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Finally time for my "mini mommy makeover" I've...

Finally time for my "mini mommy makeover" I've gone to multiple plastic surgeons and had a few consultations and I finally found my surgeon, Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh. He was very thorough in his consultation, and after being on this site for a while soaking in as much information as possible, I looked at his reviews and they were all fantastic. Not to mention, every one that works there is fantastic, so sweet and amazing at answering questions.

At the consultation, I paid a $60 consult fee that went to the surgery fee. He went through the difference between the saline, silicone, over unders, and then he had me try on sizes. I told him I wanted to go from my current "deflated B" to at LEAST a double D. He suggested High Profile Sientra (Gummy Bear) Implants 545ccs crease incision under the muscle.

I'm So Nervous, preop was yesterday

I had my pre-op yesterday. It was super busy and it seemed a bit rushed but they were all still very understanding of my concerns and explained every thing. They went through the "usual" instructions, gave me my prescriptions for my meds, and my lists of dos and don'ts before the surgery. It's finally setting in!

I've been meaning to post pictures, I just need to take some pre-boob ones.

Wish boobs.

Here are some wish boobs until my preowned are up

A pre surgery one

Here's a little bit about me: I'm 25 118 pound and I'm a deflated B cup.

I'm kinda sad I have to take my nipple rings out completely instead of replacing them with plastic ones. They hurt like hell taking getting them done. I'm looking at the bigger picture though, boobs.

I'm having a hard time narrowing down a check list of what I'll need at home and to take with me. Do you ladies have any suggestions?


Here are some braless ones. I hate my boobs and having them on the internet was why it took me so long to post them

I'm so upset

I can't find my ID card. I don't even know how this happened, I never go anywhere. My surgery is on Tuesday. If I can't get my BA I don't know what I'll do. I'm so upset I've saved up so long for this and when I finally get to do something for myself, for once this happened.

Well I feel better now.

Sorry for my earlier rant I was freaking out. Turns out my sister accidentally took it.

Anyways, I played phone tag with my anesthesiologist Wednesday and finally spoke with her. She said I could have clear liquids, tea and black coffee with sugar until 8AM since my surgery isn't until 2:15PM. I can't have wet hair since I'll be sooo cold in there. No jewelry so my nipple rings are OUT come Tuesday as well.

I cannot describe the feelings that I'm having. My daughter is gone for an entire week to allow me to heal. Which is the longest I've gone with out hugging and kissing her. But I know it's temporary and I've been preparing for her birthday party which is NEXT Sunday. Woo.
I only have a week off from work. I hope that's enough

More before photos :-(

I can't believe tomorrow is my big day. Today is my first official day at work so my attention span is going to be at an all time low as well. I'm so nervous. And excited. I also heard a crap load from my boyfriend since I was supposed to start taking my stool softeners two weeks ago and now I'm constipated. It's weird. I feel like it'd be opposite, like I'm so nervous I can't stop pooping. TMI, I know. Sorry. AHHH!

I did it! 545ccs gummy bears, under the muscle :-)

Woo. What a crazy day.

I got called in to come in at 12 instead of 2, which I was super excited about. They brought me to the back and had me change into the gown and give them a urine sample. Once that was done i was given my phone and they said it would take a while for the doctors to come in as they were still in surgery as I was given my cocktail. No biggie. Afterwards, the nurse came in and gave my IV. I was in the waiting room for about an hour when Dr. M came in and marked me up and went over the size and placements. Ten minutes later my anesthesiologist came in and went over my medical history with me.

Five minutes later they walked me to the operation room, which I can't lie, I just watched Dexter recently and the chair with straps freaked me out lmao. But they lowered them to be by my side. The Anesthesiologist said she was going to give me some oxygen and to take a few breaths and


I woke up in the recovery room. "You're all done" - nurse. "Already, I have my babies? That was so fast" lol I was still a little high. She asked how I felt an so told her fantastic. I really did. There was the pressure, of course but I wasn't in any pain.

Soon after, they said I should use the restroom I tried, couldn't go lol but I told her I was super nauseous now and she did this awesome "trick". She wetted a paper towel and folded it, had me sit back down and put it on the back of my neck and I INSTANTLY felt better. Crazy, I've never heard of that trick but it did wonders. They have my sister the after care instructions... And now I'm home eating soup since I can't have anything heavy until tomorrow evening.

Now for the boobs. They're high? Which I expected especially since I went pretty big. And they're hard or course. I can't fathom getting all these bandages off and on so I'll show a bandage picture :-)

Bandaged boobs

They look pretty uneven now. And these are some terrible picture but I'm scared to take the bandages and bra off.

Morning boob

Welp I woke up and my boobs were super hard and tight. I probably did too much, trying to take care of everyone and I felt random spurts of pain in my left boob. So now I'm back to laying down lol. Other than that, no real pain.. Definitely super itchy all over and I'm still wearing my compression stockings until tomorrow probably

I'm scared I went too big

I got 545ccs and they're sooo right in my chest I'm scared they're too big. Did anyone else feel like this? Because I definitely feel like most women feel like they're too small. It's so soon after surgery I know I'm just so impatient

I think I jinxed myself

I was feeling SO fantastic the last day and a half, and now, I'm nauseous and my chest is tighter than ever.

I felt way better after I threw up though, watching all the episodes if true blood I missed. I just can't wait to be well again.

I'm also feeling better about my size smh. So up and down. And just want to shower and sleep and eat without throwing up.

Who is ready for some TMI?

So I'm four days post op. I can finally shower so I feel way better BUT I still haven't had a BM. :-( I took a laxative so hopefully that helps before my daughter's birthday party tomorrow.

My implants are obviously still really high as well, the left one has been my problem boob, a bit of a burning sensation when I'm not laying down and definitely tighter and higher up than my right. But I'm already loving how they look. I want to show everyone and let everyone feel them lol.

I measured myself today too, I'm a 32DD or a 34D, which I KNOW will change. I'm just hoping it changes for the bigger. AHHH I'm so excited. Happy healing ladies.

Woo. Made it through my daughter's party

90 degree weather outdoor pool party. But I did it lol I had a lot of help. I'm attaching pics from the party and how well my boobs looked in my crop top lol.

Post-op today

So I'm 6 days out, and my first post op was today. Didn't go too well. The doctor asked what I had been doing since the surgery and before I could answer he said, "too much" i need to be doing nothing and he could tell I wasn't relaxing because my left breast was having muscle spasms and was super high :-(. So for the sake of these beauties I'll be in extra chill mode now. Other than that it wasn't too bad. He pulled a stitch from each side (didn't hurt at all) as the others dissolved and that was it.

I just feel like I've been neglecting my daughter and she's been so sweet and so understanding through all of this. Don't mind me. Just pmsing.

I didn't post my high ass boobs

Not too much to update on. I feel A LOt better though, even wishing I went a little bigger with my size. My entire boob is still numb but my nipples are extra sensitive in the shower. I'm off all my medication, muscle relaxers included. No more morning boob either. I'm just waiting on these babies to drop because I wore a dress and they look crazyyy. I also broke out from my strap so I hand washed it.

Hello ladies!

I'm just over three weeks today and honestly looking at them day by day, it didn't see much improvement, so I did a comparison picture and felt A LOT better. Lol. They're still a little hard but they're gotta significantly softer in most areas. Still numb though, that scares me.

I measured myself again

I'm waiting to leave to pick my boyfriend up from the airport and I'm measuring at a 28H or a 30DDDD. Wtf?! So I've been doing research on it and obviously I was wearing the wrong band before, and a lot of women do, but it's freaking me out, but not in a bad way... If that makes sense lol

4 week post op

Hello lovely ladies! Between work and school I haven't been on here as often as I liked.

On the 18th, I had my four week post op. It was all good news, my babies are dropping, I learned my massages and was given an extra one to do on my right breast since it was rounder than my left. Which was weird because I thought my lefty was the troublesome one. They're still getting softer! And after a nice weekend with my boyfriend there was a little bounce to them. They're still really numb though, that's my main concern. I also asked Dr M about a small "bump" on my left boob, on the top and he said since I'm so small my muscles will take a lot longer to relax. That eased my pain a bit. Scabs finally came off my scars, and they're right above my crease. They don't look too bad though. I got the okay to do away with my strap and wear only soft bras until two months post op. Woo! No more appointments until October.

Oh I forgot.

I'm also supposed to take vitamin E oil for 6 months. I'm using vitamin oil to "moisturize" my breast as well. Has anyone tried it ?

I'm bored at work if you couldn't tell

As all of us that are post op are aware, the recovery journey is stressful, tiring, and can be really depressing. It's honestly helped me a lot to make comparison pictures as we get SO excited about our new bodies and seeing it everyday, it doesn't seem like there's been much of a change. It takes time. Don't be afraid to ask questions, most of us came to this site because we didn't know anyone personally to talk to or that had been through and we're all really excited to share

3 months post op

Hello ladies! And happy healing! I recently had my 3 months post ip and a lot has changed. Dr. M said they look very natural and healing as they should. They've dropped into place and I absolutely love them. I'm still taking my vitamin E for three more months, and my massages I do for a year.

Some side by sides

Here are some side by side comparisons :)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

They were absolutely fantastic! Very thorough and his staff is incredible they made me laugh, gave me some boob advice! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

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