36, Mom of 2, Need a TT to Get my Pre-stretched Body Back! - Folsom, CA

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Have contemplated a Tummy Tuck since having my 1st...

Have contemplated a Tummy Tuck since having my 1st child, but hoped I would get my body back close enough to before to not need to. I would say I was ok with mild stretch marks and a little wrinkled skin I was left with. After my second child was born, it got worse, and no matter what I do exercise wise, I can't get rid of the loose pooch. The skin just never really went back like before and I have diastasis recti. I am 5'5 and currently weigh 142 (thanks to 2 all inclusive vacations this summer), exercise regularly, and eat fairly healthy (I do like my wine occasionally).

Up until this last year, I was scared of getting a TT because I didn't want to spend all that money and not really like the results. At this point, I feel like I'm tired of slaving away to get minimal improvement in my mid section. Plus I don't want to be 50 and feel like I could have enjoyed the last 14 years feeling good in my body. My husband is supportive of me doing this but always tells me he loves me the way I am. I had a small Breast Augmentation 2 years before I had my kids and I would love to get my body back to that.

I have already meant with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Christa Clark, who I stumbled upon researching on the internet. She had amazing reviews and I loved the idea of a woman doing my Tummy Tuck vs. a man. I went to a different surgeon for my BA 11 years ago but I feel like I would rather have a female for body sculpting another female (is that weird?) that being said, I only went to her for a consult and I have no fears in my choice. She was very nice, confident, and her staff was awesome.

So here are my biggest fears...
1. My scar will be higher than I'm envisioning (I have a super low C section scar and she said she could do it low like that so fingers crossed)
2. I will have an ugly belly button (again she is known for awesome BB's but still nervous)
3. The drains are something that have been creeping me out a bit. Especially removal of them.
4. I don't want a flat but thick boxy shape. That's always been something I've noticed with some patients and to me it's obvious they've had a tummy tuck (but prob still much better than the overhang of loose skin)
5. That it will be much more painful than I am thinking. I had 2 c sections and they were painful but tolerable recovery wise.
6. I'm scared of my back killing from hunching.
7. I'm nervousness about ingrown hairs around the incision. I plan to get a good wax but still...

Anyway, I have been scouring stories and am hoping to get a good idea of what to expect as it gets closer. My goal up to the surgery is to get down to 130 lbs which is a really good lean weight for me when I'm doing a lot of weights.

3 weeks to go!

Wow, the time is flying by!! I can't believe I'm this close. I was originally scheduled for 10/16 but had to push it back due to a trip to Vegas I was awarded at work the first week of Nov. I know these next few weeks are going to fly by and I'm excited but nervous.

My goal the last 2 months was to drop 15 lbs and as hard as I've been working at it, it's been SLOW!!!! I've lost 5 total. I'm hoping that maybe once I get the green light after surgery to exercise I will be that much more motivated to get the last few off for good!!! I'll update after my pre-op appointment next Thursday. My husband is coming to this one which is good because we haven't talked about the details of the surgery and I'm not sure he has the full idea of how the recovery will be. Hopefully it will give him the full picture. :-)

Pre-op appt.

I just got finished with my pre-op appt. Can't believe next I go back will be the day of surgery. I'm less nervous than before and having the whole procedure paid feels makes it feel more real. Got to look through her past patients before and afters and I think it made me feel like "they've all gone through it I can too" . My husband came to the appt. with me and I am so glad he did. He got to voice some questions and get the answer straight from the source. He got to hear 1st hand what to expect. Still very happy and comfortable with my physician choice too. So far, I'm scheduled as the first surgery that day, which means I have to be there by 5am. This will mean driving up the night before as well as staying the night of surgery in a hotel since I live 1 1/2 hours away. Worth it in my opinion.

It was interesting to me because we talked about the belly button scar in the appt. and she said she hides most of it under a little hood. I told her I didn't want the perfect round button that has a circle scar all around. She agreed and said that's how they train you to do them in medical school and she said she realized early on that she wouldn't want her belly button to look like that either, so she learned a new technique to give it a more natural appearance. This is exactly why I am driving so far and going to a female surgeon. She will give me a result she would be happy with if it was her body. Amen!!

Tomorrows the big DAY!!!

I can't believe tomorrow is almost here! The last 2 months flew by. I think because I have been a little nervous it seemed to get here sooner. I have to go there at 5 am and my surgery is at 6. I'm actually surprisingly calm. I'm sure I will be in the morning. I had a crazy dream last night like so many other people I have read. I dreamt she forgot to put in the pain pump and I was surprised that I didn't have any pain. I also dreamt that there was no drainage in my drains and so she took them out the next day...ha! One can dream right?! I'm expecting the worst in the hopes everything will seem better. Anyway, wish me luck and I'll catch up with you all on the flat side! ????

Flat Side!! Woohoo!!!

I'm about 9 hours post off! I'm managing pain pretty well and sleeping a lot. I'm in a hotel with handicap accessibility and it's been a god send. I'm so glad I'm not home with all the other distractions. My husband has been amazing. I'm so grateful. I will post pics tomorrow after my appt as I haven't even unzipped my sweatshirt. I will also update more details when I'm less drugged up. :-)

Day 2

Well it's been 36 hours since my surgery. Today hurts more than yesterday. I am really sore and bruised from the lipo but I feel fine when I am relaxed. I do have to say Getting up and moving around helps me feel better. My back hurts from the hunching but I have a muscle relaxer I can take if it gets really bad.
I got to see my tummy at my post op this morning. I was a little scared to look so I just peeked. My scar is really low which I'm excited about and I'm nice and tight. I also like how she did my belly button. We just got home from the hotel and had to tell my kids. I just told them I had an "owie" that the doctor had to remove. They didn't ask much more. I've got a pain pump I'll have to remove Sunday when I can shower. I was so overwhelmed at my appt this morning I forgot to take a picture. This pic was as good as I could do. I did ask my surgeon to take pictures during the procedure so I will possible post those when I see them. Lol

Day 3

Today is day 3! Today is so much better than Day 2. Yesterday was rough in the evening. I felt very sore from the lipo and I was very swollen and bloated. I could tell I had a lot of trapped gas that was adding to the bloating. I had my husband get me some simethicone tablets and I feel a million times better today. I still haven't had a BM yet but I'm taking stool softeners and will start taking Magnesium Citrate later today. I had leaking out of my pain pump wires so I had to undo my garment to change gauze. I have a picture I took of my tummy today. I'm walking a lot more today (hunched), and I have slept propped with pillows in my bed since night 1. I can now get in and out of bed by myself. Tomorrow the pain pump wires come out and I get to shower. I'll update then...

BIG Day 4!

Had a big day today on my road to recovery. Had a BM (thanks Magnesium Citrate), had to take my pain pump wires out (ouch it stung even though I did it the way I was supposed to), and took my first shower. It took me a while to get used to not having the garment on but once I rested for a few minutes I felt ready to get in the shower. My husband dragged a metal bar stool from our kitchen for me to sit on in the shower while I wash myself and surprisingly worked pretty well. I'm hoping that my showers go a little faster moving forward because it took nearly a whole hour to remove the pain pump and take my first shower today. I'm feeling pretty agile now getting up and down I just can't believe how tight I am and it feels like I'm never going to walk straight again. I'm hoping that laying down flat at night will help stretch the skin out and will make it easier to walk each day. I'm mainly just taking ibuprofen now instead of my pain pills but I think I will still take the muscle relaxer's before bed each night.

7 days PO

So I am almost a full week out (I count the day of my surgery as a PO day). I am doing good. I took my 2nd shower today and it went a little faster. Still had my husband help me get situated. I'm pretty much off all pain meds. I'm just taking a muscle relaxer before bed because it makes it a little easier to sleep. I would say the worst part is the skin tightness on my stomach. It's literally such an odd feeling. I just want to stand straight. Plus almost my entire stomach is numb which adds to the weirdness. My bruising is starting to subside but I'm still pretty swollen. I just found out today that I will have until Dec. 5 before I have to go back to work. I'm super happy that I will have 3 weeks to recover without taking vacation time. I go to my PS on Friday and hopefully I will get these drains removed then. I'm draining about 30 cc's in one side and 25 in the other in 24 hours. They are just a nuisance. The garment is not the most comfortable either but it does keep everything from expanding like the Pillsbury doughboy. My flanks are where I am most swollen. Is that because of the lipo there?? Anyway, I'm hoping to be in the fast lane of recovery. Patience is so hard at this point. I forgot to take pics at my shower but will try to get one soon.


Here are some updated pics

Drains are OUT!!-day 8

I feel so liberated getting my drains out this morning. I'm walking so much better today too. Still a little hunched and still slower paced but feeling like I have definitely turned the corner. My PS said I am healing great compared to a lot of others one week out. Made me feel good. I still have swelling and I am going to be patient with that over the next few months. I will post some pics soon. :-)

Day 10 P.O. Updated pics

Still really swollen on my flanks and pubic area. incision is looking really good. Healing nicely.

PO day 17

Ugh, I keep writing a long review and then losing it! So I'm doing good. Walking 99% straight. Swelling is getting better except yesterday when I shopped and ran errands all day in a compression tank top instead of my surgical garment. I swelled like a mofo. The swelling is the worst in the area above my lady parts. You can see in the pics. I decided to go back to my compression garment until I find something better. I do however have the worst heartburn this last week. I think it's BC I've been eating like shit and wearing this tight garment to bed. It's a perfect storm. Anyway, times flying by and tomorrow I will be getting back to eating healthy. Since I'm not back into my old pants eating healthy can only help.

22 days PO & the ken doll lady parts are here.

So I totally am ok with some of the swelling that comes with a TT but I'm frustrated with the the fact it is all in the lady part region. All my clothes are a lower rise and happen to button right at the biggest part of my belly swelling. I can't get my jeans to button without it feeling uncomfortable. I feel like I might be in maternity jeans for a long time. I feel great in all the other areas. My scar has healed really well. A lot of the last of the scabs are falling off and it's a nice, flat, thin line. I've graduated to Spanx if I'm out and about but prefer my surgical garment when I'm lounging at home. It's a lot easier to pee with the surgical garment than the Spanx. I've managed to pee all over myself twice trying to make that damn opening work. I've started a super clean eating plan today to get some of the weight I wanted to get off before surgery off for good. I'm hoping for 15 lbs. I'm hoping it will make my clothes fit faster too without having to pray for the swelling to subside. I'll send pics later.

25 days PO-jeans buttoned!

So I'm excited that I have at least one more pair of jeans I can add back into the wardrobe. I'm sick of jogging suits. Lol They are still a little snug but at least I didn't have to rubber band the button like in the prego days.


6 weeks PO

I'm a little over 6 weeks. This past week I've really noticed more swelling. Super annoying but I knew it might happen. I have been eating like crap with the holidays which doesn't help. Ugh, ready to feel great inside and out. Oh and I have slight dog ears which will require a revision down the road but I'm not that worried about it.

WTH with the Scale?! Ugh

So I am almost 8 weeks post op. I've been eating clean and following a pretty regimented diet as well as working out with weights and cardio for the past week. I have noticed more swelling in the evenings after a gym day or if I decide not to wear a compression garment for that day. Well is it normal to gain 3 pounds in one day from swelling at this point in my journey?? So frustrating to be working my ass off, literally, to gain weight on the scale. I know in my head that I am doing what I should and it's not likely fat, but seriously I feel like its a slap in the face. I feel like I look great without clothes on because everything looks so flat and shapely, but in clothes I feel like I'm not able to fully enjoy my body because I'm still addicts to my compression garment which limits a lot of wardrobe options. Does anybody else have ides of good compression garments for the gym? I'm fine if I'm doing the elliptical or weights but I feel more comfortable wearing something if I run on a treadmill. Any advice or reassurance is greatly appreciated. Oh and I have been using the scar tape for 3 weeks and I love it. I can see my scar thinning out.

Updated pics

These are pics with mild swelling.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Best decision I could have made was trusting Dr. Clark with my Tummy Tuck procedure. I wanted a woman surgeon because I knew she would make me look how she would want to look in my shoes. She is very personable and makes you feel so comfortable. I would choose her again in a heartbeat and will be going to her if I ever decide to do another procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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