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So I have been doing research for a mommy make...

So I have been doing research for a mommy make over for over a year now, my youngest and last child is almost 7 months old and I've stopped nursing a little over 2 months ago. I definitely need a breast lift but not a tummy tuck, thankfully! ! I do have some fat in my tummy and back and even more in my "muffin" area. I decided I want lipo to get rid of all the extra fat and also since there taking the fat out why not put it in my butt, who doesn't want a bigger booty, right, lol. I live in the sacramento area and am looking for the best doctor in this area, does anyone have any advice or suggestions, anything is much appreciated. thanks. oh ya, I have a consult with dr. sumida on the 15th, I've heard only great things about him so I've got my fingers crossed!!


So after months of research and lots of convincing (my husband) , I have finally decided on doctor Fisher, I really believe he is the bbl KING! I want to look my best so I've decided to go to who I think is the BEST. I've got my surgery scheduled for April 18th, I'm paid in full and have my flight booked, my mom and I will be leaving Saturday night because we want a day in Miami to explore. lol. surgery is Monday, my mom is getting a tummy tuck by Fisher aswell. I'm so anxious and excited and SO happy I get to do this with my mom.

Current Stats

currently, I am 5'4 and fluctuate between 125-129 during that special time of the month :/ I don't want to gain to much weight for this procedure because I don't plan on keeping it on if I do gain so I'd like to go into surgery at my ideal weight, although my ideal weight is around 120 so I'm already over about 5 lbs and that's from me not losing all my baby weight from my 8 month old. I plan on posting some VERY dreadful pre pics asap.

Pre op Pics

dang, so sad, smh, can't wait til April 18th

Dreaded Call from Vanity!!!

This may be a long post, but I NEED to update y'all..... SO.... let me start out by saying... I've had an umbilical hernia for a little over 2 years now, I got while pregnant with my first daughter, who is now 2! The hernia was so small my doctor told me I don't need to have it repaired unless it was causing me pain...I was SO relieved! . . Ok now back to Vanity! I booked this surgery early February but had been speaking to my coordinator (Yaritza) for about a week before finally paying (in full), so late January! I told Yaritza about my hernia, told her my doctor said I DO NOT need to have it repaired because it was so small! Yaritza replied with " Dr. Fisher will not do the procedure until u fix the hernia" .... ummm... ok, no problem I'll call my doctor here at home and have it fixed, I have insurance, it will be covered, if that's what I've gotta do to do this procedure, I'll do it! I told Yaritza I'll be having it fixed very soon! She replied with "good." So after talking to my doctor he told me I would need to wait 6 weeks for healing before having my bbl, cool! So I went ahead and scheduled my bbl for April 18th, my hernia repair was scheduled for February 25th, so my bbl is 7.5 almost 8 full weeks later! Please keep in mind after talking and sending pics to Yaritza she called me immediately to tell me Dr. Fisher said I am a great candidate for a bbl! .... Fast forward to 3 days ago, after not hearing from Vanity once, I was over here thinking all these horror stories I read about Vanity about being a joke and so unprofessional, I thought I was guna be a lucky one and not have any drama with them! Ha, ya right! So 3 days ago I get a call from Yisel, she says she is Fisher's assistant, she asks me " I see in ur file here that u have a hernia, Dr. Fisher wants to know what kind of repair u had and when did u have the surgery" I replied with "I had an umbilical hernia repair with no mesh just sutures because it was so small and my surgery was February the 25th" she said ok I am going to give this information to Fisher... it was a short and easy phone call, no problem! Then YESTERDAY, I get a call from Vanity, not Yisel who I had originally spoken to but someone else and I don't remember her name because every time I talk to someone there it's a different person, like why can't I talk to the same person every time so I don't gotta explain stuff to every different person,ugh it's really annoying, but not as annoying as what the person who called told me! SO Vanity calls, and whoever is on the other line tells me " Hi, miss, I'm calling to tell u that Dr. FISHER went over ur file and he says u CAN NOT HAVE THE PROCEDURE DONE BECAUSE U HAVE TO WAIT FOR 3 MONTHS AFTER THE SURGERY U JUST HAD" I replied with " are u joking, ur kidding me right! " she said no miss I am not kidding with u, Dr Fisher says he has all his patients wait at least 3 months after the surgery u just did! I said, wait a minute, if he has ALL his patients wait 3 months, WHY was I NOT told this back in JANUARY when I was speaking to Yaritza! She never mentioned to me about waiting between surgeries! I was FURIOUS! no, I dont even think there are words to describe how I was feeling! I have me flight and hotel both booked already and my mom and I are supposedoing to be going together! So I told whoever I was speaking to I wanted to speak to Fisher, she said Fisher doesn't talk to patients over the phone. Huh!!!.... what do u mean he doesn't speak to people over the phone, that's bizarre! She said he is so busy he doesn't have time to take a call, umm, ok, I asked how to reach him, she said she can't give out his info but if i can some how get ahold of him then I could discuss my concerns with him, umm, ya because I know the dude and can just call him on his cell....really lady, that is ridiculous! I've never heard of a doctor not communicating with his patients personally, so weird to me! SO after speaking with this lady and giving her a piece of my mind, I told her my surgeon here who preformed my repair told me I only have to wait 6 weeks, she told me I can get a medical clearance BUT even with the clearance theres no guarantee Fisher will do the surgery, wow! Ok! Well I guess that's my only chance now, SO my doctor here at home just faxed the clearance today, they will have it tomorrow and hopefully I will know if I can proceed with my bbl or not! Seriously, I will be DEVASTATED, if Fisher says I have to wait BECAUSE, I have SO much going on these next few months, I won't be able to get surgery til October! Wow, so long, and I probably won't be going to Fisher because I already had to do a lot of convincing (husband) to let me fly across the US and have him take care of the babes for 8 days by hishelf! Man, I can't believe this is happening! ...Well, I'll keep u ladies posted, sorry for the forever post! Good night ladies!!


WOO-HOO! ! I AM CLEARED FOR SURGERY! I literally just hung up the phone with Yisel and wanted to update all my beautiful girls!!! Yisel said Dr. Fisher says he CAN do the surgery now! OH MY GOSH l, I'm so relieved! Happy! Excited! AND I have butterflies because I didn't think this was guna happen! I've only got 25 days til I fly out with my mom! Wow I'm REALLY happy ladies! I'm so thankful! Now I've gotta finish getting all my supplies because I put that on hold since I wasn't sure if I would be cleared or not!

Recovery Houses

So I have been doing tons of late research on recovery houses because my mom and I had a care taker who was originally coming to take of us, backed out last minute leaving my mom and I no option but to get a recovery house. I contacted Clauida, Magdalena and Marcia, also Cosmicare, New Life recovery, and Miami Escape! We have decided on Magdalena's house because for the price of $850 each she includes all 3 meals, transportation to all appts. and 24 hr care, which is really good plus she has great reviews! I will be posting some quotes I received from other places aswell! Above I have posted pics of the room my mom and I will be sharing at Maggie's house! She seems very sweet over text, BTW!

Cosmicare Quote I Received!

Pricey but everything is included and u can bring a guest at no additional charge which is nice

Day of surgery

So I'm here, in Miami at Vanity! My surgery was scheduled for 2:00 but it is now 5 and I still haven't seen Dr. Fisher. I'm sitting here in a paper gown for over an hour and no one knows when doc will be available, it's really annoying. I'm so tired but more hungry and thirsty then anything. I haven't had one thing to eat or drink today because they told me to not eat 8 hours prior to surgery which was supposed to be at 2. I'm just sitting here about to fall asleep....let's get a move on, here!

Much needed update!

So sorry for not updating earlier but the first couple days were rough! .. I finally ended up going into surgery a little after 6:30 pm... and didn't get out of recovery til 10:30pm. Yes, it was SO late and I was exhausted.. no food or water ALL day! After I got home Maggie gave me homemade chicken soup which was delicious but I had no appetite, I forced myself to eat because I know it will only make me feel better. After eating I took a pain killer and passed out! The first night was kind of a blur. The next day which was Tuesday was my mom and I post op appt at Vanity at 2 and I was getting my first message. I didn't take any other pain meds until my message at 2 because I heard the messages are very painful. Im funny about taking any kind of meds, I'm not holistic or anything but a lot of things don't agree with me so I usually prefer to sleep things off. On the other hand my mom was taking her pain meds every 4 hours on the dot and sometimes doubling up because sheet is very sensitive and didn't want to feel any pain! I actually didn't have much pain but more stiffness and getting in and out of bed from being on ur stomach is the hardest thing for me and also sleeping on ur stomach. I'm a back sleeper so sleeping on my stomach is very tough for me, so tough that last night which was only 2 nights post op that I woke up practically in tears because my neck hurts so bad and I ended up taking my pain meds which I'm trying not to take because I do not like the way they make me feel. I keep thinking how will I sleep like this for 4-6 weeks?? Anyways besides the neck pain and stiffness from getting in and out of bed, the pain is not what I thought it would be but I also have a high pain tolerance so that works in my favor. I'm obsessed with my results and think Fisher I'd very talented at what he does. He told me during my pre op exam that I don't have a ton of fat that he can't remove my skin. Lol. But what he did with my body is amazing, like I said I'm obsessed and this is just the beginning!

Pics in Faja

1 day Post. Going to post op appointment

1 day Post After getting message at Vanity!

Just some random thoughts!

So I'm so glad I have my mom here with me because I'd be so bored with out her. Even though we can't do much it's nice to have company to watch movies with. I finally was able to just go to the bathroom a number 2, I havent gone since Sunday and it's now Friday :/ I'm ready to go home and be in the comfort of my own home, I haven't taken any pain meds since yesterday so post op day 3 early morning. I've had 3 messages so far and am having another tomorrow morning and a last one at Vanity on Monday before I leave. The messages are really very painful because they messages over all your bruises and lipoed areas.. not like a nice relaxing message at message envy. I plan on just taking Tylenol tomorrow morning for my message because the pain killers Vanity prescribed me make me sick and nauseous and I trying to feel as good as possible on my flight home on Monday!. Also my mom and I had to switch our flight because our original flight was at 7:30 am on Monday morning but day of surgery when we met with Fisher he told us "I never take drains out before 7 days so u have a 0 percent possibility of having ur drains removed so I suggest u change ur flight and I will give u a note to hopefully help pay for fees for changing flight"... my mom was FURIOUS..because we asked Vanity how long we would need to stay and they told us 4-5 days....why would they say that when they work with Dr. Fisher so they HAVE to know his protocol! Vanity is a joke...once again no communication in that place and BTW the girls that work there are all very rude and walk around like they smell shit all day. There are very few ladies in that place that are nice and polite, Jenny the message lady and Yisel Fisher's scheduler where the only 2 girls that were nice and polite and there's probably about 40 different ladies working there, that's really sad, if u ask me! SO anyways right now I'm just kneeling on a pillow watching some TV while I post and I actually feel pain when. I'm just sitting here, my stomach, sides and back are all numb and even when I touch they feel weird. My neck is in the most painful and that's because of stomach sleeping which I'm not used to! Well that's it for today. Guna get ready for bed.

Been home for a week!!!

Hi dolls, so I have officially been home for a full week and no sitting for 2 weeks, no sitting is getting exhausting, sometimes I just wana say F it and sit but then I think about what I went through for this procedure and all the Vanity drama and money.. and it reminds me no way am I guna sit. Lol. I'll start sitting for short periods at 4 weeks. 2 weeks down, 2 to go.. I can do this!! So being home has been a lot better then being away, although I'm busy with 4 kids, 2 being babies and 2 older boys who I am trying to hide my surgery from, I much prefer the comfort of my own home. Surgery wise I feel really good besides the numbness in my lipoed areas, mainly in my sides and flanks and I noticed when I lift my 10 month old who weighs 22 lbs. I get an uncomfortable tightness on my sides and flanks, almost like my skin is being stretched too much. I don't like it! I started wearing my lipo board under my foam the day I can home, so one week ago, and it's actually not as uncomfortable as I thought it was guna be. I wear everything ALL day EVERY day and only take it off to shower but I will admit I take extra long showers because I love not having that Faja and all that padding on. I even sleep with it all too, and plan on it for another 4 weeks. I love the way I look after taking my Faja and boards off, my stomach is super flat. Lol. Hope it stays that way even after I stop wearing everything! My bruising is slowly going away but I never used arnica gel or took the pills, I just prefer to heal naturally and surprisingly I'm healing pretty well!. Well I think thats it's, if I forgot anything feel free to ask!!


So my pre surgery measurements Waist: 32 inches around the biggest part of my muffin top (where top of jeans sit): 35.5 inches Hips/Butt: 37.5 inches Post Surgery measured at Waist: 28 inches Muffind top area (I no longer have ANY muffin top): a little less then 31 inches Hips/Butt: 40 inches I absolutely love my results and my shape, I hope my butt doesn't loss too much more volume because I love it now!

Flight Home

So I thought I'd write a little review for my flight home. So our flight leaving Miami was at 4:30pm and my mom and I needed to take 2 flights. I definitely recommend getting a straight though flight if u can! The first flight was only an hour and a half and was not bad at all and I was thinking to myself while on the first flight, oh, this will be easy. I gave the note from Fisher to the flight attendant. The note stated I was able to walk up and down the aisles and be able to bend at my knees. Now originally my mom and I had the window seat and middle seat which I thought we had the aisle seat and midsleeping seat for my mom but that wasn't the case. The lady who had the aisle seat was nice enough to switch with me. I also HIGHLY recommend getting an aisle seat. This is actually a must! So that first flight wasn't too bad, I actually just stood right next to my seat or kneeled on the chair when I got tired. I didn't do much walking up and down the aisles. During take off and landing I put the bbl pillow I purchased from Vanity under my knees and did a somewhat squat, making sure my butt wasn't touching, although Fisher told me not to use that pillow and to just sit on my booty.. I just couldn't though, the thought of it going flat is scary. Lol. .. now for the second flight which was 6 hours. i thought it was a 4 hour flight but because of the time difference it was actually longer! That flight didn't go as smoothly. My mom and I once again had the window and middle seat and I was hoping the person with the aisle seat would switch me but that wasn't the case. He was a young guy that was traveling with his family who was sitting in the row directly across and he had young kids he needed to be next to, so I totally understand. Originally I was sitting in the middle seat thinking anything closerelated to the aisle but my mom and I soon switched so I was in the window seat, that way I could stand at my seat or kneel on my chair. And that's what I did for 6 hours. Well 3 at least. I did go all the way in the back of the cabin where they serve the drinks and stood for half the time but I was kinda getting bad vibes from one of the flight attendants. I'm assuming she was bothered I was standing there and taking up some of the already little sprouts! That second flight was so long and at times I even found myself thinking idk if guna make it, near the end I found myself asking for strength to not sit because with only 40 minutes left I was exhausted and wanted to give up. But i didn't! I did the same with the bbl pillow for take off and landing. I must say the 6 hour flight was brutal and something I don't think I'll ever do again! But I made it and I'm so glad it's over!

4 Week Review

So today I hit 4 weeks post surgery and let me tell u, I'm so happy I have made it this far. I still have not sat once on my booty. I've driven in the car a few times but I have hubby drive and I lay in the back seat. I know I can start sitting now on a pillow or something soft but I keep thinking if I sit my butt will go flat and I don't want that happening. I often wake up and have to look quickly in the mirror because I think my body will be back to what it was before surgery. Guess it's just an insecurity from being fat for so long. So anyways surgery wise I feel great besides the numbness. The numbness has gotten better but is still there and it's pretty uncomfortable at times, also wearing the garmet 24/7 is pretty annoying aswell, it's just very restricting. I just tried on my pre surgery jeans and NOT ONE pair of pants I have fit , they all stopped half way up my butt. My hubby is obsessed with my new body. He told me last night"this is the best surgery ever" lol. Thought it was cute! I really can not wait to be able to do what I want, like sit or not have to worry about this garmet and all this padding. My body is actually very smooth when i dont have all the marks from my garment and I haven't gotten anymore messages since Miami. I just personally didn't feel the need for massages because I wasn't very swollen and I actually had no fluid. .. ya different, I actually had to call Fisher day after surgery because I was so worried because I didn't have the fluid he told me to expect. He told me it was perfectly fine that I was"one of the lucky ones" and not to worry that it is a good thing! Overall I'm very happy with my results and my decision to have this surgery but please prepare yourself mentally because it is very taxing.

Pics didn't upload

It's Been Awhile

It's been way long since I've done a review, so thought I'd update real quick. I am 4.5 months post op. The booty is doing great! All my lipoed areas are no longer numb, I'd say it took a little over 3 months for all the numbness to go away. I started working out at 4 months and just started running again last week. I wanted to go as long as I could without working out because I wanted to be sure all the fat was set. I haven't had any issues! Overall I'm still so happy about choosing and going through with this procedure. I still love my results. Oh ya, and I finally got an email from Vanity about my CC's they put in over 1300 in each cheek, don't remember exact number but it was over 1300!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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