410 CC Sientra Under the Muscle - Folsom, CA

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After years of contemplation, I have decided to go...

After years of contemplation, I have decided to go through with getting breast augmentation.

I had my Pre-op on 7/28/14. Doctor suggested 450 or 470cc. I do not want to go too big, so I settled with 410cc to be safe. I felt pretty rushed at my apt. to be honest. Everyone there, staff and Dr are very nice. But it seemed, that since it was the end of the say, there was still a lobby full of people, and they were trying to get out of there, that they were irritated when I wanted to try on sizers.

2 days before surgery

Woke up in the middle of the night with what seems like tonsillitis! Talk about TERRIBLE timing! I called my PS though and they advised that they will continue with the surgery as long as there is no fever involved.

Before Photo

before photo and Sizers

Surgery day 8/7/14

although I was calm the day before, but woke up balling my eyes out the morning of surgery. ALL the anxiety hit me at once. overwhelming fear and emotion took over me.

arrived at the plastic surgery office. checked in. they were running behind. had my mom, stepmom and boyfriend there to support me. after about an hour, they brought me back. I dressed down into a gown. laid on a Gurnee. staff could tell I was panicking. heart rate was 110-114. gave me something to try and calm my nerves. everyone very sweet and supportive. this was my first IV. I was absolutely terrified. she did a great job. laid there with it in for another 30 minutes or so. hydrating and receiving antibiotics.

I was then told to follow them into the operating room. bright lights. people singing and bustling around. got on the table. the covered me up, hooked oxygen up, told me to take a few deep breaths and that was the last thing I remember!!!!!

woke up, instantly went to feel my boobs! nurse stopped me, obviously.I asked to see them... after a short while, they wheeled me out the back door and my bf was waiting in the car.

got home, a little loopy, but fine. got set up in my bed, meds on a tv tray next to me. had a few visitors. my caregiver pretty much completely neglected me, which left me VERY emotional. I was in a ton of pain and feeling so sad at the same time....

1 day post op

sleeping was hell. I learned that I cannot lay down. getting up causes WAY too much pain/pressure. woke up crying. during the day, pain in right boob got pretty unbearable.... Sharp hard pain. the right breast felt swollen, tight, higher. overall bad. mom called the doc few times asking if there was other meds I could take because what I was taking was not touching the pain. they finally advised that I come in if I was that concerned. doc came in. after looking at me, said that I was having bad spasms in one breast. prescribed something stronger (thank god) went home, took one, actually knocked me out. thankfully

2 days post op

I still have a really hard time sleeping sitting up. morning is toughest with the pain. and getting up I'm middle of night for meds. feel bad for bf who has to wake up to help me. still cannot get up on my own. but breasts are evening out again, not in killer pain like yesterday!! pain meds prohibiting me from going to the bathroom.

4 days post op

I got to shower today!!! wooo hooo!!! :-) feeling better. I can get up and down by myself now. trying not to take painkillers. maybe just half here and there. still can't use restroom.... late afternoon, I can feel skin between beasts stretching like crazy!!!! ew feeling.

minimal scarring

doctor did an excellent job stitching me up. I can only see one stitch! most of the discoloration is from the pen he used to mark me up. very happy girl

1 week

Had my first boob nightmare last night. incision opened up, implant came out and i could see my insides!! super scary!! haha.

Things are getting a little better. less spasming. right breast seems like it is a little higher still. that is the one that gives me the most pain. My post op is tomorrow. PRAYING that I can get that tape off. Incredibly uncomfortable and itchy. Nipples are extremely sore and sensitive right now. peeling a little. not sure if its from them being stretched out. Overall tho, i am loving the look of my breasts and think they will turn out great!
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