36 A/B Getting 450cc-500cc - Folsom, CA

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Hi! I've always wanted fuller breasts and it's...

Hi! I've always wanted fuller breasts and it's happening! I'm so worried about a lot of things yet so excited. I want to make sure I get the right size so I don't have to redo this procedure. I've decided to give my surgeon a range of sizes by my wish pics. It would be 450cc-500cc. I'm getting it under the breast and under the muscle. I can't believe the day is almost here!

I'm hoping my boobs won't be too big! I'm so nervous!

The big day is coming up soon and I'm so worried I won't get the results I want.
Here's a now pic before surgery. I plan on losing weight as well. Do our boobs get smaller when you lose weight even with the silicone in there? I would think so right because you lose fat?

Wish pics!

My pre op 3D program photos

Me post op, 400 cc, 500cc

Just finished my surgery

Sore and pressure. Trying to find a comfy upright position to sleep in.

Joined the other side!!!

Right after surgery it was awful!!!! But they shot something in my IV and it helped a little. It was cold walking out, definitely not fun to shake. An hour in laying down at the hotel after take some Percocets I'm feeling a little better, my arms by my armpits are just sore now. Though my incision was underneath the boob. I can breathe just fine, but it hurts to laugh.

So happy to have this over with! Can't wait for the results.
I ended up getting 480cc
She said that she wasn't sure if she can put in 500cc.

Post Op Day 1

Had my post op appointment this morning! All went well. She told me I can shower Friday and that I can probably get off of my pain meds by that day. Woke up feeling super tight and a little more sore, but it's okay! I saw them and it made me so happy!

Laughing after the surgery

Omg my boyfriend accidentally makes me laugh yesterday and I almost died. Lol it felt weird and I made laugh somewhere else so I could stop. I was craving laffy taffy ropes and ginger ale. Also drank a lot of water. Today (post op day 1) I can laugh without it hurting so much.

Post Op Day 1 picture

It looks uneven I know, but it might be the way I'm laying or ones just more swollen than the other. It looks smaller in person.

Can I take off the bra they give me?

Gosh it just feels so tight right now and it's hard to move like I could earlier. So I'm icing it to help. I want to remove my bra, but don't know if I should.

Post Op Day 2

Definitely experiencing morning boob now. Felt my nerves go crazy like a minute ago. Bra is getting tight. Im getting used to this pressure more now.
Wooo! ????

Hotness and swollen

Is it normal to feel so swollen on my side and to feel hot?

Post Op Day 3, took a shower

Wow! I was so hesitant at first but my boyfriend convinced me. I saw my bruising and got nervous. I could feel the weight after taking off the bra, but it was cool. So after my shower and sticky strip off I can say I feel so much better!!!

Too swollen?

Are these to swollen for 4 days post op?

Post Op Day 6

I was doing so well the first four days then labor day weekend happened and I wanted to clean a little, but now I'm relaxing. Went out Saturday night and oh boy I won't be doing that until a little bit later. It was just tight so I was uncomfortable. Today I'm just icing I and drinking a lot of water now. Can't wait for my post op appointment this Wednesday (in 2 days). It's so hard to not clean and do the normal things I would. I feel so capable of doing it but I don't want to mess up the healing process. I had a glass of wine last night and it was lovely. Feels great when I take my bra off randomly. When I shower I'm comfortable somewhat washing my hair, can't do it like normal yet cause I feel a pull and it makes me nervous.

1 week post op!

Feeling so much better than I have been. Now I'm starting to feel those nerves every now and then. I really hope they fluff soon! They're like up to my collarbone and they're square. I guess the implant was a little bigger than my pocket! I'm sure it'll look fantastic though!! I hope all the RS ladies are doing well too!!!

8 Days Post Op. Sutures are out!

I was nervous to get the sutures out but I didn't even feel anything! Scar is healing well and is falling in the crease nicely! Still some bruising. Medical assistant told me they're healing nicely!

Post op Week 2

I feel normal now. Except for Im not comfortable enough to sleep on my side.
I really want to buy a bra, but I know I should wait. Just bralettes and sports bras for now.

5 weeks PO

Everything has been great! I can lay on my side without feeling so weird but I'm afraid they'll heal awkward haha. They're dropping now and it's awesome!! My nipples still feel sensitive. Will update again soon.

Everyone at the office has been amazing. Very understanding and had me come back to try on the sizers again when I doubted my size.

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