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I am 41 years old and have spent my entire life...

I am 41 years old and have spent my entire life despising my stomach. Regardless of how much I weigh I have always had a lower stomach pouch. Right now I am on the high side of my normal weight. I started taking Prozac a year ago due to some serious work stress and it caused me to gain some weight.

One night I started googling liposuction procedures and came across a good discount at a place about an hour away. I found myself going in for a consultation and picking a surgery date before I had a chance to really think about it.

I have been obsessively reading everything I can about the procedure via the internet and this site has been a wealth of knowledge for me. I have loved being able to see before and after pictures and I can hardly wait until I have my own after pictures.

My surgery is on December 6. I'm having upper and lower abs, hips, waist back and flanks done. Right now I'm kinda shaped like a square and when it's all over I'm hoping to get a somewhat flat tummy and a waist. I'm also hoping to be able to finally stop hating my stomach.

Stomach gone...yay!

Yesterday was my surgery. No where near as bad as I was expecting. First thing that happened was they wanted a urine sample. They took me back to the surgery room and had me change into plastic panties and bra. Before pictures and measurements were taken by the nurse as well as my vital signs. My blood pressure was a little high which is very unusual for me. I was a little nervous. The Dr. came in a talked to me, asked me if I had any questions and let me know exactly what was going to happen. My doctor and nurse are both awesome!

My doctor took a marker and started drawing on my body. My stomach was pretty huge so they decided to only do that area cause there was a limit to the amount of fluid they could use. My stomach took almost all my limit of lidocaine so that was a great decision.

The nurse pulled out a box of movies for me to watch during my procedure and I chose Joyful Dolly Pardon! She then gave me some medicine don't remember what they were now.

Next the gave me little shots in my lower and upper abs to numb the area. I was most dreading this but I barely felt it. A flu shot hurts worse the the little pricks she made on my stomach. Next she filled my belly up with liquid. It was uncomfortable but not that bad. It felt like a brick was sitting on my belly. I thought it was never gonna get full. They used 8 full bags and part of a ninth bag. She left me at that point cause she wanted to give the liquid time to deeply numb my abs which I appreciated cause I really didn't want to feel it and I didn't.

She came in and did the best part in my opinion. She began sucking my fat out. I got to watch it go through the tube and into the canister. I loved it. At one point I realized I had a huge smile on my face... It was because I was so happy to be getting rid of the fat

After the doctor was finished the nurse cleaned and wrapped my up. I got a little nauseous on the way home. It was suppose to be an hour drive and it turned into 2.5 hours cause my friend got us a little lost at one point trying to avoid traffic. The drive home was no fun. After I got home it was time to change my pads. I was pretty wet. I got a good look at my belly and I am super happy with the results.

For anyone having this done, I highly recommend having lots of puppy pads on hand. Also depends diapers and extra changes of baggy clothes. Some type of extra compression garment to have on hand is good. They sent me home in one but its good to have an extra so that you can have one to wear while you wash the other one. My first one got really bloody and I had to wash it this morning.

As far as pain, I feel a little sore but it's really not that bad. I haven't needed to take anything stronger than Tylenol.

I'm having hips, waist and flanks done in a couple days and ill do another update.

Day 2

Really sore today. Did some Christmas shopping at the mall and I only lasted a couple hours...normally I can shop ALL day. My stomach is really sore today swollen and bruised. I'm still just taking extra strength Tylenol. The compression garment doesn't cover my lower abs completely and that part is really swollen along with the pubic area (which is also really bruised). I am wearing a maiden form compression garment that covers my legs and goes up to my waist. I am wearing it over the garment my doctor gave's a lot of compression but it's making me feel better.

I've noticed something odd. I have been burping lidocaine. It's kinda gross and I'm wondering when this stuff will leave my system.

Looking at my abs one side is small than the other. My right side drained a lot and the left side not as much and now my left side is bigger.

Tired today. I went to church and the mall and it took everything out of me. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow cause I have to go back to work. Thankfully I have a desk job. More later

Before lower and upper abs

After lower and upper abs smartlipo

Hips Waist and Flanks

I had my hips waist and flanks done today. Was much easier than my stomach. As you can see from my pics my stomach was huge.

Feeling really nauseous. Will post after pics in a few days. I'm leaking a lot but not as much as my first procedure. Dr took out almost 5lbs today.

Before and After Pictures after Lower and Upper Abs Lipo


I'm 4 days post-op hips waist flank back bra fat roll and 8 days upper lower abs. I ended up not going to work for the last 3 days. There was just no way I could. I have been in a lot of pain. It's hurts to get up and down and to walk very quickly. Until yesterday I had been really sleepy. Yesterday was the first day I didn't sleep all day and I did way too much. As a result I am the most swollen I have been so far.

Yesterday was my post-op appointment. She cleared me to start taking ibuprophen which I'm happy about cause I know it will help with swelling. She said I was healing well.

I have been in too much pain to take after pictures of hips waist flank. I want to do that soon, hopefully the swelling goes down a little today. I've been drinking gallons of diet cranberry juice and looking into herbs for lymphatic cleanse. It's too soon for a massage. I am going to start my prozac today. My Dr said to wait 3 full days before I start taking it again.

Day 8 stomach day 4 hips waist flanks post op pictures


Pics side

Pics other side


Day 11 - Sometimes I can't help but wonder what the heck I did to myself

Yesterday was probably one of the worst days in this whole experience. I was super swollen, especially my lower abs. I seriously looked pregnant yesterday I was so swollen. Lot's of zaps is the only word I can think of to describe them, quick sharp stabbing pains.

I have a desk job so I sat at my desk most of the day. I started to feel really sick. I was nauseous. I had a headache and chills but no fever. When I got home the stabbing pains got really bad as the nausea and headache left. I ended up taking some Tylenol PM to knock myself out so I could stop feeling it. It was bad!!! Eventually I fell asleep.

I am thinking my body did a lot of healing last night and the healing process can be painful. My doctor warned me that this would happen because my stomach was so big and she took so much out. I am feeling much better today and my swelling is way down. When I looked in the mirror this morning my stomach was almost as flat as it was after my surgery. I am still swollen. I can tell I'm still swollen cause my rings that are normally a little lose won't go on my fingers.

As big and bulky as it is, I am finding that I feel better if I wear the compression garment they sent me home in after my surgery. I'm wear a compression tank top underneath and that makes it more comfortable. Friday will be 2 weeks for abs. I will post pictures then.

Day 49

Today should be day 49 for my abs and 45 for my waist hips and flanks. Sorry it's been so long since I have updated. Have had a lot going on.

The pain seemed to be gone by week 3. I made it to an exercise class at week 4. It wasn't too difficult. I noticed I did have a little pain in my abs by the end of the class and I was really swollen the next day. Since then each class has gotten easier and I'm back to my old self for the most part. I tried doing Shaun T's Insanity workout and there are some jumping moves that hurt my abs too much still so I am not completely healed yet.

I had my one month follow up appointment. I saw my Doctor and she took pictures which she placed with my before pictures, my before pictures, so painful to look so fat. Huge difference. Only 1 inch lost on my waist, that was a little disappointing. 6 1/2 inches lost around my stomach, very happy about that.

After my surgery I didn't move much and it was the holidays so lots to eat. I think I probably gained weight even though the scale didn't move much. The fat went to my legs and my breasts. My breasts got kinda huge. I have lost some weight in the past couple of weeks and they are back to normal now and I'm not spilling out of my bra. I'm currently on the broken heart diet. A broken heart is a great appetite suppressant but I can't recommend this diet. The good news is I am looking good.

I'm not super happy with my lower abs, my Doctor said I would need to have a mini tummy tuck if I wanted a flat stomach. I really don't want to do that so I'm gonna try losing some more weight and been doing ab exercises. Overall though I am really happy with my results and I definitely think it was worth it.


I forgot to add in my update yesterday that I had 4500cc of fat remove...2500cc in upper and lower abs and the rest every place else. That's almost 10lbs if my calculation is I should be 10lbs lighter right?
Dr. Menon

She was wonderful. I highly recommend!!

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