1 year post op!! finally!! My amazing transformation! 170lbs to 125lbs!! Dr. Clark is amazing!!

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My name is Sarah. I'm a mother of almost three. My...

My name is Sarah. I'm a mother of almost three. My son is 12 my daughter is 4 and I'm currently pregnant. I have a scheduled c-section on March 28th, 2014. I'm finally making the choice to have a tummy tuck after I give birth to my son next year. I have tossed the idea around for 10 years and I'm happy it have waited because now I have two children since then. Now that I'm finally done having children. I am super excited about the next chapter in my life. I haven't had a flat tummy since I was 17 years old. I will be 30 years old at the beginning of sept 2014 and I told myself before I turn 30 I will have my body back!!

I have done consultations in my area before I got pregnant with my third child and wasn't happy with the PS DOCTORS I met so I'm continuing the journey to find a great PS doctor. I had a virtual consultation with Dr. Clark in folsom, ca and I already feel comfortable with her. Her work is amazing!! I have a face to face consult with her in May 2014 and I can't wait to meet her in person.

She told me like other Ps doctors that I have to wait 3months a after csection to have a tummy tuck. So I'm waiting the bare minimum lol. I have had a boob job oct 2006, in a different state where I was living before. I got it done for the man I was marrying. I was young and stupid, I will never do anything to please a man. I'm left with horrible boobs and scars. So picking another ps doctor, I'm more cautious than ever!

I know exactly what to expect with the tummy tuck and I have realistic expectations of what my tummy will look like. I have csection scar already so I know I will have a scar at the same location but just longer. I will have stretch marks after my tummy tuck because I have them above my belly button, but they are light. I might even have a vertical scar but I'm okay with it. I know my tummy will look way better after than it does now.

I may have my ankles and calves smartlipo, (click here to read my Ankle Liposuction review) because I wasn't blessed with smaller bottom half but that still is up in the air. Haven't decided on that just yet!

Having realistic expectations helps after the mental part after your surgery. It's important to ask all questions!!

I will keep updating and hope that you all have a healthy safe recovery with your surgeries!!

My pre tummy tuck photos

A requested pic of my baby bump :-)

As you all know I'm pregnant and was requested to post a picture. I'm 7months and am hoping to get my tummy tuck in June 2014. But unfortunately my stepdad is dying of cancer and will be using the money I saved for my tummy tuck for his funeral expenses since my parents can't afford it. I just can't see myself paying for my surgery when they need the money the most. I am so sad for my stepdad and praying everyday that our Lord will heal and touch him!!

With every death there is life <3

Hello ladies,

Sorry it's been a while. A lot has happened. So March 31st, 2014 at 8:24am I gave birth to my son Isaac, he was 7lb 12oz and 21 3/4 long :-). He is so beautiful and such a good baby. He sleeps through the night and doesn't cry much!!

Also on April 8th @ 5:05pm my step dad passed away from his battle with cancer he was 49years old :-(. My heart aches for my brother and mother. He was his only biological child. My brother is 9 years old and is the same age that I was when my step dad came into our lives. It still doesn't seem real. I feel like he isn't gone and that it never happened.

A friend told me that with every death there is life, and that is so true. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my Isaac here with me, he keeps my mind occupied.

So I don't think I will be getting my tummy tuck done this year. Life is so short and I really want to start checking off my bucket list. One of the things I really want to do is to be a surrogate mother and help someone else start a family that can't birth children. My step dad didn't complete his bucket list and I want to make sure I won't have any regrets if I were to die. I think it's important for us all to find out makes us happy and complete.

I wish you all happiness!!

My 7 week post op birth of my baby and tummy picture

Today I'm 7 weeks post birth of having my son. I gained a total of 30lbs and lost all but 5lbs so far. If I'm able to finance my tummy tuck then I'm hoping to get it done at the end of June 2014. I want to lose another 15-20lbs I'm 145lb right now. I can't fit into any of my pre baby clothes and it's beyond frustrating. I refuse to buy any new clothes for mysel because I want to lose more weight anyway.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of my tummy.

Omg yaaay best news :-)

So i asked my sister to co sign for me and we got approved :-). I have been dealing with the loss of my step father and some unnecessary drama from my mother, that I needed good news. I called my plastic surgeons office and I'm schedule for June 18, 2014. I cant believe this is FINALLY happening. I need to celebrate but im so tired lol. I'm so thankful for my sister helping make this happen.

So I'm having a tummy tuck with Mr and lipo. Liposculpture on ankles and calves.

So I have less than a month! What should I start taking? And buying? I dont know where to begin.

Thanks in advance :-)

My pre op appointment

My pre op appointment is June 6th. I'm sooooo excited and over joyed that this is actually happening :-)

I'm turning 30 at the beginning of September and going on a cruise to the Virgin Islands for my bday!! My ps said I will be healed by then and hoping so!!

Happy healing ladies!

Payed in full

I went to pay for my surgeries in full. So I'm having a tummy tuck with mr and lipo along with lipo on my ankles and calves!

I'm not going to have all around clock care, so I'm super nervous. I guess my baby will be to heavy to pick up for a few weeks......eeeekkkk what am I going to do?! I know with God everything will be okay.

I talked to a gal about blood clots, that's my biggest fear. I never had them but just really worried because I'm having lipo on my legs. What are the odds?


Paid in full!!

stepped on the scale :-(

So I stepped on the scale and I'm 149lbs. Today I'm 8 weeks post baby! I cant believe my little man is already 2months old! He is 12lbs and no longer fits his newborn outfits, he hasn't in awhile. He wears 3-6months already and he is super long 24inches! My baby isn't a baby anymore!

I took pictures of me yesterday and my weight today. I know I just had a baby but not sure why this time the weight is harder to come off! So frustrating! I've been eating healthy but still no weight loss. I bought some shakes through pure trim (a gal from realself told me about them)in hopes this will help me shed the pounds in a healthier way. Crossing fingers.

Here are the nasty photos of my belly!:-/

Not so looking forward to left over stretch marks

I have stretch marks above my belly button and I know I will have some after my tummy tuck :-(. I was kinda hoping for no stretch marks after tt just like the rest of you, but realistically that's not the case. I find myself looking at my tummy imagining what it will look like with a tummy tuck and I can't. My tummy has looked like this for 13 years after my first born, though I didn't have such a bad over hang as I do now that will be with my recent pregnancy.

Why am I stressing now?! This is what I wanted for such a long time. :-( I just want to cry because I feel like I will look the same as I do now after my tummy tuck! I can't shake this feeling of will I have regret, will I look worse? Will I regret this? I don't want to be disappointed!!

I hope I get some clarity on my pre op appointment June 3rd. I hope Dr. Clark eases my mind and is honest with her approach and my results with what I will idealistically look like!

In need of much support :-(

I just love getting packages!

I ordered Pure Trim :-) to shed pounds the healthy way!! So I have 19 days before my surgery to try to lose as much weight as I can. I'm hoping to lose 15lbs :-)

I'm going to the grocery store and now that the shakes came today I'm only buying food for my family. I'm going to buy salads for the one meal I have to have a day and healthy snacks with exercise.

I'm super excited to start this challenge for myself!! The next update should be me on a scale with me losing some major pounds :-)

Happy healing ladies!!

Pre-Op appointment ...

I went to my preop appointment this morning and it went great! Dr. Clark answered all my questions and I let her know what I was looking for when it came to the look of my belly button and scar. She also stated that "maybe" the stretch marks above my belly button might be gone or the bare minimum they will be very very low.

We also discussed my lipo on my knees, calves and ankles and explained the process and the aftercare. I was super nervous before I went in but after I left I'm not as nervous.

I have my prescriptions and going to fill them this week!

I am more than excited, I almost started to cry because I wanted this for sooooooooo long! I bought a few bikinis from Victoria's Secret along with so really cute thongs but of course, the bottoms are to small and I ordered a medium thinking for sure they would fit. My thongs that I bought also I didn't realize I got super low rise ones UGH LOL. My boyfriend said well maybe they will fit after surgery. Lol men!!

Well any who I have 14 more days until I'm sucked and tucked :-) eeeeekkkkkk getting real ladies!

Eeeeeek 9 more days!!!

I'm finally in single digit countdown!! The days for me are going by really fast. I can't believe this is FINALLY happening! I've been trying to research (still) as much as I can about all my procedures. Not sure why though but just to make sure I'm doing the right thing for me.

I'm super nervous. I don't want anything bad to happen to me. Like with any surgery there is always risks and complications that can happen. I want to make sure I'm here for my three babies and hoping that vanity (procedures) won't stand in my way of that.

Well today I'm getting my prescriptions filled and going to call about a recliner as I heard that those are lifesavers.

Can anyone else think of something I might need?

Happy healing

Got the call.....eeeekkkkk

So first off I started my period on this lovely Monday morning :-( I hope it's light considering my last it was so heavy that I thought I was going to need a blood transfusion lol. I have everything I need for after surgery. All I'm going to do today is go grocery shopping for two weeks. I have been super stressed due to personal issues :-( and this drama is completely unnecessary!! I have to do some soul searching during my healing process.

So on a positive note I have to be at the surgery center at 9:30am and surgery is at 11am. I'm going to the hotel to check in and drop my bags off and then probably my boyfriend will getting some breakfast before we head to the center.

I'm super nervous because I just had my son 11 weeks ago today and I have two more children, if anything happened to me I couldn't forgive myself. :-( I have been crying since yesterday with the drama, my surgery and thinking of my kids with all the complications/risk of this surgery I wish I could honestly cancel :-( lol I'm so stressed :-(

Well to all my rf friends that are getting surgery this week, I'm praying for you!!!

on my way to get my makeover on

So I'm on my way to the surgery center. Last night I had to write down my wishes just in case something happens, I also wrote all my children a little letter to let them know that I love them :-(. I hope all goes well but just making sure I have all my ducks in a row.

I'm so stressed and still dealing with early morning drama. Ugh why can't I just have one good day with no drama! After my surgery and while I'm in recovery mode I need to do some soul searching. I'm turning 30 in September and I refuse to let the next decade of my life to be like my twenties. I'm so worth more, to be treated and disrespected will not happen anymore because I will not allow myself to be subject to such poor behavior anymore. I know the Lord is with me every step of the way and that's why I have strength to get through this mess.

I will update when I can tonight or tomorrow when I'm on the flat side. Please pray for me :-( :-)

To all my girls dealing with recovery, I hope your feeling well and happy healing!!

Here goes nothing.......

I'm flat after 13 years!!

So I arrived at the surgery center/ doctors office at 9:40am. I waited in the waiting room until 10:30am. They called me back then, I changed into a gown and peed in a cup to check for pregnancy. (Which I wasn't and I ended up get the depo shot yesterday because my period was really heavy once again) I met with Dr. Clark and she was a sweet heart. I was super nervous and told her I felt guilty getting this done and leaving my kids for a day. She totally understood and reassured me everything was going to be fine. She then marked marked me up and within five minutes I was in the operating room. The anesthesiologist laid me on the table asked me to breath some oxygen and the next thing I knew was waking up from surgery!

The nurse was putting me on my clothes and then started to get me off the bed. Omg it hurt so bad, not my tummy tuck but my calves and ankles!!! It was sharp stabbing pain. It hurts to walk around BUT with every time I get up I start to feel better. As of right now my abs are sore but nooooo pain, the scar incision burns a little but my tummy tuck isn't hurting and crossing fingers it'll stay that way.

I can't get comfortable to save my life :-( I have squeezers on my calves to prevent blood clots. I just talked to my doctor and she said she took over a liter of fat from my calves, which is super crazy. She said my abdomen looks amazing and she said I have a cute belly button and scar is really low. She did take pictures of my tummy tuck before she put the dressings on. She also took pictures of my abdomen open, yes when I was fully opened lol and then the fat and skin that she cut off too. She is awesome to take all those photos!

Well ladies my post op appointment is tomorrow morning at 9am to get all cleaned up. I hope you are all healing and praying for safe recovery!!

I will post pictures that my bf took but my operating room pictures are on my phone and it's charging so will post those later :-)

warning photos are crazy!

Here you go ladies!!

Good morning ladies!!

Well last night was eventful to say the least but I'm in no major pain. I feel so good. The pain 1 out of 10 is a 2. I am taking pain meds. I only feel tightness in my calves and my abs feel actually great lol. They feel tight but nothing on my body is in sever pain.

I couldn't sleep last night as I kept waking up, not sure why but you would think pain killers would've knocked me out lol. I'm getting ready to go to my post op appointment and will take more pictures when clean me up :-)

Happy healing ladies!

post op appointment went great!

Post op went fabulous. I'm in very little pain. I was able to see my belly and i think it looks amazing ! Tell me what you think ladies! I get to take a shower this Saturday,..... Yaaay lol

Here is some more picture of my belly!

some more photos

I'm so exhausted that I can't stay awake. Here are some photos. Let me know what you ladies think!

ugh didn't upload

Try this again

try again

Well let's see

With my tummy tuck it's going really well. I'm not in much pain which is a good thing. My legs and calves are super swollen and cant barely move them. I really hope that they will go done.
I can take a shower tomorrow yaaay. I'm so disappointed in the help that Im getting since my surgery. My bf has literally been so mean to me. Every time he has to help me he gives me a look and a big sigh. I told him he should go back to work tomorrow because I don't deserve his horrible behavior around me. Now

So now I'm helping myself and lonely one of the worst feelings that I can imagine for anyone.

Well I hope all you other ladies get the help you deserve :-)

Took my pain pump out...

So last night was once again a nightmare for me. My baby is 11weeks old and wasn't feeling well. Not sure if the babysitter (bf mom and sister)was giving him to much formula verse water. But I had everything written out and he was super fussy in the middle of the night. So that being said my bf was not getting sleep along with me because I had to pee and me peeing is taking forever because no matter how hard I try it doesn't come out. Any of you ladies experience delays in peeing?

Then our baby is hungry bf is feeding him puts him back in the swing. A few hours later he wakes up again, then bf gives me the baby, need I mind you I'm drugged up on pain pills and tells me to feed him and now it's my turn to deal with him?! I'm like what are you kidding, I'm in pain I have no strength and yet I have to do do it all, even though I do it all every other day. At this point I'm crying because I'm due for meds and I can't reach them, then I'm feeding baby but when it gets time to burp him I have to place him on my thighs next to my tummy and where I had lipo done=ouch
After feeding, changing my sweet baby boy I slide my butt slowly but surely to the end of the couch trying to stabilize myself and baby to then put him back to the swing. Then thinking to myself how am I going to lay back down, so what I did I need up sleeping on the toilet. I was propped up and I wasn't in pain to much.

Fast forward to this morning I'm so tired from the lack of sleep, getting yelled at and the surgery just making me loopy. I took a shower yaaay which made me feel better. I have had little food but nothing major.

I was able to clean the incision sights and my whole body. I really though my bf was going to be supportive but boy was I wrong. My back hurts really bad from hunching over but like right now I'm in a seated position with no one to help left my legs on the couch they are swollen as can be :-( this opens my eyes to so much for my future and in what I don't want in a man .

Here are some more photos ladies! I hope you're getting the help and support you all deserve!

out of the shower pictures

My ankles and calves are so swollen from lipo.

Its sad I can't even get excited about this because of him :-( I waited 13 years for this and I feel nothing!! ????????

my pain pump wirers...forgot

Okay bf was going to take the pain pump wires out near my pubic bone. So he started to pull the wires out and OMG they hurt so bad I started to scream. They felt as if they were on fire. I told him to stop and he did. I ended up calling the doctor and she said that I need to be laying down and that he needs to pull downwards towards my feet. I made him get a warm compress and press it on the wires as he was pulling them out really fast. I did cry the whole time because it was really painful!! Wish that on no one.

Post op day 4 .....

Well the only pain I can complain about is my calves and ankles. They feel so heavy and when I walk they feel so weird. It's so hard to explain.

I'm wearing a compression garment that is sizes M. I feel it's a little lose on me, it digs into me like crazy like in my rib area. My calves are super swollen I see no end in sight for them lol

My tummy doesn't hurt and I don't know why but I'm not complaining. I am hunched over and will have my drains out this coming Friday. They don't bug me or hurt me I just want them gone lol

My bf went to work so he will be gone from 6am to about 7pm. I'm happy he is isn't home, I can take my pain meds, I can cry if I want too and just be myself without him near me.

Will take pictures soon!
Happy healing!

Post op day 5 I believe

I'm feeling a little better as everyday passes. My tummy tuck still doesn't hurt or bother me. There is only a spot on my incision like I said before that burn because I had to pick up baby. From what I see everything is healing beautifully. I haven't been draining much since post op one day. I hope I'm not clogged but I don't think so because my fluid is yellowish and almost cleared.

Dr.Clark and her assistant is absolute amazing any questions they call ASAP and give you informative information.

My ankle and calves are super swollen which they will be for a very long time and will make a review on this site just for those areas and lipo.

My bf has actually helped me today. He got me out of the couch and made me dinner. I'm no longer going to give him any more space on my blog as for this is about me and my Journey. I know now for myself that he wouldn't be the one I would be able to be with through sickness and in health considering it's always about him.

So on a great note Friday my drains will hopefully be taken out and I will Be able to wear somewhat real clothes lol

I sleep a lot, I take all meds and natural supplements to help maintain my healthy body through all this trauma.

I don't have photos on my iPad because they are on my phone so I will post what I have then on Friday share some more.

Happy healing my friends!!!


picture of my back

I forgot I still can't stand straight and my back is killing me!

A quick update

I have been talking about my calves and ankles a lot well here are some pictures.

I also had a forced BM yesterday I took a suppository because I just couldn't take the bloat anymore.

My strength is coming back day by day. If I had any question in my mind about my bf taking care of me and doing it all I wouldn't have let him take care of me. Please think, ask, re-ask all the important questions! You don't want to be in a situation where you may not have any other choices. I have no friends nor family near me, they are in another state so I have to rely on my BFs sister and my bf (if he wants to help for that moment).

I can't wait to get my strength back and just being me!!! Watch out world, my sexy is almost back and I can't wait for me to walk out that door :-) woooooohooooo to self confidence and bye bye to crappy people!

Happy healing my RS friends!

going to get my drains out

On my way to get my hopefully get my drains out :-) pray for me for no pain, please!

Pictures to come soon stay tuned!!

video of drain removal

So I never seen on here on actual drain removal. So I tried to video on of the drains being removed. The drain removal didn't hurt but it did burn because my skin started to heal itself around the drain. My phone died during half of video but at least you can kinda see what's going on.

The nurse also to my strips off my incision, which burned. I have dried blood on my incision and will be gently rubbing on it durning my showers over the next week. I'm not sure if you can tell from my pictures but there are spots on my incision where its already fading.

The nurse took out the stitches from liposuction areas and one from my belly button. I got back on July 2bd to get the rest out. My belly button doesn't have dried blood around it, those are left over stitches that are going to be taken out.

I'm overly impressed with Dr. Clark's and her nurses professionalism. They are sweet, caring and very conservative. There were plenty of doctors that said there was no way the stretch marks above my belly button would be gone but her experience and technique. I have none at all! My scar looks like by a few months it will be hardly visible. I had no pain with the tummy tuck at all. I know she triple stitches everything and that maybe why I didn't have any pain.

Any who, I took a few photos of my tummy and I have redness where tape was on my incision, I was having a reaction from it and they said within a few days it would be gone.

Happy healing friends

sorry photos or video didnt post

Let's try again!

video i hope it finally works

Omg this is me :-)

Okay I have done FINALLY what you all ladies have done, I've tried on thongs lol. I didn't do it right away. First off because I was in horrible pain because my legs and the lipo. Then because I was afraid I would've looked the same before tt.

I bought super low rise thongs from Victoria's Secret, before tt thinking for sure they weren't going to fit but OMG THEY FIT! My scar is so super low, that I can wear the skimpiest bikini if I wanted too!!! Yaaaay check out my fashion show lmfao!!!

I feel beautiful!

Thank you ALL for the amazing support through this bitter sewer time with me. I love you all! Happy healing!!


Lol still drugged lol *bitter sweet* ^^

My 2 week update and lost 11lbs

Okay so yesterday was my two week post op appointment. I can't believe it's already been two weeks! So my doctor says I look amazing and I look like I'm more 4 weeks post verse 2 weeks. I'm healing amazingly well when it comes to my tummy and belly button. I'm not swollen in my tummy but the other part of my surgery I am ( lipo in knees, calves and ankles). My doctor told me to start massaging my scar and to scrub all the dried blood of my scars and the left over adhesive. So as soon as all that happens I can start my scar treatment that she gave me yesterday. That should hopefully be just in a few days!!

I'm 85% erect! I would be all the way but my lower limbs are so freaking tight because of the lipo that it hurts my legs to try to stand barefoot and erect. So I also started massaging my legs and my tummy today. So I'm hoping that will help my legs not be so tight. I'm super happy that I weighed myself and I weigh 139lb. I lost a total of 11lbs :-) but I know that's not even right because I'm swollen in my limbs and that adds to my weight. I'm not going to weigh myself anymore until all swelling goes down and I can actually stand straight up lol.

I have bee taking my vitamin c and multi. Which is so important before, during and after surgery!! I can't stress that enough because we all want each other to have no complications. We pay a lot for our results to be nothing but perfect!

I wanted to take pictures of my new bikinis but the mail hasn't came yet. I so excited to try them on since I haven't wore one in over 13 years lol.

Well as soon as they come I'm going to do another fashion show lol.

Happy healing ladies!!

Bikini shots

So I got a few of my bikinis in the mail today and as promised here are some photos.

I'm not sure how to feel about the pink color one tho. Or even the black one either!!! Ugh I hate shopping over the internet. My body doesn't even feel like it's mine.

Please let me know your thoughts on these two :-)

Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July and happy healing sisters!

3 weeks post op :-)

Today marks 3 weeks since my tummy tuck and lipo on knee, ankles and calves. So I have lost a total of 14lbs. Which I'm super excited about. I'm now 136 with no clothes on and with 137lbs, But I still can't fit any of my pre baby jeans :-( I know its because I'm still swollen. They just don't zip up ugh!

Yesterday I ditched all my tummy garments. I no longer wear anything on my tummy. It felt very weird at first but no its not so bad. We went out yesterday, I was okay at first but after walking non stop for a few hours my tummy started to feel super tight and thought I was going to explode. I woke up this morning still hunched over some 90%erect and I don't have any swelling on my tummy just my hips.

I have been wearing scar treatment on my long incision for about three days and just started scar treatment on my belly button today. I'm taking all vitamins everyday and eating healthy food (nothing processed).

I feel no pain at all except those "Zingers" that everyone talks about. I believe its where the nerve endings are trying to meet up again. I sleep on my sides but haven't slept on my tummy yet. I still can't believe this is my body. I walk around the house naked and feel so confident. My bf has noticed a change in my confidence too. He better act right :-), because I'm a new me :-)!!

If you have any questions just ask! Happy healing ladies!

my of my weight

Started out at 150lb and now 136lb

I finally fit my jeans!!

We are going camping so I need more clothes than I actually been wearing around the house. So I tried my favorite jeans on Levis and they fit.!! My current weight is 135lb and that was my goal weight as well. I'm going to see if I can lose another 10lbs. I'm 5'4 and I like being a healthy weight. To me that would be 125lb no less than that tho.

I do have a butt on me and I need to tone up asap!! Lol all this sitting is starting to show! We can't have that!!

My hips are swollen and was told by the nurse to put my garment on until I'm 6 weeks post op. So back in my garment I go! Which I don't feel as tight as I have been feeling. Still not standing up straight either. It's so frustrating!!

Well happy healing ladies!

Side by side comparison

Here are a few side by side comparisons!

My results have over exceeded my expectations from day one! I love my results and don't regret my tummy tuck at all!

Ladies please do your research on the doctor you pick to do your surgery. You should do background check on them, ask for referrals and go to multiple consultations with different doctors!! We spend lots of money, so we should love our results!!

Healing to all!!

my one month!

I can finally stand up straight!! Yaaay!
I'm camping right now in Burney falls, can in this ridiculous heat lol. But trying to make the most of it!

I will update when I get back ????

Happy healing

camping at Burney falls , ca

We went camping at Burney falls, can this past week! Its was super hot!!! Eeeeek

I had one beer last night the whole camping trip. I pigged out which is whatever lol. I couldn't wear any of my garments due to the high heat. Which my tummy got swollen and my legs. Ugh it was miserable lol.

I'm loving my results! I didn't wear any bikini because it was 100+ heat and didn't want to chance ruining my scar and it becoming dark.

5 weeks today :-) pictures

Hey ladies,

Today I went to my 5 week post op check up! I'm doing amazingly well. Dr. Clark gave me some silicone gel to put on my scars and to stop using the scar treatment tape. When I was taking the tape off it would be red all around my scar so we aren't sure if I'm allergic to it or if my skin will get discolored because of the tape. To me it doesn't matter as long as I'm healing and I can put something on my scars then I'm happy.

My doctor said I can start working out but no ab workouts for another 4 weeks.I'm standing up straight like I said in my last post but by the end of the day my tummy feels super tight. My tummy is numb from my belly button down and on my flanks as well. I haven't been eating well since I got back from camping but trying to save up to buy more pure trim shakes. They help with my craving but helps with my skin and lots of the added energy along with being super healthy.

This was the best thing I ever did for myself. I love my results and I love love my doctor!

If you ladies have any questions I'm here!

Happy healing!!


I forgot to mention here is the link to pure trim if any of you ladies want to get healthy before your surgery!!

I'm loving my shape

I'm loving my shape everyday! I'm doing cardio everyday and eating healthy once again after being side tracked for a week. My portion size still remains small. If I eat to much then my tummy starts to hurt.

I had to have a repeat ultrasound on Tuesday because they found a growth on my uterus back in May. So I haven't got the test results back because my ob was out on vacation all last week. I got the depo shot June 17th the day before my surgery because I was bleedy very heavy and not normal for me. And now I'm bleeding again which I shouldn't even have a period until September because of the depo shot. But its been 8 days of this and wondering when its going to stop. Its not heavy at all and doesn't looklike the same period blood either. Which is making me more concerned!

Did any of you ladies experience this before? Its been almost 18 weeks post birth since I had my son too.
Also my ob asked me if a student can watch during the csection and I said as long as he doesn't touch me that would be fine for him to watch. Well needless to say when I went back for my two post baby check up he seen me first before my ob and said that my csection scar looks great and that he was the one that put the staples on me to close the csection. I swear I was about to flip out on him and my ob but I didn't. I held my anger until I got outside. I told her not for him to touch me. What happens if he did something wrong and that's why I'm having complications now. Or that she left stuff behind in my uterus. I've been having low grade fever along with chills, migraines are back now, red rash on my legs, uterus cramps when I'm not bleeding wtf right?!

Ugh I really hope its going to be nothing but I'm not feeling like myself and haven't been since I had my baby in March 31. I just thought maybe its my hormones but my doctor said they came back normal, so what could this be? I'm going to ask for more blood work on Monday if the ultrasound hasn't revealed anything and maybe a ct scan of my abdomen.

The tummy tuck Hasn't changed anything except me feeling better about myself image. I love my tummy and I'm healing nicely. I love the shape of my body and still trying to lose 10lb more. I'm 135 right now!

Any of you ladies have suggestions on what could be going on with my uterus?

Happy healing!!

6 weeks and 3 days post op with new bikinis

Hello ladies!!

I've been busy busy! So what's new with me???!! Well nothing much lol. I got my ultrasound results and it came back normal!! Yaaay! The lesion they saw in May, the radiologist said it was my csection healing from the birth of my son. Which I'm happy to hear it healed. My ps prescribed me an antibiotic just in case I have an infection because I have a rash on my right leg. I'm feeling better just after a few days taking it and I only have a few more days left on it.

Now about my tummy tuck. I'm doing good. I took back the last bikinis and got new ones. I just wasn't comfortable in them BUT I LOVE MY NEW ONES!! The scar itself is very thin. I was using scar tape but it seemed I was allergic to it because when I would take it off it was screaming red and still is from the tape. My ps gave me the silicone cream instead. I've also been putting bio oil on my scars too. Not sure if either are working but time will tell.

My belly button stock is sore. Kinda weird right?! Any of you ladies belly button stock sore at my milestone? My hips are still numb along with my tummy.

I'm in love with my results. Im hoping to order more pure trim shakes and lose another 10lbs. I'm a steady 135lb. I'm thinking of putting a tattoo over my tummy tuck scar but still unsure. Any of you ladies thinking of the same?

Happy healing ladies!

8 weeks today and my real review!

So today marks 8 weeks post op. I'm totally back to normal. I'm working out but I wasn't doing crunches until I hit the 8 week mark. Now I can do them. I like my flat tummy. But are the tummy tuck blues real? I think so. I've been doing a little shopping and still grab the bigger pants as tho I still think I have a pooch. Sometimes I debate with myself and asking myself was this worth it. I think it is but sometimes I think that this isn't my body. If that makes sense.

I like how my belly button is not close to my scar. I'm not sure if I'm in love with my belly button. I don't like how my scars still look scary. The scars themselves are very thin but really read on my skin which I think its the scar treatments. I kinda wish I didn't start using the scar treatment. I'm thinking of stopping it. Or if you ladies think its normal please let me know.

I still brace myself for the cough and sneeze attacks, my abs burn when this happens! I still swell by the end of the day. I wish my belly button was more open and deep.

So I do love my results. Its going to take more time to get used to my new flat tummy. I'm thinking of getting a small tattoo over my scar, still not sure tho.

Well ladies I hope all of you are healing perfectly.

working out after a tummy tuck ouch!!!

So I'm eight weeks and 2 days post op, I decided to workout to Turbofire from beach body. I had it for over a year. Before last night I was walking fast and doing arms and squats and everything was fine. So last night when I started turbofire about 15 minutes into it there is one spot about two inches below my ribcage on the left hand side of my muscle repair is a burning hurting pain. It hurts to move from side to side, reach out, lay down OMG the pain. I took perc's and I still feel the pain. I wasn't doing any core work but I was doing motions like up and down, side to side and twisting.

Have you ladies had the same experience? I hope I didn't pull something or ripped something open. Ugh I can't catch a break!

Any suggestions? Thanks ladies!

following up on my workouts!

So I contacted my doctor about the pain I was feeling after my first workout with turbo fire. She stated to push through the pain and to continue to workout. She said it's going to be sore at first but then it will get better. So today after a few days of rest and working out today I feel so great. I no longer have pain :-) so going to start working out everyday and doing HIIT training. I'm so excited that I can finally workout without pain.

Ladies, if you have pain while or during your workouts just push through, you will be okay!!

I will keep everyone updated with pictures of my workout progress!!

Happy healing!

10 weeks post op :-) and feeling amazing!

Today I'm 10 weeks post op! I feel amazing working out everyday to HIIT classes! I bought this vegan shakes meal replacement at GNC and is a 30 day supply. Its cheaper than puretrim and taste the same with the same benefits.

I still have some numbness on my sides and belly. I eat less because I'm full faster. I weigh 135lb sometimes I can get to 130lb.

My birthday is tomorrow I'll be 30 years old and looking fabulous!! Well I think so lol.

Happy healing ladies!! Praying for you all!

13 weeks post op and loving every minute of my now 30 years young!!

I'm now 30 years old and I have my old body back!!! Yaaaaay to us for wanting more for ourselves than just wishing on a star lol.

I liked my cruise the weather was great and it was kinda all over the place sunny one minute and raining the next but it was still so hot. We visited st. marten, st. Thomas and Nassau Bahamas!! It was all really beautiful! I have a few pictures from my phone that I will post but haven't downloaded from my camera yet. My boyfriend surprised me with a happy birthday surprise in our stateroom! With wine, happy birthday cake and streamers!!

My tummy is still numb and I'm still working out. Nothing really new.

I hope you all are doing great and healing fast!!

A few more photos!!

I was finally able to down load some more photos and I also took pictures of my tummy and legs!!

We are going to Disneyland this week to celebrate my daughters 5th birthday!! Excited to go and start another adventure!!

I hope all you ladies are feeling wonderful and I hope you all know what you're worth!

3 1/2 months post op with love handles :-(

Okay so I'm about 3 1/2 months post op and I'm working out as much as I can (almost everyday) and weighting about 134lb. So what I'm noticing now is either I have extra skin on my sides or I have love handles with a little extra fat!!

I can only see it when I'm laying down at 90° or sitting up at 90° but its really nothing me!!

Any suggestions ladies? Can I get rid of it with more exercise? Eeeek kinda freaking out over here lol please let me know!!


I ment my sides is really "bothering me" !! Not nothing me lol . I forgot to proof read.

I'm going to contact my PS tomorrow to see what she says. Maybe a revision or corrective lipo. But if that happens I won't be getting that done anytime soon!! I just hope the leaner I get the more it will help my back fat and sides!

Any suggestions to get leaner with foods and excerise ??

Thanks lovely ladies!! Hope everyone is having a healthy healing process!!

4 month's post op and im loving my results!

Hello ladies I'm 4 months post op. And I'm loving my results. I'm truly thankful that I found and researched a fabulous plastic surgeon. I emailed her about my sides and she told me that I need to wait a little longer 6 months post at least to see what my sides do. She said it could either be dog ears or just extra fat. Either way I know she will do right by me. I love love my belly button. At first I wasn't sure in the beginning stages but now I love the way it looks. I'm so impressed by her amazing abilities to make us look fabulous.

My tummy is still numb from the belly button down. Which I hope it stays that way because I want to get a tattoo to cover up my scar and I would like not to feel that pain lol.

The past fee night I was on realself looking at tummy tucks gone wrong. I was praying for those women that had a horrible experience with their PS. And seen that they are not happy with their results. :-( I hope and pray that all women and men wanting a tummy tuck please please research your doctor and look at their results from other patients and contact them. I'm so happy I found real self!! This website is amazing and very helpful.

I pray for all of you ladies in finding a PS and the recovery process!

Here is some pictures!!

Picture of a tattoo cover up I seen

So I read this journey of another lady on realself early on last year. Her results are fabulous. She got a tattoo to cover her scar and it's kimbella inspired tattoo.

I want something like this but maybe something totally different.

Please let me know what you think ladies. I want something small and sexy.

realself come on!!!

Am I the only one that doesn't like the new format of realself? The comments are all mixed up in different post and not in order. Realfself why change something that's not broken?!

On another note I looked in the mirror today and said " Damn I look hot" lol that doesn't usually cross my mind but it did today haha

Happy healing ladies!!

I'm 5 months and a week post op!!

Hello Ladies!!

I'm 5 months post op. Nothing really has changed except gaining some weight!! Lol the holidays and I are having a love hate relationship right now lol. I lovvvve food! But I'm committing to losing and toning my body more than ever Ihave a little less than one month before my 6 month post op visit and I don't want to disappoint my PS because she did an amazing job on my body!!

I went to go do a little clothes shopping and I'ma size 3 O_0 how does that happen when iI gained 5lbs. I get compliments all the time when I'm clothes shopping wity my shape. Its all in my face, my booty, thighs!! I also cut my hair! I bought burne shredz for women!! And I start tomorrow! Let this weight melt off of me and get fitted before my appointment in At the end of December!!

I took a few pictures for you guys!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope all is well with all you ladies and loving your results!

Today marks my 6 month post op :-)

Hello beautiful souls!,

Today marks my 6 month post op. I cant believe its been 6 months already!!! Time is flying by so fast. Nothing is really new besides me still working out (trying). My son has been really sick these last few weeks so all my time is mainly with him.

My scar is red and you can see where the scar treatment tape was. I am allergic to it so it left this impression as if i had staples on my scar. I hope it goes away or im going to get some sort of bleaching cream to help it fade. I'm still numb below my belly button andstill swell above my belly button. I don't worry any more about that because nothing I do will change that. Time will tell.

I've been paying off my bills (credit cards) one by one. I'm excited to hopefully be debt free next year.

My relationship with my bf is a roller coaster but he has been trying and I have to give him credit where it's do.

I've been more devoted to reading the bible every night and building a stronger relationship with our Lord. I'm in such a great place right now and I'm loving my life right now. I know I can't control anyone else's life but I can control mine and I choose everyday to let the Lord guide me. I kinda got lost in this worldly place that I had to find myself again and to put the Lord where he belongs, number one in my life!

I hope all you ladies are doing well and healing nicely!!

Here are a few photos!

photos not uploading

lets try adding photos again

Hope all the photos upload this time lol

8 1/2 post op and feeling amazing!!

Hey ladies it has been a few months since I posted anything. I'm 8 1/2 months post op. I've been going to the gym like crazy and lifting as much as I can. I'm loving my results everyday!! Nothing new has been going on. Here are some pictures. I hope by the next time I update again I'll look different and more leaner.

Love you all for being there for me through my journey!! I hope you ladies are doing fabulous too!!

Any questions just ask!!

10 1/2 months post op Amazing!!

Hey beautiful ladies!!

I can't believe its been 10 1/2 months post op for me! How crazy is that?! It honestly feels like years since I had it done. Nothing has changed really exceptworking out 5-6 days a week!! I have a trainer for two days a week. Im back on pure trim to lean out. Trying to get ready for bikini season!!

How are you ladies doing? I don't get notifications so I get on every so often to check on you ladies.

If this is the beginning of your journey, be safe and do your research on your PS. Take it easy and time heals!! If you have any questions just ask :-)

Empower each other!!

Here are some pictures. But more to come within the next month!!

1 year post op today!!!! yay

Hello my beautiful ladies!!

Today marks one year post op :-) for my tummy tuck! I can't believe its been a year already!! Nothing has changed really just continuing to workout with all the life stresses. My scar is fading but still needs more time as with my belly button scar too. I'm very happy over all and happy 100% with my results and my body. I still drink puretrim once a day and continue to take my BCAA. Slowly but surely I'm getting my goals.

Even though I don't go off of the scale anymore or sizes but I do wear a size 2 now ......I've never been a size 2 ever. I never want to be skinny I want to be fit. So I'm a fit size 2 lol. Its a life style change to have a healthier life than whatI was used to.

Ibought lots of bikinis and love my body now because I'm taking care of myself!! Its feels great in my own skin again.

Here are some photos!! I hope all you ladies are enjoying your new body and remember if you're just starting the journey, time will heal and be patient no need to rush the healing process!!
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