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Broke my nose when I was 15 and now that I'm 21...

broke my nose when I was 15 and now that I'm 21 I'm ready to go through with the surgery that I've always knew I wanted but was to scared to dosince I have bad anxiety and panic attacks. 

super ready for the procedure with dr. shair m. in folsom.
my main concern at this point is waking up feeling sick, I HATE feeling sick. but it will be very temporary and they have meds for that :)

getting closer :D

getting closer and more excited as each day comes :)
on the 20th I will see the computer image of what my surgeon understood of what I wanted from my consultation and give me meds then I'll come back on the 30 to get a prettier nose :)
as long as I keep in mind that this rhinoplasty won't be as bad as my wisdom teeth I'll be ok

worse angle

Went in for my pre op appointment today

Went in and was honestly a little disappointed on my surgreon Dr.Mabourakh. One of his nurses going through the paper work with me privately in the room didn't even know if I was having. Rhinoplasty or sephoplasty. He was about ten minutes late and also forgot to do my morphed images so while I was waiting to see them in one of his rooms he was quickly producing those. Once I saw the images on a printed piece paper i couldn't tell much difference and there were three pictures all on one page in poor quality black and white. He only showed me and didn't even show my mother who has had a rhinoplasty and is paying for my procedure, thought that was a little rude. Once I acknowledge that I didn't see much change he tried to show me with a pen which didn't justify anything. He then told me to bring in noses that I would like to have on the surgery day.....did not put me at ease that the appreance of my nose is up in the air..... and once i asked for a copy of the morphed images he told me no I produced some images myself... Tell me what you guys think in all honesty :)

only 3 more days!

I only have three more days until my rhinoplasty procedure :))
I can't believe it I'm nervous and excited but I got good news referring back to my last update I do get to see my surgeon tomorrow to make absolute sure we are in the same page and I may even possibly have my procedure around nine instead of twelve which makes me half since I just want the surgery part over with.
I got a call today from the anesthesiologist doctor and she went over any health problems and she'd many anxiety and panic attack related questions. glad they are concerned with my anxiety and.want to keep me.can andc omfortable.
I will be having local anithia with twilight sedation, which she told me it was similar feeling to getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. have you girls used this technique? the twilight sedation?

btw what do you ladies think about this nose, I'm showing this picture to my doctor tomorrow

tomorrow is the day

tomorrow morning I will be in the surgery room getting my rhinoplasty! :0
in shock and so excited...I think I'll become more nervous when they put in the iv.
anybody who is post op give me some pointers on how I may feel when I wake up also does it feel like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

it happened

I'm done and I'm in no pain not nausea at all. I can tell I'm going to love the results and it was so much easier than what I expected! wayyyy better than wisdom teeth and I also have no internal splits :)
with my boyfriend and family I'll get more in depth later on

2 day

yesterday was my.rhinoplasty day and I woke up with a dry mouth and that's it ;) no pain or feeling sick what so ever

ladies who have anxiety!!! it literally hurts being your tongue one thousand times worse than this is! you will be completely safe in the operating room and slow your heart rate down by deep slow breathing. while your waiting until you actually putout.
Oh! and all for twilight sedation since you don't have nausea when you wake up, even though I was awake the last fifteen mins of rhinoplasty I literally didn't care and enjoyed being awake since recovery was so smooth andeasy.

girls who have had this procedure how do I clean the bloody crust it of my nose?

day two

feeling good, no problems at all with sleeping and eating. after clearin out alot of crust blood out of my nostrils I can breath through them a little :)

I was hesitate thinking the meds would upset my sensitive stomach but they are completely fine and I don't even notice them after I swallow them. I'm taking steroids to help with the swelling, antibiotics and pain killers which I haven't needed at all. :)

very happy with the way it's healing and the way I feel

3 days post op

doing good still but just a little itchy sometimes. since my skin around my stitches are healing sometimes I have the urge to itch. the tip of my nose is completely numb, and has been since surgery.
I noticed that the arnica cream I use to help with the bruising is losing the take around my nose, so I'll probably stop using it since I don't want my tape to peel off.
I just want the casting off to see what it looks like!!

bruising is still so bad

four days ago I got rhinoplasty and I was hoping for the bruising to slowly dissipate but it's still pretty bad. pretty bored being in my studio apartment but I'ml so happy and thankful I was able to get this surgery..... :)

day 5

feels like this cast is apart of me now lol. bruising is still bad hasn't changed really at all. I cleaned my stitches with hydrogen peroxide then I use a triple antibiotic cream after I do that. the tape is lifting but the cast is snug on. it feels like the cast is holding down my nose, like it's going to pop off.

day 6

bruising is getting a little better. I get my cast off tomorrow morning :) I wish I could take it off now though. so glad I went through with this and I'll post pictures tomorrow if my nose :)

cast came off.... :(

the cast came off and I was a little disappointed...even though I know it's swollen and I need to give it more of a chance I thought I would have a little bit more of a tip.. He was twenty min late he took the cast off out the tape on and left. didn't even bother cleaning my nose, I did it once I got home.
I really hope I see the results I want in a few months


front picture

more pictures



my front view still really bugs me. it's huge,bulbous,droopy compared to what I wanted. I have to wait it out but im not th most patient persob so I wish I could fast forward time.

noticed something with my breathing today

whenever I breath in through my nose it seems to suck in my nostrils like a vacuum and when I breath out it looks puffy and larger. has this every happened to someone witha rhinoplasty before?

probably getting annoying with all these pi

Sorry about posting pictures all the time but I think it's helpful for any other girls who are thinking about getting a rhinoplasty


have a full face of make up on and I don't feel as pretty as I did with my before nose. my mom came to visit me and told me most likely the bulbous look won't go away and the upturn look I wanted wasn't there at all. can't wait to see my surgeon Friday and see what he says

two weeks today

getting more used to it even though I'm not completely please. felt awkward today since I walked into a store and some little girl was starring at me all funny :/ .my septum is still hard and huge.and one side of my bridge is more swollen than the other side

went in for my two week check up

reassured me that my nose is swollen and that it will go down and become alt more narrow. when I mentioned how I wanted my tip a little more upturn and he told me how it wouldn't go up but it does go up at a 110 degree level..? and the upturn was an old style of noses and if I wanted more of a upturn then I can go back and it would be an easy fix :)
retaped. my nose way better than the last as well, still have to take it easy he says

over two weeks

tape was easily coming off, so I called my surgeon and he wanted to retape it tomorrow but I don't have the time to do that. so they said it was ok not to have it till Friday which I hope they don't.

more pictures

it will be three weeks this Thursday

three weeks and my first steroid shot

went in today around twelve even though my original appointment was at one then asked me to come in at twelve and once I was in my way they wanted to take me in at two....very annoying.
other than that I asked for a steroid shot which was uncomfortable and it went in at my tip and I felt the liquid being injected. I really wanted to sneeze the whole ten seconds that it lasted. once he pulled out the needle it stung like an iv is being pulled out, that dull pain. it started to bleed but putting pressure with gauze on the bleeding stopped within thirty seconds.
the steroid shot is suppose to help with scar tissue and speed up the process of the swelling.
I asked about my nostrils and how they looked droopy to me and he told me that my nostrils will remain the same :/ bummed about that

felt a little better with my nose today :)

my friend did my make up a certain way by contouring and I liked it since he and his camouflaged the swelling a decent amount.swelling will go down...positive thinking!


profile picture

I used nasal spray your the first time today and noticed that my nose wasn't as dry and crusty inside but within thirty mins I feel the same crust in my nose and my doctor isn't picking up. what should I do?

still hating my front view

weird thing happened

I've always noticed this tiny little black thing where my stitches were and always figured it was a small piece of hair or it was a desolvable stiche. called my doctor and the staff told me to take it out myself. so I did and it was pretty long,wasn't painful but found it odd he never noticed it from the three post off appointments. anyways here are some pics :)



tip pictures

lots of weird boogers are still coming out, they were lime greenish and when I get a q tip to get them in there it starts bleeding a little. been doing this suffer dive my cast ha came off.
these tip pictures are all from the same angle pretty much and the way I did it was by weeks I think, I may have an extra picture one from the same week but up in the left corner that's my before nose then it goes all the way to my nose now which is the larger picture in the center

slowly coming along

I can see that the right side of my tip is started to heal so the swelling is coming down and my tip is becoming more even even though its not completely even.
I can wiggle my tip a little with my hand now, two weeks ago it was like trying to move cement lol. septum is still really swollen, that has barely came down in swelling at all, still get hard crusts in my nose. I clean it in the morning with q tips and saline spray.

a month and a half today

a little depressed on how my nose is coming out. even though my dorsal hump is gone my bridge is really straight as if he puta ruler to it. my tip is becoming more even but I don't see it getting any smaller.
went to visit family in the bay area and commented on how they couldn't notice a difference and how I wasted money :(

my nose looks the same and its making me a little upset since I wanted a difference in size and the bridge and tip and I don't see any :(

more pics for pre op ladies :)

two month check up was yesterday

wwhaent in yesterday for a check up and she'd if I skills ge another steroid shot and he toldme it was healing properly and if he were to give me the dose the tip would end to small? got confused but didn't agrue and preceded to take updated pictures of me and sent me on my way.

phone sucks

see if.I should recieve another steriod shot,

wow my phome sucks
sorry about all the misspelled words



not seeing the slope and there is a tiny bump in my tip that protrudes outward?
when I went to see my doctor he said I can go under to get more slope when the time comes

!!! Must read

Read my question I asked to the realself community doctors, so it seems like the bump at the end of my tip won't seem to get better and my slope has a possilbilty to come back.


tell me what you think if you girls read it

had a nightmare lastnight

had a nightmare lastnight that once my nose totally healed, one year later, the bump in my tip protruded out more and I had a collapsed nasal passage :(

so the things the doctors have been saying in real self even I ask my own questions.

getting a second opinion on the 22-by Dr. clutter and requested another steroid shot to avoid scar tissue.

just pictures

I'll update you in the 13 after seeing my surgeon

So I went to my Doctor's today

And told him how concerned I was about my tip, and he immediately acknowledged that it was a protruded cartilage problem and it will be totally free to him to fix. I also don't have to wait since its such a minor surgery. So i will be getting a tip revision on the 27, all that will be done is my nose will be numb and it will take 30 mins to correct it while I'm completely awake.

Happy it won't be a hassle like the first surgery and don't need to have to take any meds. I also can drive myself home. As for my slope I will need to wait a year for that, and if I want more of a slope that won't be a problem.
So I'm extremely happy that this will be fixed soon. :)

He told me when I left the operating room my nose didn't have any cartlidge problem and somehow it healed that way? deformed? but not sure.... anyways I'll keep you updated :)

before/ after

it will be three months on the 28 of Aug.


so I just noticed how off the little deviate right above my tip looks. it looks harsh and looks completely uneven from my two separate profiles.

tip revision

I went into the operating room with my clothes and does on and laid on the bed with a clean face and no hair mask since it was wet and in a bun.
he put the shot to numb my nose and it and injected it all around my tip about six times and it was pretty painful. it was an intense sting and sharp pain when the needle went in since it was really deep and it went into my cartilage.
I was completely awake all that was used to help with pain was the shot. he cut my nostril to get to the bump and also went through to my other side to equal out the nostrils more. with my bump on the he was snipping away the cartridge and gave me a mirror to make sure I liked it.
took about thirty mins, I have tape on my nose for about a week
we will see how it looks

tape came off

take came off in the shower, wasn't very adhesive anymore. getting it taped again this afternoon.


more pictures

figured I would show more collages of the process... all photos are from oldest which is top left, middle second oldest, then three to the most recent rich is the bigger bottom picture


my nose/bridge still looks lopsided as I look forward straight on.

And I thought my front view was bad before

looks more crooked to me now then it did before. definitely getting it redone, hopefully there won't be anymore fuck ups. I'm very upset

not seeing very many changes

I feel as though my nose looks the same as it did at the three month post mark. My tip is not defined and my profile is to straight. My tip also looks like it curves down at some points...... just waiting for the day when I can get revision.

Also my left airway nasal passage still visually looks off. You can tell when I'm breathing and when I'm not


another check up

I told my Dr. How I felt about my nose. How there is not enough slope and the tip is still on the bigger and uneven side on my left side of my tip. He told me he would fix this for free once again and ill be going into a revision on the six where I will be completely awake (shot for numbing) and the procedure will take about an hour long.

He can't promise me a slope that a wanted since he isn't going to break any bones but there will be a slope and the tip will be more even...... this will be a closed rhinoplasty free of charge. If this doesn't work out I will be getting a revision with another doctor who is an expert in revision rhinoplasty.


I still look at my nose on a daily basis and see the flaws that could have been avoided. my tip is still uneven ans I feel as though it projects to much on the profile.
I'm going to wait until june to do another revision. for the tip to be more even and smaller plus more if a slope instead of so straight.
from time to time I get blood clots coming out from my left nosetril, no pain. my tip feeling is very slowly coming back but it doesn't feel natural.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

seems shy but he is confident in what he does. rhinoplasty is his favorite procedure to do. I wish he was more direct and was more invested in exactly what I wanted cosmetic wise.

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