Ready to Take It Off! (TT w/ muscle repair, lipo on flanks & bra rolls)- Folsom, CA

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I have wanted to get my pooch removed since I was...

I have wanted to get my pooch removed since I was about 16. I had gained a bunch of weight (top weight 190- low weight 120) and then had lost it. I was left with a stretch marks & a sac of skin. I had always had a pooch (ever since I was a kid) but now its huge.

I will be getting my tummy tucked along with lipo to the flanks & bra roll area. I will be getting my surgery done on September 12th. My pre-op appointment is September 4th.

I am really excited about the procedure, but I am stressing out about how to get everything accomplished before I am "out of service" for a while.

I have made a list of things to do and things to buy & am slowly trying to get things around the house ready.

It will be here before I know it!

So much to do & such little time!

I am trying to get everything ready before the surgery, and I feel the days counting down.

I am trying to clean my house really well. I am doing one room at a time so that I do not get burnt out. I have done the living room, the kitchen (including pantry & fridge/freezer), and my store room (I am a couponer).

I have the following areas left: my drawers, my closet, underneath the bathroom cabinets, underneath the kitchen sink & the porch.

My BF does not shop, so I am also trying to get all of the shopping done for a while so the house is stocked (cat food, kitty litter, beer- for him, protein bars, fiber bars, ect).

I have borrowed a few things from my mom (who has these items left over from a broken ankle incident). I borrowed a raised toilet seat with arm handles, a walker, a "grabber", a shower stool, an over the lap tray, big ice pack, and her recliner (I don't have one).

I am also getting the items that I will need for after the surgery:
PJ's that button up the front with loose pants
Thin, tight, tank tops to wear under CG
Larger underwear
Second CG for when I have to wash the first
Exercise Band (to hold drains)
Bed pads
Paper Tape
Stool Softener
Stool Softener with Laxative
Antibacterial Soap
Vitamin C
Arnica Montana
Pill Cases & Medication Chart
Low sodium soup
Protein bars
Fiber Bars
Low Sodium crackers
Plain animal crackers

I am sure there will be more. Any suggestions?

I am sure th

Picking out a new Bellybutton Style

So yesterday I searched the web for belly button styles. It made me a little giddy. I can't wait to get rid of my ugly cavern of a belly button.
I went with more of a slit type belly button.

I ended up putting together a page of belly button pictures to take to my pre-op appointment to discuss with Dr. Clark.

All of the pictures have super flat stomachs (I know I probably won't get one of those!) but I love the shapes of the belly buttons. Pictures Below are just a few ideas.

Worried about not feeling Sexy

So, I am worried about not feeling sexy after the surgery. I mean, it's stupid right, of course you will not be sexy with drains, and no makeup, not having a shower, or things like that. But those compression garments! They look horrible!

I have been out shopping for some stage 2 garments (multiple sizes, I can always return) that don't look so... medical. Black satiny, black with lace, ect. Not all this taupe colored stuff.

The other things I will be doing to try and keep my sexy moral up while going through this are:
Cute Green Ribbon to hold my drains
Ask my BF to paint my toenails ASAP (they have to be nude for the surgery, and I always have them painted)
Wear cute PJ's that I picked out
Wear the special super soft socks I bought for surgery
Brush my hair every day (I think I may forget about this one)

Maybe I can think of other little things I can do to keep my mojo up while I look so bad.

So Worn Out

I feel so worn out from trying to get everything done before the surgery.

I spluged and bought a King sized bed so that I will have room with my pillows & will "hopefully" be able to sleep on my back.

Every night I try to accomplish something- laundry, cleaning out the closet, cleaning out the fridge, straightening cupboards, ect. I keep on pushing myself, knowing that I won't be able to do this stuff for quite some time after the surgery.

I feel like I am running on pure stress right now. I sleep, but I just can't get any energy. :(

Pre-Op Appointment Tommorow!

I can't believe it is finally here. I spent some time with my mom this weekend, and she said, "the next time I see you, you'll have a flat tummy!"

Excited about the pre-op, counting down the days!

3 more days- Excited & Anxious

I cannot believe that it is only 3 days away (Thursday).

I am really excited for the surgery. I cannot wait to get rid of this tire around my waist.

I am anxious about everything that comes after that. I have tried to be very prepared (and I think I have done a very good job at that), however I am used to being independent. I am not looking forward to having to rely on another person (my BF) for help. I am a fast-paced moving person, I am not looking forward to having to slow down.

Don't get me wrong, I won't do anything to compromise the outcome of the surgery, so I will be taking it slow, depending on others, ect, but I think it just might drive me nuts.

Well, I have picked out my "surgery outfit". A really cute button up pj top, a pair of black drawstring pants, super soft socks (with aloe), and slippers.

This past weekend I tried to do everything I could before the surgery. I dyed my hair, got my eyebrows done, did my toenails, did a facial, got a massage, got my car cleaned, ect.

I keep on saying "This will be the last time I get to do this for a while" every time I think of it, like wearing high heels, eating salty food, and a couple of other things.

Only 3 more nights...


I am scheduled for surgery at 11:30AM.

I need to be there at 10:30AM. (Need to leave the house at 9:30- this works out well!)

I am scheduled to be out of surgery at 4:00PM & in the recovery room for 30-45 minutes.

I feel a bit more relieved now that I have a time. I was a ball of nerves earlier this morning.

One More Day to Go.

I called into the office today to see if I was supposed to take the Valium at night or in the morning. I get to take it tonight to help me sleep.

I have made a list of the last few things I want to get ready:
Go to the library
Get the car ready
Get the potty riser ready
lay out my outfit
Take a LONG nice shower

I think the worst thing will be if I wake up early tomorrow. I am hoping I sleep in until it is time to go! If I wake up early, I can't eat or drink coffee, so that sucks.

Wish me luck guys!

Today's the Day!

So, I have one more hour before we leave. I didn't sleep to well, even with the Valium (I am used to taking sleeping pills) and woke up at 5 when my cats scratched at the door. This morning I took one last shower (again!).

The thing that is driving me nuts is no water, and no coffee. I have constant dry mouth from other medications, so I keep on gargling water & spitting it out. My other irritation is that I know that they make everyone take a pregnancy test before surgery so I am trying to not pee so I will be able to do it. It always happens that when someone needs me to pee, I just can't.

I really wish that we could just get going. I am ready to meet the flat side.

I have Crossed over to Flat Side!

Well I did it! I am too tired to type much, but I am adding photos.

One day Checkup.

Hasn't been letting me update photos

Let's try this one more time!

Ok, I am trying to get the photos up, so I just resized a bunch of them.

Sorry about multipule Posts- Having Picture Issues

These were some pics I was having trouble uploading

More Photos- Day 2 sponge bath & Day 3 shower

Still to tired to write out everything, but when we were doing the sponge bath and changing garments, it pulled out one of my drains. i had to pull that one out. Really odd, but not as weird as pulling out the pain pump wires on day 3.

Back Story- The day of the surgery

I haven't felt well enough to type for a while, so now I will update you all on the different days.

On the day of the surgery, I went in an hour early. When I pulled up, I saw another girl getting wheeled out in a wheelchair (must have been the girl before me). They have a separate surgery entrance, and I didn't have to wait but a minute or two before the nurse came and got me.
I went back to the "recovery" area where we discussed a few things, and then I got changed into a gown, and took a pregnancy test. It was funny, they cheered "no one's pregnant in there!". The nice nurse Lisa explained lots of after care info to me & my BF, and was super nice about everything, she had the procedure before, and said what hurt most was bending over (lower back pain). I explained a few fears, and they were accommodating. She started an IV of antibiotics. Dr. Clark came in and marked me with the famous pen. She gave me a hug before leaving. I really like my doctor.

Then the anesthesiologist came in who was a very nice man. I felt very much at ease with him. We went over all of my medications (I actually provided a typed up list to everyone who asked me since i take alot of different ones). We discussed any allergies (none) and he injected something into my IV to get me comfy.

I was rolled into the operating room, and everyone was around me. They put the oxygen mask on (which I swear tastes chemically) and I had asked that my glasses be left on until I was asleep (I am really blind). The last thing i said was "do a great job guys!" and I was out.

I woke up in the recovery area (there are two beds, one is where for when you go in, one is for when you wake up). I remember being in pain & shaking, so they gave me more pain juice in my IV. They kept on telling me to breathe. I am a tummy breather, which means that when I breathe, the air usually fills up my tummy, not my diaphragm or upper lung area. It was hard to concentrate to do that.

I don't remember much of the ride home except trying to eat a cracker, and totally missing my mouth, and drinking water and spilling it down my shirt.

Back Story- PO Day 1

So on PO day 1 I slept alot. I was in alot of pain, alot on my lower back from the lipo and on my abs.

I didn't think my pain pump was working, I didn't see liquid, and it didn't seem like anything was moving. I was freaked out. Also one side of the drains was draining less than the other. I wanted to go in to see the doctor ASAP.

My BF called first thing when they opened, and they said that was normal and so we kept our 3pm appointment.

The car ride sucked. We live up in a mountain area, so every bump and curve, my abs were clenched, and it was painful. The PS is about an hour away.

When we got there (about 10 mins early), and waited about 3-4 minutes and were taken back to the exam room. They showed me that yes, the pump was working. They unzipped me and showed me for the first time my new tummy.

What a great feeling that was. Dr. Clark said I had appropriate bruising & swelling for PO day 1. I was so happy to get to see it, my BF had a camera & we took a bunch of pictures. They changed my dressings and put me back together in the garment.

I hunched back out to the car, and we went to Jamba Juice. I went in even though I was in PJs and had a pain pump around my neck. I felt good from seeing my tummy.

This is one of the pictures from first doctors visit (I have already uploaded a few).

Back Story- PO Day 2- The Sponge Bath

I was not sleeping well, I think it is due to the fact that I am a tummy sleeper, and I was having to stay in this one position all night. Add to that I had lipo on my back, and it is not good. I have no strength in the morning, it is like I cannot move my body.

So on PO Day 2- I decided we would change into the second garment & clean up, along with shaving my legs, and a few other things.

We did this on a twin sized bed with bed pads and towels laid out. I propped myself up with pillows and we unzipped the garment. My pain pump wires when out through the top, and my drains tubes when down through the large hole in the bottom.

Everything was going fine until we were trying to put the new garment on, something got pulled, and one of the drains got pulled out. The stitch broke, and the tubing had the white part exposed, so it lost all suction. My BF suggested to push it back in, but that hurt really bad. This was on a Saturday, so he called regular line, which went to a call service (since this was after hours) and he gave the message to them. The doctor called back within 15-20 minutes (she said to him, sorry for the wait). Dr. Clark said we needed to pull it out, and that one drain should be enough.

I pulled the drain out myself, it slid out easily, I think the worst thing was earlier when the stitch broke. We removed the leftover stitch too.

That was scary (when it was pulled halfway out). I freaked out for a little bit. I am glad my doctor called so soon.

We put the new garment on, and by the next day, I had leaked all over it (from where the drain was removed), and it was PO day 3 so it was time to take a shower.

Back Story- PO Day 3- The Shower

So, still not sleeping well. I am lucky to have a dedicated BF who is keeping me on track with all of my different medications, and getting me to eat. He sets his alarm during the night to make sure I get the pain pills every 4 hours.

I have not had a BM since the day before the surgery. My goals today are to take a shower after my pain pump runs out and to poo. I took MOM yesterday, and it did nothing, but that might have been because i slept so much after the drain ordeal.

Once I woke up, I drank MOM. I have been drinking plenty of water (I am peeing alot) and orange juice and pineapple juice. I then waited about an hour, nothing, so my BF gave me 3 tb more, and I ate fiber bars and waited more. Then about 3 hours later, I cannot describe what happened. All the liquid from my body came out through my rear. My stomach was incredibly rumbley. You could hear the gas twisting and turning through all of the intestines, it was horrible. It actually woke my BF up at night it was that loud.

Anyways, once I was over that (for a while) and my pain pump ran out, I decided it was time to remove the pain pump wires, and take a shower (wash my hair!). I sat on a shower seat, and slowly pulled on the wires, it was so gross, and they were long. Ever since I pulled them out, I have had a weird faint pain on the sides of my goin, like where my legs connect. I wonder if the wires ran there.

The shower was odd, trying not to get my belly button or incision wet, while trying to stay warm (cause your wet, and cold) and get your hair washed, leaning your head back, it feels good, but it feels difficult, hard and frustrating, because you just want to get that nice hot water all over you, but you can't. I was leaning back, and all of a sudden, my shower stool legs started to slide backwards (the legs were sliding underneath it, loose screw). So I had to stand for the rest of the shower. We have a hand held shower head, so I was holding it, trying not to let the water get on the front of me, while my BF scrubbed me down. My tummy started to hurt from being out of the compression garment for too long.

I got out of the shower, freezing cold, I got the shivers and shakes, I dont know if it was from being cold or from doing to much. I laid down on the twin bed again for me to get dressed, but I had to lay there for a while before I could do anything. The shakes were pretty bad.

I won't be showering for a while. It was a love/ hate relationship.

I slept for a while after that, and later, more time on the pot.

Note to everyone: If you think the MOM isn't working, just wait the 4-6 hours before taking more, don't wait 1 hour and take more, you WILL PAY for it for 2 days.

Picture for the shower- PO Day 3

Back Story- PO Day 4

So, still not sleeping well. I can get in and out of bed myself, except for first thing in the AM. First thing in the am it almost feels like I am paralyzed. Its a scary feeling.

Last night I had to get up in the middle of the night and sit on the pot for a good 30-40 minutes. My tummy was rumbling and making so many noises, it woke up my BF. I figured I would sit there until something happened, and then go back to bed.

I was finally able to get back to bed, but my stomach still acted up more in the AM.

I have been drinking lots of OJ and pineapple juice. I have been taking the tumeric, bromelain and arnica montana (pills and I put it on my bruises).

I really do think that helps with the swelling.

Today, I tried to do way to much, I got up to much, walked around to much and was too active.

I am just tired of being dependent on someone else, and would like to start doing things for myself.

I walked alot, back and forth, because I can't carry alot, so I would make lots of trips.

Also, I was alone for the first time in days, so I cooked my own soup and ate it.

Later at night, I managed to shave my own legs, as I am pretty flexible.

It took my a while to fall asleep. My lower back is hurting alot, I try to ice it a few times per day.

PO Day 5- Woke up crying at night

Well, now I am up to date.

This is the first day I have felt like typing since the surgery.

Last night I woke up crying twice, I think it was because of my garment. I have a tiny lower body, but big ribs and shoulders. With this zipped all the way up, it has been creating bruises, plus that is right where some lipo was performed. My BF work up from the crying, and gave me a pain pill. The second time I woke up crying, I unzipped the garment to my lower rib. He gave me a pill a little earlier along with some of the Ibprofin.

I emailed my doctor to see what I can do about the garment. Today, I am going to try to stay in the recliner most of the day.

I will try to update with more photos later.

Waking up crying was really weird.

Washing my Hair- Without getting my garmet wet

I had to take a photo this, because it was pure genius, and looked hilarious once we got it on.

I wanted to wash my hair, but did not want to go through getting completely undressed out of the garment, and having the water partly go on me & be cold. My solution was to cut a hole out of a trash bag, and then tape it up at the neck while i sit on a stool. it looked so funny I had to take a photo.

1 Week Post OP Doctors Visit- Taking off the Tape- Seeing the Incision

Ok, so we went to the PS office last Friday.

I had my drain removed, little pinch, but she did it quickly, and my other stiches removed (from lipo), my belly button stictch, and then she removed the tape from my incision and cut two small knot like stitches that I couldn't feel because everything is numb there.

I got all freaked out because they didn't put tape back on it. Just ABD pads & the binder. They put a large wad of gauze over the drain which was good, that leaked though.

I was sooo scared of my own incision for about a day or so.

They had told me to shave up to the incision line to not get any ingrown hairs. I think that was the worst. So gross. Trying to go at that incision line with a razor, it was hard. But I did it!

These are a few pics from the first full shower & shave.

Cooking My own Eggs!

This is me standing up pretty straight, cooking up mostly straight!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Written on PO Day 18- Sherry (patient coordinator) gave me the first great impression. I was in a time crunch, and she managed to get me in right away. She was really nice & understanding. I had been planning this surgery (by looking at and other websites, saving money) for over a year. Dr. Clark said I practically ran the consult myself. She stated that she loved doing tummy tucks because they make people so happy afterwards, because there is such a large charge in your appearance. I can say for sure, yes it really does make you happy! I had a few more questions, which I emailed her, and she responded very quickly. I had another consult booked, but I cancelled because I knew I had found my doctor. I booked my surgery and felt happy with my decision. Anytime I called in, the front desk girls were very nice, and they would answer my question, or get me to a nurse that could give me the right info. I had a little emergency when one of my drains got pulled halfway out on PO day 2 (a Saturday). We called the office (it was an answering service) and within 10-15 minutes we received a call back from Dr. Clark. I was impressed. The office has been very accommodating, the nurses are friendly, and I just love Dr. Clark. My scar is looking good, and I will be going back to her for any future work that I have done.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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