Surgery Date Set for April 19, 2012 - Flushing, NY

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Hi, I have been reading reviews for two weeks now...

Hi, I have been reading reviews for two weeks now and decided to write my own. I am 38 and a divorced mother of two boys, ages 13 and 9. I am scheduled for a full tummy tuck and Liposuction on the flanks (love handles) on April 12. I have wanted a tummy tuck sonce after the birth of my first sone where I gained a considerable amount of weight....approx 100 pounds, a lot of it was due to water retention, but after child birth my stomach was never the same again. I am 5' 1" and my weight fluctuates from 122-132, I now weigh 125lbs. I was never a heavy girl, and have been self concious about my stomach for quite some time. l

I can't believe I am 17 days away from my surgery....

I can't believe I am 17 days away from my surgery. I am really nervous and keep reading post op posts and it seems that recovery really varies from person to person. I am really worried about being out of commision for an extended period of time. The Spring is my busy season my boys both play soccer and baseball and would really hate to miss many games. Also my ex husband will only be able to keep the boys will him for about 7 days. As for work I really hope not to miss to much of that either, since when I don't go to work I don't get paid.
Thinking about posting some before pics soon

I am almost 1 week away from surgery....scary...

I am almost 1 week away from surgery....scary stuff. All my blood work came in ok, so I am good to go for the 19th....

Down to the wire....thursday 4/19 at 8am

Down to the wire....thursday 4/19 at 8am

Ok, so tomorrow is the big day. I picked up my...

Ok, so tomorrow is the big day. I picked up my prescriptions and am going to have it filled today. I need to be at the Surgi Center at 7am., my surgery is scheduled for 8am. Does anyone have suggestions on what I need to have in the house as far as creams and food....I have been reading salitine crackers and palmers Cocoa butter lotion. Can anyone think of anyhing else?? I have a few books I plan on reading....Any Movie and or book reccomendations. I honestly hope I feel well enough to read and watch TV. It's going to kill me to have to be home for the next week. I am going to miss so many of my boys games, and the weather is getting so nice......I'm babbling now, cause i'm so damn nervous!!!!

I am annoyed because I updated twice, not sure why...

I am annoyed because I updated twice, not sure why it's not showing up. I am typing on the I pad not sure if that has anything to do with it. Anyhow it is Sunday and day 3 post op...the last few days were ok, painful but not totally unbearable. At least with the percocets I it was bearable. I am not draining too much and am not sure whether it's good or bad. I have yet to have a bowel movement but have passed gas, lol....the curtsy two days I spent in bed and on the couch....I Aldo had someone stay with me but she left last night. So today I managed to wah my hair in the sink, and sponge bathe....can't wait to take a shower! I go see my plastic surgeon tomorrow, hopefully all is well. My binder is on so tight it's starting to become irritable, I was old nit to take it off at all, that he will put a lighter one on tomorrow....well I guess that's all for now...I hope this update will post....have a good night everyone.

Its 10:08am, day 4 post op and am going to see my...

Its 10:08am, day 4 post op and am going to see my plastic surgeon at 1pm and I can't wait...this damn binder is on so tight I feel like I can't breathe, I can feel the bruises from the lipo and its bothering me. I am sitting at the kitchen table trying not to take a percocet, I would rather wait til I get home from doc. I'm hoping the Doctor tells me everything is going well, I'm a little nervous about going. Still No Bowel Movement!!!! Getting ansty and wondering will I ever be get back to my old self, I am really not liking staying indoors....and am missing my boys baseball and soccer games, a little bummed about that

I just got back from the plastic surgeon he said...

I just got back from the plastic surgeon he said things are looking good, one drain might be able to come out on Thursday and he will also take some stitches out of my belly button as well. He told me not to over do it but not to lie around in bed either. I went and bought extra strength Tylenol and milknof magnesia hopefully that will help.

Had a bowel movement, just thought I would

Had a bowel movement, just thought I would

5 Days post op and I may have overdid it a little...

5 Days post op and I may have overdid it a little today, I did some light laundry and took a spong bath and washed my hair, the area where my drains are are hurting today, I am going back to see the doctor on thursday, hopefully he will give me a clean bill of health and take at least one drain out. I am really missing my kids, they r staying with my ex husband, and single dome is taking it's toll on me today, am feeling a little lonely...I am hoping that my future flat tummy will make all these feelings go away. I had two BM yesterday so that was good. I'm off the percocets, I'm taking extra strength soon as I am up to it, I will be posting some before pics, so u cn all see how gross my tummy was, lol

Can anyone recommend a certain spans that I should...

Can anyone recommend a certain spans that I should purchase,? I never realized there were so many

I meant to say spans...Spans, I need to purchase a...

I meant to say spans...Spans, I need to purchase a pair

SPANX Damn auto type

SPANX Damn auto type

8 days post op....went to the Doctor yesterday and...

8 days post op....went to the Doctor yesterday and he took the drains out...OH what a weird uncomfortable feeling that was...thank God iit only lasted five seconds. He took some stitches out from my belly button and said everything is going well. I can shower thank God....the sponge baths were not cutting it. He told mew to o take it easy and not to over do it. Well I did take a walk to the supermarket today to get some milk and bread and by the time I got back I was done, so now I will be resting for the rest of the night. I feel good just uncomfortable at times and it is a little difficult for me to to get out of my reclining chair if I have been sitting in it for awhile. I have not laid in bed during the day since when I wake up in the morning it takes some time for me to get out of bed. I am still walking slightly hunched over and only because it is more comfortable to walk that way. I will post as my before pics as soon as I find the cords for my camera...have a good night ladies :))

8 days post op ----continued. I took my first...

8 days post op ----continued. I took my first shower in a week, oh that sounds was weird taking the binder off and seeing myself in the mirror for the first time. I am a little swollen especially in the lower abdomen area, but am very pleased with my flat tummy, and the wrinkles of stretched skin are gone. I will say that my tummy is very very sensitive to the touch...that even when the water from the shower hit it, it was a weird sensation. I am hoping that it's all normal and will go away with time as I heal. I was also worried that I wouldnt be able to get the binder on as tight as the Doctor did, but that was no problem either. Well good night everyone, or good morning rather

Day 14 post op....May 3rd I am feeling good, I...

Day 14 post op....May 3rd

I am feeling good, I can't complain I am able to get in and out of bed without my step stool. I am walking slightly hunched over today where yesterday I wasn't. Not sure whats up with that but I go to see the doctor today and will ask him. Today is actually two weeks since I got my surgery done and I am happy with the results already. I sort of overdid myself this past weekend though. I went to my boys baseball games and that might have been too much for me. I unfortunately went back to work on Tuesday for financial reasons, so I find that I wake up feeling really good, but by the time I go to bed I am swollen. The binder is soo annoying, it itches pulls on my skin, is so tight that it makes marks on my skin. Sometimes, like right this very moment it feels so tight it is uncomfortable to breathe. I am hoping I will be able to wear some type of spanx by next week. One very important thing....I love looking in the mirror again....So far so good, the doctor did an amazing job . I am not in so much pain, its just uncomfortable and am in slight pain when I get up from my chair or bed or sit in a chair or bed. Well I guess thats it. I havent posted the pictures because my computer was acting up, hopefull by this weekend

Day 18 post op May 7th All is sooo WELL. I...

Day 18 post op May 7th

All is sooo WELL. I went to see my Doctor on Thursday, he said I can start using a compression gamrent like Spanx. My tummy is looking so good. So far I am very pleased with the results. I am very happy. He took the stitches out and told me to moisturize the area. Friday was the first day that I really started feeling like my old self. I mean I can jump rope but I am feeling soo good. I am still swollen right belowmy naval to my pubic area....I am hoping that it wont take more than a few months for that swelling to go down. I have a question for any ladies out there that are reading my updates. I went on the spanx website and am confused on what to purchase. Any suggestions??? also what lotion would you recommend. I heard Aquaphor or Vitamin E oil???

Day 26 post op.....I havent posted in a while...

Day 26 post op.....I havent posted in a while because I have been feeling so good, I have been out and about. I really feel like my old self again. It only slightly hurts when I cough or sneeze. I still have been taking ti easy lifting. I havent been doing any sort of excersisees just going to my kids games, and work, and other daily errands. I bought a pair of spanx, but I also bought something that Birkshire makes its a girdle sort that fits right below your bra and goes down to right above the knee. I purchase it from a hoisery store and I think that it holds your tummy in a little better than spanx and it was much cheaper....$8.00 compared to $35. and they wash very well too. I havent taken any after pictures yet, since I am still slightly swollen, and i have yet to upload the before pictures. I am a procrastinator....but will try to post some pics soon. Happy Healing ladies, and hope you all had a Happy Mothers Day!
New York Plastic Surgeon

So far I would have to give him 4 stars. His consultation was very imformative. By the time he was done he pretty much answered all my questions. I had gone to him last year for the removal of some moles on my face, and was pleased. He did not sugar coat anything and I fell he was honest. Time will tell

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