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I was always the fat kid but one day when I got my...

I was always the fat kid but one day when I got my blood test at the age of 21, I had high blood pressure, and considered obese.

To be 21, the prime of your life but have all these health issues; I really reflected what kind of man I wanted to be for my family, my wife, my kids. Just one day, I pulled a Forest Gump; run maybe 1/10 of a mile then in the next few months ramped it up to 1, 2, 3 miles. In the end result, I lost about 70 lbs and ended up around 150 lbs. During the past years, it has been up and down but I kept most of the weight off.

But again, the excess skin was still a bother. Some didn't feel I needed but sometimes when you work so hard, you want to enjoy it.

My procedure is 5/9/13 and the first time I ever went under. I've been lurking for years but have been blessed to gain all the knowledge the community has passed along and I hope to do the same for others.

So it's been 24 hours post op. Girlfriend took...

So it's been 24 hours post op. Girlfriend took care of me as well as my nephew. Pain is similar to overdoing sit ups so more soreness than sharp pain. I think the real challenge is knowing how dependent you are than the pain itself. I had an armpit incision armlift which takes my ability to rely on my arms. Getting up is the hardest part since you don't to rip anything. I've been religious on taking my medication which includes Norco, SOMA, and Reflex. To be frank, I was hoping to be more drowsy so I can sleep more and I didn't get nauseous getting up so I was very lucky,

Next challenge is the bowel movements since I didn't take any stool softener so the advisor told I might need some fun.

Many saw the third day is the hardest so we will see. For those thinking about it. You never want to reflect or regret years from now.

Post op day 3: Decided to walk around the front...

Post op day 3: Decided to walk around the front and backyard yesterday. Please make sure this is just my own opinion but it seems the more I get up and walk around, the better I feel so please know your body. I did get some bowel movements just drinking as much smoothies along with protein bars which was a huge relief since you hear all these stories how the medication affects it. At this moment, the biggest challenge is the emotional part. You have been so dependent on your loved ones and today is Mothers Day and I wish I could spend time with the family.

Post op day 4: Went to my first post op visit with...

Post op day 4: Went to my first post op visit with the doctor. Everything seem to be looking good as planned. The receptionist noticed how well I was moving with no issues with a bit of a hunch of course. Visit was quick. I saw my actual stomach and I've been VERY lucky. Never got nausea, didn't lose too much of appetite after the first day or two, no issues with bowel movements, and when I first saw my stomach; I didn't see any swelling yet.

Pain: Still soreness similar to doing 1000 sit-ups. The worst is probably when you are in a recliner for an extended time and get up. I love to joke around with the boss so when you are scheming of a joke to say or reacting to one; it's like walking on pins and I think I'm still numb because when the doctor took my staples out; it didn't hurt as I would imagine. Keep up with your meds! I was able to go to Ikea with the boss to shop around and Walmart to get some sultres and Neosporin. After an hour or so of walking around; I did notice the fatigue and some tightness starting to kick in specially when I needed to take some of my meds.

Mental: I have never taken these strong type of meds such as Norco and one night (3rd post-op) when the boss decided to hang with some of her girlfriends; I was noticably more upset than I would be. Maybe the feeling of being neglected and whatnot but the boss warned me that the combination of the surgery itself and the medications can make your emotions a bit extreme at times from her experience being a med tech.

Other: From what I have read, most doctors use the 40ml in 24 hours to determine if you should take your drains out. I fit that requirement but my doctor is a bit more conservative and uses the 2-week rule. As much as I think the drains are annoying and weird in a cool way; it's better safe than sorry. Because of doing the armpit incision arm lift; I've been wearing a full body compression garment which is the biggest annoying factor. The doctor said I can take it off now to shower as long as I cover the drains and my belly button but I'm still VERY reluctant. Anyone have specific suggestions have they bathe themselves with an arm lift?

In any case, hang in there all recent tummy tuck people. I think a lot of it was really mental before the procedure and I was so busy with work and getting ready for it; I didn't psych myself out which was I think worked out best for me.

Post op day: 10

Post op day 10: The challenge of my surgery is i had an arm lift which took extra strain on my body.

In either case, i found my arm lift had staples! No fun! Tomorrow i hope they will remove them but im not excited about the pain as well as the drains. Mentally it has been hard stuck to limited action as your loved ones are still helping you time to time.

My only concern is there is a hard lump above my stomach. I heard it could be scar tissue, etc, with people having it for several months or needing an additional drain! I hope that it just goes away!

Post op day: 16

The last few days has been a huge mental challenge.

You have been removed from work for a while so there is always the fear of catching up. You haven't been socializing as much especially when havent told about your surgery and you also feel vulnerable.

The girl ive been talking to and took care of me started to have the need to hang with her friends more and more as i've gotten better. You have become clingy, needy, and your vulnerability heightens.

While this situation doesn't apply to everyone, i wanted to note this to show there as much as a mental challenge as it is as a physical challenge. For others, not being available as a parent or a spouse, feeling useless...every drop of concern increases ten folds.

All i can say is people including myself read this and say, it was a phase. I will catch up on work, i will start socializing again, and maybe she wasn't right for me during this recovery time.
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