30 Years Old 5ft, 625 Cc Silicone Now Pregnant and Documenting my Journey - Folsom, CA

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So here's my story... I go my implants over a year...

So here's my story... I go my implants over a year ago. I am 5ft tall averaging 115 pounds with an athletic build of a body. Due to running a lot I lost a lot of weight and lost my boobs. I wanted a boost after my hard work and got breast augmentation. I was blessed with natural large boobs before and prior to my augmentation was a 32dd when I lost weight my breast deflated and sagged. My surgeon told me that because I had large boobs before I should go with a tad bit larger than what I was so trying on sizes I originally prob was a 500 cc from my eyes so I went with 625 gummy bear high profile silicone implants. A year later life happened and I'm now 6 months pregnant. I want to document my journey because I want to see my changes in my implants after I have my baby and plus not a lot of people have posted a post like this so I think it will help others. I currently am in a 34E bra and wearing sports bras day and night even to bed so I will post more in the future to see how this goes!

9 months pregnant implant review

So far I can say that my breasts have remained the same size and have not grown much larger. I have been continuing to wear sports bras all day and night only removing them when I shower. My implants are still sitting high so no sagging yet :)
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