28 Years Old, 1child Breast Fed - Folsom, CA

I just want a natural lift with full volume and...

I just want a natural lift with full volume and after having a child and Brest feeding for several month ....I'm in need and can't wait for the final look. It so frustrating to look at my breast everyday sagging I'm only 28 I shouldn't be having this problem. Saggy breast out the door count down start now 3/21/14 :)

Surgery day

Today when fine I'm back at hotel resting also in pain but the meds is helping a lot. My left breast did bleed some and I need to change. I get dizzy when I use the restroom other then that I'm ok and my guy is taking great care of me.

Day two

changed bra & wrap due to a little bleeding yesterday. I was able to get a little pic of my left boob and I'm luv it already. Still having a burning sensation but once I take meds it's ok. I hope my updates will help someone

5 Day

I showered today and fell so much better and ready to drive lol my post op appt tomorrow and so far I luv my boobs I cuda went bigger tho

2week post op

I'm now at 2week and my healing process is doing well. I'm using mederma gel on my incisions and rubbing them down with Shea/coco butter to prevent stretch marks. No pain still sore and when I over work myself they tighting up ....not taking pain pills and so far I luv them:)

6wk post

Post appt yesterday doc said I can shop for bras. I'm so excited and VS was my first stop the lady said I'm 34ddd WOW! So in love with my girls and happy with the healing precessing

6wks post op

Just ready for summer!


Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I been to four different consultations and I felt most comfortable with Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh during the consul. He made me feel safe and content with my decision and his staff where very nice and every time I had asked they answered them. Surgery this coming Friday and I can't wait "screaming excited".

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