition the nipple, but he said "you look like an athlete. I bet you don't care about the appearance, just the ability to run?" Wow, that's pretty much true. I just want to r-u-n!! Without these giant obstacles! I am totally letting go of the appearance thing. And I no longer feel giant boobs are even attractive. At least not on me.

My pre-op for Kaiser is Wednesday. I am so excited. This time next week I'll be sitting propped up with bags of ice on my bandaged up flat chest. Hurray!!!!

Pre-op today

So today was pre-op. I was all worked up about it, but it turned out to be very low key. I don't have any health issues, so it went quickly. I did speak to the surgery nurse and she was so reassuring about the procedure. I feel good that it is being done at a hospital in case anything goes wrong. The private surgeons I spoke with work out of surgery centers, not with a hospital.

So I got all my meds (Norco and a stool softener), I have my instructions (no food or water after midnight Sunday), and I guess I'm ready to go. My husband is taking two days off to take care of me, and my mom will stay the rest of the week. I am a terrible patient and feel sorry for them. It's best if I take pain meds and just sleep.

Yesterday on the phone as I was telling my mom about the surgery plans, she said she told me 25 years ago that I shouldn't have had implants and why don't I ever listen to her. I mean, really. I was 25 years old. What 25 year old girl knows the full consequences of decisions she makes? I gave the decision about 2 seconds of thought, and no one could have talked me out of it. I think it's hilarious that I got a 25 year late "I told you so!"

I need to keep busy for the next 4 days or I am going to go crazy. 4 more days of giant boobs. I am so READY!

Last day of giant boobs- hallelujah!

Yesterday I went to visit my friend in Carlsbad and shopped little boutiques. I found several tops with the little horizontal under-bust seam. It just doesn't seem possible that I could wear something like that! I bought them and am excited about it!

Did really lame things to keep busy today. Returned something to a friend's house and backed out of the driveway and dented the rear quarter panel of a little car parked across the street.... Left a note of course, and the owner was gracious about it. Being old has its perks-- great auto insurance and people sort of expect us to drive into things. I am just super scatterbrained in anticipation of tomorrow!

So everything is set to go. I put a post it note on my Keurig because when I wake up, I'm on autopilot and I'm afraid I'll have coffee when I'm not supposed to have anything before surgery.

Will post tomorrow following surgery if I am able.

Bye ladies!

It's done!

I am tearing up a little, all of my Explant Sisters or Explant Sisters To Be have sent so many well wishes--- your kindness is overwhelming.

Well today before surgery I peeked at Dr. Resch's ID badge and she is Chief of Plastic Surgery. One of the nurses asked me how I was able to get an appointment with her! That bit of news put me at ease. I'm in good hands!

Woke up with pain. They took care of that straight away by injecting something into IV. Demerol I think. My throat is sore also from the breathing tube but that's minor. I have 2 pumps and also a pain management system. It's little tubes taped to outside of incision pumping topical anesthetic on it. Supposed to last 3-5 days. Bad part of that is its in a little bag hanging on me. Two drains plus that thing-- it's a bit overwhelming. As the nurse explained drain maintenance to my husband I started crying. It was so complicated sounding but that could be the drugs talking. He was very sweet about it all. I wish I had hired a home care nurse. They told me sleep in a recliner. Thank goodness I didn't make hubby throw that ugly recliner out. It's a godsend. Also here's a tip- bring a pillow in the car for between you and seatbelt. It was to hug it on the way home.

Keeping arms at sides is going to be hard. I'm sore but properly medicated.

Doc told hubby that there were NO leaks and she got all the capsules and there was calcification. Will know more at post op.

Drains stay in up to 10 days!!!!????? Not fair! Most of you got them out in 5!!!

I am in a good mental state about this. Relief. Glad it's done. Feel love and support from all of YOU!!! And also I honestly don't care what the boobs look like I'm just glad they are flat! My 20 year old self would have never said that. Guess I grew up finally!!! :-)
Sorry if incoherent. Will post in a couple of days. Xoxo

Couple pics

5 hours or so post op and I feel fantastic. No pain. Wondering if this is the honeymoon period and it's coming? Hope not. Ate a little (vegetable broth and a banana) and drank a bit of coconut water as it keeps me "regulate" hash. Here are some pics. Hard for me to post this. I lost 60 pounds going vegetarian 2 years ago. I need a tummy tuck and more. I am not getting any more cosmetic surgery. I feel really healthy and will never take this body for granted again.

Day 2

It's been about 24 hours since I'm out of surgery. I'm taking Norco every 4 hours on the dot. The bupivacaine pump via catheter to incision is a godsend. All of the hoses laying across my skin (on my stomach) were irritating me so I cut off the top portion of a tight tank top which made a tube top that I stepped into and pulled up to the bandages. Now no skin is exposed and all lines are on fabric not skin. Really made it much more comfortable. I also emptied my drains by myself so am feeling a bit self sufficient. My surgeon called me this morning to check on me which I thought was sweet. My appetite is nonexistent but I did have some vegetable broth again. Took a peek at my "cleavage" and it's nonexistent. I filled a sandwich Baggie with 600 ml of water to see what was taken out of me. Wow. I can't believe I carried those around for so many years. You ladies have been so supportive. Without this site and the testimonials of others who came before me, I don't think I would have explanted. I am soooo glad I did this. I feel like it's a huge quality of life issue. Can't wait to start running again. Meanwhile I am taking recovery very seriously. Best wishes to all of you!

510 ml not 600 ml

I previously thought my implants were 600 ml but they were 510 ml. Still enormous.

Feeling ok, day 3 post op

It's been 9 hours since my last Norco-- trying to not take them. I hate that loopy feeling. I'm doing ok on Tylenol but won't rule out more Norco if I need it, and I might. Drains have slowed down to like 10ml in 16 hours. I love my flat shape! I look so tiny! :-) tried to peek at the boobs and the little I saw was pretty bad, but I don't care. I feel light as a feather.

My little pancakes

3 days post op, rolled down bandages to peek!! Hahaha it's pretty darn flat but I love them!!!!! My little pancakes are about as expected. Feeling good today and so so pleased that I am recovering well. Those aren't tattoos by the way. My surgeon signed each breast before surgery and I haven't been allowed to shower yet.

Few more pics--

Ok the one pic I took before looks better than reality. Just peeked again and these are pretty hard to look at. I am sharing only because these kinds of pics helped me brace for what was to come, so I hope it helps someone else. Remember I had very little breast tissue stretched over 510cc for 25 years!! Most everyone on this board will have much better results!! So do not panic. Even so, it's just day 3 and bad as they are, I am ok with this. Really!

Drains out!!!

So I already mentioned I am a terrible patient. My drain removal appointment is in 4 days!!! My dressing was slipping off and I was tugging on it like a flat girl in a strapless prom dress. I called the nurse and begged for her to re wrap me and possibly remove drains. I was told no about drains. Soooo, in I went. Showed them my drain log. My output has been very low. 21ml day 1, 9ml for day 2, 8 ml day 3. They said I could get them out!!!!!!!! First the nurse cut off my compression wrap. Ahhhhh. Next she scratched my back with gloved fingernails!!! Omg I was purring like a cat! Then drains came out (simple and painless, and I had it all hyped up to be really painful. I am a wimp. I didn't even know it was out). Last she wrapped me up in a new bandage soooo tight. It feels great! I am off pain meds except Tylenol every 6 hours. I had to swear not to move around much. Very hard to sit still but I am doing it. I am so flat but feel just fantastic. Didn't get a pic with wrap off because nurse thought I was insane. ("You want a selfie?? Of this???? Really???????"). Hahaha. Two more days until I can shower to give the drain hole time to seal up. I am feeling really good. Thanks ladies for all your support!

Feeling down

Absolutely couldn't take it anymore and took off ace bandages and sat on the shower floor while my mom shampooed my hair and scrubbed my back with a sugar scrub. Felt pathetic that I can't even wash my own hair, not able to lift my arms up high and etc. My mom wrapped me back up after giving me privacy to finish up my shower. Looked in the mirror and it is getting worse, not better. I think swelling is going down so I'm actually more wrinkled. And I completely forgot that one of my breasts is considerably larger than the other. So not only am I flat and wrinkled, but one pancake is longer than the other. A few hours later, I realized I was wrapped too tightly, so I had hubby help me re wrap. I stood facing the corner of the wall and gave him strict instructions not to look at me. Honestly, it looks bad. I can't imagine him ever wanting to be intimate with me ever again. I know he loves me, but this body is not going to inspire lust. I am not going to kid myself here, it's bad. I know those antique implants had to go, but now I am left with brutal battle scars. It's awful.

My mom took me shopping and I bought a few size S sports bras and one ridiculous push up bra 32A with more than 3/4 of the cup full of padding. I don't think it is going to fit. My breasts are wide and flat. They aren't going to fit into anything. And now I've got this weird lopsided thing. Now I'm feeling like if I ever want a sex life again, I'm going to have to get these things repaired. I am so scared of a lift. I was so hopeful after day 1 post op, but it looks just awful.

Pity party is over-- for now

I am attaching a bra and inserts I bought on Amazon. They look pretty believable I think, so felt better after seeing myself in them. I think the pads are maybe too much, so I went back and ordered a second set in the next size down. The bra is very comfortable.

I can see a little change today but mostly I'm still shocked at the size of my breasts. Seems my breast tissue starts just under my neck and goes from armpit to sternum. What the heck. They are very thin but broad. I think I look heavy. I'm not digging the look right now. But that's ok! I still have no regrets.

I feel ridiculous whining about my boob issues when there are women out there dealing with mastectomies where so much tissue and even muscle is removed. I really have nothing to complain about. I am healthy and strong, and my flat pancakes will be just fine.

It's so hard to stay inactive. My Fitbit looks so lonely. I took it off because I didn't want to see my low numbers. I wonder when I will be able to run? I guess I will know more after official post op visit on Tuesday.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Thanks everyone for well wishes!!

Pocket bra and inserts

Sorry I had trouble uploading these

Warm squishy boobs!!

Ok, they ain't pretty but they feel amazing. I let hubby touch them (they really don't hurt at all) and even he was surprised. They are so warm (like real human flesh! Go figure!!) and so soft, and I have total sensation in them except for the very bottom where the incisions are. They don't feel like these bizarre foreign objects!!! I just love them!! Wish they looked as nice as they feel, but I need to count my blessings here. The last week pre-op, I remember sitting on the sofa and noticed that my knee cap and boob felt identical. Not good!!! Now I have these squishy soft boobs--- so happy!!!

I need a sexy bra. This ratty ace bandage is killing me...

Bra shopping

Drove for the first time today. One little trip downtown and 30 minutes of bra shopping and I was sore and exhausted. Nothing fits. Sports bras have that stiff band under the bust that hurts incisions. Other bras had cups too close set together. Or too big. Or too small. So I left with nothing. I did try on my super padded pocket bra without the super pads and I like it much better than with the pads. I think I look ok for work in that but noticeably smaller. I lost 15 pounds over summer vacation so maybe people will think my smaller chest is from weight loss. I'm still pretty wrinkly but it is what it is. No regrets. The warm soft flesh feels amazing. I do think that of all the women posting here, I am on the far end of the spectrum for disastrous results. I went from A-B to DDD with 510 cc implants for 25 years. No lift. This is as bad as it gets and yet it's still ok.

So happy!

So things are healing up nicely. Bruises are fading. Skin is retracting, although slower than I would like. Had my post op appointment. Doc said that the calsification around the capsule was like an eggshell! She was able to get everything out. She said to wait at least 3 months before thinking about a lift. My BFF came over for a day of soft bra shopping. Got some wonderful no wire bras from Bali's "comfort revolution" line. They are amazing! Just enough of a lining/thin pad to give a nice, supportive shape.

So initially, I purchased large breast pads and ruffled tops to hide my small, fun-sized boobies. I am not wearing them at all. In fact I'm only wearing non-padded or very lightly lined bras with tight T-shirts and I LOVE the look!! I feel thin and fit, not flat. My almost-Bs look so good, in my opinion. Looking back at my old DDD boobs that were attached to my chest wall like body armor just looks ridiculous to me now. I also found a super cute tankini in size small that I think looks really great. So now I can get back to the beach without worry.

Right now I am leaning toward no lift, no additional surgery. I'm so grateful that my boobs are soft and warm and that I have complete sensation in them. After my breast aug 25 years ago, it took nearly a decade before I had any nipple sensation. I am afraid to get a lift and risk that happening again.

Thanks again ladies for all your support. Honestly I would have never made the leap to explant without this site. Also, I absolutely would never have considered explant and no lift, but so many here have done it and it gave me the courage to try. I'm so happy I went this route because I can always go more invasive later if I change my mind, but right now this feels right for me and I am very happy with my results. Also, my neck and back feel amazing and even my walk has changed. I'm not leaning forward with oversized boobs. Everyone so far just thinks I lost a ton of weight. I am very, very happy. :-)

You know you are healing when...

Ouch! I had forgotten about those lovely electric jolts as your nerve endings reconnect! LOL it's like being tazed in the boob! Every so often I'm doing my own thing minding my business and then ZAP! I do a little dance and it's over. Hahahaha Students return to class next Friday. Hopefully I won't still be dancing around when I get tazed!!! :-P

Heat wave and bathing suit fits!

It's 106 degrees and everyone is in the pool. I had this tankini from last year. With DDD boobs I was spilling out of it and it was so inappropriate that I wore a tshirt over it. I love the way it fits now!!

Almost 2 weeks

Still bruising on one side and the site of left drain is still a big scab. Hoping this resolves soon. Tomorrow it's back to work and I'm not wearing a padded bra! Wonder if people will say anything?! Oh well! I am so over the big boob thing. Really appreciate having a small chest. Thanks ladies for all of your kindness and support!

The Reveal

So this morning I approached my husband topless, told him to look at me, and guided his hand to touch them. I said, I want you to see me. His response, "I know. I have seen them (??? When???) and they really aren't that bad. You are making a big deal out of it and it's not." So. "Aren't that bad". Not quite the thing to get my motor running, but I'll take it.

Today was the first day back to work. I wore my Bali soft bra with a tight Tshirt. Decided against the whole padded bra and ruffled disguise. I've lost 15 pounds, 2.5 of that from my chest. No one even did a double take! Not one comment except my closest co-worker said "how was your summer--- did you lose some weight?" LOL all the grief about how I would explain myself! No one noticed or cared!!! God, I finally feel like this whole insecure body image thing is just a huge and boring mental waste of energy. They are just boobs and guess what! Nobody cares!!! Hahahaha, meanwhile, I feel terrific, and in 7 days I'm getting back on my running program and can't wait! Ciao ladies!

Before and after!

I honestly think the before looks horrible (so tight! Ouch! ) and prefer the after!!! No kidding! No lift was definitely fine for me. I am really happy. I think I had the near worst results on here due to small amount of tissue, very large implants, contracture, 25 years of implants, no lift. And I really like the result! Thanks ladies for all your support!!!


Ok, so I'm not technically supposed to be running yet, but I really needed to do it. Put on a sports bra and did a slow 5.0 mph jog on the treadmill. First exercise I've had since August 2! It felt... Fabulous! Nothing jiggling, not having straps dig into my shoulders, no bouncing at all! I felt I could run forever! I only did 30 minutes because I'm a little worried I'm doing some harm. It didn't hurt at all though. I feel so good!! no regrets!!!


Tomorrow it's 3 weeks post op. Went shopping today and it was awesome!! Fitted dresses for work actually FIT! (this is from H&M) I haven't worn a dress in a quarter century unless it was Lycra and that's something altogether different haha. I also found Cami tops with built in shelf bra from Express. I don't look like a porn star in them!!! Bought every color... LOVING my flat self!!!! No regrets at all!

3 + weeks and feeling great!

Scabs and bruises are completely gone! Cami with shelf bra is my new uniform! Breast appearance keeps improving, but Lefty is still a little worse for the wear-- a bit bumpy and wrinkled. I don't care!!! I love them!!


Alarming to see progress when pics are viewed together. Day 5 was horrible!!! And even then, I was mostly happy!!! Still going back and forth on a lift. I'll go in November to talk to a surgeon about options and expected results. It's not awful but not fabulous either. I love feeling lighter and do look much thinner so that's good. I'm super glad the implants are out and grateful for the options available.

Decided to have the lift! Best decision for me!

I tried to create another review because I went to another doctor for the lift, but this site wouldn't let me...? I went to Dr. Hardesty in Riverside, Ca. I LOVE my little boobies! No sag, no wrinkles, I have complete sensation in my nipples, and best of all, he was able to pull my armpit side boob out of my armpit! Pain is very minimal. I am thrilled with the results!

Day 5 post op breast lift

Feeling really no pain, not even taking Tylenol, but am getting fatigued very easily. Sitting and reading a lot. Bored out of my mind, as I am very ADHD and sitting is torture for me. Got out yesterday to run an errand and became very tired, had to sit in my car for minute, cut the trip short and drove home. Took a nap! That is not like me at all, but I guess my body has to heal. I'm a vegetarian and struggling to get protein in. I think my body is fighting to heal up, and I need to let it by resting and eating more protein. Ugh.

Steri-strips are off!

So I had an appointment today and my skin is reacting to the adhesive so the strips had to come off. It was labor intensive and they used some kind of adhesive remover which didn't really do much. I am left with a lot of adhesive residue, which sticks to everything. Anyone have ideas on how to get this funk off? I am attaching a pic, day 6 post op. The wrinkles are due to my bra... It has snaps in front with a lot of puckering so it transferred to my skin. I am pleased with the results so far. They are symmetrical thank goodness. There is some light bruising that turned yellow. My breasts have never, ever been this perky. Not even at 16.

8 days post BL

Wow these pics are hard to look at-- " Frankenboob ". The yellow color of fading bruises make it look even worse. I have a lot of stitches and can't wait for them to be removed as they snag in the gauze dressing and itch like heck. I have an appointment in 5 days and even then, they said they most likely won't take them all out. There is probably a lot of tension on the incisions because my skin is stretched pretty tight. I think it will be a month before they start to look less creepy. I am pleased with the shape though. They feel really perky.

Breast lift post explant day 10

They improve daily. I just love them. I'm told the little bit of puckering will smooth out in time. I think they are fabulous. Dr. Hardesty had his work cut out for him--- I think my breasts were "worst case scenario " post explant. He made them beautiful. Can't wait for the last sutures to be removed. My husband is laughing at me because I am constantly staring at my new breasts!! Haha love them!

7 weeks post breast lift, 5 months implant free

I'm so pleased with the breast lift. Was not at all painful, and the tiny vertical scar is so skinny, I know it will fade quickly. I love my tiny, perky boobies! All healed up and loving the lightness of being implant free.
Dr. Charlotte Resch M.D.

Dr. Resch is Chief of Staff of Plastic Surgery at Kaiser in Fontana/Ontario and she is fantastic! She gave me a realistic explanation of what I could expect, and I am so grateful that she spelled out the risks for me regarding doing the lift at the same time as the explant. She encouraged me to seek second opinions, and was so positive with me. Her staff is also amazing. Brittani Filek, the RN in the department, was so encouraging and super proactive in getting my drains out. I didn't even have an appointment with her to get them out, but showed up and she squeezed me in immediately and got the ok to remove them. Thank you!!!! Debra West, the medical assistant, was so kind to me and answered my calls quickly. It is obvious that the staff at Kaiser really cares about their patients. Also, I was very impressed with their commitment to pain management. The On-Q catheter to the incision site was amazing and I was able to get off the narcotics quickly thanks to the catheter. I have not seen others on this site who had the benefit of this for pain management. It was a godsend, which I know for sure because when the pump was empty it was very obvious. It really helped get me through those first few days post op. All in all, I can't recommend this team enough. Love the conservative and thorough approach to explanting. Love their kindness and prompt response to my needs. And of course, having a co-pay of $15 was wonderful. The last thing we need at this time is financial stress and worry. I highly encourage anyone with implant issues to seek explanting using medical insurance coverage. If you are lucky enough to have Kaiser, go with Dr. Resch if at all possible!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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