25 Year Old, 5'3", 108 Lbs. Boobs for my Birthday! (Sacramento, CA)

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This site has been so helpful in my long journey...

This site has been so helpful in my long journey to getting a BA. I have always been petite and unfortunately rather pear-shaped. About a year ago, I went for a consultation. I ended up not scheduling the surgery, both in part due to finances and not feeling comfortable with the doctor I met.
I finally decided a few months ago that this was something I really wanted and was willing to spend the money. I just want to buy a swimsuit top that is not an XS in juniors! And I want to be able to buy bras without a ton of padding!! Most of all, I want my body to be proportional!! (rant over lol)
I had my consultation in January with Dr. Mabourakh. Based on all the amazing reviews of him on here, I was already convinced that he was the doctor for me. The consultation went really well and I felt comfortable with his experience and that he could give me the results I was looking for. He didn't measure me as he uses the 3D imaging technology, which was so awesome! I was able to see what I would look like with the different size implants much better than just trying the sizers on under my shirt.
I just put my deposit down and scheduled surgery for April 28 :) My pre-op is on April 4, so I'll be obsessively stalking this site and posting wish pictures until then! I can't wait!!

5'3", 108lbs
32A-ish (have to wear padded bras so they don't gap)
Pear shape - 31" 26" 34.5"


Uploading some wish pictures...

It's been difficult to find similar stories of other women who are looking to go with smaller implants. I'm looking at 250 cc smooth round moderate plus (Mentor) implants. I've read so many reviews of women who started out trying to go from an A to a C and ended up at a D or even DD! Honestly, I would much rather go a little on the smaller side and get a nice slope/shape than go too big. Hope these pictures and my review will help other women looking at smaller implants! Don't get carried away by the boob greed!

10 Days

I've been staring at the calendar every day this month, and have finally hit 10 days until my pre-op! When I put my deposit down in February, I was calm and just plain excited, but the anxiety is really starting to sink in. I'm hoping that me pre-op appointment will reassure me that I've made the right decision, and looking forward to trying on sizers one last time! I'm about 90% sure I'll stick with 250cc mod+, but I might try on a few other sizes just to see; also considering 225 cc. They sound so small compared to most women who go 300 and bigger, but I just remember thinking "they're HUGE" when I tried on the 250. Will update again after my pre-op with the finalized size!

Pre-op Complete!

My pre-op appointment was today--I was really looking forward to it, and feel a little upset/let down with how it turned out. I was super anxious and couldn't even eat breakfast. I arrived for my appointment and spent about 15 minutes signing all my paperwork. Then I waited...and waited...and freaking waited for almost 25 minutes before going back to the exam room. I spoke with a woman (coordinator? nurse?) and she went over a bit more paperwork with me. Then I got to wait for the doctor again. I was a little upset that I only saw him for about 10 minutes, and he seemed really rushed. We confirmed my size (250cc silicone) and went over basic instructions for the day of surgery. I have a packet with my instructions for before/after surgery, but I'll probably be calling the office with more questions. I'm also upset with myself--I always freeze up and forget my carefully-prepared questions, and today was no exception. I still have not even shown my doctor my wish pictures, so I just feel like I should have done more to let him know the results I want.
My biggest worry is that my arrival time is 12:30 pm and I can't eat or even drink water after midnight. I also have to stop taking Aleve and my supplements this week, and got my prescriptions to fill (Norco, Soma, and Cipro). I'm allergic to most antibiotics and usually avoid them if I can, so not looking forward to that. Another weird thing that made me a little sad--my doctor will give me a bra after surgery and it's the only bra I'm supposed to wear. I was really looking forward to buying some comfy wirefree bras too :/ And no shower for 4 DAYS after surgery...ugh that's not going to be pretty.
Despite my anxiety (I was full-on panic mode this morning!) I'm SO excited to have my surgery! I can't wait for April 28th to arrive :) I've slowly been buying things to get ready and so far only have a few things: pillow with arms, lots of button up flannel shirts (courtesy of my boyfriend's closet), and Netflix. I'll be buying some bendy straws, ice packs, fiber/laxatives, and wet wipes too. Any recommendations on other things to get?

More Wish Pictures

Forgot to add these to my last update...

A few more days...

Time has been flying by! I cannot believe that my surgery is in less than 3 days. I had to take a short break from this site--like a lot of women, I was just obsessing over every little thing. I even had a dream that I got implants, and when I woke up I made sure to lie on my back so I wouldn't ruin my implants. It took a few seconds for me to realize it had been a dream. Too bad though, they looked really nice...
I spoke to my anesthesiologist yesterday for about 20 minutes, going through my medical history. Luckily, I got special permission from her to drink water up until 7 am (instead of stopping at midnight) due to my history of kidney stones. So instead of sleeping in on Thursday, I will be waking up at my normal time to drink some water, and then stewing in anxiety until I arrive at the doctor's office at 12:30pm!

Day 1 Post Op

I did it! My surgery was yesterday and went well, and so far recovery is great. I have minimal pain that is easily controlled by the pain meds. Although...morning boob is REAL. I did n't feel like updating yesterday, so I'll put everything in today's post. Just to recap: I got 250cc mod+ silicone from Mentor.

Surgery Day:
Woke up at 7 am to drink a bit of water, showered, and did some last minute chores to prepare for surgery. My arrival time at the office was 12:30, and the front desk let me know that I would be brought back "a few minutes" after 12:30. No one spoke to us (I was with my boyfriend) until 1:30, when I was brought back to do a urine test. Then I was asked to wait another "few minutes." I asked if my boyfriend could leave and come back, and was told no, which was not what they said when we checked in! Finally, at 1:45, I was brought into a small room to get dressed in the gown, cap, and compression socks (lol). Then I did even more waiting, during which time I got to listen to the lady next door moan and continually request more pain medication. By the time I got into the actual surgery room, it was 3:15, and I was just ready for the whole thing to be over. The anesthesiologist put an oxygen mask over my face and asked me to take a few deep breaths...and suddenly I was waking up in recovery at 4:15. When my nurse asked me how I felt, I said "I have BOOBS!" Haha, I couldn't resist taking a little peek! My nurse was so nice and gave me water and some anti-nausea medicine, helped me dress, and wheeled me out to my boyfriend's car.
The car ride home wasn't bad, but I was in quite a bit of pain. Although the office told me to bring my prescriptions with me, they did not give me a dose before I went home. Once the Norco kicked in and I drank my smoothie, I felt so much better. In fact, I was able to get up, go t the bathroom by myself, and walk around a bit with no problem. The most difficult task was getting into bed, and even with my boyfriend's help, I accidentally used my chest muscles and felt some pain. Taking Norco in the middle of the night was really difficult too, as I had to reach for my water bottle and sit up by myself to swallow (felt bad waking my boyfriend up at 6 since he stayed up until 1 to help me with my first pill.)

Day 1:
As I said above, morning boob is REAL. Even with my boyfriend pushing me up from bed, everything was so tight and painful. I'm currently icing my sides under my arms, which are super swollen and feel like my skin is stretched to the limit. My swelling is worse than I expected, maybe because I've been moving around too much? I have that pointy, Madonna look going on right now! I'm also covered in gauze, with a piece wrapped around the top of my chest, and wearing surgical bra, none of which I can take off until my one week appointment.
So today is going to be a day spent on the couch and catching up on Netflix, and trying to take it a little easier. So sorry for the long update, but I hope this is helping!

Day 2

So after I wrote my update for yesterday, I received call from my doctor's office to check on me. She also asked if I had been given a band, and I said no. I guess they forgot to give it to me after the surgery, so my boyfriend had to drive to the office to pick it up, and I am stuck with wearing the dreaded band until my next appointment in one week :(

Day 2 went well, and I feel like I am healing really quickly. I have almost no pain and only took 1 Norco today. I do still have a lot of swelling around my breasts and under my arms that is uncomfortable, and I don't have a full range of motion for my arms yet. The band also causes me some discomfort, so I take it off for a few minutes in the morning and at night.

The worst thing has to be the bloating and constipation. Even after two cups of Smooth Move tea, cup of coffee, and two fiber bars, I am so bloated and uncomfortable! If you know a magic way to get rid of this, let me know!! Despite that, I am loving my new look :) I'm trying not to get ahead of myself since I know my boobs will change a lot, but I'm very happy with my results so far!

The worst has passed?

So yesterday was pretty terrible for me, I was crazy bloated and nauseous all day. I couldn't even drink water or broth without wanting to throw up. Last night I woke up about 2 am sweating and had to go cool off before I could go back to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling 10x better--almost no nausea and bloating is down. Seriously, I looked like I was 6 months pregnant! Now I just look like I have a food baby. PSA--if you have stubborn constipation, try a LITTLE prune juice. Works miracles.
And I was finally allowed to shower! I'm getting used to wearing the band, and I hope it will be worth it. I will admit that I broke one of my doctor's rules and took my surgical bra off today; I'm wearing a wirefree Hanes bralette I bought on Amazon. I feel like the surgical bra was making my swelling worse by trapping the liquid in a small space, which cause the elastic band to dig into my skin and irritate my incisions. It was also really hot and didn't "breathe."
Still liking my results, hoping the swelling goes down and my boobs get a little smaller. I'm starting to get a little feeling back in some areas, and the implants just feel like water balloons stuck on my chest lol.


I just realized today that I completely forgot to take photos the last few days! Here are a from today. Swelling has definitely gone down from Day 1 and I think the band is keeping the implants from riding too high.

1 week anniversary!

Today was a busy day! It was my first day back to work, which also meant my first day driving. It was difficult to turn the wheel, but I managed. Work went well, but even taking Tylenol and leaving early, I'm very sore. I didn't realize how much I was reclining at home, and sitting at my desk all day really caused my neck and shoulders to ache. A nice hot shower and muscle relaxer cleared it right up though :)

I also had my 1 week post op appointment. The tape along the top of my implants was finally removed!! It made me feel so much better. And I don't have to wear the band anymore! I am also allowed to wear a soft, wirefree bra--just waiting on my amazon delivery for some Hanes ones. Hopefully I guessed the right size...The only bad news I got was that I might have C. diff. I was told to stop taking the antibiotics and wait it out for a couple of days, so hopefully it will clear up with some yogurt and probiotics.

10 Days!

I cannot believe that it has been 10 days since my surgery! I already feel like my implants are a part of me, and I am loving my results. Just wish they would drop faster...

The last few days I have been trying to get back to my normal routine, but I'm finding that I still cannot do things like lift a grocery bag, lift a laundry basket, open my pill bottles, etc. I tried to do a bit too much today, and my breasts became sore and swollen. One thing I was completely unprepared for? SEVERE shoulder pain. Does anyone else feel like their shoulders are going to fall off after a few hours of standing up straight/walking?! I think it's referred pain from my chest muscles, which are still super tight and sore. I have to sit in a reclining position or rest my arms on something so I don't feel any pain. I didn't see any review that mentioned shoulder pain, so if you have had the experience, please let me know!


Forgot to add that I am currently fitting a 34B and S/M bras. I also found the following link really helpful to determine my size: http://www.herroom.com/bra-fitting-advice,904,30.html

2 Weeks

It's been 2 weeks (and a couple days) since my surgery, but I haven't seen much change since my last update. Implants are still riding high and give my breasts a very cone-y shape; no roundness in the lower pole at all! Which also means that it is difficult to find a wireless bra with cups. I'm getting so impatient for these implants to drop and fluff!

Bra Problems:
So at my appointment last week, my PS told me to buy a bra with soft cups, so that's what I've been searching for. I put my grey Hanes bra in the washer and dryer--it shrunk and lost its softness, so I bought another Hanes, size small (different style). I must have been swollen when I tried it on or it loosened up after a few days, because the band was suddenly gaping in the front and riding up my back. So, I just bought a soft Warner bra from Kohls today...in a 36B. The 34 was weirdly tight around my ribs. *Sigh* And here I thought bra shopping was going to be easier after implants!

I'm still having shoulder pain every day if I walk around or sit up straight for long periods of time. My chest muscles are finally feeling a little less tender and sore today, so I'm hoping that the shoulder pain will also start to improve. My incisions are scabbing over and healing slowly (normal for me), and I've been putting Vaseline with cocoa butter on them. My left breast is healing a lot faster; my right still has some numb areas. No pain in either other than tenderness on the outside of breast and an occasional zinger.

Week 3

It's been 3 weeks and I am so happy with my results! Everything seems to be healing well, albeit slowly, and I every day I feel better. Using the link I posted in one of my last reviews, I'm measuring 8" around my implant, putting me at the small end of a C cup. My implants still haven't totally dropped & fluffed, so that might change! Looking forward to checking in with my PS at my next appointment :)

Bra Shopping

Stopped by Victoria's Secret for their sale and was sized at a 32 C!! So so happy with my results so far :)


I've hit the month mark!! And just had my one month follow up. Have to say that I am still in love with my new look and am so excited to go shopping for a bikini and summer clothes. My PS said everything looked good and showed me how to do massages. Since I want the implants to drop a bit more, I won't be wearing underwire bras for a few more weeks (boo). I did get the ok to start exercising and lift a little weight, but I still have to sleep on my back for another week; I'll probably sleep on my back until my implants fully drop though.

My only concerns at this point are waiting for my breasts to soften (3-6 months, PS said) and getting my scars to fade--they are super red from the heat and the silicone strips, which seem to irritate my skin if left on longer than 12 hours. Right now I am still just putting Palmer's cocoa butter on them.

1 Month Pictures

Forgot to upload these earlier. I'm still waiting on my chest muscles to relax so the bottom pole gets a little rounder!

Size Confusion

So I returned to Victoria's Secret after getting a gift card from my amazing coworkers and had an awesome time snatching up 32C bras...until I went into the fitting room and found that they didn't fit. The overzealous saleswomen gave me a once over and suggested that I was a D cup. Um what?! She practically forced me back into the dressing room and handed me a 32D that amazingly fit PERFECTLY. I ended up buying a 32D, but I still can't get my mind around that size! A D cup with 250 cc implants?!

So I hunted on Google and found a subreddit called A Bra That Fits. It has a calculator that is supposed to be more accurate. With a band size of 27-28 and a bust of 32, it measured me at a 28DD/30D/32C (sister sizes--I've never seen a band size below 32). Phew. I think I'll be making a trip to Nordstrom's and getting a professional fitting in the next few weeks once my implants have fully settled. And here I thought my bra troubles would end after getting implants! But it's actually kinda of fun--for once in my life, my bra was TOO SMALL :D


Hi everyone,
As you can see, I've removed almost all of my pictures, mainly because I don't feel that this site is secure enough to prevent them from being found. I'll try to compensate for the lack of pictures by being very detailed...

Time: Two months/9 weeks
Size: Mentor, 250 cc, Moderate Plus Silicone
Stats: 5'3" 110 lbs
Upgrade: From 32A to 32D!!! WTF haha
Activity: Full-I am doing workouts with resistance bands and lift up to 20lbs every day due to my job. I am able to sleep on my side and stomach, although I'm usually a back sleeper.
Healing: Implants are still dropping and fluffing, and getting softer. I have no pain, but I do have a lot of numbness, which is getting annoying. My left breast is numb around the incision only, but my nipple sensitivity has changed (not in a good way). My right breast is about 75% numb, and feels really strange when I touch it.
Incisions: I'm a slow healer and tend to scar, so my incisions are still bright red and visible. I use cocoa/shea butter daily and occasionally use silicone strips. I'll probably have scars at the end of this, but at least they are straight and smooth!

Final Thoughts: Some days I feel like the implants are way too big, and other times I am surprised to still fit in my XS shirts. I don't regret the surgery or my size choice because I felt going too small would be worse than going a bit too big. However, I would advise people considering this surgery not to get too carried away with going bigger. I also don't blame my PS at all and would recommend him--I got an amazing result, the recovery wasn't difficult, and so far I have had no complications. I am eager for the numbness to go away and to completely heal in the next few months.

Having larger breasts has also inspired me to really work out more to firm up my lower body so I can finally move from a pear shape to an hourglass! Unexpectedly, my confidence level did not increase as much as i thought it would. I still feel like I need to fix things about myself; implants just gave me one less thing to fix.

I'm thinking of also doing a post bout things I wish I had prepared for/thing I should have asked my PS. If you all have a question, let me know so I can answer it!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Great surgeon who really knows what he is doing, great office and uses the latest technology. His bedside manner is a bit brusque because he has so much experience and just rattles off the information. Other than some long wait times and less-than-ideal communication from the office ladies, this was a wonderful experience and my results are everything I wished for. Definitely earned his "top-rated" status!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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