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So I have been insecure about my breast size my...

So I have been insecure about my breast size my entire life. Every single day from the time I was 12 i've been waiting for boobs that never came. I've finally made the decision to get a BA and couldn't be happier. After 6 months of stalking reviews on this site I figured it was only fair to share my story in hopes that It will help someone else make their decision.

So far I have met 3 different doctors.
Dr. Larry Fan in san francisco
Dr. Miguel Delgado in Novato
and Dr. Shahriar Mabourak in Folsom

The one thing I was most worried about is obtaining a FULLY natural look. I was scared that because I don't have much breast tissue to begin with (34A) that a large implant would look unnatural.
While Dr Fan and Delgado both had pretty great results on their websites, dr Mabourak seems to be a magician when it comes to obtaining a natural, sloping breast look no matter how little breast tissue you start out with or how big of an implant you want. Not to say that I want a giant implant, but i'm hoping to end up with a C or maybe a D cup size by the end so they fit my body type. (I'm very tall and athletic)

Also while both Fan and Delgado were a little bit closer (about an hour drive) versus a 2 1/2 hour drive to folsom, both of them gave me quotes of 8300-9000 for a silicone implant. Also both picked out relatively small implants for me to try on (270-300cc's) and still weren't too confident about being able to obtain the look I am seeking.

After meeting with both I did a bit more research and found Dr. Mabourakh. Although he charges 60 dollars for a consultation (which goes towards your procedure if you do choose him) the staff all said most women that consult with him end up choosing him because his results are undeniable and speak for themselves. After my consult I can say confidently that they were right and I found the doctor for me. He was detail oriented, he spent the most one on one time with me out of any of the doctors and really listened to all my annoying questions and answered them as best as he could. He gave me sizers to try on (375-400 mentor mod+) and I thought they both looked a little big. He told me that they tend to look a bit smaller after being placed under the muscle so if I liked the look of the 350, to go with the 375. I'm still not sure if I want 375 or 400 but I guess i'll decide at my preop consult.

He also used an imaging system that was able to show me what my results would look like after everything had fluffed and settled. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. I originally wanted to go with a moderate classic implant but he explained that he only really used them on women who have wide chests so they can have more volume with out too much projection and they tend to look too flat on regular patients. I want a really natural sloping look and that's why I thought the Moderate classic was a better choice. He said the mod+ is going to give me the slope I want and a moderate projection without having too much upper pole fullness (Which i'm trying to avoid at ALL COSTS) and the mod classic would actually give me more upper pole fullness because of the way my tissue would stretch over the implant... go figure.

Anyway 2 days after my consultation I made the 20% downpayment (1200) and booked my consultation for November 6th. Less than 3 weeks away and I can't tell what i'm more excited for... Halloween or boobs. I definitely think its boobs!
I also wanna add that they give you a 3% discount if you pay in cash or cashiers check. So I saved $150 by paying the rest of the amount in cash which is due the day of my preop consultation (october 30th)

I will be updating again then!

Welp I chose my size!

So after freaking out for weeks and checking real self like an addict thinking that I might be making a mistake going with the moderate plus instead of moderate classic I finally went to my pre op appointment.

I'll admit it felt a little rushed. Then again it was 2pm on a friday and i'm sure everyone just wanted to get home... but this is MY body we are talking about and I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. Dr M talked me through the procedure I asked if we could to the vectra imaging again, he said we wouldn't have time but we could try on sizers again. I showed him my goal picture (Pierced nipples) and he said If I want that look that I would need to go higher than 375, to 400 or 425. We tried on sizers, i tried on 400 and 425 and i liked the look of the 375 the best and he said that if I wanted that look to pick the 400 because they would get flattened under the muscle.
I explained what i'm most scared of is too much projection, but after trying on moderate classic with the same width, and a lower volume (320-340) I realized hes right and they would end up looking extremely flat.

So implant chosen, 400 CC moderate plus mentor.
and holy shit i'm 5 days away from boob land. Going to take some before pics in shirts and clothes, and go pick up my medications

More before pics

Holy freakin crap I'm only 5 sleeps away from BOOBLAND!!!! I'm still scared they might end up on the larger side than what I was hoping for but after looking at pictures of women my height and build its starting to comfort me a little bit more seeing that most chose between 400-600 cc and their results look awesome. I hope my 400 fits my body. Anyway I took more before pictures in a few swim suits, bras and shirts. Might take more tomorrow. But here are a few mor before pics

Less than 24 hours till booooobbbblannnnndddd!!!

I cannot believe it. I'm so excited I can't even function. I have all my prescriptions, and I bought bio oil to help prevent stretch marks and lessen the appearance of scars. As well as vitamin e with mixed topherals (suggested by dr m) for the 2nd week? My kitchen is stocked with soup and Gatorade for the first day. Have my overnight bag packed with all my stuff for the hotel. (We are staying in Folsom tonight because I live 3 hours away) and a bunch of health foods for the first week.

I just got back from the gym and did my last booty workout for the next 2 months. Kinda bummed I won't be able to workout but it will allllll be worth it in the end when I finally have the boobs of my dreams!
Pinch me!

And drum roll ladies.... i officially have boobs!!!

Well I was so excited I couldn't sleep! Had to be at the surgery center this morning at 8am and even though my alarm was set for 7:15 my ass woke up at 6. I showered last night (washed my hair last night since I won't be able to shower for 4 days) and body showered this morning to get off all lotion (they want completely clean skin, no makeup no lotion no nothing)
When I got there lydia one of dr m's assistants showed me to my preop room and had me take urine sample. I knew as soon as I saw it I was dehydrated.

So they prepped me with an iv, I waited for the doctor to come in and see me and he drew on me and marked me up, then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my first dose and then they wheeled me to the operating room, gave me my second dose, and the next thing I know, I was waking up with boobs!!!!

The one bad thing about the dehydration was that it dropped my blood pressure super low and when I woke up I was in immediate pain so why gave me a muscle relaxer and a Percocet. Because my blood pressure was so low, the nurse gave me a second IV to bring it up. She said I was starting to turn white, and was kinda nauseous from the anesthesia so she gave me more nausea medication. After the second bag of fluids I felt like a million bucks. Still pressure in my chest but just amazing!

Mom and I got Jamba Juice and drove back home and I'm going to be eating and drinking liquids (soup and protein shakes) for the rest of the day! I will post more pics as soon as I can shower and the tape comes off

I'm officially obsessed

How do they look this great the day after surgery? I don't understand! I can't wait for them to drop!

Picture didn't post

3 days post

I'm so completely in love!

The girls at dr m's office called to check in and make sure everything is doing well and I'm doing okay. I really love how thorough they are. I don't know if I mentioned it but the anesthesiologist called me the night before my procedure to go over all his questions and my Health and family history. Never had an anethesiologist do that! And I've been under general anesthesia twice before.

Anyway here's the updates:
-I think I used bio oil too soon... Was scared about getting stretch marks so I put it on the skin exposed and I think a bit got on my steri strips over my inscisions so I called he dr and he told me to hold off on using it for a bit until the stitches come out.
-3 days and I'm probably good to go off pain killers. I do love them and not feeling anything but the pain isn't that bad and I have a midterm to study for so its time I switch to Tylenol.
- the only things I feel is a bit of tightness in my chest, slight sore/stinging incision sites, (they told me this is normal) and a lot of itching (all over my boobs and near the incision) they told me this was normal and a part of the healing process as the nerves are waking up again.

I can't wait to get the tape off! But so far I'm completely in LOVE! Kinda wishing I went with 425/450 but they will look amazing once they drop I'm sure of it. Im already completely satisfied with my choice! I couldn't have chosen a better doctor! He gave me EXACTLY what I asked for!

When they drop and fluff will they get wider? Just curious? Ladies? Your experience?

Oh my god they're freakin huge

Holy crap the frankenboob is real! And it's terrifying

So I developed a really bad allergic reaction to the tape on my boobs. The tape was placed to keep them down, but it also helped to make them appear a little bit smaller.

I even was wishing I went a little bit bigger to be completely honest. But after taking it off (I called dr m and asked if it was okay I took it off a week early and she said it should be fine. They prefer I wait to let him remove it but because I was developing a rash it was okay)

Anyway, they're super full in the upper pole and I have a bunch of pimples on them as well as a pretty painful rash under my arms. I just really hope they widen and slim out in the upper pole soon.

How long did your unders take to Drop and fluff? Did they get wider? Did they get more full in the bottom?

Also I'm a little more self conscious about being seen naked now. I had shown the guy I've been dating a pic of them a few days after surgery but he didn't see them in person when I saw him on Sunday. I even asked if he wanted to poke them and he said no... I'll wait till they're "ready" which makes me even more self conscious. I told him if we end up fooling around I'm probably going to keep a bra or tshirt on. I just feel so self conscious. He keeps reminding me that he's indifferent about boobs all together. And he loves my body no matter what, big boobs, small boobs, real or fake and it doesn't bother him. I just wish he was a little more supportive or could at least laugh through the awkwardness with me...

Post op appointment went great!

So it really sucks how far Folsom is from where I live and having to drive 3 hours both ways for appointments, but one of my best friends just moved up there so It gives me someone to visit or stay with when I do have appointments...

So I saw dr m, he said my progress is going great. He looked at my breasts and asked if I wanted them to remain that high or drop more. I said I really want them to drop more so he said to keep wearing the band. I brought 2 sports bras with me. I'll post pics here and he said I can't wear them for a few months because anything that is tight will PUSH them TOGETHER and if I want more side boob and for them to sit lower then I need to either wear the surgical bra (which isn't loose on me but also isn't very tight) or no bra at all.

He told me to start taking vitamin e. 1000 units each day for the next 6 months. And when I go back in 3 weeks he will teach me the massage. I asked why not start earlier because I had been reading other women say their ps tells them to start within a week.... He said this would heighten the risk of bleeding and by even week 3 the capsule isn't even fully formed and you don't wanna mess with it. I trust him.

He trimmed my stitches... They're dissolvable so he left the rest in and told me to start using oil or lotion to prevent stretch marks. I'm already on it with bio oil everyday.

Last night I put cortisone on my rash from the tape and this helped with the itchiness and bumps.

A little TMI but last night was the first time being intimate with my guy since surgery. I had asked dr m how soon I could engage in such activities and he said whenever I felt up to it honestly. But I had been reading most dr's say to wait 2 weeks at least to not get your HR too high. But we went kinda easy... I kept stopping midway to check my pulse ???????? but he layed on me at the end and put a lot of his body weight on me. I'm scared it might have hurt one of my boobs... But i didn't feel any pain so...

So far the stabbing pains are dying down. I have full range of motion in my arms. My pectoral muscles just feel and look like they're constantly flexed but I can feel the implants slightly starting to soften. I just want them to drop. I'm really self conscious of how they look right now... So I've been wearing a lot of baggy sweaters and shirts.

Last night when we went out to dinner I wore a halter top that I couldn't wear a bra in. It gave me a nice amount of side boob but Everytime my nipples brush against ANYTHING they get hard so I had to wear pasties.

So much for being able to go without a bra! They are wayyyy to sensitive for that.

Hopefully I will see more progress in the next week with the strap.

Dropping more

Everyday they're dropping and softening a little more! I've been basically going without a bra since Friday. Although I'm wearing the strap of death 24/7 like he told me to in hopes that they will slim down in the upper pole and fill out the lower pole faster.

They are getting extremely soft too! Not when in upright because my pectoral muscle stays flexed (damn working out) but when I bend over and my pec is relaxed they're sooooo soft and squishy!!! I seriously can't even feel the implant, well except on the side I can feel the outline a little bit, but they just feel like one big soft squishy boob! I'm so happy!!! It's like I'm 13 again and getting to play with the boobs I always wanted and never had!!!

I'm staying on the bio oil everyday 2-3 times a day so my skin stays soft and moisturized and I don't get any stretch marks.

I took a few before pics in my favorite tops and bras so I could do a comparison after BA. I'll be posting those this weekend when I have a bit more time after midterms. I'm so stressed out!!! Kinda glad I can't workout for a few more weeks, gives me more time to study and hang with my boo lol.

Day 10 jiggle

Not sure if I'm gonna keep this video up but I made it for my best friend (who's also getting boobs in February from the same Doctor) we did our consults together she just couldn't take the time off work. To show her how crazy squishy they were so soon! She was shocked and now literally can only think about boobs! Haha

If anyone is debating between silicone or saline, Silicone all the way!!! My mom has saline and hers look great they just really don't have the same natural bouncy and squish real breasts do. Silicone is mind blowing! I had no idea they were going to be so soft!!! I can't even feel the implant except a little bit on the side but that's because I chose a wide implant

How long will it take for my pec muscle to relax and them to be soft like this even when standing up? Just curious?

So yesterday I found out my bra size!

So I went to Victoria's Secret on my day of, (because the anticipation was just killing me) Got measured and everything and I'm a 34D!!!!! Im honestly stoked. Idk why really, maybe because they don't totally look like a D (obvious and huge) but it's kinda awesome to be able to say I'm a D. Lol anyway... Why the hell is Victoria's Secret so damn expensive!!!!!! I can't even wear underwire bras for another 6 weeks but still I wanted to plan on a few things to get and all the bras ranged between 40-80 bucks. Any one have suggestions of alternative places to shop for cute, quality bras?

Also none of these are push-up, only lightly lined Demi cups, still give me a push up look? But I think it's because I'm still healing I guess.

The pictures didn't post

2 weeks

I think I'll just keep posting an update on a weekly basis now unless there's any crazy changes.

So I absolutely love where they sit on my cheast so I've switched to only wearing the band at night, and might just eliminate it all together next week based on the responses I got from doctors and what they think about my upper pole fullness. I think it will just take time, but I don't wanna run the risk of pushing them father down on my chest because I really like where they are and imagine I'll love them when the swelling goes down and the upper pole fullness diminishes.

So far here are my thoughts:
Super glad I didn't go bigger. I got the D I was hoping for and they completely fit my body. Easy to cover with clothes but also perfect size if I wanna show them off.
-keep using bio oil every single day, would be devistated if I got stretch marks
-I can officially do all normal activities again (school, driving, cleaning and I just started hiking and light cardio)
-kinda scared to let anyone squeeze them too hard yet lol afraid what might happen

3rd week anniversary

So not much has changed, they have dropped a little bit more and continue to soften everyday. I'm constantly jiggling/ squeezing them so I feel like I'm doing unintentional massages lol. I'm so amazed by how real they feel! I seriously cannot feel the implant as all unless I deeply feel the side of my boob.

I'm able to squish them together a lot more than last week... So I guess that's a nice change. Completely stopped wearing the band both during the day AND at night. I trust gravity will finish the job from here.

Last night.. Like a crazy person, I decided to brave Victoria's Secret. I thought I was being smart by only going to try on the bras (very picky about how they fit me/feel) and then buying them online, only to find out that rhe style I fell in love with was completely sold out in my size.

I'm finding that 34D fits me, but really snug, and there is still quite a lot of boob coming out of the top since I'm still dropping. The girls at VS said they think I should buy 34DD instead. I def can't wear 34D push up bras or any bra that has ANY padding... Have to go with the DD. But the full coverage seem to fit well in both sizes. Only time will tell. I've only bought target bras so far.

Also American eagle had a huge sale on bralettes!!! Soooo cute, and since my size and dropping won't effect them that much I bought like 10 ????????????

I'll post pictures along with the bras I have bought from target when they arrive. It's soooooo hard to refrain from shopping!!!! So many cute things to try on the new girls!

1 month post op!

So today I had my one month post op. Holy crap time has just flown by!!!!

My ps said they look fantastic and since they have dropped I am cleared to wear all bras (even underwire) so I'm freakin ecstatic and kinda went on a mini spree. I honestly thought the bra selection at target was sub par... But today I had some time to kill before my appointment in Folsom and found some clear winners!!! So cheap and such amazing quality!!!! Got 3 unlined lacy bras for when I'm feelin sexy or wearing something backless. Got 5 t-shirt bras, one nude colored, one with this grey pattern, 2 black, and one pink. Also got a purple and black lace Demi cup bra! The black one has a bit of push-up but not too much and all just perfectly hug my boobs and contour amazingly with proper support but not strangling the girls. I'm honestly going to avoid Victoria's Secret because I got like 10 bras for less than 180 bucks. 10 at vs would be like 350-500 dollars. And honestly I don't think they are that much better quality. If you want any of the brands just comment and ask and I'll let you know. All of them were like 14.99-16.99 each! Amazing!

Also got cleared for working out in 2 weeks

He said I can put the bio oil on my incisions now without risking infection or start using a scar cream

I can swim/hottub

He approved me getting my nipples pierced which I'm still on the fence about because idk if I want to put the girls through even more pain than I already have. Lol

Let's see... Nothing really else I could think to ask.

He told me to keep taking my vitamin e. 800-1000 units a day, it helps keep the collagen of the capsule soft so it can stretch and stay pliable while the implants continue to heal in the pocket.

He taught me my massages and told me to do them 3 times for each massage in the morning and at night.

Everything is going amazing. I've tried on some clothes I previously thought of throwing away or trying to sell and it's seriously AMAZING how much having boobs makes a difference in how my clothes look. Not like I need new sizes or anything but it's so nice to finally fill out my tops!

Anyway... I'll update when all the bralettes arrive. There's a sale on aerie (American eagle's lingerie line) so make sure to check it out. I'm soooo addicted I seriously need to hide my damn credit card from myself.

1 week until finals are over,
2 until I can finally be back at the gym!

Counting down the days!

Wow time flies!!!

I don't even know how long it's been now! Almost 3 months? Crazy how fast time passes after you finally get the boobs you always dreamed of.

Nothing really has changed. No problems or issues, they've become extremely soft and fully dropped. The only thing that seems to bother me is how they feel when I lay in certain positions. Like when I lay on my back they feel firmer than. When I'm bent over or something. Or when I lean on something, the side that's leaning feels firmer. It's even gotton to the point where I check what they feel like myself Everytime my guy grabs them in a certain position. He's completely obsessed so I don't think he senses any problems

Sorry, submitted before I finished it

Idk maybe I'm just being self conscious. Only time and more massages will tell.

So Victoria's Secret semi annual sale Has me broke and on cloud 9

So I'm really freakin happy that I'm a 34D (34DD) in push-up bras because it seems to be the size that is last to sell out on Victoria's So blessed! How could I not go a little crazy when every bra on clearance seemed to be left in my size? So I ordered a few, their pink push-up t-shirt bra (cute colors and stuff and they were 2 for 45) as well as a few swimsuits and other bras. The other bras seemed to be a bust but I think it was all meant to be because in order to return them I had to go to the mall and I was hoping they would have more colors of their date night (PINK) bras so I could compare because they had a 2 day sale online and in stores where you could bundle a date night bra (normally 42.50) and a pair of panties for 30 dollars!!!! Freakin amazing. So like the crazy bra obsessed psychopath I am I bought 5 (online) and figured I would return the others in store later. Anyway while I was returning the unfortunates I found my obsession bra!!!!! The one I went to Black Friday on thanksgiving NIGHT to hunt down, spent hours in the mall, only to think I was being smart by leaving and buying them online in order to avoid lines. Got home - sold out! I was HEARTBROKEN! Anyway... Back to the meant to be part, I go in to return the stuff that didn't work out and FINALLY FOUND THEM in my size!!!! For freakin 25 each! Anyway, I'm on a cloud, my credit card is pissed but I don't even care!!! Would you just look at the girls? How can I even be angry?!?

Also let me know if you guys like the tie dye one. I think it makes my boobs look like Easter eggs lol not in a bad way it's cute but the lace ones are cuter. Keep or return?

Pictures didn't post

Bewbs boobs bewbs bewwwwwbs

Nothing to really say other than they're absolutely amazing. Don't think they're really going to drop anymore, and I'm pleased about that. As far as squishy and jigglyness they're pretty amazing, they still feel pretty firm when I lay on my back or put my hands over my head but I think that's just tight skin and the fact that they're under the muscle, hopefully that will change with time. Just ordered a few more swimsuits, this one was forever 21 and has sushi on it and I'm in love. Does anyone have any recommendations for scar cream? And how long before my scars are okay to go in the sun?
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