Tall 5"11" 155lbs, 36 Yrs Old, Nursed Two Kids...ready to Feel Confident About Breasts! Folsom, CA

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Hi Ladies! Well I have been looking on here a lot...

Hi Ladies! Well I have been looking on here a lot and was on the fence on whether I would actually do my own review. I decided that since there are not a lot of tall women reviews on here I should. I have two children 5 and half and 17 months that I nursed for over a year. I was a nice 34B before children and now I'm not really sure what I am but it's not good. I'm still wearing my 34b bras but they really don't fit well. I don't fill out the top at all. So here I am! I'm having my first consultation this Monday (Jan 4th) with Dr. Clark in Folsom, CA. I'm very excited, but also nervous. I actually haven't set up any other consults because I've such great things about her. Is that stupid? It's only been just short of 4 months that I stopped breast feeding my son so I'm also nervous to see if she wants me to wait until 6 months. That would be fine I guess, however, I do feel that I'm dried up at this point. I'm really tired of obsessing over this whole thing so I would like to get on with it and get it done. With that said, I'm a little nervous because my husband can't take off much work and I don't really have a lot of help with my kids so I have to figure out how that is all going to work. As for what I would like the end result to be...well I keep reading that when you are tall you should go up higher in CC's. My husband has been telling me this and at first I thought this was just his way of getting me to go large but after reading some things on here I'm starting to think he's right. I would like the end result to probably end in a nice D cup. I don't want to be too big but I really don't want boob greed either. I'm also really on the fence about round or anatomical. I would certainly like a more natural look, however, after nursing two kids I don't want a lift (and think I will be okay without) but I am afraid that the anatomical will look too droopy. I have to say I'm a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the different types of implants. I will probably have a lot better idea of what I'm going to do after my consultation in two days. I will try to post some photos of myself and some wish pics soon!

Wish Pics!!

Tomorrow is my consultation! I'm super excited! I've now got a good amount of "wish pics" for what I would like to look like.

Consult done...appointment booked!

Pretty annoyed right now. I wrote a whole long update and then when I went to upload my photos everything froze and now I have to start over. Arg! I wasn't sure that I would actually want to put pics of myself up here but all of the brave women on here that have done it made me feel like I can be brave too. In the pic front on you see the difference in the sizes in my breasts. I didn't think it was that noticeable, but in this pic it's very noticeable. I'm wondering if it's the cameral angle a little bit. We did address that at my appointment today but she wasn't sure it would be a factor when doing the surgery. So let's talk about today! My appointment lasted 1hr 15 minutes. I was really hoping I would like her since I didn't have any other doctors I was interested in and the good news is...I loved her! She was great about answering all of my questions. I feel a little silly because I thought I would be trying on sizers today but found out that doesn't happen at the consult. I did think the Vecter 3D imaging was kind of lame. It didn't really help me to figure anything out. When we talked about size and I showed her my wish pics she said with my frame I could do 500ccs-600ccs. I know I said I wouldn't get freaked out by CCs but that does freak me to a little. I did tell her that my wish pics are a little bigger than I want to be. So we sorta ended up around 500ccs but it's early. I was really leaning towards anatomical because I want to look natural. After discussing this option with the doctor she said that I could do either round or anatomical but she would probably go with round for me. I have good roundness and shape at the bottom of the breast but my upper breast needs fullness. She said the anatomical are really great for ladies with very small breasts with little space between nipple and breast fold. I was told to play with the rice sizers. Did any of you find the rice sizers were helpful and accurate? I was afraid that she was going to make me to wait until March because that would be 6 months from my breast feeding ending date but she said I'm good to go now. I was thinking why not do this sooner than later so I can stop obsessing already. So my appointment is Thursday, January 21st. Two weeks!! I walked out there in a bit of a daze. I can't believe we are doing this in just a few weeks. Okay well that's all for now ladies!

Rice sizers...a little messy!

So I put my kids to bed and my husband is at a basketball game. Just me and my glass of wine and...Rice sizers!!! I'll probably be finding little rice pieces in the kitchen for days. I have to disclose I'm really bad at math. So I miscalculated in my head and accidentally make 750cc rice sizers at first (pause to laugh). I was wearing them thinking they were a little over 500cc's. I was looking at myself in the mirror in horror! I thought "all these ladies getting these 500-600cc's are crazy!". I started thinking something is wrong and then it clicked! I had messed up! It was laughable. Not that I'm knocking anyone who does 750cc's, but it was definitely not for me. So I made some adjustments and I'm hanging out right now with my new and improved rice sizers. I was going to take some pics but it's become obvious during this process I need a selfie stick. I will post some pics of me in the sizers but I'll have to wait until my husband gets home to take the pics. I am getting some conflicting info about how to measure the rice sizers when I google it. I see some sites that say 1 cup = 250cc's and then some sites say 1 cup = 236cc's. So which one is it? For sizers I did 2 cups and 1/4 cup in each sizer. So according to the different sites that's either 531cc's or 575cc's. They feel a little big but as I hang out in them they are growing on me. Pics to come soon!

Prep is done...I think I picked my size...

Hello ladies! Well I had my preop today and it went well. I was originally thinking 500cc's. Then I started thinking 550cc's and then going in today I was not opposed to trying the 600cc's. After talking and looking at two of my wish pics we decided to start at the 550 and go up from there. I'm pretty sure I'm either going with the 600-650. I was really hoping there was something in between that like 625 but there isn't. There is a 640 but not in high profile and the 10cc's is not going to make much of a difference. I talked to the doctor and she said I could do either and so I told her to try both during surgery and pick which one she thought looked best for me. Now sitting on the sofa hours later I'm wondering if that is just a little too big for me and I should go with the 600. Of course, my husband likes the 650cc's. I just don't know what to do...hmmmmmm. I think I'm worried about boob greed so is it better to error on the side of a little too big? Good thing my surgery is soon because I've gone up 150cc's in like 3 days. If I wait much longer than next week I'll be at 800cc at this rate -ha! In the pics I held my arms at the angle they had me hold them for their pics and now looking at them I wish I had just stood naturally. The first pic may actually be the 600 and the last two 650 but when I got home I couldn't tell which is which. I guess I will let it all sink in over the next week before my surgery. Oh and after I booked my surgery last week I realized that it pretty much falls right when I will start my period. Not happy. Has anyone been on their's when they went through surgery? Is it even something I should care about?
My stats are:
5"11" and three quarters
155lbs (usually 150 but after the holidays...you know how it is)
14.7 breast width

5 days until surgery update

Hi ladies! I can't believe my surgery is less than a week away! So I know that the few weeks after surgery it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster but I have to say the week and a half leading up to it has been emotional as well. I will get back to that thought in a minute. I really wanted to eat light and healthy for the two weeks leading up to my surgery so I could maybe lose a few pounds. Well the last few days I have been eating a lot of crap. The good news is there was a reason...I started my period today. I'm so happy that it should be pretty much done by time surgery comes. I think that I was thinking about it so much that it came early. Maybe that's why I have been all over the place in my head too. I've been stressing about size, have I chosen the right doctor, and am I going to regret this? I think it all started when an acquaintance that works at the place I teach exercise classes (and has a small BA) texted me asking about the size I was thinking about. I told her about 600cc and she did not come off supportive. She said that she feels you should get a size that matches your personality and that she didn't think that size was me. Well I'm silly for even giving it a second thought because she isn't even someone I call a friend but it did bug me and started me thinking maybe I'm going to big. Then I went to lunch with a friend who has had two BA's to pick her brain a little. She told me she chose her doctor off of recommendations but mainly because she really liked his before and after pics. So that night I went home and looked at her doctors pics and they were all great. Then I looked at mine and there were like 2 that I liked out of 20. That made me start to wish that I had at least done a consult with her doctor. Then that turned into me wanting to just cancel my surgery and book with her doctor. I wonder how much of your results are just your body is a certain way and so you will look a certain way (does that make sense?) and how much of the result is the doctor being amazing at what he/she does? I probably would have cancelled my surgery if I wouldn't lose 50% of the money. I think I'm being crazy...I've heard nothing but good things about her so I'm just going to stop on this subject. But is it rude to ask her why she doesn't have better pics? Then I spoke with my cousin and she and I are very close and she is not thrilled about me doing this. She just doesn't understand why I can't just be happy with what I have. So then that got me thinking why can't I just be happy being natural? I guess the bottom line is that I'm just not happy with what I have. Is that bad? Is that vain? Another thing I'm worried about is what my 5 and a half year old daughter going to think? I haven't even begun to think about what I will tell her. I think I will have to google it and see what the internet can help me with on that one. So from all that you can see my brain is about to explode. I'm excited to be doing this and I guess I just thought everyone I told would share in my enthusiasm but I'm finding out that's just not the case. So now I think instead of telling all my friends before hand I will just do it and tell them as I see them. I just don't want any more "crickets" after I tell them. I'm still not sure what I'm doing for size either. It's not a lot of cc's that I'm debating between but I'm worried it's a fine line between being happy and being too big or too small. Lastly, I've started worrying about clothes. I was browsing a clothing website today and it seemed that I wouldn't be able to wear many of the things on there with good size boobs. But then again I don't know if I would be able to wear some of the sexy cute things on there with my droopy small boobs and be comfortable so maybe it doesn't matter. ha!
Blah Blah Blah! Can someone get me some cheese to go with my wine? I'm actually good on the wine...maybe that's part of why I'm on this long rant :-). Okay, on to a more fun subject. I'm slowly collecting all the little things I think I will need for my recovery.
I purchased a 12 inch wedge pillow off amazon (it hasn't come yet)
I pick up my prescriptions tomorrow
neck pillow
super cute VS zip up sweatshirt that I'm excited to wear

Am I missing anything? I feel like I should wait to order any bras (I'm talking recovery, comfy bras until a little bit after surgery. I have been stocking up on my DVR some shows to watch while I recover and I have some magazines. When you are home day 1-3 and you are on pain meds will I even feel like watching my shows or looking at magazines?

So glad I have all you kind ladies to listen to all my crazy thoughts! I certainly can't tell my husband any of this stuff. I plan to try to get a selfie stick tomorrow so I can take some more before pics. :-)

Less than 48hrs until surgery!

Hi ladies! Today I found out my surgery time. A week ago I was worried about the surgery time being too late because I have two kids and no family in the area to help me out. My sitter usually has to leave by 2pm so I was concerned that if I didn't get a morning appt my husband and I wouldn't be home in time for her to leave. So I called and requested a morning surgery time. Well my babysitter then told me she could stay later if I needed. I didn't think about how early surgery could be scheduled and so I not only got my wish, but my surgery is at 7am with me needing to arrive at 6am. So luckily my wonderful sitter will be coming at 5:30am. I love her and if she had said no I don't know what I would have done!! I'm happy about having an early surgery so I basically get to wake up, shower, and go! No waiting around being nervous, wishing I could eat or drink something. Now that I know the time it all seems so real. I'm very excited now! Still nervous about size but other than than feeling prepared and ready. In my pic you can see some of my surgery items. I've been to Target 4 times in the last two weeks and still can't seem to remember to pick up the dang selfie stick! Arg.
two ice packs "boob size"
Makeup remover clothes (I know I won't be wearing makeup but it might be nice to just use it before bed to get any dirt or grease off since I'm anticipating not wanting to make the effort to wash my face for the first night or two).

The girls are here! Day 2 Post Op

I survived! I have to say that the two nights before my surgery I was having some major anxiety. Ever since I was 8 months preggo with my second child I sometimes suffer with anxiety. Well two nights before my surgery I pretty much had an anxiety attack. It was miserable. The night before surgery was pretty restless and I definitely was having anxiety. I was so happy when the alarm went off at 5am because that meant it was "go" time. We got to the PS office at 6am and I loved my nurse Lisa. I started to relax a little. She went over everything with us. Dr. Clark came in to talk to me soon after that. We went over size again. I really wanted her to pick the size for me but she just wouldn't do it. She said it had to be my decision. At the end of it she did say she thought 600cc would be a really good fit. So that's what we went with. I went to the operating room and laid down and next thing I knew was I was out. I don't really feel like I ever really woke up during recovery. Next think I knew they were getting me into the wheel chair to go home. The ride home and everything getting into bed is a complete blur. I'm happy to report that I had no nausea on the ride home or ever really. I feel so lucky for that. The pain has been very tolerable and today I switched to Ibprofen instead of the pain meds. My right boob definitely feels more pain than the left. I'm wondering if that's just because that is my dominant arm? Anyhoo, I was hoping to take a pic full on boob pic to share but it just didn't happen. I absolutely have frankenboob right now...they are very high and hard. I am happy so far though. My husband said the nurse and the doctor said they are going to be very pretty. I get to take a shower tomorrow so I will try to take a pic for you all then.

Day 3...Pics...and melt downs (yay)

So I'm moving around pretty well today. I didn't take any percocet pain meds yesterday and only took one last night before bed. Today all I've had is some Ibuprofen this morning (which I will take every 8hrs). I had my day 3 melt down. My husband goes back to work tomorrow which I knew but I thought he would be working a little lighter days for Mon, Tues, and Wed to still help out with the kids. Well I had a sitter lined up for tomorrow but she is sick and cancelled today. So that along with my husband telling me he will be of no help until about 5pm put me into melt down mode. I don't know if coming off the pain meds makes you more sensitive but I've also been fretting about possibly going too big. My husband assures me the nurse and surgeon said they were perfect size but of course they are going to say that. I guess only time will tell if I like the size or not. On the bright side I finally took a shower so yay for that. I have had zero poops since Thursday morning so I'm a little bloated but it's not bothering me too much at this point. Here are some pics post shower...

1wk post op update!

Hi ladies,
Well it was officially 1 week yesterday I had my surgery and today I had my 1wk post op appointment. Everything is going smoothly. Today at my appointment they took some sutures out which was not painful at all (so if you are nervous about this for your 1wk - don't be...it'a a piece of cake). I was given the okay to go back to my normal routine pretty much. I can start walking and exercising lower body but was told not to get my heart rate up too high until 3wks and no running until 4wks. I am a barre workout addict and with that comes a lot of planking, push ups, arm work etc. so she said 6-8 wks before I can really do that stuff (bummer!). But I really want to make sure everything is healed and so I will concentrate on the abs, seat, and legs until then. My instructions are to wear my surgical compression bra or any sports bra for 4wks and then I can wear any bra I like. I have been sleeping on my back at a slight incline with my wedge pillow since surgery (8 nights) and it's starting to get uncomfortable. I'm a side sleeper and I move around a lot usually but up until the last 2 nights sleeping on my back has been ok. But I am starting to wake in the night and be antsy and restless with the one position. Last night I tried to turn to my side and it was instant pain in my left boob. I think I will try giving myself more support for side sleeping like a pillow under boob and maybe even the sock trick between boobs for added support (thanks for tip Harper2020!). Day 6 was hard because I pushed myself a little too hard. I really feel like day 7 was my turning point. I've never felt a lot of pain but day 7 I was able to be pretty normal and by end of day I wasn't feeling super sore/tight in the chest like I was day 6. I was given ok to lift my 18 month old when I need to but not to carry him around too much. I was never given a strap to wear or told to do any massaging like others I've seen on here...I meant to ask "why not?" but I forgot. I was just curious. I'm still very high, chest muscles are very contracted, and am swollen. I stopped pain pills morning of day 3 and have been just living off Ibuprofen. My husband was sure there was change happening with swelling but when he took some pics last night and I compared them to day 2 pics they looked exactly the same. That was a little disappointing I have to say. Now it's just a waiting game. I actually thought I made it through the process with zero bruising but 2 days ago before getting into the shower I found a pretty dark nice bruise on the bottom right side breast fold. Not surprising considering my right breast has been more sore. I will post some pics soon although like said there hasn't been much change from my day 2 pics that are posted.

PO 12 days Update and Pics

Hi ladies,
I feel like I haven't updated in a little while. There hasn't been much change looks wise so I didn't have much to say. I feel like the straight on pic here looks a lot different (bigger) than my day 2 pic but it could be lighting or it could be the angle or maybe they are different from day 2? I also thought I had escaped surgery without any bruising but a few days ago after a shower I noticed a nasty bruise on the bottom right breast. Speaking of my right breast...it's my problem child so far. Nothing big but it's always been more sore than the left. I have been feeling really good and the right seemed to be feeling better but today I feel like it's more sore than it's been (like it's taken a step backwards). It makes me a little worried but maybe I just over did it today? I know it has the bruise but that's not where the soreness is...it's more in the center of the boob and it especially hurts when I bend over. Hopefully it's nothing. I started going for walks a few days ago and that has been good so far. As for size I go back and forth (good days and bad). I'm just trying to be positive until they drop because there is no point in getting myself worked up while they are in this state. I went out to dinner the other night and I had to try on 5 tops before I liked how I look (also because they are so high). I hadn't intended to try on any of my sports bras and swimsuits at this point but I bought a selfie stick so I thought what the heck and it kind of became a little photo shoot this afternoon. I have a lot of Lululemon sports bras (I'm a lulu junkie) and I was thinking I would need all new bras but after trying on some today I think they may still work once things drop. I also have a D cup swim suit that I love that I bought when I was nursing my son. I thought it fit pretty well so hopefully that won't change as my boobs change. Side sleeping has been challenging but everyday I'm taking baby steps with it and it is getting better. Still not very comfortable, but every night it's getting a little more manageable. I was having a lot of emotional days but lately I have been feeling good. Unfortunately, right when I started feeling ok my dog died unexpectedly this weekend so I'm feeling down again. Sorry to ramble and to end on that sad note. Have a good night ladies!!

Two weeks update...

Hi ladies,
So it's been two weeks and a couple days since surgery. Things are going well with recovery. I really feel at the two mark my breasts started to not look as swollen at the top. They still have a long way to go but I'm pretty sure things are starting to change a little. My slope is still funky when I look on profile. My right breast is still feeling sore whereas my left really has no pain or soreness. My right also gets "zingers" when I move certain ways. Sleeping is still not fun! I am side sleeping, but I have to take it very slow when turning on my side and can only sleep for so long on my sides before needing to go back to my back. My husband is really starting to form a love for my new breasts although it's still more of a "look but don't touch" situation. I'm not crazy about my pics this time (the angles make my hips look pretty huge but oh well). Jury is still out regarding liking size or not...I think I will when it's all said and done but still fear they will be a little big. I know it's still early but I ordered a swim suit I've had my eye on for a long time (I just couldn't resist!). When it comes, if it fits, I will post some pics! I also have been wearing my surgical bras I was given by PS this whole time. I found a Natori yogi sports bra online at Nordstrom that looks comfy and supportive so I ordered that in a 36D so we shall see how the goes when it get's here. I figure by time it gets here I will be 3wks or a little more.

3 Weeks Post Op...Feeling pretty good!

Hi Ladies, well my 3 wk update is a little late. I was trying to do a fancy collage like I see some women do on here to show wks 1-3 comparisons but I'm not very computer savvy and it just wasn't working so maybe I'll try again for the 4 wk. I really feel like they are starting to look nice :-). It's funny how much bigger they look to me in photos than in person. My right continues to be a little sore but it's not too bad. Both of my appointments post op have been with the nurse so I haven't been able to ask my doctor about this - I'm wondering if she had to do more work on the right side? The incisions are looking great. I still have some numbness in nipples and lower breast areas. Shaving my armpits is difficult! I hear it gets better as they drop but my girlfriend ended up doing laser hair removal for hers because she said after her BA the grooves in her armpits were just too deep. I sort of wanted to do that anyway so this might just be the kick in the ass I need. I hear it's pretty painful though. Sleeping has gotten much better. I still try to sleep primarily on my back but my body gets a little tired of that position and so I can now sleep on my right side for a little bit pain free. When I sleep on my left side it hurts my right boob. I'm pretty much back into the swing of regular life now other than exercising. I started teaching my Barre class last Thursday. Where I teach it is very hands on so I'm mostly walking around adjusting clients form so it's not like I'm actually doing the exercises. I think I will try to start taking partial classes this coming week though. I know my girls they have a long way to go but I do see progress and that makes me happy!

So I did something stupid today....

So today I was teaching a Barre class and as I've mentioned before - I do not do the exercises while I teach because it's all about setting up the exercise and then getting out of it to walk around and help ladies with their form. Well today was my second class back teaching after my BA and I found myself getting into a low forearm plank to demonstrate. I was only in the position for 1 second but it was enough to feel a few small "popping" feelings in my left breast. Why did I do that?! So stupid! It was almost like I was on auto pilot or something. I know better :-(. About an hour afterward I called the doctor because I knew I would worry if I didn't. Well it didn't make me feel much better. I spoke with a nurse and she seemed like she was guessing at what it could be. She didn't say that, but that's what it felt like talking to her. She said it could be the breast pocket widening which usually happens naturally with time. So great, did I just age my breast pocket 5 years? Could it also possibly be some sutures coming undone? Basically she said unless the breast changes shape or becomes very swollen it will probably be fine. Has anyone else felt any "popping" in their breast? Of course I went to Google for more answers. One lady I read about said she felt pops and then three days later there was pain. So now I feel like I'm waiting to for the pain to come. My left breast has been totally easy this whole time so I really hope I didn't mess anything up. Waaaaaaaaan!

When can I go nice bra shopping?

Hi laides, so I'm 4wks today. I'm waiting for it to be exactly once month before I post my next review and pics (feb21st). I did just want to ask from those of you that are further post op than me at what point did you feel it was safe to get sized and buy some nice (expensive) bras? My surgeon said at 4wks I could wear whatever bra I would like but at this point I've grown pretty attached to my surgical bras. I would like to start bra shopping but I don't want to drop a few hundred on 3-4 bras and then them not fit in another month as I know I still have more changes coming.

1 Month update :-)

Hi ladies,
So today marks 1 month since my BA. I will keep this pretty short and sweet but have lot's of pics to share! I am feeling good and other than working out (just walking) life is pretty much resumed to normal. I still feel a little sore when sleeping but it's nothing to complain about. I'm happy about the progress I'm starting to see. I think I will be very happy with the size when everything has settled. I can't even remember what it was like having my old boobs at this point.

6 Week Update (Can't believe it's already been 6wks!)

I am a little late on the 6wk update :-). Things are going well. I had my doctor appointment and Dr. Clark said everything looks good. I was very annoyed when I went to my appointment because this is the second time I had a long wait for like a 5 minute appointment. Is this the norm with PS offices? I got the all clear to do anything for exercise including planking and pushups. I guess I will give those things a go tomorrow (really excited about this and a little nervous - actually probably won't try push ups just yet). She gave me some ointment to put on my scars twice a day. I haven't really posted too many pics of my incisions but they are looking good so far. I think I'm bipolar when it comes to the size. One day I love it and the next I think it's too big. I told my doctor I was not sure if I loved the size and thought it was a little big. She said usually at the 6wk appointment everyone says they wish they had gone bigger. Not me! ha! I was having some weird rib pain last week but it went away. Doc didn't seem to be concerned when I mentioned this or about the 3 times I've felt some "popping" in my left boob. I asked her about the Night Lift bra and she said she had one and didn't think it did any better a job than a regular bra. I will probably always wear a bra to sleep now. As for bra shopping she said to wait until the 3-4 month mark.

Overall at 6wks I am very happy with the progress and size but probably could have been very happy with 550. I do love the way they look in tanks but still feel like I am too boobalicous in my work out tops :-(. I really hope that changes because I live in workout tanks! I am really looking forward to working out more now because I feel like I'm more out of shape than I've been in a long time and I have a girls vegas trip coming up in 1 month. I bought a couple swim suits from the brand PilyQ because they are cute and they sometimes come in D cups. I posted some pics...not sure if I'm keeping them just yet.

2 month update

Hi ladies! I can't believe it's been 2 months. I'm very happy with the progress and size at this point. I know I've gone back and forth on size a lot but I am really liking the size now that I've gotten used to it and think that I would probably have had boob greed if I went smaller. They are good size breasts but you can only tell that in certain clothing. So I love that I can play them down or up for whatever my mood wants. Looking at my pics I think they are starting to "fluff" finally which to me, makes them look a little bigger naked. They don't look as narrow now. I still have some numbness on both sides (from nipples down) but the doctor said that is normal and can be that way for up to a year. I haven't talked about my incisions and I think the reason I really don't pay them any mind is because when you have bigger breast they are really hidden under the breast fold unless you lift them up to look. I'm back to doing all my regular routine and so far so good. Overall, I really like the size and am very happy with it.

It's been awhile...3 month update and I finally got sized!

Hi ladies,
It's been a month since my last update. I'm now at 3 months post op and am very, very happy with everything. It's funny because I feel like in person they look perfect, but in photos they look so big. But I guess that's the same with anything...it's going to look bigger in photos. I know they are not perfect (no boobs are) but I'm okay with that. I'm not picking them apart or being too critical...I'm just focusing on the good. Life has gone back to normal and I don't really notice them day to day (other than to admire them hehe). I have no soreness/pain and and feel like they are 100% a part of me now. I talked a lot about being worried about going to big but my final thoughts on that are I love the size. Yes, they are good size, but that's what I wanted and I think I just needed to adjust. I feel I would have had boob greed had I gone too small. I have been living in sports bras and surgical bras for 3 months and today I finally went and got sized and bought a bra. I have to say that I was not prepared for the size I was told. I went to Nordstrom and they sized me at 32DDDD. No, I did not accidentally add a D on there. I'm a little tripped out by that size but I'm trying not to get hung up on it. Certainly the procession of bras that followed that sizing were not super cute haha. But I did find a few. I ended up buying 1 nice bra and three bralettes. I sort of chickened out on buying more than one nice bra because I'm thinking they will continue to change. I hope they will change more in the squish department.
Just to refresh memories or for anyone new reading this my stats are:
14.7 breast width
605cc Round Silicone Natrelle Inspira

5 months....everything is going fine :-)

Hi ladies,
Well I was 5 months post op on June 21st. Everything is going great and I have nothing really to report. If you've been following along with my reviews you know that I have been back and forth on size. In my last review I said I was very happy with size. Well I still think I am hehe. Even at 5 months I find myself going back and forth (I thought I was done fretting over size at this point!! Apparently not. Arg.). This month I have found myself wishing I had gone a little bit smaller. But then sometimes I catch a glimpse in the mirror and the size looks great. So I don't know....I think I could have been very happy with 500cc but who knows. I think one of my concerns is looking to matronly when wearing a more conservative top. And I've also been thinking about how these things are going to age. Lastly, it's summer so I've been spending more time in a bikini with them on display. I find myself feeling a little self conscious of the size when in a swim suit.

I have found the BEST nipple covers ever. I have a pic posted. I tried some from Nordstrom and they were awful. You can find the ones I love on ShopBop.com for $26. They are called Bristols 6
Adhesive Nippies Skin Covers and they come in three different skin tones. I know $26 is not cheap for what they are but they work amazing and I have been able to use them over and over many times (I pretty much used them many times for 3 months and one finally got a little rip). I also have to admit that I probably could have extended their life a little more if I had taken better care of them.
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