10 Days Post Breast Reduction and Lipo of Armpits and Abdomen - Fontana, CA

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I am 39 and weigh 150 lbs and 5ft 4 in tall, i...

I am 39 and weigh 150 lbs and 5ft 4 in tall, i have 3 kids who i birthed naturally and breast fed each about a year. My breasts became heavy and pendulous and i looked very national geographic after multiple pregnancies. I decided to do something for myself.

I was a 36DD bra size and desired to be a 36C. I fought my insurance for 3.5 months before finally getting approval. They denied me about 7 times and I appealed each time and submitted medical progress notes and letters from my doctors.

I am 12 days post-op and feeling better every day thank God. My back, shoulder, neck, and arms feel so much better! I noticed this immediately after the surgery! My shirts fit me so much nicer they don't ride up, they stay in place and my button-down tops can be buttoned from the very top now for a change! My shelf is gone and my food now falls onto my lap instead the top of my shirt and breasts!!! It takes courage, strength, tenacity and sheer perseverance to go through with this but its worth it! Can't wait to buy a bathing suit and buy the same size for the top and bottom! I also look forward to wearing 1 jog bra instead of having to wear two! the scars are nothing in comparison to the amazing relief and self-esteem that comes with the procedure. I want to shout it from the roof tops how relieved i feel after so many years of suffering! I still have plenty left and fullness and cleavage.

My PS is wonderful and awesome at what he does! He also got rid of the fat in my armpits so i can put my arms flush to the sides of my body now for the first time!!!

Ok, I have share some 19 day post-op pics below to...

ok, I have share some 19 day post-op pics below to compare to my 10 day pics. So far so good, still feeling very tender in my left breast which is more bruised and hard and bigger than the right. I suspect it must have a hematoma but the doctor did not recommend drainage of it. It is slowly getting better the progress is too slow that it seems like its not improving sometimes. I feel a lot of tingling in my nipples like they are trying to re-generate. My small incisions underneath are starting to get hard to the touch. My right breast pulls to the right more than the center along with the areola, doctor says this will self-correct but by the looks of it I don't know? Overall feeling better, able to do a bit more around the house and with my 3 kids but still tire, sluggish and not well enough to start working out. Have been getting a lot of headaches which i am NOT prone too may be the pain meds i take before bedtime at night. I still use gauze over the incisions even though was told don't need too, i don't like the bra and garment rubbing against my skin yet it feels terrible. This is the hardest part for me waiting to see the results. I am sooooooo impatient and although satisfied and happy with my choice, they still look scary and questionable at this point. Still can't sleep on my side which is torture for me! I will keep updating in another 10 days or so. Feel free to email me or contact me with any questions will be glad to answer them! Trying to stay hopeful and positive but feel depression creeping in slowly I am crying very easily which is unusual for me!

Hi everybody! I didn't fall off of the earth, I've...

hi everybody! I didn't fall off of the earth, I've just been crazy busy with everyday life and 3 young children ages 9, 6, and 3! I am now 19 weeks post-op or almost 5 months since my surgery on August 18th, 2011. I lost some weight after the procedure and currently weigh in at 145 lbs down from 150 at the time of surgery. I wear a 36C bra and my breasts have decrease in size since my surgery. I feel absolutely great and feel so honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to get my life back and release my imprisonment from my over sized breasts. They were holding me back and holding me down and keeping me from achieving so many things in life like training to run marathons and getting in shape and loosing weight. I love how my body looks now after the surgery. I am in better proportion to the rest of my body and tops look so much better on me.

I am now officially 15 months post-op since my...

I am now officially 15 months post-op since my breast reduction surgery back in August of 2011. I was 39 at the time and am 40 now with three kids ages 10, 7, and 4. My weight at the time of surgery was 149 lbs. and my current weight is 136 lbs so since my surgery I have lost weight and my breasts have adjusted in size based on that. In this update I have posted recent pics that I just took on November 3rd 2012 for those of you interested in what the surgery looks like 15 months post-op. I feel great I have absolutely NO regrets whatsoever about the surgery if anything I wish I had done it sooner but I had a baby at 36 and breastfed her until she was about 14 months old and had to wait until I was really done with having any more children before deciding on the surgery. The breast reduction enabled me to work out more and thus lose more weight so one equaled the other. I healed very nicely and evenly and don't have a "boxy look" I think they have a natural look to them. I had 220 grams removed from one side and 250 removed from the other. My plastic surgeon during the surgery had to go back and remove more from my left breast because it was slightly bigger than my right so that is why the difference in tissue breast removal. I wear a 34C very comfortably and am a full C not a small C cup. My insurance covered the procedure after fighting them for about 6 months on it and providing them with the necessary documentation they requested. I am also going to post a new review which will include my pre-op pics, my surgery recovery pics, and my post-op pics.
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