43 Year Old: 800cc Silicone BA and 5mm Silicone Lip Implants - Folsom, CA

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I've been reading reviews for about a year from...

I've been reading reviews for about a year from this site now and have finally decided to make things happen. Had a consult for breast augmentation on May 10th and paid in full that same day. I'm having my surgery on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:00 pm.

I contacted a friend of mine, Sarina Valentina, to discuss what she had done and she told me she has Mentor 800CC Moderate Profile Silicone and offered to have her Dr. in Vegas do mine. I said I had already paid but really liked hers and wanted similar results. She provided me with a few pictures to give to my Dr and advised against Allergen as she had them before and didn't like them. She said the moderate profile will give me the look I'm wanting and said there should be a 1 finger gap between your breasts. Dr. Clark looked at the photos and said she should be able to achieve these results fairly easily based on my current breasts. Sarina is a 34DD whereas I will be around a 38D.

I also decided on lip implants as well. I have read quite a few reviews on the success rate of them and have been up and down and I decided to go ahead and do it. I have no lips. Seriously. No. Lips. At. All. Besides my nose it's probably been my biggest complaint. I explained what I wanted and will be performed by Dr. Kaufman at the same time Dr. Clark is doing my breasts. I've seen a lot of really nice looking 5mm implants and hoping mine look just as good.

I also had a consult for Rhinoplasty and having a 2nd consult on July 5th. That surgery should be shortly after but is being performed with UC Davis of Sacramento. I have a severely deviated septum which they will be fixing under my insurance and will perform the rhinoplasty at the same time. Otherwise, I would have had Kaufman and Clark do this one too.

After all that, I will probably have one more surgery with Dr. Crane in San Francisco. He was recommended by Dr. Clark as well as my primary care physician to do an orchiectomy . I had an ultrasound done and found out I have two benign cysts, one on each side and also have microlithiasis on both and was told these could possibly be cancer forming and something to keep an eye on. My primary said she would require another ultrasound in 6 months but knew I was looking to have them removed anyway so she sent my results to Dr. Crane. He called me and I have a phone consult on Wednesday at 4:30 to go over options and how we want to submit for insurance but said either way, my insurance would cover the cost.

Stay tuned. :)

In just 24 hours...

So my surgery is tomorrow at 5:00 pm. I was told to show up an hour early and to keep my phone on me at all times as they could call me in early. The woman I spoke with today said it's pretty common to get a call 1-2 hours earlier than expected.

I did experience a bit of anxiety today but luckily I had a friend at work who talked me off that ledge and I was able to focus on what I needed to get done before my vacation. Now, I'm just really excited and can't wait to go in. Funny thing is I'm not worried about the BA as much as I am the lip implants.

I have everything ready to go but if anyone has any suggestions on things that can help with after care - like swelling, bruising, scaring, etc I'm all ears. I did purchase some coconut oil as I read some people use it to massage in to help with the tightness.

Surgery Day and the first 24 Hours

I didn't get called in early so I showed up at 4:00 pm as requested. I checked in, went over everything with the nurse and met the anesthesiologist. I asked the nurse if they sell videos of "the ride" like they do at Disneyland and she said that would be a good idea, but unfortunately they did not. I asked if she would be willing to take a few pictures for me and she was more than happy to.

Right after, Dr. Kaufman came in and we went over the lip implant procedure. He said he would be doing my lips after Dr. Clark did my BA. Dr. Clark then checked in with me, double checked the size I wanted and we were ready to go. At this point there was not an ounce of anxiety or nervousness. This had been a long time coming and I was just ready.

I was brought into the operating room and laid out on the table. I was told to put my arm straight out on an extension table and then the anesthesiologist asked to put my right arm straight out on that extension table. I don't remember a thing after that. I was out immediately.

I woke up in a total fog. The nurse was chuckling at me as I was groaning and feeling at my chest. It took a few minutes for me to actually come to and my chest felt really tight and lips probably hurt more. At that point, I was off and out the door, heading home with all my pain medications.

Once I got home, I couldn't talk. My lips were in so much pain and so swollen but I definitely liked what I was seeing. I HAVE LIPS. For reals - Lips! I've never had lips and now I have full pouty quack quack duck face lips. I know the swelling will go down but I am sure appreciating them. I took my pain meds and went to sleep - or at least tried to. I couldn't sleep at all. My bottom lip hurt worse than my chest. It wasn't fun.

I had my first post-op appointment at 10:00 am the next morning. The nurse came in, unwrapped me and checked me out. Everything looked great so she put me back together, told me I could shower in a couple days and to go home and get some sleep. Which I did. I spent the rest of the day, and that night in bed finally getting a good amount of sleep.

One to Three Weeks Post-Op

So I'm feeling really good. My left breast still has shooting pains from the nipple down the left side and seems to get worse shortly after laying down. When I went in for my 1 week post op appointment, Dr. Clark mentioned that is just the nerves repairing themselves and should subside. Boy, I sure hope that is soon because it gets really intense at times.

I've gone through the usual "Are you sure they'll drop and fluff?" and "They will round out right?" questioning and Dr. Clark, along with several friends who have had the surgery, have all assured me they will. I do think they look good, and definitely feel great but I am having a hard time visualizing the end result even though I know it will happen. I'm also wishing I had gone much bigger because I am just not seeing the size I was seeing in my head. It's weird, but looking down and looking in a mirror gives a odd 2 dimensional view and I don't think I realize how big they really are. My girlfriend keeps saying "omg, you're boobs are so huge." every day. Maybe I'll see it after they drop, but I am still imagining them being double the size they are now.

I'm also sure my frame size has a lot to do with it which should change as my body continues to change. I gained a lot of weight in the last year, mainly due to increased hours at work, less time to work out and a lot more stress. Unfortunately I still have about 50 lbs to go before I'm back to my goal weight and since my boobs aren't "fat", I won't be losing anything there. Fingers crossed...or I'm going back to Dr. Clark for some 1500cc. :D

My lips are pretty much all healed up. They look really good and I am very happy with the results. They still are dry and I have been using Vaseline and lip balm religiously. Dr. Kaufman did an amazing job though. They have moved or any of the other negative comments I've read. I can't feel the bottom one at all and if I really pay attention I can still feel the top one, but I'm sure that will fade with time.

1 Month Birthday Update

Left one still has some "twinges" of pain from the nipple around to the armpit. Nerves still repairing themselves, but goodness sakes, repair already lol. They have started to drop slightly and I am beginning to see how PERFECT they are. Dr. Clark did such an amazing job. I am so incredibly happy with the results so far. As for my lips, they are completely healed. I can't feel top or bottom no matter how much I try and yes, they totally feel all natural now. I even included some smiles as requested. Overall I am feeling great, both mentally and physically.

Exactly 1 month after surgery was my birthday and the whole reason I got my boobs when I did. I needed them ready to show off...and show off I did. It was Pride weekend in SF as well so my friend and I took off and spent the weekend hanging out, shopping for new clothes, getting drunk and flirting. It was quite the adventure.

Prior to leaving I stopped off at my local Victoria Secret just to see if I could get anything to fit. I actually found quite a few bralettes and a bra that I really liked so I just had to have them. The one bralette shown in the pictures was a halter and so stupid cute. The girl who was helping me and picked them all out said I should wear it to Pride. I asked what I would wear over it and she said nothing. So...I wore nothing over it...and it looked amazing. My boobs are still high and firm so it did little to adjust them, but just enough to push them together quite perfectly.

The last picture was me getting back to the gym this week. My Dr. said I had to wait 4 weeks before I could go back and so after I got back from my weekend adventure, that's exactly what I did. An hour of cardio and a 1/2 hour in the sauna so I was more than a little sweaty at the time. :)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Christa Clark has been amazing so far. She came highly recommended from a co-worker who had her breasts done and she made me feel very comfortable the minute I stepped in their office. She answered all of my questions before I even asked and went out of her way to make herself available to me - so much so she gave me her cell phone number to text her with any questions prior to surgery - which I took full advantage of. I asked several other questions throughout the week and she was very quick to respond. The staff was very courteous and professional. I can't wait to see her on Tuesday.

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