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I'm the mom of 2 great kids. My first pregnancy...

I'm the mom of 2 great kids. My first pregnancy stretched my stomach so much that it was not recognizable. I knew then that I wanted a tummy tuck, but I wasn't done having children. After 6 years, I had my second child and knew that our family was complete and had my tubes tied 1.5 years after my last pregnancy.

My youngest is now almost 2.5 years old and I'm ready to get my body back. I'll be 30 years old 2 months post-op and I'm so excited to be starting this new chapter of my life with a new tummy!

My TT is scheduled for January 16, 2014. I have my pre-op appointment December 31, 2013.

Between weight gain during my first pregnancy and the pregnancies them selves I've been left with a lot of loose hanging skin with lots of stretchmarks. At my heaviest I was 220 lbs and I now stay between 135-140 lbs at 5'2". I've worked hard to get here and stay here and I'm so happy to be getting the tummy I deserve.

Founds Some More Pictures

I was going through some more pictures I've taken of my tummy. I'm so happy to be getting rid of it!

I've never worn a 2 piece bathing suit in my life where I didn't wear a shirt over the top. My goal for this coming summer is to finally wear one, even if only in my own backyard.

I recently e-mailed my doctor's office to ask is he uses a pain pump. I guess this is something I could have just added to a list of questions to ask at my pre-op, but I'm just so dang antsy! The answer was, no. Dr. Sumida no longer uses pain pumps. I'm not worried about it, I was honestly only curious.

I also added a countdown app to my phone's home screen. I'm not sure yet if this was a good idea. It already feels as if the time is going so slow. As of right now my pre-op is in 13 days, 20 hours, and 19 minutes. Surgery is scheduled to be in 29 days, 17 hours, and 48 minutes.

Which questions have you though of to ask your PS? I've got a list going, but I'd love to know what others are asking as well!

Pre-op Just 6 Days Away

And I feel like I should be more nervous. I have to be paid in full that day, which is no problem, I have the money in the bank, I just need to get the cashier's check.

It seems a bit late seeing as there is only about three weeks until surgery, but I'll probably go out this weekend to start purchasing supplies. I've bought nothing so far and basically have nothing already. That's a lot of shopping to do.

I've been trying to enjoy my freedom of movement. It's funny how when you know you won't be yourself again for awhile you start to kind of savor those little things. Sleeping comfortably is huge for me and I foresee this as being one of the hardest things to bare during recovery. Showering as well. I shower every single morning and sometimes at night as well. I love the water, I love bathing and not being able to do that for any amount of time is going to be horrible.

I'm also freaking myself out a bit. I'm usually the girl on pins and needles about everything. I get so antsy and anxious when I know I have to wait for something...and when I scheduled my TT it was no different. Until recently. Lately I've been feeling eerily calm about my upcoming surgery and not anxious for the days to pass at all. At first the days seemed to pass too slowly and now they pass, not fast or slow, but somehow I'm ok with it not speeding along. This should be a good thing, right? It just feels too weird for me.

Maybe it's just me being 100% ok with my decision.

Pre-op Appointment

Tomorrow at 11:00 is my pre-op appointment and they day I have to be paid in full. I'm hoping that the morning flies by. My mom is coming by to watch my kids for me while I'm at my appointment. Thank goodness for her. My kids are nuts and I can't imagine having to take them to my PS's office!

I've got my list of questions ready to go, my financial agreement on hand so we're all on the same page about my procedures, my cashier's check for my remaining balance, and all my lab results. This $h*t's getting real!

I ordered my protein shake mixes today so that I'm sure to get in all my protein so I heal as nicely as possible. I'm going to be doing LivingFuel protein with their Superberry Ultimate shake. It's more expensive than what I would usually spend on this type of product (although I wouldn't normally buy this kind of thing), but it's got awesome ingredients and it pretty clean and nothing that should upset my digestion and will help me to get the additional protein I will require during the healing process.

I still have a few things on my list to purchase, but I'm kind of glad that I do. I think that going out and buying supplies these next two weeks will help the time go by more quickly.

I'll update again tomorrow after my pre-op!

Pre-op DONE!!!

Pre-op went great! I have my prescription for my meds and will get those filled within the next week. I have my drain chart and my first three post-ops scheduled.

My PS does not use a binder after surgery and I will only need to ever wear spanx after about three weeks once the drains are out and my incision is healed. He does all my lipo after he makes his incision, so I won't have any lipo entry holes on my back or hips, yay! I'm so happy about that! He also places the drains below the incision near where the legs bend so they're out of the incision and not in the pubic area where they could get dirty more quickly.

I'll have my drains in for 2 weeks, so no showering for 2 whole weeks :( I was told to shower the morning of surgery...and to enjoy it because I won't be having another for awhile. I love showering, this just might be the hardest part!

I also have a list of medications that I cannot take before surgery, which I don't every take anything anyways.

I'm ready! I just hope these next two weeks fly by!

Nine days and counting!

Well, according to my countdown app it's actually 8 days 16 hours and 44 minutes. And I was scared the time was going to drag by! It's been going so fast! I guess that's expected when you're running after 2 kids all day!

I'm still waiting on a few supplies to arrive in the mail and I still need to pick up a couple things. I'm going to do my final grocery shopping next Wednesday, the day before surgery.

I got my Living fuel protein shakes in the mail yesterday. They're pretty doable for what they are. I'm not the biggest fan of this kind of stuff to begin with, but I can see myself drinking these for a week or so.

I've been posting videos on YouTube to chronicle my journey. I've found so many of those videos very useful before I found RealSelf.

I guess for now it's just a waiting game. Not much more to do other than prepare myself mentally for what's to come.

Bag Packed...I think...

I ordered a bag from Urban Decay (my favorite cosmetics company) and it got here today. I wasn't expecting it to be here until next week, so it was an awesome surprise! I'm using it for my post surgery things that I have to have with me, then it will be my new handbag, yay!

So, all I have packed are my going home clothes and slippers, my meds, chapstick, and my important phone numbers. Did I miss anything?

Five Days

I can't believe that this time next week I'll be on the flat side!

I've been having more dreams about my TT this last week. Prior to this last week I've not dreamt of Te surgery at all. The dreams are good though, not scary at all. The last one I woke from surgery and saw my body and couldn't belive that it was mine. I think in reality I'm still kind of in denile that this is all actually happening.

Before kids I know I was flat, no stretch marks, no saggy skin... Yet I don't remember what I looked like at all. It's been going on 9 years or more if you count during pregnancy, that I've been in this body changed so drastically by pregnancy.

I won't have a frowny bellybutton anymore! I might actually be able to wear a two piece bathing suit THIS summer! I've literally never done that... Without a t-shirt or tank. I can't wait to have the body I've worked so hard to have. I've lost nearly 90 lbs, I can't wait to enjoy it!

Youtube Videos I've Made

Thought I'd post these for others to watch :)

The belly shot video looks like crap. That shirt is awful and makes me look gigantic! Plus, the hubs doesn't know a flattering angle at all, haha!




I'll be posting more as I feel the need. Most likely I'll post more often after surgery when there is actual TT stuff to talk about, haha!

Time Change for Surgery

I just got a call from my PS office and they asked if I could move my time up to 7:15am! I confirmed with my sister if she would be able to come earlier to watch my kids and she can...so I'm going in at 7:15 instead of 8:30am. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned! I probably won't be able to sleep the night before surgery as it is, even with the ativan that my PS prescribed me. Three more sleeps!!!

One and a Half Days until I'm Headed to the Flatside!

And I'm starting to feel the anxiety kick in! I was pretty restless last night and kept thinking of little things that were going to be extra difficult in the coming days, weeks, and month. I caught myself panicking about using the toilet of all things, lol! Here I was just days ago bragging about how cool and calm I've been and now I'm freaking out about peeing! I'm also starting to get scared of the pain. Before, all that was really scaring me was going under. The closer the 16th gets the more I'm scared of the entire thing. I hate lying there waiting to be put under the most, from past experience.

Today I'm just trying to take it easy and spend time with my kids, who I'm afraid will end of feeling neglected by me during the next two weeks. We're cooking brownies (they're outside enjoying the odd 65-70 degree winter weather here in CA, while they cook) and set to watch a movie while we enjoy them and I enjoy my last glass of red wine for awhile (I'll be taking an ativan tomorrow night, plus surgery). I'm starting to miss normal even though nothing has changed yet. I'm just anticipating all the things about my day that I'm going to miss, especially cuddling my kids. My eight year old will understand right away to be gentle with me and watch for my drains, but my 2.5 year old is going to want to tackle me and I'm terrified he will rip a drain out.

I guess now I'm just rambling. I'm nervous. I'm scared. But I'm excited. It's such a confusing mix of emotions.

Just 24 Hours Now!

And I'll be on my way to the flatside! I'm so thankful to have found this site. It's been so nice to have a place to come and find answers from those who have or will be going through exactly what I'm about to do. Thank you to every single one of you here that has shared your journey!

I'm keeping busy today so that the day goes by quickly. I want to get on my road to recovery!

I'm in a little of a conundrum...what did everyone wear on their way to surgery? I know it sounds like a silly question. I plan to wear loose button front pj's afterwards, but I don't want to wear them to the surgery center. I was thinking one last time, wearing my jeans? What do you all think?


I'm just an hour away from when I need to be at the surgery center. I only live about 10 minutes away, but plan on being there a little early just to sure.

I got the call from my anesthesiologist last night. He made me feel really comfortable about everything.

I slept great last night because of he ativan. I'm so happy to be going in well rested. I've had my shower, I'm dressed. Just waiting on 6:45 to roll around so we can head out the door.

On the flat side

I'm soooooooo uncomfortable and it hurts. But I already look great! My surgeon gave me flowers and a phone call this evening. In see him tomorrow for a post op. I'm worried about sleeping through the night.

First Post Op Done

I almost didn't make it in. I got up to use the restroom and get yoga pants on and damn near passed out! So scary! But I sat back down and ate half a banana and felt much better.

Dr. Sumida is awesome, he pulled my muscles together super tight, he says I'm at least 2 inches smaller with the MR. He liposuction 2 liters of fat total and the doesn't include what came off with the loose skin. I assures me I'm going to be bikini ready by summer for sure. He says I'm going to be super tiny. He ended up pulling my skin down an additional 1.5 inches from what he initially cut. I can't wait to get all this tape off! The only bad thing with him tightening me up so much is that in have to walk so hunched over that the walker is too tall! I'm only 5'2",but the dang thing is on the lowest setting and it's too tall... At least for the amount I have to hunch.

Post Op Day 2

Well, morning of post op day 2. I slept really well last night. I'm sleeping on my reclining couch surrounded by pillows. I only woke when my alarm went off to take my muscle relaxers. I've learned quickly those are the ones you want to stay on top of. The pain meds are good, but the tightness from the MR is so uncomfortable.

My incision burns upon standing and I hate having to get up. But of course I have to walk at least to the restroom. I'm feeling even more tight due to gas. I'm burping, but I obviously need to be passing gas from the other end. Looks like we'll be trying a suppository today as recommended by my PS. I can't really reach back there, so I guess my amazing husband will have to do the honors.

I don't know what I would do without my husband here. He is such an amazing support and helps with whatever I need. Even 3am wakeup texts to help me off the couch to pee.

I can't wait to be feeling better and moving around more. I'm soooooooo hunched right now it's crazy.

My drains aren't producing a lot. They are working, but u jsut don't have a lot of fluid. My mom said my dad is the same way after surgeries that require a drain post op. He always gets them out earlier than expected, so hopefully I follow suit.

Post op day 2 video


Post Op Day 3

I've felt pretty good today. I haven't had any of the "just kill me now" when kind of pain today. I'm getting up and down on my own. My tummy does feel heavy when I walk around because of the swelling. The bruising on my back and hips is looking pretty good, but those areas are still very tender and swollen.

I really looked at myself for the first time today. I already look so much smaller! I'm so excited to be standing up straight and not be swollen.

Muscle relaxers are my friends right now. They do more for me than the pain meds. Staying on top of the muscle relaxers is key in being comfortable. I can tell within half an hour of my next does because I start feeling super tight again.

My mood has been good today. The last two days I was miserable and felt like I wouldn't survive this. Today I can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not that far away. Passing gas has honestly been the biggest booster in my mood and comfort. As soon as I started passing gas and not just burping I started to feel like a new woman.

Next post op is Friday the 24th. I'm hoping to call before then about getting my drains out. They're not producing much at this point.

Post Op Day 4

I slept in my bed last night. I've been given the ok to sleep on my side since day 1, but haven't been able to do it. Last night was no different, I just piled pillows all around me and slept through the night. It was nice to be back in my room.

I also put pj bottoms on this morning as well, lol. I've been going without bottoms because it's easier to not have to deal with moving clothes to use the restroom.

My back is killing me this morning. It hurts worse than my incision! My swelling seems to be getting better. I've not experienced any leg swelling, knock on wood. My swelling seems to be all above the incision. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I'll take it.
I feel pretty dang good this morning. My stomach capacity is growing... Or I have less gas taking up room. I can eat a little more than I was able to at post op days 1-3. I was able to finish my cup of coffee this morning. I'm working on my protein shake now.


It set in bad today! My mons is now swollen as well :( I was really hoping to avoid the swelling in that area, but no such luck.

The swelling is really messing with my head as well. I keep thinking it's going to ruin my results. I know this is wrong, everyone whose had a TT has swelling and very few need to have revisions. But, my guess is that we all have these thoughts at some point. After all, we've spent a lot of money to do this and anything that could ruin our results would be devastating.

Pain wise, I'm pretty good. Tight, uncomfortable when my meds start to wear off, but it's tolerable.

Post Op Day 5

Slept well again last night, but did wake up to back pain. The back pain isn't too surprising since it's been getting worse as the days go by. Not being able to twist my back/abs isn't helping things. If I could just get more range, f motion I think it would be so much better.

My bff is here today to help with my kids. Today is the only day my husband couldn't get off. My MIL will also be here today to help out.

I coughed for the first time early this morning. Some water went down wrong and I couldn't help but cough and oh my goodness did that hurt! I thought it hurt to cough after having kids, holy crap, this is so much worse!

I also finally had a BM this morning! Yes! Things are looking up, lol!

I'm taking it super easy today because I think over doing it yesterday contributed to the increase in swelling I had. I'm less swollen this morning, but still swollen. I know I'm only 5 days in, but I'm ready for the swelling to go away.


Still pretty swollen. Got a peek under the gauze at my bb and I'm going to have to get used to actually having a normal bb, lol! So weird to be able to see the bottom of it and it's not squished!

7 days post op

Feeling pretty good. I'm hoping tonhave my drains removed tomorrow. I am ready to start trying to walk straightened up again. I'm not sure how soon that will be, I'm soooooooo tight!

The swelling still has me a bit down. I makes me feel like I'm still going tonhave tummy pudge :( but I'm sure that's not the case.

My lipo areas are still really tender and I'm feeling some hard areas. I've been trying to lightly rub them and it does feel pretty good. The lipo areas are also still very swollen.

I feel like I'm expecting too much from my body right now. It's only been a week and I'm expecting to not be swollen and be flat. I need to relax that part of my brain that is being too judgy.

I have put on a shirt that I could wear pre op, but now, even swollen, it's looser and I can pull it down much further! I have to focus on those small victories for now. The road to full recovery and results is slow; but worth the struggle. I know it will be worth it!

Drains are OUT!

In had my post op at 10am. My PS seemed like he was almost going to leave my drains in! Goodness knows why, the left hasn't had any fluid in 2 days and the right hasn't produced more than about 30 over the last 2-3 days. He says he's never taken drains out this early. I just don't make a lot of fluid I guess. Fine by me, my drains are gone!

The incision looks great according to my PS. He re-taped my incision with instructions to walk hunched for another week.

My BB look great. I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm swollen and tired.

We went to Ikea after my appointment and I over did it. I'm swollen and sore and tired. I even sat a bunch and leaned on a cart.

I tried to pull on a pair of jeans to just see... We'll, the won't go past mid thigh, lol. I guess all that swelling I claimed to not have in my legs is actually there :( it makes sense though. My belly still very swollen, as are my hips and back.

Bellybutton Photos

Bellybutton pictures as promised.

I slept pretty well last night. I did roll onto my left side for a little while. I'm. I'm pretty sure I've pulled a muscle or two in the right side. I'm unsure of they're both from the dog jumping into my lap several days ago.

I'll update more later. We are having company today and I need to get out of bed.

Post Op Day 11

I can't believe I've gotten this far already!

I'm still on orders from my PS to walk hunched and rest this week. My husband went back to work today and I already feel like I've over done it this morning.

Swelling was awful yesterday. I could feel it from my chest to my ankles. It was physically uncomfortable and in places tender to the touch. The most tender is between my ribs, under my sternum. There ii is puffy and hard and tender. This morning the swelling has gone down some. I'm so over being swollen. I can't wait to wear my old clothes and go shopping for new ones.

My bellybutton looks great so far... Even if it looks like a cave because of swelling. Healing wise its doing great and I believe it will look very natural.

I go back to my PS on Friday the 31st. At that point I'm expecting him to give me the go ahead to begin straightening when I walk. I can't wait, my back kills!

I've had to go back to sleeping reclined after trying for 2 nights or so of trying to sleep more flat and on my side. Sleeping reclined is still the only way I get a good night's sleep.

I've also found an awesome way to remove the sticky stuff from the adhesive gauze/tape that's left behind when they rip it off. Coconut oil! I rub it on and let it sit for several minutes and then it practically rubs right off. My plan before my appointment on Friday is to saturate the gauze tape that's is all over my lower abdomen with coconut oil so it hurts less when it's being removed.

Photo Post Op Day 11

Pretty swollen, especially below my bellybutton.


My swelling was down enough to squeeze into a pair of jeans. These used to be more loose around the waist, so I'm obviously still pretty swollen. But the keg swelling is going down, it's not gone entirely, but enough to get a glimpse of my future!

Getting Back to Normal

Well, I'm trying to anyways. I've had to start driving again which feels stiff and awkward at first and creates a weird tension in my abs.

I'm getting more range of motion. I'm able to twist a little more and I can bend over and pick things off the floor with only some discomfort. I can put my yoga pants on without sitting down. I'm able to stand, even hunched, for longer periods of time. Although, I have to sit and rest longer when I'm up longer. I still get tired much more quickly than I'm used to. I also accidentally carried my 2.5 year old from a chair he was sitting with me on to the couch. I did't realize what I was doing until I was half way there! I didn't hurt at all, surprisingly. But I won't be doing it again. It's not worth ruining my results. I'll be able to carry him again in no time, I just have to be patient.

Tomorrow I have another post op appointment ( I have to take my kids with me! Kill me now) and I expect to be given the ok to start trying to straighten up. I'm excited to see my scar. I haven't really had a good look at it yet. I've glanced at it between bandage changing at my PS's office, but he does it so quickly I hardly have time to study it.

I also have to attempt some grocery shopping. That will be fun, lol!

I'm noticing that swelling is now down quite a bit in the AM compared to where it has been. Although, I'm still larger than I was pre-surgery because of the swelling. I know this will be going away in the next few months. I think that I'm mostly swollen in the hip/back/flank areas (where I had lipo) which is affecting the way my clothing fits. I'm still getting some of the pitting edema in those areas from the waist band of my pants. My lipo areas are still tender and I have some hard spots that I'm still dealing with. Rubbing the hard spots feels good and I think it might be helping to soften them.

The skin on my belly is also becoming very sensitive and shirts rubbing the skin kind of hurts. I'm hoping this is normal and will be asking my PS about it tomorrow.

Suture Removal

I saw my PS today and he removed the sutures from my incision. Holy smokes, that HURT! I actaully had to come home and take a pain pill! For some strange reason it triggered cramping in my uterus similar to when I've had my IUD removed.

My PS also told me I'm healing REALLY fast and was impressed with how good everything looks this early on. He was having a hard time removing the sutures because of my body's ability to heal quickly. He re-taped me, so no pictures of my incision yet, bummer. It does look really good though. I go back in two weeks. I can work on standing up straight, which I'm finding surprisingly tiring. I often find myself hunched far over again without even meaning to be hunched.

I attempted grocery shopping, but after the painful suture removal I just needed to come home. So, my wonderful husband will have to finish that up this weekend. He's been such an amazing help even after coming home from work. He's been great at picking up the slack, because let's face it, I'm still not able to do half of what I was doing before surgery. My 8 year old daughter has been such a huge help as well.

Photos 15 days post op

Loving my new body!

Scar at 19 days post op

Looks good! I'm so excited!

Forgot picture


20 days post op

Swelling is down a bit today. I'm frustrated with the lower part of my belly. It looks too rounded to me, but I know I'm only about 3 weeks out, so it will go down a bit.

I am loving the definition that I'm starting to see.

My body feels ready to start being normal again. I'm still an little tender and my incision feels sore a little, but I'm standing straight and my body feels great. I can flex my abs without pain... Although sneezes and such still hurt slightly.

I bought some surgical tape to re tape my incision. I didn't like the tape I bought at the store and really like the stuff the PS uses. The scar itself is nice, low, and symmetrical. I'm super happy with it. I can't wait for it to flatten out and fade.

Now if the swelling could just leave so I can fit into my jeans again that would be great. Even my thighs are swollen... And I swear my books might be swollen too, haha!

Feeling pretty great!

I'm feeling really good lately. I did have a scare last week about some redness at the top of my BB. My PS saw me right away and it ended up being a stitch that was trying to dissolve. He gave me some stinky yellow gauze dressing stuff (Petrolatum Dressing) to put in my BB and the redness is gone, woohoo!!!

I'm sleeping on my sides every night. I do have to sit up slightly in order to switch to the other side, but it's much more comfortable than trying to sleep on my back. If I do lie on my back I feel my whole body trying to do a giant stretch and it focuses in my abs. It doesn't hurt, just feels super tight.

I'm still swollen, which is to be expected. I'm just now approaching the 4 week mark in just 3 days. My lipo areas are still tender with some hard spots. I also have a lot of hardness around my scar as well and that seems to go outward pretty far in some areas...although it could also be from lipo done before my PS stretched my skin downward. I've been using washcloths on my tummy, below my BB where most of my swelling is (recommended by my PS) and I also take Turmeric and drink lots of water to help combat the swelling. Other than that that, the only thing that will help is time.

I'm able to put on my jeans in the morning, but I don't wear them through the day quite yet. They're starting to fit more like they did before the TT. I'm pretty sure my "saddlebag" area of my thighs are still at the very least a little swollen. They look and fill more full and squishy than they did before. I know I've not worked out in almost a month, but I seriously doubt they've gotten bigger.

The scale is finally going down also. I'm not one to weigh myself a lot. But I did step on the scale the other morning and I'm down 5 lbs, which is approximately what was removed with lipo. I'm expecting to go down about another 1-3 lbs from the tissue removal from the TT.

Oh, dry skin on the belly! I've just been using coconut oil and it works great. I've used it for a long time and it's still the best thing I've ever used on my skin.

Week 4 Post Op

My PS says I'm healing ahead of schedule and I'm clear to start scar therapy. I put my silicone strip on as soon as I got home. I'm also clear to ease into exercise just no crunches.

I tried to do a plank and uhhh, yeah, that won't be happening yet.. Thus no push ups either. I have done some squats, high knees (slowly), but kicks and some standing oblique work. I'm taking a break to type this, but I'm going to try some slow jump squats. I'm so excited to get back into exercise. I've been feeling like a slug this past month.

He says i can go all out with exercise at 6 weeks. So I'm hoping the next two weeks I can get my abs ready for some planks and push ups.

I go back in one month.

Every day is better

I'm doing scar therapy with the silicon strips, I love that they stay on so well and you can hardly see them.

My body I'd feeling looser every day and I'm feeling more normal. I'm sleeping on my sides and rolling over with much more ease than I was even just a few days ago.

Swelling is of course still here. It isn't he constant reminder that I'm not back to normal yet despite how I might feel. I try putting on pre op bottoms only to find that they are tighter than before or I flat out can't wear them. I'm thinking most of this is the swelling from the flanks where most of my lipo took place. Speaking of lipo, I'm still a little tender in the areas where lipo was done. It's not nearly as bad as it had been. I'm huggable now, lol. Before, even a light hug or touch was painful. I wouldn't ask for a bear hug at the moment, but a regular hug doesn't hurt.

My scar is still surrounded by very hard tissue and goes up, in some areas, a couple inches. The scar itself looks awesome and is just a think red line. It still has some bunching from the internal sutures, but those will dissolve over the next couple months.

I have really gotten too much exercise in yet. I wanted to get back at it so badly and now that I'm clear to ease into it my motivation is gone, lol. I've done some arm work and some squats... But nothing else. Maybe right now is a good time to get off my butt and do a little something.

Overdue Update :)

Well, life just took over and I haven't updated in way too long. I'm feeling amazing! I'm 100% back to my normal activity, even if my stamina hasn't caught up yet. I'm not exercising as much as I used to due to not being able to last as long because of not working out for a month and half, but I'm easing into it. No need to rush things. I'm even taking a motorcycle riding class; something I would have never considered before my TT!

My confidence is amazing now. I feel so much better about myself. I'm no longer self conscious about how I look in my clothes. I can fit into all my pre-op jeans with about as much room as I had before, but without any muffin top and I don't have to tuck loose skin into my jeans. I can wear smaller shirts (size small!!!) and they look cute.

My scar has flattened out completely and is dark red (to be expected) and I still have some hard tissue that my PS says is where I have internal stitches, so in time those will go away. I wear my silicone strips every day and try to message my lipo and scar areas with coconut oil daily. I still have a little swelling that gets worse with activity and I'm guessing that's why my old jeans aren't really too big yet.

I'm excited for the things to come. I need to get back into my normal workout routine, but with the beautiful weather we're having in California right now, that shouldn't be hard now!


Just took these. I'm pretty swollen today, but still pretty flat! Line going down the center are from my spanx :)

4 Months Post

It's been way too long since I've updated and I'm soooo sorry! I've been doing really well.

I'm still slightly tender in some areas; particularly on my sides and hips where the lipo was done and down the center of my tummy. The tummy being tender is bizarre to me because I'm still numb from just over my belly button and about half and inch on each side down to my scar. It still pulls a little when I cough or sneeze and isn't painful, but it is a little uncomfortable. My scar still has some hard spots near the center and was told those would take longer to go away since that is where he stitched me (my guess is that's where I'm anchored down, I'll ask in July at my next post op).

I'm sleeping comfortably on my sides and sometimes find myself on my stomach, but stomach sleeping still isn't the most comfortable since I still feel tight.

Still no ab work for me. He said that walking or elliptical was all the ab work I need for the next year. I did go to a concert last weekend and with all the dancing, laughing and screaming my abs were killing me for a couple days. So yeah, gotta be careful!

I'm still experiencing some swelling and I'm pretty sure it's settling mostly in my thighs and my hips where I had most of the lipo done. My mons is still swollen, although not ken doll swollen. I'm ready for the swelling to be gone! I'm back to a normal-ish workout routine as of two weeks ago. I think that exercise contributes to my swelling as well. As soon as I went back to working out, the swelling seemed to get more intense. So maybe it will dissipate more once my body is used to working out on a regular basis again.

I can wear all my pre-surgery clothes, though some feel tighter in the legs. But this swelling has to leave at some point, right? :)

I can't complain at all. I'm so much more comfortable in my skin. I feel good in my clothes and I even wore a crop top to the concert last week!

I'm still taking Turmeric and I'm pretty sure that it helps with the swelling. I also have continued with coconut oil on my scar. The silicone strips get dingy very quickly and lose their stickiness so I haven't worn them in a couple weeks. They're expensive to keep replacing.

I'm back to a normalish workout routine

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