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I am scheduled for my pre-op on June 21. I can't...

I am scheduled for my pre-op on June 21. I can't believe I am doing this, but the deposit I made says I am. Plus I have been wanting this for a long time, just didn't think I was the kind of woman to do it (whatever that means). It's a little tight, timewise, as I have lined up a conference, then a week in NY, then the surgery. 3-4 weeks later, a book release event and more marketing on that. I am concerned because my husband, who is my helper, has Parkinson's, relatively early stages, but tends to get anxious. And I'm loading it on him maybe too much? But he is not going to be better later, I will only be older and saggier and less able to be active. So there won't be a better time.
I am hoping that the second week of recovery, I will just need help lifting things. Surely, I tell myself, I will be on my feet by then. Luckily, lying in bed and reading is one of my favorite things, so I won't go crazy. I do presently go to the gym for cardio workouts 6 times a week. But I have to make myself. My sister may be able to come for a visit and give my husband a chance to regroup.
I am combining the breast reduction with an arm lift procedure. Flappy arms. It's not as much about looks (hubby likes me fine) as it is about comfort. I don't see where there's a June sign-up, but will do that when it shows up.
Too much information?
Will add a photo when I figure out how.

Hard to believe this is me! (But it is)

Just a few weeks to pre-op

I posted a pic of me in apparently a few different places. I am technically challenged, but hopefully will get up to speed, as I appreciate more than I can say all the posts I've read. And I want to commit to posting pics as well for the whole first year of recovery.
That said, I'm planning in the back of my mind to have a tummy tuck in December to complete the tidy-up.
Thank you for the encouragement you offer through your words and also through the evidence from the photos. You are so beautiful!

Counting down

I clearly don't know how to use this site. I end up posting things when I'm responding to an email. (Can't make Facebook work for me either). LSTM (laughing softly to myself). I am counting down to the surgery but with two or three big things between now and then, so I can switch my anxiety to those.
My husband says I need to let my 33-yr-old son know about this surgery, and he's right. But I can't think of the words. Maybe I'll email him instead of calling.
Thanks for all the good wishes and advice.


It turns out the anesthetist doesn't quite like my pre-op ekg. Not sure why. But he wanted to see an earlier one, which I could have sworn I didn't have. But my HMO (humungous medical organization) found an ekg from 2008 and is sending it. I don't know what's at stake, but it's making me nervous. Which makes my heart race. Which really makes me nervous. But if there's a problem (there isn't), I'd rather find out now than not. So I'm talking myself down.
Thank you all so much for posting and sharing even the tiniest details of your journey. Those of us at the starting gate really appreciate news from you.

Cleared for take-off

I am pleased to say that my EKG is cleared and I'm on schedule for the procedure on June 16th. Glad not to have a new life-and-death issue to deal with. Glad to be back on the journey to a tidied-up front. I didn't share all the jittering about that. But will share all the rest of the jittering! Thank you all for your support!

Things are happening too fast!

I am now up to the point where I go to NYC for a week. Yay! I get back on the 13th and then have surgery on the 16th. So I am trying to get ready for two things at once and probably not doing a very good job. My husband is really scared about having me undergo surgery and the general anesthetic. I am assuming that it will be fine -- groggy for a day or two, not really myself for a week or two, and then increasingly better but with less stupid weight hanging off of my body.
I hope the June babes will keep posting -- I'll be on my laptop and will share with you when I can. I'm scheduled for 6-16! Best to all!

Back in Town, Surgery on Monday!

Back from NYC where I had a wonderful time. Now I'm home and planning to spend two days unpacking, straightening up the house, and getting food and supplies in. I'm very aware that one my arms and boobs are right-sized, my stomach is going to seem worse. TT later maybe? Not to worry about it today. I imagine I'm going to get nervouser and nervouser over the next two days. I hope this isn't all a big, expensive mistake. Write me, okay?

On the other side

Surgery yesterday! Feeling pretty okay today, went back to get unwrapped and checked, and all appears to be well -- looks icky and like hell, but having seen other people's pics on this website gave me realistic expectations, which was good. Lots of bruising because lots of lipo. Didn't really take off much breast, 1 pound off of each, but they went from long and droopy to nicely compact, which is what I wanted. Arms (because I had a brachioplasty as well) look nice and shapely, though I know they are swollen..
will post pics when I wake up from the nap I'm bout to take. I have a feeling there's aroller coaster ahead over the next days/weeks, but getting to read about other people's experience makes such a big difference in not freaking out. Thanks so much, all of you.

Post-op day 4 and counting

Hi everyone! I'm experiencing some of the mood swings I read about, but my sister is coming today for a day or two, and that will be good. She is ultra-sweet and loving. I'm adding some photos from yesterday. Just ignore the untucked tummy -- that will be another story. I am happy with my results so far -- the breasts seem a little on the small side, but nice and obviously will soften, change, etc. I am so sorry for my fellow br and brachioplasty friends who are having a rough time. Let's just take care of ourselves and keep an eye on the rewards to come -- no more grooves in the shoulders, no more back aches. I'm pretty sure we'll be glad we went ahead with this! Sending best wishes to all!

Feeling tired

I think my recovery is going about average, or even better than that, and I am grateful.

Adding pics to show the arm surgery, which is by far the most troublesome part of this for me. Still waking up needing pain meds in the night.

My sis and bro-in-law came for the day yesterday and went grocery shopping for me. So helpful, and now the fridge is full of things to eat! It was such a kindness, since they aren't in the best of physical shape themselves.

I would caution anyone who is a caregiver to a spouse, as I am, to make lots of provision for outside help. My husband, who has Parkinson's, is as kind as a person can be, but not able to un-focus on his own stuff and give me the kind of empathetic care my sister and friend can. He also asks a bit more than I can do at this point (help with building chores, for example). But it really is a brain condition, so I don't fault him at all. I just wasn't quite realistic about the situation when I was planning for the surgery. And we have survived so far!

Weds. will go for one-week follow-up and expect it to be routine. Have been trying on shirts that used to bulge at the breast and squeeze at the arms. They fit so nicely and I am looking pretty darn cute!


As usual, I spoke too soon. Yesterday and today have been pretty owie -- probably trying too hard to get through with the serious painkillers and onto just otc stuff. That's because I want to drive instead of relying on my husband, who usually relies on me!

I was advised to cut off the tags of surgical tape that are hanging off of the incision. I feel strangely reluctant to see what's under there -- a whole new mess to keep track of. I have a little seroma thing, which they can take care of on Weds.

Got some arnica, which usually works on bruises for me. I'll use that tonight while the tape is still on so that I don't get it on the incisions. A little depressed today, but every day gets me closer to being healed and moving on, lighter and less encumbered with wads of breast. It's an amazing process.

Healing and pleased

Today was better than yesterday in terms of fatigue. The really sore part of this is the brachioplasty. My arms are numb and a little swollen and quite bruised to the wrist. (Arnica is okay, bromelain not because of my iffy liver).
I think my husband is worried that I will gain weight and put the fat back on, and it's not a stupid worry. But I can't diet and work out until the healing is further along. I'm being sensible right now. I am looking forward to getting back to the gym and working on arm muscles, which will actually SHOW now!
I hope you all are doing well. RealSelf has been such a help to me, and that means YOU!

One-week check-up

My one-week check-up was great. No problems, just the standard pain from swelling and bruising. No complications at all. I feel so fortunate and wish you all the best with the next stage of your healing, whatever that may be. Stitches out from my arms, but a few left in my breasts. They'll come out next week. I'm attached photos to show what I look like now -- gross and icky but presumably on a good path to complete healing.

Not a Happy Camper

Almost three weeks post-op and so sore and swollen. Not the breasts so much, but anyone considering an arm lift should be forewarned. I feel like I have a severe sunburn on my arms, so that I am constantly changing clothes, looking for a texture that isn't awful. And tennis balls in the armpits. By 3 in the afternoon, I'm a mess, so tired of hurting. I'm wearing some compression, but the garment is so tight I can't get it on.
Sorry to be a complainer, but I didn't realize it could get worse instead of better. Here's hoping for an upturn!
At the same time, I'm not sorry I did it, just impatient for healing. My incisions are fine. My breasts are a lovely shape and size. Having the weight of arms and breasts gone makes me feel like a kid. So it's not all bad!
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