46 Yrs Old 5'2" and 132 Lbs Preparing for my MM

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So 4 weeks from today is my mommy makeover on dec...

So 4 weeks from today is my mommy makeover on dec 6. I'm getting a tummy tuck with lipo and breast lift with implants! All the reading I've done on this site has been super helpful ! I'm excited and nervous but ready to do this! I've got two grown kids, both large babies. 9 lbs 12 oz. and second was 9 lbs. then my weight went up and down over the years. But typically about 40 lbs overweight. So about four years ago I decided I was done being heavy! I've lost about 45 lbs and have kept it off. I always thought if I could just lose the weight then my stomach would be flat again. Lol well I was surprised ... I've got loose skin that I can't diet away. And losing the weight my boobs went from C to a saggy B. I'll post some pics.

How to deal with coworker questions

One subject that I haven't heard brought up much is how to handle coworker questions and looks. I am not telling anybody at my job what I'm doing. I work with a lot of people and if one finds out then they all do. I know I'd be judged by many of them. Has anyone else dealt with this and how did you handle it ? I have to tell HR on Tuesday the 22nd that I'll be out for three weeks in dec.

Ok preop done

My preop went really well yesterday.
My husband and best friend came with me. My husband was mostly for moral support. My friend is the one who will actually be taking care of me. After surgery I'm going to stay at her house a few days. She is retired and offered to take care of me. Now that's a really good friend. We pretty much decided on 400 cc silicone under moderate plus. I'm hoping it won't be too big on me. I want to notice a change but I don't really want everyone else to. If that makes any sense lol. So two weeks from today. I'm almost done xmas shopping and decorations are up. I'm starting to pick up a few items I might need. Such as a walker my husband found new on Craigslist for $10. Got a neck pillow yesterday. And a few toiletries. I'll need to pack everything since I'm not coming home for a few days. I told my work I'll be out for three weeks. I can't wait!

Today's the day!

My husband and and I are driving in now. We live about an hour away. I need to be there at 6 for a 7am surgery. I feel surprisingly calm. Looking forward to being done though. Got everything I need loaded in the car since we're heading to my friends house afterward. She offered to take care of me but this week. So sweet! I'm glad it takes some pressure off my husband, who was willing to do it all by himself. I'm lucky to have him. My vmind has been preoccupied the past four days though. My moms been in the hospital with sepsis. She got a really bad infection that got into her blood stream. She's doing much better now. But my parents have no idea I'm doing this do it's been very stressful for me. Trying to keep this from them. I don't want them to worry about me or judge my decision. Now I gotta figure out how to explain why I won't see them for a few day at this difficult time in their lives. Anyway, enough ranting , I'm almost there!!!


At my besties house now! No pain yet at all. Just a lot of tightness and some discomgmfort. Being well taken care of. Surgery was about 4 hours. Felt like 10 min. Lol. I've got two drains and I haven't peed yet. Ate a Greek yogurt and feel pretty full. I have leg pumps on. Tired. Gonna nap now. Happy healing to everyone!!

Day after!

Just returned from one day post op. So far so good! She wants me to start 800 Motrin along with Percocet. To start weening. Myself off. Here's a couple pics

New pic from today.

Tomorrow I'll have more pics cause I get my first shower!! Yippee!!

Always feel full

Even with the smallest amount of food my stomach feels sooĆ²oo full I'm sure it's the tummy tuck is anyone else feeling like that too?

First shower

It felt really good to shower by my gosh putting the tummy garment back on was a nightmare. My friend helped but it sure felt like pulling apart in some areas where she had to squeeze and pull. Not fun!!!

First cough

Omg that was painful!! Coughing is not a good thing. My stomach felt like it was popping out of my stitches. First time I cried all week! I hope that doesn't happen again! On the plus side I'm walking more upright today. Not completely but Way better. Still not a lot of energy and can't eat much. But I am eating. Just small amounts I've been sleeping really welll every night with the Valium. Only waking to take meds. Iv been draining very little each day so hopefully they'll come out on my appt in Wednesday. Just left my friends house to go home for the rest of recovery so it'll just be me and my husband from here on. But I'm able to do more in my own now so it'll be ok. I hope everyone is doing better each day! Keep us posted!

Tired of being tired

Finally in better spirits

My first few days weren't too bad then next few weren't too good. Today I feel a lot better. Better physically and mentally. My daughter helped with my second shower and I was able to stand and wash my hair and get dressed and blow dry myself! She was there for moral support and for just in case! Also, I could not do this tummy garment myself at all. I'm still very tight. And the support bra is cutting under my boob on the one side pretty good. So I'm glad for my appt tomorrow. The girl in the office said to put a cami on the help with rubbing.

Yeast infection

And now of coarse, if I wasn't having enough fun, I've got a yeast infection! I can't even remember my last one so I'm pretty sure it's from the antibiotics. And this stupid garment. I have my appt in a few hours so I really hope that some things can be changed for the better. I'm just feeling over this whole thing now. And I know it's only day 8. Lol

Positive appt today!

I got my drains out! Very happy about that. My dr said I'm healing great and I can switch to sports bra. Zips up front. Champion high impact. From target then it Won't cut under my boobs. It's pretty irritated right now. My incsinions look great considering it's only been a week. She said I can walk more now and try to stand more upright. It just felt really good to hear good things after a long week!

Pics from today


New champion sports bra

Dr said this is good for me especially with my slightly raw and sore underboobs. Pic won't post yet. I'll try again later

Trying again to post pics

Feeling my best day so far

I took my third shower today. Got up read my paper had coffee. Took my c g off to take a break from it My dr said I could for an hour or two a day. It felt very strange without it. Seems I don't like it either way. On or off. Lol. Took some pics. Gonna go out with my husband tonight. Probably just dinner. Or walk around target. Just do something different.

More energy!

Waking up feeling great! More energy today! Going to run errands later with my husband. I notice that my garment is super tight in the evenings. Making me irritable. I guess just more swelling from being up and around more hours during the day. I was gonna sleep in my bed last night but my garment changed my mind. Lol. I took a couple pics after shower today. Still pretty bruised but had fun comparing my bikini top before and now!

Spanx reviews

How do you guys feel about wearing the spanx? I just wore one today for my first time. What a pain in the butt! Soo tight ! Actually worse than my regular garment from the dr. And I hate that one! Again so tight on my ribs they feel bruised. And pulling them up and down. Forget it! And I was so excited to be able to switch, I called my dr this morning to make sure it was ok. After six hours I was through! Put my old one back on. Is it just me? Now I don't know what to do. Any advise?

Two week post op appt

So I had my two week post op yesterday. It went well. Got my stitches out and approved to wear some bralettes that I brought and showed her. While she took out my stitches she had to dig one out where my skin was healing over it. So that caused a small hole under my left breast. She said it was pretty common and gave me some medicated stuff to put on it. She said it should heal in a couple days. I hope so. I was afraid to look at it today. Since I never saw it yesterday. It's not too bad I guess. Also she showed me a pic of the tummy skin they removed and the fat from lipo. Gross but I was curious. Lol. It was about 1 liter of fat and 2 pounds of skin. So if all my calculations are right then it was 4 pounds removed and three pounds added. 385 cc times two in silicone. Rough math! Lol. She said I can start treadmill but not to do anything moving my arms to much yet (elliptical). Around the bikini/ inscision line she said that if I don't wax or shave then I should scrub so that the hair doesn't try growing through inscision and create an ingrown hair. What?? I can't barely stand to touch the inscision much less do ANY of those things. Lol. Anyone else feel that way? It just feels too strange and wierd to touch. Now I go back in six weeks. Here's pics of my wound and inscisions

Pic of med

Boob not healed

3 weeks today! Today was my last day before going back to work tomorrow and I had to go back to the doctor. Last week i had a small opening where she took out a suture and it didn't heal. So I went back in so she could take a look. Apparently the sutures inside that are supposed to dissolve sometimes push outward and then they need to be pulled out. Not fun. Now hopefully it'll heal. I'm nervous about work tomorrow. I start at 4 am. Worried about getting there on time and working a full shift and people asking if I'm ok and what happened. I'm on my second yeast infection. My doc issued polyester garments are causing it I'm sure. I just switched to "spanx" with my cotton underware underneath. I hope that helps. Super irritable right now! Not happy!

4 weeks post op today!!!

Not a whole lot of change from week three to week four. I am sleeping better. My boobs don't really hurt when lying on my side anymore. I'm still dealing with the open spot under my left boob. But I think it's starting to get better. I know it changes everyday because I take daily pics of it to see the progress. I'll show a pic I took this morning. I'm finally used to my spanx and "spanx like " garments. It doesn't hurt to pull them up and down over my inscision anymore. I'm back at work and it gets a little easier each day there. Although I still don't lift anything heavy. Or reach up for things. Boobs seem to be dropping a bit. My right one more so. I think I like the size. Someyimes I think they're too big. But of coarse not settled yet. I've told a couple friends and they seemed excited for me. Overall doing pretty good. Just waiting and wanting to be healed!!!

5 week pics

Five weeks today. I really don't see much change at ALL from weeks 3 to 5. Trying to stay patient. My next check up is in 8 days. But who's counting. Lol. I have lots of questions for her. I haven't started any scar treatment yet. Im waiting to get the go ahead. Also I'm a bit nervous about it because of some people having itchy reactions to it. I'm sure it'll happen to me too lol.

Six week update!

So I had my 6 week check up yesterday! It went really well! I'm excited that I finally get to start scar treatment. They put silicone strips on me to try out. I leave them on for ten to twelve days. Shower and all. They said they were pretty expensive but I forgot to ask how much. If I like it then I'll call and ask about buying it. I'm kinda nervous about the strips . I really hope I don't have a reaction to them. They also gave me a box of silicone gel. Thin layer twice a day. I'm interested in that too. I'll use it when these strips come off. Next, she said that typically I would wear my binder for three months. But I can stop now if I want, although most girls prefer the protection we get from it. I'm not quite ready to stop yet. Regular pants against my tummy skin feels wierd and uncomfortable. The opened spot under my boob is healed. She said if it doesn't fade to where I'm happy, then we can do a revision down the road. And on a happy note, I went shopping last weekend just to try things on and I dropped a pant size! I actually fit into a six now! I literally have not put on a size six since I was 19 years old!!! I'm 46. I had to take a pic! I'm so happy about that! Bras are another story. I didn't get sized yet so I was just grabbing 36 c and 36 d. I don't know. Nothing fit quite right. I hated the underwire touching my scar. Felt uncomfortable. She said not to wear them till my third month anyway. I was just curious. So.... bralettes for me!! Which is still fun because I certainly couldn't wear them before. No padding or support really. But very comfy and I don't need padding now anyway! Here's a couple pics from this week!

9 weeks post op!!

I have been feeling really good physically! I feel stronger and healthier. I'm back at the gym doing arm weights and cardio. I still am a little tender under my breasts on my inscisions and feel pulling if I reach to far. Really not any feeling to my nipples yet either. And I feel zingers on my tummy Inscision every once in a while. Nerves regrowing I'm sure so I welcome that. I'm still wearing a garment too. Plus my sides are still tender where I had lipo. also i love how I look now. I'm having a blast shopping for clothes and bralettes. Although I haven't seen my scars in a week. Lol. A couple more days and then I'll have my second tape change. Really it's out of site, out of mind. I like not having to look at them everyday. I think my biggest issue is my fear of my stomach coming back. It's like I don't believe it's gonna stay gone. I feel guilty every time I eat. Good food or bad. I just don't " trust" the surgery yet. When I'm sitting it still feels like I have a tummy roll. I look down and it's not there of coarse. I'm sure time will help with that. My boobs are still high. I'm not massaging. My doc said whether I massage or not they will eventually end up where they should be. So for now I just let them be. We'll see in a month or two if I change my tune on that. Lol. Here are a few updated pics. And I'll post more without my tape on in a couple days!! I hope everyone is doing great and healing well! Keep posting, I love hearing your updates!!

15 weeks post op mommy makeover!!

I can't believe it's been almost 4 months! I just wanted to give an update on my progress. So around week 8 I noticed at work when I lifted something heavy or flexed that my implants would rise upwards. I got really worried that something was wrong and called my doc. She said it was normal for this to happen to some people. I had never read about this before. It's a strange feeling and not very attractive looking. Lol. I forgot what it's called but I just decided to put flexing and heavy lifting on my list of things not to do!!
Week 13 I finally gave up my garment! It was starting to look pretty ratty, and although I have several, only one was really comfy and I wasn't about to buy another one. I was nervous because I was so attached to the security of it. Clothes did feel strange at first but within a couple of days it was fine. So happy to be rid of the garments!!
After surgery, around my tummy scar, there were what I thought to be bruises. That's what they look like. I still have them, although they have lightened. I asked about them at my 6 week check up and I think she said something about them being from my steri strips. Not really sure what she meant. I'll ask again at my 6 months if they're still there. I hope it goes away but for now they are hidden under my underwear and bikinis just fine.
Also, I've got the dreaded dog ears on my hips. My ps said she can fix them easy if I want. We'll know more at my 6 mo visit. My left side is worse than the right. If I do anything, it will probably be in the fall.
I bought my first underwire at week 14. Got measured at VS. Now, I know that they exaggerate a bit, but good grief........34 DDD. Really? Or sister size 36 DD. Well after I picked my chin up off the floor, I bought several ! Lol. Then went to penny's and target and fit 36 D no prob! Ok that's better! Whew. Haha.
That's really about it.. I've been feeling great! Exercising and eating healthy(mostly;). My weight on surgery day was 132. Today I'm 130. I've dropped a complete pant size. I'm wearing a six or 8 depending on the brand. Used to be an 8 or ten. So happy with how clothes look!
My boobs are a bit bigger than I imagined but I did tell my doc to error on the bigger side. They also have more upper pole than I imagined but I think that's probably for the better. Maybe they'll stay up where they belong be for a longer time?!? Still using silicone mepitac tape. Here's some pics I'll post in a couple different postings so that hopefully it works this time. This is my second attempt. Happy healing and good luck to those waiting!!

More pics

21 weeks update

Just a quick update. Not too many changes. I thInk my scars have lightened a bit. I had not used anything on them for the past 4 weeks. Other than bio oil. I did put the strips back on last night though. It almost seemed like they did better the less I did to them. But I'm just not sure so back to the strips until my 6 mo post op in 3 weeks. Also, still very very little feeling in my nipples, still waiting. Here's a couple pics

Bikini in PUBLIC !!

Hi ladies ! Ok tomorrow is my first BBQ/swim party with my new body. Very nervous and self conscience about it. Some friends there know about the surgery and I feel like I will be on display for the judging. Lol Wish me luck!


Just a brief update. I'm so appreciative of those who update that are farther out from surgery. So I plan to as well.
I had my 6 month checkup last month and my doctor was extremely happy with my results ( her work). Lol She said I scar very well and I no longer need to use any scar treatment. Yippee!! It's kind of a pain but I would do it as long as necessary. All the scars are pretty white now. I'm actually used to looking at them. They just seem part of me now! Also, She is going to fix my left dog ear in the fall. After I'm done with swimming. My right is not bad enough. No fix would really change the look of it. Honestly that side doesn't bother me anyway. All my inscisions are still a bit tender. She said that's normal. I only have a tiny amount of feeling in my nipples. She said that means I still have a chance for it all to come back. Hopefully it does! My tummy is still numb. Also normal but I really don't care if it ever came back or not. Overall I am still super happy! Getting more comfortable in bikinis and lots more confidence!! I would do it all over again !!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

She was my second consult and I knew right away that she's the one I wanted. Very friendly,easy to talk to, answered my questions and didn't feel rushed. Plus I had seen her work online and it looks really good! I'll write more after my pre op on November 21

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