37 Yr Old, Mom with 520cc high profile Natrelle Inspira breast implants- Folsom, CA

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So, I have been desiring a boob job since puberty....

So, I have been desiring a boob job since puberty. I now have enough money to do just that. My husband is not for it. But I am so dang excited that I can barely sleep, thinking of the possibilities. I made a consultation appt for next Tues, the 13th. Today I went to Aerie and tried on a couple bras with 500cc of rice. I was pretty sure that was the size to do. (I am a 32 B right now.) I tried on a 32 DDD for giggles, but wouldn't you know, that made me light up like a Christmas tree. I had to buy it. Silly, I know. My husband thinks I have gone batshit crazy. I am seriously wanting this procedure done! Thinking through the armpit, under muscle. I could really use encouragement. :)

Me now pre-op

Wish list

Rice sizers in 32ddd

1st Consultation blues

Well I went in yesterday for 1st consult in Folsom, CA. We looked over sizes and I tried a couple sizers on in a sports bra. The 500 cc seemed good, so I went a little higher because we are going under the muscle. 535cc high profile smooth silicone. The doctor measured my chest and had me stand in front of this machine that scans your body. He showed me the images of what they may look like, and it was awesome! I then talked to his assistant and she took my full payment if $6200. We made a pre-op date of Dec 15th, and surgery will be Jan 7th. I chose so far out because I work retail and I can't take time off until then. So I leave on top of the world, get home to share the news with my husband, and he totally sank my ship of happiness. He was pissed that I payed up front without checking other doctors, and for not coming home to check with him first. Mind you, I have been discussing this with him this whole time up until this point. He kept saying he didn't want any part of it. So now he is mad and talking about the risks saying we can't afford to do MRI's every two years as recommended, etc. He really made me feel bad and like I maybe shouldn't go through with it after all. Bubble bursted, right?! I don't know what I'm going to do now. Maybe another consultation so I can ask more questions about risks? Example: MRI costs and frequency, if and when they have to come out what will I look like? Will they be hard to remove? More expensive to remove? How many breast operations will I have to have? Is it worth it? My doc recommended that we go under the boob because it's safer, but can we go in through nipple with implants that big? Will the scar look better there? Too many things. Thanks for listening! I'm just so frustrated right now.


107 lbs
32" chest
Currently a 32b
37 yrs
Mom of 1 who's now 7
Work in pet specialty retail store (oh, the lifting!)

More wish boobies! And I do mean, WISH!

Question to BA gals

I have a hard time sleeping as it is! What has your sleep been like after the procedure from just having it done to beyond?

Doctor's office answers questions

Hi ladies! I sent out an email to my Doctor's office, and this is what I got back within just a couple days! Love this office!
"I recieved your email and wanted to take a moment to answer all of your questions.
1. For the vectra machine, you are not able to access those photos, that machine is to give you an estimation of what you might look like after surgery. Touch md is a site you can log onto after surgery to look at your before and after photos.
2. You will be given 3 medications for surgery, you will get keflex, an antibiotic, norco for a pain reliever and soma for a muscle relaxer.
3.You will not have any other tests to due unless Dr. Mabourakh feels that you need to based on your medical history.
4. implant manufacturers recommend replacement after 10 years, however implants can last a lifetime. It can vary patient to patient.
5.There is no issue with menopause and you can still obtain regular mammograms and or mri's of the breast as ordered from your pcp. In the past it used to be recommended that you have an mri every 3 years, but they are finding now that it is not needed, unless you feel that you have a medical issue.
6. Dr M performs approximately 10 BA's per week. Our rate for CC is extremely low. Dr. M prescribes a combination of singular and vitamin e if there is an indication that you are forming a CC.
7. We dont have any research in our office that shows cleanings and getting tattoos is directly related to CC's.
8. He does perform CC's in our office. The cost varies patient to patient.
9. Dr M has you start massage around 1 month post op to allow time for the capsule to form around the implant.
10. We are willing to work with you on rescheduling your surgery if you need to, you can refer to the quote i gave you when you came in for your consultation.
11. I would say that every one is different, but if you have a desk job Typically for a breast aug you can go back to work within 5 days. but you are still on restrictions for 6-8 weeks with lifting and with working out, ect

I hope this addressed all of your question. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime."

Change of date, not of heart

Well, it looks like my date will be an extra 6 weeks out. Feb 19th instead of Jan 7th. I work in big box retail and have an Inventory date of Feb 8th (just announced recently, after I made my appointment.) It takes 4 wks of prep work. So my boss was like "Nuh uh, I need you." So I changed my date. I have regular stocking shifts, too, so it will be tough once I come back after 2 weeks. I am very thankful to be able to take those two weeks off, because my job is so physically demanding 40 hrs/wk. Hope it's all meant to be...

Measurement fiasco

I did a bra size calculator that puts me at a 28d instead of a 32b. What gives? Now what? I've been relying on my one and only measurement from VS a few years ago, saying that I'm a 32b. I find this to be wacky. Anyone else measure preop?


Hello! I had my pre-op a week ago today. I was so nervous on my way there. Butterflies. Then came the clipboard with all of the paperwork. Legalities. I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all. My appointment started at 3:45pm and didn't get out of there until 5:30pm. Once in a room I met with a lovely woman who told me what not to do before and after surgery, including not to shower for 4 days post surgery (!), not to eat after midnight the night before like a Gremlin, no supplements for two weeks until surgery, etc. Wear zip up shirt, comfy clothes. Doc M came in a little while later and asked me what took me so long, which cracked me up. He asked me questions, then he took before pics of my chest. Since I was still unsure of size even after we decided on 535cc's last visit (back in October, wasn't it?) He didn't have that size to try, but he had 500, 520, 545 (?) For me to try. When i tried the 545s on it became apparent that my boobs would be touching in that size. Too big for my body. I tried the 500s again, and nope, seemed to be less than what I was trying to achieve. But the 520s were perfect for my frame and boob width. So the decision was made, and boom, another pamphlet for surgery to look over. The 535s were mentor, but these new ones are Natrelle's. Not sure why I jumped companies based on size, but that's what happened. I also paid too much my initial visit so they refunded me. Grand! Good visit, overall. When I got home, later, I cried and cried. I'm so nervous to be doing this to my body. I hope I am not a statistic for the yuckies that can occur. Worried. Since a week has gone by, I am starting to feel more excitement. I felt that especially after I filled my 3 prescriptions. Norco, antibiotics, and muscle relaxers. It is official now it seems, now that I have those. I bought two zip up shirts at JC Penneys for $12 a piece. :) I have comfy clothes ready to go. Cheers to 10 more days!

Tomorrow is the big boobie day!

I just received a call from one of the lovely ladies at Dr. M's office reminding me of a few things. Wear comfy clothes, a top that buttons or zips, no jewelry (which is tough cuz my wedding ring is stuck on! Ah, challenges!), nothing to eat or drink after midnight (she laughed when I said "like a Gremlin"), fill prescriptions (check!), have Gatorade and soups available (check!), and not to empty my bladder cuz they will need a urine sample first thing. Um that will be difficult, at 37, when you gotta go, u gotta go NOW! Lol. I will do my best. Today, I work until 10pm. So that will tire me out pretty good. Worried about sleep, since I have been tossing and turning with my brain ticking away. I have my reclining couch all set up with a sheet over it, a blanket, tissues, meds, mags, comfy sox, and a book. My hubby will help get meds, drinks and food in me. :) To all of you getting your BA today and soon....luck, prayers, thoughts be with you. Xoxo Talk to you all tomorrow!

Surgery, check!

Hello, ladies! I am at home, lounging on my recliner couch with a lap kitty. I am too scared to remove all of this stuff yet, so maybe tomorrow. I essentially have no pain thanks to my hubby keeping me on schedule. I do feel like someone punched me in the sternum, however. Just uncomfortable! Had some french onion soup and Gatorade. I feel much more clearer at 2pm. I could barely keep my eyes open until now. I was scheduled to arrive at 7:15am, was pulled right away into the prep room where the lovely nurse took vitals. Had to give urine sample. Dressed in gown and compression socks in which I keep on for 24 hrs. Nurse put in my IV into the side of my hand. Then my Doc came in and chatted with me for a minute, making sure I was ready, and agreeing on 520cc's under the muscle, and in the crease incisions. He marked me up incredibly quickly. Then anesthesiologist came in and talked with me a little and asked me my medical history...super healthy other than previous surgeries (appendicitis and cyst and ovary removal.) Next thing you know, he put cocktail in my IV, I laid down, and don't remember anything else. The nurse woke me up around 9am. Quick quick quick. They called my hubby to come get me, a half an hour away, then they prepped me to go home. I didn't see Dr. M after surgery because he was on to the next, but before I put my surgical bra on and strap, let me tell you, they are beautiful! It really is artistry what my Doctor does. I am amazed. Can't wait to see them sans all of the gauze, etc. Yay, to my Doctor! He was amazing, his staff amazing! Xo

Beauty pains

Omg! I have to take norco every three hours or I am toast! My whole upper chest feels like I'm being crushed in a vice if I don't do it sooner than later. Just a half hour ago I needed my hubby to pull up my pants for me after going to the bathroom cuz I couldn't move without hollering in pain. Ugh. The tape strap underneath my velcro strap are causing me shortness of breath for real. My hubby will set his alarm for me to give me meds in middle of the night, bless his heart. He has been utterly supportive. I pray I sleep a quarter of the way decent since I know half way descent won't happen until tomorrow night. Lol. I just want to say I have been moved to tears by some of you for your kindness. Most support I have ever had. Thank you, and love you!

First post op pic

I braved it and here it goes...

Feeling better today.

Hello ladies! The last few days have been rough! Yesterday I vomited like crazy in the morning, felt tight and miserable all day long. Didn't even feel like getting on Realself.The top part of my back has been killing me laying on the recliner with no back support. I laid down in bed for the first time at like 5am cuz I couldn't take it any longer. Today, I was able to wash my hair in the sink, I can't shower until tomorrow. But that's a big deal to me. No pain meds. Just antibiotic and this morning a muscle relaxer. 1 every 8 hrs was not enough fyi. Now they just feel super tight, big, and tied down. Can't wait for the post op on Thursday when he releases these puppies! The under arm area still pretty darn sore, sides of the boobs, the most sore. Thank yoy everyone for following me and helping me out! Oops. The doctor's office just called to check on me...gotta run.

Post Op Appointment

Hello, ladies! Had my 1st post op appt. Today. Went really well. As soon as she peeled off my tape band I was relieved. Then she peeled off the strips over my incisions. My Doctor came in and asked how everything was going, while removing my stitches with expertise. Took 2 seconds. Barely felt a thing. He is so good! He said that I was still spasming, and if I needed more muscle relaxers to call. (I have 5 left, so I am calling tomorrow!) Looks like it will take me a while to drop and fluff with all this muscular activity? Trying to take it easy. So now I have the elastic band to keep on, have to stay on my back one more week, and I don't start massage until I see him in 3 weeks. I am to start vitamin E asap...tomorrow, it is. That's pretty much it for the day! Have a good night!

post op day 8

My attitude could use improvement lately. I feel sad that I am not softening at all. I am extremely sore around my armpits. My breasts are so hard and tight, yet I am trying to stay positive. To be patient is truly a virtue. I am aware that we all have our own speeds and results are so individual. It's good to have friends like you who take time out to comment and give advice. It sure is appreciated. Doesn't need to be complimentary, just positive and I am thankful.


Feeling much better! Bought a wireless bra from VS that helps me feel more confident (nipples not poking out, wrinkly looking post op bra.) So yay for me! On a side note, I was fitted to be a 32D, but when I tried that on, it was like nothing was being covered! So I my bra is a 32 ddd so that I have coverage. Who knows what size I will end up. Just thiught that was interesting.

Slightly over 2 wks post op

Hello! Been doing ok! First couple days of going back to work were rough. My work shirt caused a rash on the tops of my breasts and I could barely put my arms down all the way at my sides because my arms touch my boobs! So as I told another RealSelfer, I walked around like a weight lifter. Ladt night while trying to sleep, my boobs itched so bad! I had to do feathery itches to appease them momentarily. I think it's because skin so tight...but I have cocoa butter, so I will use that tonight! Hey, is bio oil better than cocoa butter? I can reach my arms above my head now, I can fully stretch without pains or discomfort, and I can sorta sleep on my side for short periods of time. My only complaint is about their solidness. So tight and stiff still. I see other gals squishing their boobs and trying on bras, and I am just not there yet. My boobs are super disguised under clothing, which is weird...but I don't have that much projection yet. Mostly side boob. One of my fave RealSelfers was concerened anout the gap between her boobs, and I feel the same. I bet I will have to still use a push up bra with PADDING, again, to get the cleavage look I want. (Sigh) Over all, happy with boobs, just those little things come up in my mind that I have to get over. It has only been like 17 days! It was a pretty big surgery! Husband loves them already. Wants to have sex all the time. Lol. He wants to play with them, but I still feel like I need to armor them and protect them from intrusion! Lol. Hopefully that ends soon. Scars are fabulous! Barely sensitive, barely seen. My doc did a fab job. Love him.

One month post op visit

Hi ladies! My appointment went a tad shaky. Doc said that I am doing too much and to take it easy. My muscles are holding too tightly and boobs aren't dropping at the normal rate. It is a fact that I work too hard. I work in a pet store and do lots of lifting, reaching, pulling, etc. I can't avoid it. There is no one to really delegate to, due to hours being minimal. So my muscles aren't dropping these babies, and it's a little depressing. Since the appointment I decided to wear my velcro stretchy strap all day while I work. It sucks, but I feel at this point it's a must. I wear it pretty snug too. So wish me luck that they drop soon, please. I am worried that they will get stuck like this! :( As for the rest....I can sleep on my sides now! I am not as constantly aware of them, and this is a very recent develoment. They hide under my work shirts, but in a tank top...badowww. They are great and I do love them. My husband can't keep his eyes and hands off of them. They are sensitive to touch around the nipples for sure. Super tight skin. But it's soooo nice to sleep now! My next Doc appt is in 2 months. I plan to have a b+ visit instead of a c visit...u know? Xoxo

7 weeks! Time flies!

Hello, ladies! It's been a while! Gotta say I'm doing great! The girls feel good, scars are minimal, and they are dropping and fluffing just fine. I thought there for a minute that they wouldn't! I have some numbness at and underneath the nipple. I do my massages twice a day, and take vit E at night. I'm so thankful to have boobs!
Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh

I knew when I first met Dr. Mabourakh that he was the one. I put my trust in him, and he doesn't disappoint! He shows great care for people and for his artwork. His staff are an amazing group, as well. Just the people you want taking care of you. My breasts look natural, even at 520cc. He is super talented! Thank you Dr. Mabourakh and team!

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