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Hi everyone. If you are anything like me- I enjoy...

Hi everyone. If you are anything like me- I enjoy looking GOOD! Im a African American 28 year old female who was ready for a CHANGE. I had my TT on 3/5/2013 in Jackson, MS. I got a TT because I have 2 children- 12,3- and my belly was sitting in my lap =). I felt ok with my appearance (wearing gridles) but I want my high school body back 5'7- 140pds. I am tried of wearing uncomfortable gridles everywhere I go- they push my breast up and I hate that =(. I've spent alot of money on shapewear to find myself still feeling self conscious when I take them off.

I am 2 week post op today and I love the results so far! I am still very swollen but love the results! My goal was to have a hour glass figure and I feel that I'm almost there- yay! The still feel uncomfortable due to the tightness in my stomach area. Everything is healing rather quickly. My scar is thin and very low- hip to hip. As of today 3/20, I am able to stand/walk upright. I was unable to last week =(. It still hurts to cough/laugh =(! I returned to work two days ago and I feel fine. I sit at a desk for 8 hours so its ok to return to work if you are not doing alot of moving. The only thing I can say is : TRY IT LADIES! Im pleased after 2weeks! Im very swollen but still see the difference. People would tell me- Just exercise- no ladies, in my opinion, you can exercise all day everyday and still have the BABY FLAP. Trust me- I Know! Some of my stretch marks are still here. Im using cocoa butter (Queen Helene). Ladies, please do not be afraid to invest in yourself! My 12 year motivates me with positive words. She'S contantly behind me monitoring what I eat =).

Ladies- DO SOMETHING FOr yourselF- invest in you!!! =)

Day 18- Wk2 I made a huge mistake today! I...

Day 18- Wk2

I made a huge mistake today! I have been wearing, sports wear, since my TT and today I wante to be cute. I am wearing jeans, blazer, tank, heels (no binder) Huge MISTAKE. I felt like i was about to POP about an hour ago! Now I am at my desk-as u all know, I returned to wk on Monday (2wks PO-TT) with my binder on, heels off, jeans unbotton =0. I feel so swollen! The swelling occurs at the drop of a dime =(! I am so ready for a FULL recovery- I want to wear regular clothes. Are you all feeling comfortable in regular clothes?

Well Im feeling like my swelling is going down and...

Well Im feeling like my swelling is going down and I'm still a little (rounded#. I do not know if my PS took off enough skin or if my tummy is still swollen #Skin is soft#. I am hoping that I do not have to go back for liposuction- this stuff is expensive =#. Any advice ladies?

Well, today has been very depressing for me. I...

Well, today has been very depressing for me. I feel like I'm going to have to have a TT revision. I truly cannot afford any more procedures at this time. No one told me that this could happen. I saved for 3 years to pay for this procedure! I thought having this procedure done would make me feel better. I felt better the first 2 weeks because I had wishful thoughts (seeing what's actually not there). I'm at a point where I feel that I should have gone out of town to have my procedure done. I wanted to be closer to home to relax after the procedure. I'm hoping my PS can tell me something more than (wait for the swelling to stop)! I was on the tiolet last night and I couldnt see my cooch =(. I was like omg! I've paid thousands of dollars to see it daily and still can't. I am dieting now but still want my tummy to be flat. I've compared my tummy to several of the posted pics at 3wk post op- they have much smaller stomachs. I still have poor waist proportion (as before), bulging abdominal appearance (as before). My skin is soft and flabby (flank area) hard (from swelling) in my lower ab area. Any suggestions ladies???

Well today I am 4 weeks post opp and I saw my...

well today I am 4 weeks post opp and I saw my doctor today. He said I'm still very swollen and to take it slow. I asked about my fat areas on the side, he said t hat the liposuction couldn't remove all of the fat....ugh-really?? to wait until the swelling goes down to see the I guess I will have to wait months from now to know if I have the results I want. I still love my PS for what has been done so far. My scar is low & healing well! so I'm pleased as of now!

4 week post op pictures are being posted- Swell...

4 week post op pictures are being posted- Swell hell isn't going anywhere so I have to work with it-ugh. Some days are better than others, I do not regret having the TT- Yay!

6 Weeks Post Op and I Feel great! I am still...

6 Weeks Post Op and I Feel great! I am still concerned with the area the drains came out of but Im overrall ok. I think that after the swelling is completely gone, I will be FINE again..=)... Now its time to start back exercising. Any suggestions ladies for back fat- no lipo on this area. I want to get everything back in place.

Well ladies, I am finally back at the gym- cardio...

Well ladies, I am finally back at the gym- cardio only. Yay!!!!

Ok ladies, so I tried to get sexy for the hubby...

Ok ladies, so I tried to get sexy for the hubby last night. Pics posted- and before I finished practicing my performance- SWELL HELL- kicked in. My suit was sooooooo tight, I felt like a balloon with too much air in it (pop)! I felt sexy for five minute! I am so sick of swelling up plus the two side areas are still fat- I think Im going to discuss this with my PS. No loving for the hubby- Swell hell is killing me. =)

Hi ladies, I just felt like taking pictures last...

Hi ladies, I just felt like taking pictures last night so view my photos and tell me what you all think....=)... 7 wks post op and I am feeling well. Yay! no complains (other than the fat love handles but this will be discussed with my PS (next visit 5/8/13) =)...

More pictures added today ladies... view and give...

More pictures added today ladies... view and give me your opinions





Ok. I cannot add any more pics because my computer...

Ok. I cannot add any more pics because my computer is going crazy- ugh.

Hi ladies. Im 8 weeks post op and I am amazed at...

Hi ladies. Im 8 weeks post op and I am amazed at how rapidly Im healing. I am still swelling but I can see my final results coming (mornings). I am still concerned with my jiggly side fat- I will discuss this with my PS soon- hopefully we can resolve this problem b4 I completely heal. I am exercising regularly and eating right (no time to waste money). Question for you ladies: is it to early for me to do crunches? I have been doing 100 (40pds) 3 days per week at our company's gym. Plus I have started back using my contour belt I purchased after having my son (4yrs ago). lol- I wish some1 would have told me that my muscles were loss from pregnancies and I needed a TT =(... Live and Learn =).. Now that I have my TT, Im wondering if it is safe to use my Contour belt (this thing is amazing). My muscles are very tight! Share your thoughts.

Well, yesterday I went to see my PS and he didnt...

Well, yesterday I went to see my PS and he didnt exactly say what I wanted to hear. He told me there was no way poosible to remove the fat with liposuction while doing the full tummy tuck. He said that most women return after the tummy tuck to have liposuction in their stomach area. Huh!?--- I actually thought that a full tummy tuck (7k) would take care of everything as far as losing the pear shape- and the lap over my vagina area-- he said that everyone is left with fat after a TT in that area. My sides stick out causing me to look rounded. Ladies, did your PS tell you all the same? I have been looking at pics of other ladies and they have a contoured waistline. So now I have to go back- at a discounted rate- and get liposuction 2 make my stomach flatter-wth! I really can't afford it! I saved for 4 years to have this procedure and now I'm left with having to spend more on the results I was suppose to have at 1st! I am on a strict diet and exercising so maybe this will help me. I still hate the fact my sides are fat and giggly. I feel like I did not invest my money well bc of the results I have. =(.. Look at my new photots ladies....pic10, 11

I am so disappointed! I received a quote today for...

I am so disappointed! I received a quote today for $2900 to have lipo of my flanks done... Im guessing this is the discounted price my PS said I would receive since he couldn't lipo the area during the TT. I feel so bad today because I just paid 7k and I do not know where I am going to get $2900 for another procedure! I clearly thought that I would have the shape I wanted after the procedure. Instead I am left with puffy love handles that makes my results look the same-ugh!!! I thought it was swollen but its actually fat. I feel so disappointed. I no longer have the flap in the front for dang- I wanted a contoured waist line. Im lost at this point because I feel like more lipo (flanks)should have been done during my TT.

I am dieting and exercising but the love handles arent going anywhere..... This is bull! =(


Hello ladies! I am feeling so good at 15wks post op. Im losing weight and my swelling isn't as bad as it was in the beginning. Ive lost 10 pounds (start) and I feel much better about my appearance. I was wearing a sz. 12 now I am wearing a 9- Yay! My daugther told me that my personality is changing because all I want to do is go to the gym and snap pictures. Ladies, I truly feel good! Im loving the skin I am in today! I am still thinking about seeing another surgeon to lipo my flanks to give me a hour glass figure- I wish it would have been done at 1st but oh well..... Im waiting to see my full results!! ;))))..... new pics included

16 wk update

Well, today Im feeling good and relaxed. My swelling is subsiding and I am happy with it! I had to wear my binder on monday because I felt like I was about to pop (cokes)! Now everything is going down and Im ok. I had to find the silly thing bc I never wear it. I stopped wearing my binder at 12weeks. It is too hot in MS to wear this thing lol. Wish me luck ladies- I still want my flanks lipoed so now I have to start saving my money =)..

3 months post op

hi- ladies... Just wanted you all to see my progress. Pictures posted. I feel amazing. Flanks are big and jiggly but im ok. I need a loan to get this fixed! =(

3 Month Post op

4 months post op

well, im 4 months post op and im searching for another ps to give me the body I want! I am still experiencing swelling ,& I no longer wear my garment, too hot...everybody tell me I look great but I still do not have a flat stomach, better than what it was....flanks look huge which make me have a pear shape n certain clothing..everything is still flabby after 4 months..I am waiting to see how I look after d swelling is gone....:(

almost 5 months post op

feeling some kind of way tonight ugh....making arrangements to see another ps

4 Months Post Op- I feel Horrible

Hi every1. I am 4 months post op and I feel horrible. I still have to wear a gridle to give me the shape I want (body magic). I spent 7k to not have to wear this garment-smh.... I cant wait until I save enough money to get back on the table. I am so disappointed at this point. I am still swelling in certain areas (flanks are FAT). I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I haven't been back to my PS because after receiving a NEW estimate to do what wasn't done in the beginning, I really do not want to be disappointed again. Great guy but his work isn't the best. =( I am so lost at this point every1....

New Pics

4 months post op

6months post op

still have a pear shape....not satisfied at this ps saw my pictures today and wants to schedule an appointment.. im very skeptical because the last time I was there, he gave me a quote for $3900 to get Lipo...huh??? this was included in my full tt...flanks are making me depressed....pear shape

How Rude

I asked the doctors on this website about revision cost.....rude lady! :(... Im guessing if ps promise us (b4 paying) the realistic goal (given pictures) that we will have afterwards and we do not get them-u are expecting free surgery! really doctors???!! I am exactly

8 Months Post Op

Greetings, well I'm 8 months post op and I feel much better! I am still going through SWELL HELL so do not expect this 2 change (pre-op ppl) =). I am still not satisfied with my flanks but I have found a solution (corset training). I haven't lost any weight nor gain any. I love my wide hips so I'm afraid of losing them with the weight (crazy me). I rather have a hour glass figure. I'm still thinking about going back to have my flanks lipoed to give me the shape I want. Everybody is saying IM FINE but I want my jiggly flanks gone asap (by next summer) so now I'm saving my pennies again. I bought a new ride 2 go with my new body so it may take longer for the pennies to add up. Wish me well ladies- until next time ( i will try to post pics soon).

Almost 9 months post op- YAY

Hi- Im feeling ok with my tummy tuck now- my xorset training is going well and I am losing inches. Wish me luck ladies

1 Year Post Op

Well ladies, here I am... still dreaming of having my dream body after a year later. Ive lost 20 pounds since my TT and still have loose skin and fat flanks (my PS first said it was swelling-(6months later) -2nd, I had to lose weight to see my results- 3rd, to pay 3500 for revision. All in all, im staying positive but want you all to do your research on your PS. Hes a great guy but my goals were not met (no fault of mines) ....

1 yr post op

Tell me what u think.....swell hell still exist after a year ladies

16 Months Post Op

I have lost 15 pounds since having my TT last year ( I guess my doctor was wrong about the results I shouls see after losing weight) I still swell after 16 months. I am saving my pennies to go to Dr. Curves to improve my results. I am so scared because I thought my 1st PS would be my last. I am disappointed in my doctor but oh well. I still have the pear shape.

2 Years Post -Op

Hello everyone, I've realized its been 2 years since I've had my TT. Am I pleased with my results- yes & no. Yes because my tummy look flatter than what it was. No because I was lied to by my PS- 1st i was told to wait until the swelling subsidies to see my results, 2nd-to lose weight to see my results (I've lost weight), 3th to have revision surgery. After I was given a quote for revision surgery-i never returned to my PS. I feel like should have made a better investment in myself. I found a doctor in Atlanta, Dr. Curves, and his work is. Amazing! I am saving my pennies again to get rid of my pear shape. Exercise is not doing it for me...I continue to exercise for my health (job requirement also). All n all ladies make sure you do not end up feeling what I feel two years after PS. I feel beautiful until I take my clothes off and look at my shark bite(scar) & stubborn flanks lol. My hour glass figure will have to wait (my motherly duties & obligations are calling-no money to waste for bad results...Ask your PS to be open/honest about your expected results-take dream pics to your appointment--ask questions and go with your gut instincts. ..I should have after following these steps.....enjoy your day

2 Years After My TT

Well, it has been 2 years since I've had my TT (3/5/2013) and it look the same after losing weight (My doctor said I had to lose weight to see my results). I feel very sexy but still want to see another doctor for revision. I have Dr. Curves in mind but can't afford his expensive price. I really wish I would gone to him in the first place but knew nothing about him. I feel so betrayed by my PS because I showed him pictures of what I expected and he said he could give me those results- LIE! It was Nothing unrealistic..- I was happy with myself before the procedure. As of today, my scar is still thick and I still have to wear/buy expensive garments (after losing the weight he recommended to see my results). I do not swell anymore- yay- so ladies that will not last forever. My love handles are still there as they appear in the photo after my TT (Doctor claimed it was swelling) All-in-all, ladies do your homework. I loved my PS welcoming attitude but I wish he would referred me to another doctor if he couldn't give me the realistic results I wanted. =)

4 years later

Hello. 4 years later and I am still considering going back to have ps. This time I will make sure I cross my Ts????

No Improvement

Years later after losing weight my TT still look the same (plus exercising and dieting). I recommend everyone not to waste their money here. I am now planning to see Dr. Manon (DR) or Dr. Curves to snatch my waist and give me a makeover. I truly wish I would have stepped out of my comfort zone to see another doctor. I wanted to be closer to home because of the discomfort. But what I truly hate is going through the severe pain and discomfort for nothing. I knew from Day 1 it was not simply just swelling ( as I was told). After 6 months, the swelling went down and I looked the same.

Ladies, be careful who you trust to do your procedures.
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