On the Fence and Went for It - Folsom, CA

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I have never considered getting implants as a real...

I have never considered getting implants as a real option before because I assumed I would have to do it after I had babies and also when we had an excess of money. However, we just got approved for credit care and have plenty for the down payment and my husband is willing to live on a tighter budget (pizza only once a month instead of every week) so everything is a go. I am 25, 5'6" and range from 130-136lbs. I've started weight training and that has helped stabilize my weight but when I am at my healthiest I loose my boob fat first before anything else will go. Anyways so I am going with 425cc silicone sub-muscular implants. I hope that makes me a heavy C eventually. I am more nervous to tell my family than the actual surgery..... They are going to tell me it is a waist of money and why would I want to change how I look. I feel as if its just breasts- if I'd like larger ones then why complain. I have surgery on the 7th of feburary and my pre-opt is this tuesday so I will continue to update as the days go on. Nervous!!!

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