23yrs Old, No Kids! Reduced fr 38DDD+ to B/C

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Googling before and after pic of reduction surgery...

Googling before and after pic of reduction surgery and came across this website. I've read a lot of reviews and comments on here and everyone is so supportive. Glad I joined this community. I've wanted a reduction since I was a teen but never followed through with it because I was embarrassed. About 6 month is ago my PCP recommended that I look into a reduction, after years of neck and back pain and failed results of physical therapy. My 1st attempt going through insurance was denied because my PS was not affiliated with their hospital of choice. Now back to square one, my PCP recommended me to another PS (Dr Kraft). My consult was very pleasing he said he would try to get me down to a C from a 38DDD+ (which I know I'm probably bigger). HOW AWESOME? :) Two weeks ago I got my APPROVAL letter from my insurance company. Excited much LOL. My reconsult is Sept 19th and my SURGERY is schedule for Sept 29th. Pray for me :)

Boobzilla (Before)

Completely forgot I haven't uploaded any pics to my review. Now you can have a visual of what I have to deal with EVERYDAY.


Last night I had the weirdest dream. It all came about after going over bad reviews on here. I dreamt I went ahead with the reduction and the whole process went by pretty quick. I wasn't allowed to see my girls after the PS was done. He bandaged me down an told me to come back for follow up in 3 days. When I returned to his office an he took the bandages off I was LOPSIDED :'( My nipples were pretty small (which I liked) but one was sitting way higher than the other. It freaked me out quite a bit but my PS assured me it could be fixed. He wrapped me back up an send me home. Before bed I took the bandaged off for another look (against my PS orders). I was complely terrified. I cried for hours in regret. Frustrated, i took every pill that was prescribed to me. I just wanted all the pain an my ugly looking boobs to go away. Minutes later I passed out. I woke up in the ER with blood everywhere an all my breast tissue were exposed. The nurse explained that they had found me unconscious, FACED DOWN!!!! I woke up from my dream washed with sweat and feeling my boobs to make sure they were still there, the huge ugly ones I have now that is. Even there are better than the ones in my dream :(

P.S sorry for the looooong story. I just had to share. Can I plzzzzz get to the other side already?????

Re Consult, not exactly what i was expecting......but....

Today (Thursday 9/18/14) I went for my reconsult. Well, where do I begin?? When I was buzzed in to the office I was greated by Marlice. Very warm an friendly, as always. My appt was at 6:15PM and I turned up 5mins late. My Bad lol. There were three ppl ahead of me including one already in w/ Dr Kraft. Everyone looked tired and sleepy, including staff. I signed in, then i was given a 4 page paper of everything i need to know for the day of my sx and post op. At approx 7:10PM it was my turn and i was called in. 6:20PM to 7:10PM you do the math! After entering the room, I changed into a blue gown and waited some more :( By the time my PS walked in I could tell he was drained and eager for all of this to be over so we all could go home. He greeted me an sat down. He went over all the old notes and asked if I understood everything in the packet I got from the front desk. I said YES. He also asked if I made a final decision of wat size I expect to be Post Op. I told him a C and he had the look like " you better had said a C" and chuckled, then wrote it down. Told me he would try but its not guaranteed, yaddy yadda! He told me they would call me from the hospital for pre screen blood work an urine sample and give me a time to show up for sx. Hetook his final Post Op pics and asked if I had and questions. I said NO being shy and that was the end of that. Right before he walked out the room, in the middle of getting dressed, I ask for one final request. That was to make me full enough for a C cup but not too much for a D cup and to remove enough tissue so that the bottom of my boob doesn't touch on my stomach! AT ALL!! NOT EVEN A LIL!!! To my surprise he grabbed by right boob, lifting it up saying " the whole purpose of the reduction is to make them smaller while giving you a little lift." I smiled but i was kinda embarrassed LOL. The End.

The night before sx....

I have surgery in 6hrs and still haven't slept; Doubt I'll fall asleep anytime soon. Guess I'll be pulling an all nighter. I could sleep while under anastesia or during recovery lol. Yesterday I picked up a few items at walmart althou my PS told me I didnt need anything. My PS uses the ace bandages and drains (bummer) so I won't need the compression bra. I also picked up baby wipes, cough drops, arnica gel, neosporin, pillows, dial soap, button down pjs and a sport bra. Can't say I'm not anxious or scared but my hubby and family keep reassuring me that God is on my side. I've had a few minor issues with my PS regarding my final outcome but I'm hoping for the best. Hopefully I wake up as small as I want and with no complications. I would hate to have to get a revision an go through this whole process again. Not much to say. I have to be at the hospital @ 6am. Will take my last an final shower @ 4 or prob 4:30 then start getting ready to make my way to the hospital. Its about 30 to 40 mins commute. I will be driving there to take some of the pressure off my hubby so he can get some rest. I should be able to be escorted out once I'm stable after my sx and able to walk on my own.

P.S - Can't wait to meet my new girls! :)

The othe side.......!!

Ladies I survived. I made it to the other side :) I can honestly say I'm loving every minute of if; even the pain! Its all part of the healing process. I was pretty doped up but its all wearing off. Now I'm on oxy n antibiotics. I have ace bandages so I don't get to see wat I look like but boy can I tell you, these drains are a pain in the ass!!!! That's the only place that hurts an is a Lil uncomfortable for me. I'm gonna get a couple more he's rest because my support team an I been up since 4am. Still keeping my fingers crosses. Keeping an open mind for the big reveal. I can already see the difference! I purposely wore my button down denim top as previously worn with the first two notches unbuttoned (beyond my control). Now it fits perfectly with all my bandages; I can only imagine the final results. RiP #BOOBZILLAAAA and help me welcome my new "baby" girls!

Day 3 ( Two days after my sx)

I AM SUPER EXCITED AS I HAVE MY BIG REVEAL TOMORROW. I haven't experienced any pain just minor discomfort where the drains exits the boobs. I do take my meds on time because I have a low tolerance to pain an I deff don't want an infection. I cannot fall asleep on my back so I alternate between sides. Somehow its not painful because of the padding under my bandage. I took a couple peeks an the shape an position of my nipple looks lovely :) Yet to see incisions as they are covered with tape. Another update about the meds. You gotta be really careful (or maybe its just me) because they make me hear and visualize things that are nonexistent lol. I woke up last night crying because the house was in darkness an I couldn't find anyone. I felt so alone :'( even thou my mom an hubby were right by my side.... I know weird lol. I walk around the house sometimes but I get lots of rest. I also during lots of fluid and take stool softeners in fear of constipation. Overall great experience...tomorrow yall can be the judge!

Big Reveal && Drain Removal

Ttoday I had my drains removed. Surprisingly it didn't hurt, even thou he had to clip some stiches. I also for the 1st time got to see wat my boobs look like. The nipple placement is awesome and the size is phenomenal. Its only been a few days but I can honestly say I LOVEEEEEEE my breast. They are so small an perky. My PS said he took way more than a 1000gr from each boo. That's over 5lbs of weight lifted off my shoulders :) I'm in a happy place right now. I cannot thank him enough!!!! He said I should get a front closure sports bra and wear it 24/7. They are a full C now but still very swollen; so I will be leaning towards a small C or possibly a B when they settle down.

GOD is good.!!

Comparison pic

1st Head to Toe Shower (1 Week Update)

All is going well. No pain so I been off the oxycodone for a few days. Antibiotics were only a 5 day supply with no refills. I was also given a suppository for constipation & nausea; it is also an antipsychotic drug lol. The nausea patch I had behind my ear the day of surgery, somehow can lose an fell off without my knowledge. As for my shower; it was EVERYTHINGGGG :) I could've handle it idk why I was nervous about it. I had my hubby in the bathroom in case I needed extra assistance. The whole time I had one arm under both boob fearing a stitch would come lose ruing the shape of my breasts. After my shower, my mom helped me to dry the steri strips and put a lil padding on my nipples and at the end of my incisions on my side. The doc recommend me wearing a sports bra 24/7 except for showering and I will live by this. I would hate to have them sagging again or lose their shape. I'm feeling good. I'm moving around more, even helped cook Sunday dinner. When I wake up again I will go for a walk, nothing strenuous. I'll continue doing this. Use my feet more and hands less. I'll try not to do so much around the house & for myself and just rest. Besides, I have more than enough help.


Made two weeks yesterday!

Just a quick update, progress coming along pretty good. The form of my breasts are still round and perky, no bottoming out. Still have my stitches in. I get them removed on Thursday. Drain sites are still pretty tender and pouty. Left boob & areola healing, right not so much :( This is the slightly bigger boob. The top of right areola incision is oozing and sticky. The skin is pealing and so is nipple. Hoping i get the pigmentation back :( I havent got back sensation in this nipple yet either & the side of boobs is still numb. All in all, my journey has been a good one aside from these minor set backs. Its kinda depressing and I cry about it but such is life. I see my PS in two days so hopefully he can be of much needed help.

Areola Peeling

The party of my areola that looked blistered/burned has peeled off after my shower, now I can see flesh! #FixItJesus

Follow Up

I got my stitches removed, finally. These were the worst part post op on my part. They poked with every turn, esp bedtime...super ANNOYING !!! I was concerned about my areola and nipple peeling but my PS wasn't. He said its perfectly normal after a reduction. However he did cut a piece of flesh on the right areola to let it bleed. This shows sign that the nipple has a good source of blood supply. He also said to wash them 2x daily and keep them covered with ointment and gauze till he sees me in another week. Things are looking up so hopefully next visit I will see improvement in the healing process. As for pigmentation, he said there's a high chance I may regain some of the original color, if not all. If this does not happen..........well, I haven't thought that far lol..... Just praying for a satisfactory recovery!

My sx changed my life

New Woman.... Can you tell im happy?

Before & After

I went from a 38DDD+ bra to wearing an amazing 36C. This was my initial goal but i wish i had went smaller. This is the only regret I have aside from waiting this long to have the procedure done. Now I am free of backaches, headaches and the nasty indents from the bra straps on my shoulders! How ever, I still suffer from bad posture but I am taking corrective measures to repair this.

How i spent my Thanksgiving

This was the 1st time the entire family saw me since surgery. Everyone was amazed at what I look like post op. Thank you Dr Kraft.
New York Plastic Surgeon

My experience with my PS was amazing! He is not at all friendly or humorous but he KNOWS HIS STUFF. That title of "Top Doctor" is very deserving. My process went by pretty fast. One week I was in consult and few weeks after I was in the approval process. My sx went well. No complications or horrific scars. I'm loving my results as he exceeded my expectations. His staff is very friendly, polite and knowledgeable. I would do this process all over again.

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