40 Year Old Mom of 3...... Ready to have a flat belly and bring sexy back!!! (TT/MR, Hernia Repair and Full Abdominal Lipo)

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I have been wanting to get a TT for about 3 years...

I have been wanting to get a TT for about 3 years now. Somehow, it was not meant to be before, Life always came in the way and the TT always got postponed. After having 3 kids and no matter how hard I try, my stomach still hangs and looks very nasty. I call it my two pack (of rolls...LOL) 1 roll on top and 1 roll at the bottom.
I have been doing my research on Dr.'s and after contemplating Smart lipo for a long time and after numerous TT and Lipo consults, I opted for a tummy tuck.
Went to my last consult on April 8th, and after researching that PS I knew he was the one for me.
I set up the appt. for my SX for 05/16 and me Pre~Op is 04/28...... I am super excited to get this surgery.
I have been wanting this for the past 4 years and the moment is finally here!!!
NEEDLESS TO SAY......I would love to get any advice from all of you that have recently or previously gotten a TT

Post-Op Appt. exactly one week from today!!

So, next monday is my post-op.... I'm not sure what to expect besides blood work. Maybe some of you can share your experience. I wish time would go by faster.... I can already picture myself on the flat side.
I will try to post some pictures right now.....

More Pictures


I have been stalking this site every single day since I came across it, I love seeing everyone's results and I also can't help feel bad for those who are not satisfied with their results.
Another day closer to my Post~Op and I am definitely getting nervous as the days go by..... I'm beyond excited and happy to be getting my TT, but at the same time jittery about the recovery process.
I am extremely Blessed to have a husband who is understanding in regards to my wanting this procedure. I can't wait to be able to wear sexy lingerie and not feel bothered by my hanging jelly belly, I know he says he loves me just the way I am but, I know I will feel more confident once I am able to go shopping for nicer, form fitting clothes !!!
I am also excited about the fact that I will be able to take MY NEW BODY when we go on our cruise in mid July......
Well, that's it for today..... wishing each and every one of you a great day!!

Pictures from earlier today.....

4 days to go for my Pre~Op and 22 days for THE BIG DAY !!

Can time move any faster?
I wish my surgery date was next week.....
I do feel anxious..... I hope I don't feel like this on the day of surgery, I might make my own blood pressure go up......
Hopefully I can get something to calm my nerves before the surgery.
That's it for today, I just needed to vent a little..... Have a great day beautiful ladies!!


And I am super excited, after tomorrow I will only have 18 DAYS before THE BIG DAY.....
Can any of you guide me as to what questions to ask tomorrow?? I had a list of questions and I have misplaced them :0((((
Not good..... And now my brain is blank.
Hopefully my blood tests will come back good !!!
SUPER NERVOUS.... EXCITED..... I still can't believe that my TT is now a reality.

Post-Op went well....

I had lots of anxiety this morning, I think I made my own blood pressure go up..... Because it was a bit high when they took it. Blood Tests were done and THE FINAL CASH PAYMENT is out of the way. Once that money left my hands, it made it even more real. NO TURNING BACK NOW.....
18 days to go for the BIG DAY!!
Dr. took before pictures and while he was checking my belly button(he dug his finger way in there) he to told me I had an umbillical hernia that he will repair during surgery..... Funny, I never even knew I had it.
What did some of you ladies wear when you left the clinic/hospital?
He said I could bring pj's for after surgery so that I can be comfortable once I get home!!
Some input from you beautiful ladies already on the flat side would be greatly appreciated!!!
Karate duties with my 8 year old are calling my name..... Will update again soon.


I am exactly 16 days away from getting my much AWAITED TUMMY TUCK. It's still so surreal and I wish the days would go by much faster..... On a good note, I've lost 5 pounds and hopefully I can loose 5 more before the surgery.
My husband has expressed to me how he is super nervous about the whole procedure, especially since he will only be with me the first 3 days and then he will be going back to work. I will be alone on day 4 for a couple hours..... I've yet to figure out my youngest(8) ride from school (after school) my oldest (19) will be taking him to school in the mornings, unfortunately we dont have family near by and do not know too many people to trust or count on.
That's my only big concern,... A HUGE CONCERN.....
I will figure it out I guess. ( yikes)
Well.... Karate duties are calling again!!
Until next time sexy mamas :0))

15 DAYS TO GO.....

Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds.....
Tick Tock.... Tick Tock !!!
I took some pictures this morning with clothes on, don't look too bad with jelly belly tucked in my clothes.... LOL !!


I am beyond excited.... May 16th is fast approaching!! That will be the best belated Mother's Day gift ever for years to come......
I would really appreciate some suggestions from all you beautiful ladies that have already made it to the flat side..... any supplies that I may need to get?? suggestions on 2nd stage compression garments??
I need HELP in general....
Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies..... enjoy your day!!! I am a nervous wreck.....


And getting everything taken care of before the big day. Bought new PJ's for the day of surgery, yoga pants and tank tops for coming days after surgery .... .. Trying to figure out what to tell my 9 yr. old as to why mommie needed surgery, Don't want to tell him it's a TT. The rest of my immediate family thinks that I'm having an umbillical hernia removed, which I actually I am.... PS discovered that I have one and he will remove it. People can be very judgemental, including family. And like everyone else, they will say that it's an unnecessary expense.... That I could have worked out harder and longer hours at gym... BLAH BLAH BLAH !!!

I wish it was May 16th already....
Well, Karate duties with my 9 yr. old are calling my name!!
Will post again tomorrow...


And more cleaning.... Getting all the laundry out of the way, All the bed sheets and covers washed, clean and changed. I have been making myself super anxious lately and I think I even made my own BP go up.... UGGHHHH!!
This waiting game sucks..... I think I am more afraid of being out of commission for sometime after procedure, than I am of the pain and days to follow. I am such a busy bee..... My OCD kicks in on a daily basis and everything has to be neat around the house.... not sure how i will handle that !!
On another note, can't wait to pamper myself the day before my surgery......
Have a Blessed day everyone....


Morning Real Self Sisters...... Today is the last day carrying around my jelly belly !! It makes me wanna throw a going away party for it (LOL)
Today I will be getting my hair taken care of..... My hair is platinum blonde at the moment, so the roots need to be touched up before the big day...... A mani/pedi is a must as well for today!!
I had a dream last night that I was getting my belly button pierced..... I will do it once I am healed, and NO I will not parade it around, it will be for myself, my belly will be flat enough to do it and I want to give myself that satisfaction..... ( What would a soon to be 41 mother of 3 look like wearing crop tops? not a pretty sight) Maybe it can just be seen when I wear a bathing suit.
I'm BEYOND WORDS EXCITED....... I still can't believe this is happening TOMORROW..... yes, TOMORROW !!!!
Needless to say, I will be taking care of things around the house and doing some grocery shopping as well. I gotta make sure Husband has everything he needs to cook and care for the kids.
I will write a bit more later on today......


Dr. 's office called to give me some final recommendations for tomorrow. Got my hair done and also my mani/pedi earlier today and finalized the grocery shopping. Bills were all taken care of today.... And now I have the biggest headache ever .... I'm dreading not having anything to drink after midnight because I'm a coffee addict, I will definitely miss my coffee in the morning.
I can't wait for tomorrow.... It will be the first day of THE NEW ME !! It will only get better from there.
Have a goodnight RS sisters.... Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Pampering myself

CATCH ME ON THE FLAT SIDE.......Today is the DAY

Surgery day is here and Im beyond excited...... We are on our way and I am ready to have my surfboard stomach!!! I WOULD KILL FOR SOME COFFEE right about now though.......
Praying for a safe surgery.....
Pray for me Real Self Sisters!!
Will update later....



Will not write to much because I am sleepy and in some pain.
So, I got there at 8:20, got prepped up and was ready to roll around 9:00 ...... I remember them asking how old my kids are, and the rest is history......
Trying to sit down to pee is a BITCH..... So, I have opted for peeing standing up inside my small garbage container. I'm dozing off so I will attempt to write more later or tomorrow. Take care everyone


So last night wasn't as bad as I thought...... My incision site doesn't hurt at all, what hurts the most is the muscle repair. As soon as I got home I settled myself on the recliner..... I must say the hardest part was going to the restroom. The first time I had to pee I sat down on the toilett..... BAD DECISION..... Even though my husband was there to help me, IT HURT SO DAMN BAD..... So now I've opted for peeing in a bucket standing up ( with hubby's help of course)
According to my nurse as I was being wheeled out to my car yesterday, The Dr. removed 4 pounds of skin and about almost 4 pounds of fat from lipo. I can't wait for my post op on monday, I get to see my flat belly and new belly button when he changes the dressings.
I must say my husband is such a trooper, from cleaning my punani after using restroom to taking care of my drains..... And waking up at all hours of the night to help me to the restroom.
Well, that it for today...... Feeling kinda loopy!! Will update more later.


Good Morning RS Sisters...... I kinda underestimated the importance of taking my meds every 4 hours..... Let me tell you, the pain is beyond words. Getting in and out of my recliner is the worse part, Thank God for my Husband. He has been such a trooper throughout this whole experience...... Don't know what I would do without him. I can't wait to take a peak at my belly on monday at my 1st post-op appointment.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY FIRST SHOWER...... And feel somewhat human again.
I am the type of person that has a HIGH tolerance for pain BUT, the muscle repair pain is something else I tell you..... My PS must have left me super tight because it even hurts to breath.
Well, I'm getting sleepy as I type..... I will update more later.


So I had my post~op appt. today, according to Dr. everything looks good. He changed my dressing and I got a peak at my new belly button and belly!! Although very swollen, I loved seeing my flat belly. It was a super weird feeling to be without my CG for those minutes inside the office. Last night was the worse night ever.... I started taking Colace 2 weeks prior to SX and still continued after but I don't know what happened, I started getting bloated and started swelling by the minute..... The pain was beyond explanation. I had so much gas build up, I felt as if the incision was going to open up. Not sure if any of you has ever experienced that..... I sent my husband to get me some milk of magnesia and some suppositories.... It lasted around 5 hours but, the gases started coming out little by little. I finally had a BM this morning, it was such a relief.... It was a smooth experience, didnt strain at all (sorry.... I know TMI)
Doctor says I can take showers now, not sure how that will go.... I'm scared to be without my CG, I might split in half or something (jeje)
I will post some pictures of my belly...... My husband took them so they are not the best.


I'm so tired of being in this recliner.... It's no joke. I get up to walk around every hour but, my buns can no longer handle sitting down ;(
Yesterday and today I haved walked half a block to the mail box, I must say I feel like a puppy going out on a walk LOL
The muscle repair is still very bothersome, I still walk like the hunchback..... I'm glad my incision doesn't hurt. Now my drains.... Or my balls as I call them, they don't hurt where they come out of but they do bother me with every little movement. I can't wait for these suckers to come out, I think I'm draining about 20cc on the left and about 10cc on the right both morning and night.
I hope they come out at my next appointment, which is next monday.
I feel extremely swollen today, can't see because of CG but, at yesterdays appt. I got the green light to shower.... So we'll see how that goes. I will take some pictures and will post later.....
Thank You for letting me vent!!


My nine year old came home from school yesterday and told me that there's a mini school dance on friday.... And he would love for me to go with him, it was the hardest thing for me to say that I couldn't ;(((((
He understood that mommie isn't well and sister will be his date for the night.....
Today I've had alot of lower back pain as well as MR pain..... But the lower back pain was the WORSE. I'm still mega hunched over and in mega swell hell.
I dont know what I would do without my husband, he has been such a trooper ..... From cleaning the house, to cooking..... Most of all taking care of me ..... Cleaning my Va~Jay~Jay to cleaning my poopie butt.
I took some pics yesterday after changing my dressing...., will post shortly. I wish I could laugh..... I miss cracking up at my kids and hubbys jokes..... But can't risk the MR sutures.... BLAHHHH !!


I wonder when I will start straightening out.... The lower back pain that comes with being hunched is NO JOKE!!!
- I hate not walking straight
- I hate not being able to laugh
- I hate NOT sleeping in my bed
- I HATE not being able to clean my house
- I hate not being able to tend to my family

I DO NOT REGRET MY SURGERY.... But today is one of those days.
Okay...... That's my rant for the night !!
I took my first shower yesterday and let me tell you..... THAT WAS A TASK !! It took an hour of me sitting on a stool in my tub while my hubby bathed me.
I felt as if I was gonna break in 2 without my compression garment, but I SURVIVED. I think When I am able to be more mobile, I will have a flat ass from sitting so fucken long..... I hope my hunching gets better by wednesday, it will be a task to get to my sons H.S graduation if it doesn't subside. I officially walk like a hunched up penguin.

I'm sorry for being a debbie downer but, I needed to vent.


I had a mini melt down on friday BUT..... Turned the corner yesterday!!
I am in better spirits.... My scar is healing nicely although I am still the hunchback's sister from another mister..... But feel better over all.
I attempted to sleep on my bed last night but it was very uncomfortable.... I think i will go back to my recliner tonight. I just feel bad for my husband having to sleep down here with me; I finally used the bathroom by myself yesterday ALL DAY..... That was a mile stone.... Well, until night time when my back started acting up. My compression garment is a bitch..... It snaps at the crotch but since its so tight, its hard for me to get it done by myself.
It feels as if its squeezing my brains out ( LOL )

I have an appt. this coming tuesday..... I hope my drains come out.
I wish it was the end of June so I can go shopping for our cruise in July. I can't wait to buy fitted shirts....
I will post new pictures as soon as I take some new ones.
Have a blessed day everyone!!


Yesterday and today I've been in good spirits..... Atleast up until 3 hours ago. My husband is not a man to call many FRIENDS.... in fact, he has 2 best friends besides me. They are 2 of his co-workers, more like family..... One of them was killed today while out, riding his motorcycle..... Leaving behind his pregnant wife of 7 months, they were expecting their first baby. We live on borrowed time and will never know when our time will come..... His time was cut way too short, he has a baby girl coming that will never meet her daddy.
It has affected me alot, my husband and his 2 best friends always looked out for each other.... I called them the 3 musketeers..... One of them stepped out by himself today, and tragedy struck.
Rest in peace Dickie.... We'll hold your family down for you!!
Baby girl will always know who her daddy was..... Heaven has gained an angel.
My muscles are in alot of pain right now.... My stomach is tense.... The physical pain of my surgery doesnt compare to the pain my heart feels right now....
Good night Real Self sisters, I needed to vent !! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.....


And I must say it was a great day.... I no longer have balls !! LOL
I must say that it felt weird as hell when those things were coming out..... No pain at all but, it felt as if I had snakes moving through my stomach. He also removed my belly button stitches, I no longer need to keep putting a dressing on my incision and was given the green light to start scar therapy.
I can also switch to a stage 2 compression garment...... Which I'm super glad because I can no longer stand my CG.
I'm still walking hunched up but my Dr. said to start trying to straighten up..... That shit feels weird.... I feel as if my muscles inside will tear apart..... Baby steps I guess!!
I went grocery shopping with my husband today for the first time since my surgery.... I must say it wasn't that bad. I was pooped by the time I got home though!!
Do any of you have any tips on how to get rid of swelling faster?
And do you guys also feel as if your stomach is as hard as a rock??
It feels super itchy inside as well.... My husband says it's because the skin inside is healing.
Well my beautiful RS sisters..... I'm just beyond happy because I will not have to go to my sons H. S graduation tomorrow with my balls .... LOL !!
I will post some pictures .....

Scar treatment cream

For some reason this picture didn't upload earlier.


Patiently waiting to be 100% healed with no swelling. I would say I am 80% standing straighter, I start out straight in the morning but as the day progresses..... I start to hunch up a bit and my stomach muscles start to tense up. I started sleeping on my bed last tuesday, I still cant sleep straight or on my side but, it's doable.
I can't wait to stop wearing my CG's .....
The swell hell ain't no joke at times...., and parts of my stomach feel as hard as a rock.
On another note, I miss making love to my husband and I am also afraid to do it with him whenever that time comes. I'm scared my insides will hurt LOL ..... It is still extremely tender inside.
I hit 2 weeks yesterday and I must say it feels good to be able to see my vajayjay without having to lift my skin rolls......
I can't wait to be completely healed so that I can show off the NEW ME!!
I think a trip to Vegas is a must.....
I must hit the gum first to start toning up again. My legs are getting flabby ;(

There's not much else to report....
Have a great weekend my beautiful RS sisters

Before and A few days After


Ughhhh..... Talk about painful swell hell and raw soreness where my MR was done.....
The memorial service and funeral for my husbands best friend was yesterday..... Left home around 11 am and came back home around 1am today. It was just such a busy day yesterday.... I am now paying the price, mind you no one knows I got a tummy tuck so I had to kinda tough it out.....
By the end of the night, my muscles were so cramped up and I was back at hunchville......;(

I wish our bellies would be super flat after our procedure..... But, one can only wish ( SIGH )
Not much to report here today....
Except for the fact that I still can't drive.... After the funeral yesterday, the men decided to drink in our friends honor and of course I had to drive.... It was the most painful thing. Maybe in another week or so.....
Have a great day my beautiful ladies!!


It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and although I'm happy I no longer have rolls on my stomach, the swelling is making have negative thoughts about my TT. Everytime I sit down to use the toilett I can pinch about an inch of skin..... Not sure if that's normal or it's because of the swelling..... I wish I could start exercising so I can jump start my weightloss and start toning my legs....AGAIN !!
Maybe I'm just going thru the motions.... Some input from you beautiful ladies would be nice..... Atleast if its normal to still pinch some skin at this point.
On the other hand.... I find myself not being able to eat like before, my appetite has been reduced tremendously..... Before I could eat about 12 chicken wings and the other day the kids wanted wings for dinner.... I could only eat 4..... took 2 sips from my husbands beer and I was done.
I tell him that I'm gonna be a super cheap date now.... He weren't complaining(LOL). BUT,
He is now starting to complaining on NOT HAVING SEX for sooooo looooooong like he puts it.... jeje
I tell him that I'm not ready and that I will wait for Dr's ok.... He said that my mouth ain't broken
( Wahhhhh) My poor husband.... I don't know what I would have done without him the first 2 weeks. Im glad he took that time off to be here with me.
If it was up to me, I would go 6 months with no sex.....
I still feel as if I will break in half at the incision..... And I DO NOT FEEL SEXY AT ALL !!!
WAAAHHHHHH ..... Thats my rant at 3 weeks ..... Hopefully next week I will feel better......
Baby steps.... I know..... Baby steps!!

Another Post Op Appt. Today .....

In 6 days (6/16) it will be a month since my TT.....
My Dr. said that I'm healing nicely and gave me the green light to start some light cardio..... Whatever my body can handle but nothing more than LIGHT CARDIO!!
He also gave me the GREEN LIGHT to have sex..... Yes, HAVE SEX AGAIN !!
My uterus and insides must have cringed with fear and probably ran away ...... LOL !!
In my mind I'm thinking..... How about 6 months from now?? What if I break?? What if I tear the muscle repair...... He said I would be fine ( HUGE FROWN )
All I saw was my husband smile from ear to ear...... HUGE SMILE !
You would think that after being together for 20 years..... That he would be tired of my kitty kat.
But..... I guess not !!
Almost 2 weeks into my TT, I developed an allergic reaction to the tape from the dressing over my incision...... I still have it, it is itchy all over and bothersome..... I also have burn marcs from the take, I was told to put cortizone over itchy red patches ( frowning)
I actually wanted to ask him how long I needed to wait to get my BB pierced...... Yes, I know...... It must be a mid life crisis !!
I WILL NOT be parading it around in public..... I PROMISE. After all, what would a 40 year old mother of 3 ( 19/17/9) look like showing off her recently pierced BB on a daily??? Not cute.
Its just for my own satisfaction.... I never had the belly for it and now I do...... So I will get it damn it..... Mid life crisis or not..... LOLOLOLOL!!!!

I was told to keep wearing my CG's until told otherwise.... (Thumbs down)
I finally started driving full time..... I felt like a lost puppy the first time I drove...... Super excited but yet lost !!
Not much else to report..... I will give it a try to fix myself up, and put on some lingerie tonight.... We shall see how it goes. Maybe I will have a stiff drink or 2 or 3 before to loosen up a little( cringing)
I know TMI ..... But we are all grown women here.
Have a great day my beautiful ladies......


So today I hit 2 months since getting my Tummy Tuck..... I must say that I am 100% satisfied with my results and my Doctor as well. I must add, I am still dealing with swelling at the end of the day and I HATE IT !!! It makes my abdominal skin so tight and it's very bothersome..... I haven't had my 2 month PO appt. yet, my Dr. went on vacation this week and I go on vacation next week. It has been scheduled for July 31..... I have not been given the green light to resume exercise, he has me on very light cardio and I STILL HAVE TO WEAR A CG 24/7
Mind you, we're going on a cruise and he said I can go without my CG just while in water.... Not long periods of time (WAhhhhh) !
My legs are flabby from not exercising them like I should be. On a positive note, I love wearing fitted shirts and maxi dresses..... My vaginal area is still swollen, I hope it goes down in size one day.... I hate looking as if I have a man package (not that extreme but you get the picture)
I will post pictures as soon as I can......
Take care my RS sistets


Its been 3 months since my TT Surgery, and I would say I am 90% satisfied with my results. I know right? You would think that after spending $8500.00 on a new belly I would be 100% happy with it. I dislike the fact that when I sit down I have a very small roll on my upper ab..... I read somewhere on here that its normal because a TT tightness is based on you standing up and being straight, you must have some elasticity in your skin in order to not be hunched forever..... my PS said the same thing. Maybe its just me, I don't know !!!
I also hate the fact that part of my scar is a bit too red and a bit raised, but no biggie.... I do love the fact that it can be covered with my thong.
Things I love...... I love being able to wear fitted shirts, something I was never able to do before.... I love how my husband thinks I look sexier after my surgery and he is now way hornier than before(TMI)
I had my 3 month PO Appt. this past week and I was given the green light to stop wearing my compression garment... YAY ME!!
You have no idea how much I HATED tbose things BUT, I find myself missing them from time to time ;(
I know, talk about a love hate relationship. My Dr. also said that I can go back to the gym now..... I will go back this coming monday. He also said to listen to my body when I start exercising again.
Let's see, what else??? OH~ we just got back from a cruise and I wore a 2 piece for THE FIRST TIME EVER!
Yes, you heard that right, best feeling ever. I will add some puctures right now so you guys can see my progress at 3 months. I dont see my PS until Nov. .... Kind of a weird feeling, you get used to being at your surgeons office LOL.
By the way...... I was also given the green light to get a belly button piercing..... 41st BDay coming up next week, so now you know what my gift to myself will be ;))))

About 3 and a half months Post Op

And I feel better than ever. My Birthday is coming up and I can honestly say this will be the best Birthday ever. I've never felt good about my body image but now I do. Yes, there are things that bother me a bit but, its nothing the gym cant fix. For example, my legs need major toning and firming, my booty needs some major squat therapy..... And my boobies need a make over. Which by the way, my Husband and I have already started to talk about boob sizes and we both agreed that we want big boobies ;))))
Porn star boobies !! Well, maybe not that extreme but, BIG / HUGE!! So, I might just get my B A sooner than expected. YAY ME!!!
Let me tell you my beautiful RS sisters, This past sumday I got my belly button pierced..... And I love it.
Something I was never able to do before. Its a great feeling I tell you!! I cant wait to hot the gym hard so that I can make my abs pop.
I'm gonna attach some before n after pics of my self.
Take care my beautiful sisters


The only time it should matter is if it's a yummy cheese or a delish wine. On that note, today I turn 41 and let me tell you..... It's a damn good feeling to feel comfortable in my own skin. I don't feel insecure, I don't have low self esteem...... I feel wonderful, I feel sexy. FORTY ONE AND FINE LIKE WINE !!!


It's been 7 months since my TT and I still cant believe it. MY BELLY IS FLAT AND I LOVEEEEEE IT !!! There are days that I wake up and just have to admire my stomach because it is still a bit surreal. I enjoy wearing fitted shirts, especially white ones. I will post pictures when I get a chance, my only concern is that my butt officially ran away ???????? BUT, hubby says that my next procedure will not be my boobies, it'll be a Brazilian Butt Lift..... I CAN'T WAIT. Other than that, there's not much to report.... I promise I will post some pictures a bit later.

NEW YEAR..... NEW BODY...... NEW ME !!!

BUT, still under construction. I am AMAZED at how much my body has changed since my surgery. I LOVEEE the way clothes fit me, needless to say, all my old clothes DO NOT FIT..... Not even my underwear fit. Good thing I've always hated underwear LOL. My only complaint is that I've officially LOST my butt. I will be starting a squat challenge next week.... Maybe that will help a bit :(. The holidays came and went and boy am I glad. Another thing that I'm happy for is that prior to surgery I was a size 12/14 and now I am a size 8..... I've never been a size 8, my goal is to get to a size 6. I will updating my profile whenever I get a chance, I will also upload some pictures. Take care my beautiful real self sisters!!

These pictures didn't upload....


Today I'm officially 11 months Post~Op..... And I still can't believe that this is my body now, I really enjoy wearing fitted clothes. I emptied out my closet and donated 80% of my clothes...... My body is still a work in progress, I had to freeze my gym membership due to unexpected circumstances but, I'm back at it again. My goal was to get my boobs done this year but, having 2 kids at Sac State Univ. and paying their tuition out of pocket, it's a no go for now. Their education comes first...... Mama will get her boobs done eventually. The most important thing was my TT and I got it already.......Victoria's Secret will do for now. I just bought the Shredz for Women so it can help me loose about 10 pounds that need to go and help me tone up as well. Other than that, there's not much to report, I will wait til next month to post pictures of my gym progress. I will post some today !! Take care my beautiful Real Self sisters...... MAY OUR ASSES GET FATTER AND OUR STOMACHS GET FLATTER ????????????


Hi Dolls...... It's been about 6 months since I last updated my profile. I must say that getting my Tummy Tuck done was the best decision ever, I love my body beyond words..... I believe I have gained about 4/5 pounds but I'm hitting the gym hard. I would like to loose about 15/20 pounds..... I wish I had the money to get my boobs done but, I have 2 kids at the local university and their tuition is all out of pocket because we don't qualify for any scholarships or aid ???? So my boobs will have to wait a bit longer ???????? I will post some pictures that I took this morning just so you guys can get an idea as to how I look almost a year and a half later. Take care dolls, if you are barely starting your journey, be patient..... Its a slow process, but the results are worth it.
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I had been contemplating on getting a Tummy Tuck for about 3/4 years..... Financial problems would always arise or I would not follow through. It wasn't until October of last year that I started taking it serious and with my husbands unconditional support, I started my journey. I went to numerous consultations, some with really good Dr.'s, some not so good and some were even with WORLD RENOWNED Dr.'s..... that charged up to $13,000 just for a TT. I wasn't gonna make a celebrity Dr. richer. Around the end of February I stumbled upon this page and I was amazed at all the reviews and profiles from everyone on here. Names of Dr's in my area started popping up and I continued my search. One Day, my Surgeons name showed up on the Dr's suggestion page and Dr Mabourakh's name was among the top plastic surgeons. He had NOT ONE bad review and that's when I knew my search was over. I scheduled my consultation, and the exact same day I scheduled my surgery date. My Dr. didn't make me feel uncomfortable, answered all my questions, made me feel at ease and never made me feel that my questions were dumb. It was easy to schedule my surgery because I had already been approved for financing. The staff was so delightful to work with..... The one I dealt with 90% of the time was Lidya. I would call her with many worries and questions and she would always take her time and put my mind at ease. The whole office staff was great...... I am now in the process of saving $$ for my Breast Augmentation and yes, it will be done by him as well. Thank you Dr. Mabourakh for allowing me to feel confident about myself and for allowing me to wear things that I could only dream about wearing before.

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