TT with Muscle Plication - Flowood, MS

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Had a full TT with muscle plication 6/10/13. Payed...

Had a full TT with muscle plication 6/10/13. Payed for full TT with plication and lipo to flanks but doc said I didn't need flanks done. I have been so depressed behind this surgery. My stomach is still protruded like I'm 6m pregnant plus I have love handles. I gave my concerns to doc and he said I have to fix it myself. I have to suck my stomach in just to have a flat stomach in my clothes but my sides hang over my clothes. A real waste of money and time. My bf says it looks like he did nothing but cut off the little lose shin I had at bottom. It's sad. Then doc say I gotta fix it myself. So what did I pay him for!!!! Had Pam done on breast also they are fine but the TT was not good at all. I'm 5'6 , 150 lbs. and he made me feel like I didn't know any better by telling me to fix something that I payed him my hard earned money for!!!!! I emailed runnels center and based my concerns and his asst. say voice my concerns cause he want to please me but he wasn't trying to hear my concerns cause every time i said something he'd just say " well u gotta fix that yourself!!!! Not caring at all!!!! Then he asked to suck my stomach in and he said " looks nice and flat". I know I'm not crazy but I shouldn't have to suck stomach in to have a nice flat stomach. He made me feel like I was ignorant !!!!!! Hoping he will fix problems !!!!!

TT w muscle plication 6months post op

More pics of TT with muscle plication.

TT appt

Doc listened to my concerns. Looked at me again and said he will do a revision. Hope everything goes well this time around. Will post new pic after revision


Had questions about previous weight. I was not a weight loss patient. Before surgery I weighed 152lbs and I stand 5'6!!!! I'm 32yrs old. Never been big just had children and a lot of lose skin. And that's the only thing he removed was the skin at the bottom.


Still waiting till day of surgery. Will post pic of revision


haven't been here in a while.... went back for revision... nothing changed to me... I was told I got lipo to flanks but there wasn't a bandage covering an incision or anything,,,,, im sure I didn't get lipo.... im now looking to find another surgeon but not in Mississippi.....Florida maybe... ive been so depressed behind spending almost 12,000 to look the way I do!!!! to be continued..........
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Didn't listen to my concerns. When I told him his ONLY reply was " you gotta fix it"" and he asked to suck stomach in and he said " yes!!!! Nice and flat"!!!!! Doc going in again to revise 12-11-13. Hope to get better results

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