27 Yrs Old, 1 child , 4'11 385cc sientra smooth round silicone under - Folsom, CA

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Reading all the reviews on realself has really...

Reading all the reviews on realself has really helped me to understand the meaning of cc, bwd, and everything else about ba that I was unaware of ... so I decided to write my very own review to help other ladies out there... also I am 4'11 so that's not very common haha...
I have less than a week left for boobies and I have a mixture of feelings going on.. lol I'm excited, nervous, and anxious.. I have selected Dr. Mabourakh as my surgeon because he did an amazing job on my friend a few months ago and also has excellent reviews.
For a while I wasn't able to decide on a size all I knew is that I wanted Sientra silicone under the muscle w/ crease incision. After much thinking and debate between 385 mod plus , 410 mods, and 435 mod plus.. I decided to go in the middle with sientra silicone 410 mods... the 410 have less projection than the other two options but I want full looking breasts and not a huge gap also not huge breasts considering I am rather short.. I hope I made the right decision.. we'll soon find out ! lol

Last minute change to implant size.

So after giving it much more thought and research... I decided to go back down a size to the 385 cc mod plus smooth silicone sientra... The 385 is a tad bit narrower (-.5cm) but has more projection than the 410 cc... I was a little nervous about the diameter being so close to my bwd. Lydia and Angela were very helpful and patient with me being so indecisive. 385 cc it is ... Surgery is in two days!

I did it!! I got boobies!

So I just wanted to update everyone since I know how helpful this site is. I had my ba earlier today and other than a little pressure .... I feel awesome!! It was surprisingly easier than I had anticipated. I just feel really sore as if I lifted heavy weights during chest exercises.
I arrived at 12:45 and went back into the room at around 1:20.. I gave a urine sample to make sure I wasn't pregnant then went into the room before surgery to wait. It was quite a while before surgery But its okay I got time to relax a bit more before surgery... I am so surprised that I was so calm... I really thought I'd have an anxiety attack lol. The nurse Betty was such a sweetheart and she gave me my iv with no problem.
Soon enough it was time to back in the op room.. The anesthesiologist was awesome. They asked me some questions and I was out then woke up... That's all I remember. The only problem is my left boob is a bit more swollen and there's a bubble at the incision with blood. My sister called Dr. Mabourakh to let him know.. So I'm going back in the am to get it checked and they may have to drain the blood. I hope everything is goes well. Dr. Mabourakh did a great job. So far they are very symmetrical... I'm overall very happy. Well goodnight everyone. I'm finally getting tired.

Dr. Mabourakh made me feel very comfortable. He was very helpful and answered all my questions at my initial consultation. His staff are all very sweet and always there to help me with any concerns I had.

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