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So I had been wanting boobs for a really long time...

So I had been wanting boobs for a really long time and thought long and hard before I finally made the plunge. I'm a bit bottom heavy and didn't have much up top so I was hoping to be more proportionate to the rest of my body.

First I do know that its a lot of money but care credit made it really easy. And I had saved up for a few months also. I felt guilty at first for spending so much money on myself and not saving for something more important, but my grandma told me that if I thought like that I would never get them done. She said she wished she had been able to do it when she was younger. So I made the plunge and set a consultation date!

At the consultation everyone is super nice and the girls are really sweet. They answer all questions and are very understanding. I was able to have my boyfriend come in with me to talk to the doctor. He had really good reviews so thats why I went with him. Plus his background and education looked really good. he was very straight forward and explained everything. I wasn't too sure about size and he helped me pick a size without pressuring me into going bigger.

At my second visit I took a friend and we choose the final size I would be. Dr Mabourakh was giving me tips on how I want the outcome to be. Like do I run a lot, then perhaps a bigger size isn't for me. He had suggested that I go with the 420cc Silicone moderate plus profile under the muscle. But I went with a smaller size at first. The as I was thinking about it I called the office and changed it to what the doc suggested the first time. The ladies were super nice and understanding.

The day of my surgery I was soon nervous! I had never been put under before and didn't know what to expect. But the nurse was really nice and I was able to get in and out very fast! I was over and done with before I knew it. One thing I do notice is the Dr. Mabourakh isn't super coddling and very personable. He just there to do a good job and make sure his patient is doing good. Which is fine with me. I don't care to be best friends with my Dr. As long as he does a good job.

After my surgery I was kinda afraid to move. I felt like i would pop something lol. I felt pretty good afterwards. I had no pain and honestly it was the best sleep of my life lol. I had a hard time getting comfortable at first when I got home. I learned that I was slouching and that I needed to pull my shoulders back and have good posture and that really helped with the back pain I was having. Sleeping on my back was hard to get used to also, since I sleep on my stomach mostly.

As far as recovery I thought that it wasn't too bad. I had to take extra time because I'm a server and couldn't hold up a heavy tray right away. But I was moving around fine.

So my boos looked like torpedoes when the bandages first came off. They were soon big!!! And the skin between my breast was really lifted up a lot which scared me. It took a awhile for everything to drop and feel normal. Honestly it took a good year for them to start feeling like my own. I have my nips pierced and I had tot take them out for the surgery. I got to put them back in a few days later, thank god I was still numb because one started to close up. Had to shove that sucker through!

So basically my new boobs look like my old boobs but a bigger and better version. I had a small gap in between which I still have now. Sometimes it bothers me but most of the time I'm cool with it. Also I notice that I can't feel my boobs in my arm pits almost. I guess thats normal if you have big boobs. I wasn't used to it at all lol. I also notice some rippling along the sides when I bend over, but I don't care too much about that. If I'm bending over and you see it then your probably really close to me as a person and need to keep your mouth shut about it. I was also super neurotic about anything and everything you could be when it comes to breast augmentation. I was afraid of capsular contraction, bottoming out, one being bigger than the other, you name it and i researched it!

I also was concerned about the skin in between the breast. Sometimes you can see me walk around and person the middle of my boobs when I'm wearing a push up bra. Just in case to see if I'm developing symastia or not. From what I can tell though the girls say that totally normal. Like I said its a whole new world you have to get used to when it comes to big boobs.

So my scars are healing up very nicely! I use bio oil on them and that has helped a lot! Now my breast sit perfectly and are squishy and I love them! They sit nice and perky and don't droop at all! I was a little concerned that I had gone too big, but honestly when I'm wearing clothes they don't look crazy big. They just look super big when I'm bikini shopping, but that's because small boobs are in right now so everything kinda caters to small boobs. Don't worry though big boobs will always make a come back!

So if you're thinking about getting them I would say think long and hard and do your research. You want to choose a size thats good for you depending on what type of look your going for. Do you want to make the boys drool and the girls glare? Or do you want to just fill out a bra nicely? I would say do it in the winter time too, that way you can wear baggy stuff with the strap thing on and not have to worry about it showing. And always keep a positive and happy attitude! With any healing process, if your optimistic about it and stay happy your healing process will go better and more smoothly.

Dr Mabourakh was great and did an amazing job! He takes extra precautions for your healing process, like telling you to not wear an underwire bra for 3 months. Other girls a know of their Dr didnt say anything to them about that, but Dr mabourakh does and I feel like he just wants to give you the best results possible. Also He had me take vitamins e oil pills and other Drs don't do that. But they really did wonders for my healing process. i highly recommend him! I'm going to be sad when he retires and I need to redo them in several years.
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Dr Mabourakh was a good Dr and helped me make the right decision. He is very straight forward and all about the facts. He isn't very personable but as long as he knows how to do a good job thats what matters most to me. I like him and his staff was so nice!

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