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I am a 40 year old African American female with no...

I am a 40 year old African American female with no children and dating. I have seriously been contemplating have a Tummy Tuck procedure for over a year. I am no different than most women only thing different my weight didn’t come from child baring or some massive surgery. I just started to gain weight over the years and I never really understood why because I wasn’t eating maybe once a day most times. I can imagine every woman has something that they would like to improve on themselves some they learn to live with the defaults, some work on changing them and other pay to have them change. For me I think that I want to feel good about myself and with all the money I have spent on weight programs, camps, and gyms in my mind I have paid for this surgery once already?.

Being an only child of deceased parents, this was a major decision for me as with most women/men and one I didn’t take lightly at all. I have seen my internal medicine doctor along with my OBGYN to get a clearance on my health. With many recommendations I have entrusted my surgery to Dr. Devi Mans Manisundarm with Face & Body Plastic Surgery Center, patients call him Dr.Mani for short. When I arrived for my consultation I was very nervous and wasn’t sure what he would say about someone of my caliber and size. I say that because I find that I am embarrassed when I tell someone that I actively work out and I want to be a personal trainer. So I was hoping that he would receive me with kind words. He was wonderful he did tell me I was a good candidate for an Adominalplasty but he would suggest I lose the desire weight before having the surgery. I told him I would give myself three months to drop some weight but I advised him I would not be as successful to lose the weight I wanted to loose and he understood as I explain all my work out activities. He has agreed to do the surgery at my present weight and that I could continue to work out; however, if I lose any significant amount of weight after the surgery I may have to have a revision.

I have been actively working out for several years and my result doesn’t match my work out. I have dedicated my spare time to the gym, boot camps or walking trails. For me it had been hard for me emotionally because in my work out especially when here I still sit at a healthy weight of 200+ pounds. I have done Jenny and Weight Watchers and I have lost weight with those programs but still no any significant in the areas I am reaching to see results (tummy/breast). When making the decision I was having to make a choice between breast and tummy. Well the TUMMY won, I can live with big boobs hey people are paying for these buggers. I take a small waist line over any other elective surgery.

Well now that I am on the countdown I have found my time is consume with talking TT talk. I am either on RS web or YouTube reading and following some of the ladies. I have gather a lot of questions along the way to take back with me on my pre-op on May1. I will have my surgery Marked for May8.
I hope that I can gain as much support from this site as others have. Some of you all look great.
Bye for now TT friends.

I have started talking about my tummy tuck and I...

I have started talking about my tummy tuck and I can say I have well received. My significant other seems excited, he asked about my weight lose surgery. I had to remind him it is not a weight lose surgery but a contour. He said for him it will be weight loss because he believes the biggest on me is my stomach and thinks I will be surprise to see my results. Um no I think he will be surprised because he will see these hips no one new I had lol

I have started to share my surgery information and...

I have started to share my surgery information and I am very excited and still very nervous. One of my girlfriends has never been vocal about it although she didn’t appear to be disapproving. She knows all the work out we do together and she asked did I not think my stomach would go down eventually like the contestants on Biggest Loser. Um suga baby I been active over 3+ years has it gone ANYWHERE…… Well I told her if she wasn’t interested in TT talk than we couldn’t talk (joke). We continue window shopping and in the ladies restroom I let her view my stomach and she acted surprised that my stomach was as big as it is because it is hiden well in clothes. Well after a long conversation on TT I shared the stories and pictures on RS and she was in love with the results. She said she thinks I will be small as she is once the swelling goes down. I didn’t know if I should have been offended but I let it ride. She is not all that small she is probably 175-185 and she does have a very small waist line but a small stomach. I would live with her body but hey since I can’t get it exercises I will get it under the knife

Yesterday I decided to pre-pay for my surgery...

Yesterday I decided to pre-pay for my surgery although they do not require you pay 10 days prior to surgery. I paid them because I didn't want the money to disapper from all the debits it took alot to save and I can't afford to keep replacing. Now it is real not turning back only time to prepare and get things outline on my aftercare. Being that both my parents are deceased this was a hard decison to make when you have no siblings. Well my best bud says she is going to tag team with another best friend and a cousin so between them and my boyfriend who is driving down the day after my procedure I should be okay.

Also I find since I have paid I am extremely restless not like worried but more like excited................... For sure I will be nervous as heck the day of but I am praying they can give me something to relax me prior to surgery and my last phrase I want to say to my family/friends and PS is I will see them on the FLATSIDE lol.

My office is quiet today and I have been reading...

My office is quiet today and I have been reading a lot of blogs and man it seems so many women have the same issues and a lot of us carry the same issues. I am very happy I found this site.
I was having a conversation with a friend today and she asked if I really wanted to go through with the TT. Again another friend/family wanted to know why and don’t I think in time with all my work out regimens details is it possible that my mid-section will start to move. I didn’t really scream but I was very bold and positive when I told her my work out for me is strong but in 4 years I have not had any changes. SOOOO YES I am confident I want to have the surgery and I have realistic goals that this will only enhance my beauty and give me the drive to move my workout up a notch. Besides you all have seen my picture I need to be on the table TODAY..
I have a different type of self-esteem issue. My self-esteem is not warn on my sleeve and if you met me you would probably think I thought I was the diva of all divas but this is because I take pride in dressing my body type. I over do my looks to hide my insecurities about my body. So my RS friends I want to feel sexy in my skin instead of pretending to feel sexy. I want my results to match my work-out, I have to believe that this will only enhance my work out if that is possible. My co-workers tell me all the time” give your body a rest”. I will when I am down for those few weeks PO TT.
I Pray for all you Pre/PO TT friends.

27 days and counting!!!!

27 days and counting!!!!

I have now scheduled follow-up appointments with...

I have now scheduled follow-up appointments with my Family Doc and OBGYN. Yes I did this in March but to be sure that all results are the same and no new issues are lurking I am asking for my Fam Doc to give me a clearance to have surgery. I will take that with me on my Pre-Op day so any additional test they may want to charge for I will have. YEP I am overly cautious now because of all the stories I have been reading although this want protect me from the unknown but at least I will feel comfortable that I am healthy enough to withstand the surgery. It is very fortunate that I am able to work from home so in my last weeks I will just work form home if need be.

I am up early 330 a.m. I can't sleep basically...

I am up early 330 a.m. I can't sleep basically because my sinus is draining. I have been wogging (=a step above walking, a step below jogging) 6/4 miles all week & climbing the stsirs & work for exercise. If nothing else my heart should be ready for surgery. I do believe the sweat and the mixture if weather along with pollen has me feeling bad. Ill be treated because I don't wan this to linger around. I usually get sick with sinus during the change.

Day 25 PRE-SX When your life's plan is disrupted...

Day 25 PRE-SX
When your life's plan is disrupted by LIFE itself its just God letting you no he is still in control. Rememebsr to invite God into your life and the alignment you have for your life will be of the righteous path that he wishes you to go. It is not just a saying GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!!

Today I am filled with joy although I am a little...

Today I am filled with joy although I am a little bit under the weather today. I participated in a 5k walk run for breast cancer awareness. I was rather proud of myself 4 completing it in 46 minutes. Most people I wouldn't say that's good but for me it is and I did it mostly woggimg lol not to mention my nose is stopped up. I feel that my heart is in a good condition and I believe I am physically capable of going through with this surgery. I'm so excited all I think about is how I will feel after the pain is gone. I have only one concern that my monthly will be arriving during that time.

Today I am filled with joy although I am a little...

Today I am filled with joy although I am a little bit under the weather today. I participated in a 5k walk run for breast cancer awareness. I was rather proud of myself 4 completing it in 46 minutes. Most people I wouldn't say that's good but for me it is and I did it mostly woggimg lol not to mention my nose is stopped up. I feel that my heart is in a good condition and I believe I am physically capable of going through with this surgery. I'm so excited all I think about is how I will feel after the pain is gone. I have only one concern that my monthly will be arriving during that time.

Today, I am having sinus/cold issues and being...

Today, I am having sinus/cold issues and being cooped in the house, you guessed it I have been looking at weight loss and tummy tuck stories. What I wanted to share with you RS is having a tummy tuck was never in my cards or having any weight loss surgery. Let me tell you how I really started my weight loss journey, I had so many things happen to me that made me want to change. Mainly I was comfortable in my skin well that is not true either; I accepted my weight because I come from a big bone family on both sides (at least that is what I told myself). I was not always a plus size girl but after a while just not being conscience of my eating habit and picking up things I would never eat I packed on the pounds. When I started my new job five years ago I was the youngest, I wouldn’t say I was the biggest but I was far from the smallest person in my office. 1: my director who appeared to be as big as me or bigger said she used to be my size (wth) 2: my 1st cousin was going for gastro and I was like I can do it with having surgery to myself that is 3: my ex-fiancé said he thinks I would be good at size 14. 4: I obtain an internal medicine doctor who told me I was OBSESE. When I thought of obese partner me I was thinking of people that can’t come out of their house, sit or stand without being out of breath. OH MY GOD I cried and cried and cried. All these things didn’t take place over night but it was like one day I had enough. I joined the YMCA gym and started working out and the first thing caught my eye was doing a spin class um not a thing to do when you have never/not worked out in years. Well I would literally cry on the bike because I was so winded to the point I felt like I was having anxiety, good the room was always dark so no one could see my face. I felt like a failure really I did but I kept going and then I join Jenny Craig because I was not a big cook or had time I felt prepared meals was the best choice for me to add to my work out and it worked I dropped to 228 from 258. I stayed and never have I moved down only back to 235. I am/was so determined that I was going to meet my goals so I started with a trainer who always told me I probably would have to have a tummy tuck how encouraging was that huh. I found that I liked working out and I got better at the spin bike and I wanted to be challenged and started with bootcamps. So my setback came when my stylist ask me is it depressing when you do all that working out and you not loosing now this from a women who ain’t seen a treadmill only on tv but any way I let her depress me and I stopped working out so hard but I soon started back. As in a previous blog I said I am an only child and my parents are both decease well at the time my Dad was alive and because he had so many health issues I had to make a decision to make sure my body was in its best health not shape. Being unmarried and the only child no siblings I wouldn’t have anyone to be a caregiver for me as I have or was to him. RS My finally draw with the internal medicine doctor was here I am feeling good about all the work out I am doing although I wasn’t losing the weight but I was losing the hell out of inches because people would say you loosing good but not on the scale. Any way I was very proud of myself and the Doc came in to say looking over my test results I appear to be doing well and no issues and if she didn’t know me she would expect to see a smaller framed women. WTH than she says she see I haven’t loss much weight since the last time and she actually drew me a chart of how my PLATE should look. With tears in my eyes I was like I am trying I been working out on a bang knee ( now she tells me this mess)- well she went on to say that was going to be the last conversation we would have about my weight because I need make a change. Little did she know that was going to be our last conversation PERIOD because soon looked for me another internal medicine doctor. Well I am saying all this because I do feel like a failure to want to take this route of having a tummy tuck instead of trying to continue working out but I have to tell myself until I am convince that this will only enhance my weight loss journey because after paying that money totally out of my pocked no help or financially loan I can’t afford not to push myself to the next level or at least maintain it once I have had it.

Hi my RS friends I have made the unadvised...

Hi my RS friends I have made the unadvised decision to watch a TT surgery being perform on Youtube. I know totally crazy but since I didn’t have anyone to talk to today about it and nothing new on the updates on RS, I reviewed some of the ladies I follow on youtube. Well I do not recommend you watching the video but some reason I watched it to the end. It didn’t make me change my mind but made me realize how serious the surgery is and the trauma your body is going through. I also did read where this surgery is a very common surgery and it ends in no to very little complications. The complications are usually correctable but if you have any questions or discomfort do not hesitate to contact your PS.
My cousin stopped by after church because I am still under the weather and she brought me some lemons etc. Well before she left yep yep yep she had to watch a tummy tuck video. I talked TT with her because she is very worried about me having the surgery. I told her this was not my original plan but hey it is what it and the Diva that lies in me want have to sneak out she will be OUT………………….Divaonthe RISE…….

I am not a DIVA in the making I am a DIVA=...

I am not a DIVA in the making I am a DIVA= Defined, Intelligent, Vigorous Able woman who happens to be on the rise to a better me watch out Mississippi I have 23 days and counting.

I called this morning to pay the surgical clinic....

I called this morning to pay the surgical clinic. Oh my they said they didn't have me on schedule. WTH someone better look again.... I've called my PS nurse she hasn't made it on oh baby he needs to call me ASAP.

Nurse called back she said she normally doesn't...

Nurse called back she said she normally doesn't put patients on the schedule until a week out. She said she can put me on the schedule if I'd like. Duh yrs I would like....

Today I am still under the weather with a sinus...

Today I am still under the weather with a sinus cold. I am back in the doctor office. Boy they weighed me oh my goodness I am not loosing not one pound. I'm just sick because I know the doctors want believe that I am doing any form of working out. I feel a little depressed but I guess it's good I'll b at my highest weight and he can take all the fat away.

22 DAYS AND COUNTING………… I went to my...


I went to my family doctor yesterday for my sinus cold but I also wanted him to do the final labs for my surgery. Well with this look of confusion he said didn’t we just do that in March I said yes. He said no more test you are fine but I didn’t leave until I persuaded him to at least do an EKG lol he said okay if I want to waste my money but there is nothing wrong with your heart. (ALL SMILES) I explain to him I am just nervous because I have never had surgery and that the first surgery I decide to have is elective. He said he understood and would make sure that surgical clearance was sent and if not he would send it again.

Let me say that this decision was never made without the ask of God’s Grace and Mercy. I do believe he is blessing my decision and that associated will work out great. I have been well received by family and friends although sometimes I feel I have to offer an explanation. As I am informing those I feel dear to me of my decision it is just that an INFORMATIVE CONVERSATION…. I have people pray for me most strangers after we somehow get to talking about our looks/changes and they have been more excited. I ran across a lady 57 who had one last year and she is doing great. Each time I have ran into someone they have offered their hand in prayer and I feel that is God’s way of saying he has blessed the hands in my surgery.

I'm very excited I have purchased a few...

I'm very excited I have purchased a few things:
Antiobotic pain reliever (tylenol)
Latex glove
Cheap maxi pads
Throat lounges (cough drops)
Acid reflux
Gas relief
Dial soap
Stool softener
Chap stick
Shea coco butter
Heating pad
Vitamin E oil
Scar treatment

Got a few more things to get. Checked in renting a recliner

Question: which recliner works best the electric...

Question: which recliner works best the electric or standard pull bar the one I saw is small electric.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know what I have planned for...

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know what I have planned for you,' says the Lord . 'I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.

The cost of my surgery included the surgerical...

The cost of my surgery included the surgerical faculty, anesthesia, PS, CG, surgery (tt & mr & lipo) overnight stay. I say this because some posting various from expensive to woe ! I was itching about the cost of the surgery especially since its unfianamced.

My cousin said "you like throwing my money away". WTH I not throwing money away I'm investing money that's why I stop answering why is it costing my questions back are why you thinking about one and if not no need to stress you with what I'm paying.

I've has a wave of feelings today, I've been reading RS blogs some are so amazing its the stories that are attached how open we are about how we have come to this place and no came here by chance but by choice. No matter what brought you to TT world etc you are here and we must believe that this was/is the best decision for us. Scared or nervous we have made the payments took the consultant and did te research. We are not failures we are women who want all life has to offer and sometimes our self esteem keeps us from standing in positions we want out if life.

Go resurrect your life.

God bless & Happy restinh to those who have made it on the flatside and those who awaiting!

I am looking for a pillow now the small pillow but...

I am looking for a pillow now the small pillow but one larger. I want I say someone mention on here and said it worked well with their recovery. If anyone knows will you tell me where I maybe able to find it. In in Walmart I have no clue where to look and where I have looked I do not see it.

I'm having some mixed emotions, I'm sure ill get...

I'm having some mixed emotions, I'm sure ill get passed them. 10 days before pre-op appointment with PS.

I ordered my electric recliner today from Aaron...

I ordered my electric recliner today from Aaron Rental it is not a high rise but it is electric. It will be here this week and I am still looking for the body pillow.

Wow 14 days away after midnight CST, I am really...

Wow 14 days away after midnight CST, I am really rolling down the days and I can say today I didn’t have any anxiety at all. My dear friend called to see if I wanted to go to Los Angeles at the end of May for a girls outing and just a great time to get a feel of my new body. I would love to go and I pray that I have no complications and I heal as wells as most on here and I am ready to move on by May 30. I will just be one day pass my 3rd week and I am sure if I am well the drains will be removed and I will be healed. I have to learn to talk positive because I trust a hirer source and I know that he would not lead me down this path without a warning. So I am going say that I am going embrace the flatside with no complications and I will be ready to take my first vacation with a flat tummy on May 30. Um do you think that is a realistic goal for someone who has been advised that they are healthy enough to undergo the surgery who has never had any surgery. Oh well we will see..

Smooches my TT friends on the flatisde and soon to be, there is one embracing the flatside everyday..

How many of you used pads for bandages? How did...

How many of you used pads for bandages? How did you keep them in place? I also hear the CG is uncomfortable and irritable at times do you recommend putting a wife beater on underneath?

How many of you used pads for bandages? How did...

How many of you used pads for bandages? How did you keep them in place? I also hear the CG is uncomfortable and irritable at times do you recommend putting a wife beater on underneath?

How many of you used pads for bandages? How did...

How many of you used pads for bandages? How did you keep them in place? I also hear the CG is uncomfortable and irritable at times do you recommend putting a wife beater on underneath?


As recommended I found my body pillow at target. I have attached a picture of the list of medications my PS recommended not to take prior to surgery.
I am not rushing my time but I will be glad when this is over and I am on the side of healing with no complications because I am going to worry myself to death with the what if’s….. I think I am getting pass the anxiety of being put to sleep ONLY to replace it with focusing on the pain lol.
Enjoy your day my past/present/future TT sistahs .

10 DAYS........ Oh how sweet my boyfriend (boy I...

10 DAYS........ Oh how sweet my boyfriend (boy I feel to old to say boyfriend) thats neither here or there. Anywho he said he will pay my last $2700 to the surgical clinic. Wow thanks honey because I need my money.

Hey were there ant sex restrictions prior to...

Hey were there ant sex restrictions prior to surgery lol yep I'm thinking also is shaving of the pubic area prohibited before surgery. Lol

Oh wow it is really winding down….. 9 Nine days...

Oh wow it is really winding down….. 9 Nine days before I am under the knife can you say nerves in any other language… Well my PS need to move my pre-op appointment to tomorrow and I am a little excited about that but now I have a list of questions can you all think of anything I should be asking?

Well I am on the COUNTDOWN for real.... I have...

Well I am on the COUNTDOWN for real.... I have been to my pre-op appointment, got an overall idea of what to expect gotten prescriptions and instructions. I believe I am nervous because I basically sat up all night on the toilet. I was happy but when the PS demonstrated what he will do I was very interested and excited. One thing he did tell me I wouldn't be JLO & Janet J abs but I will be sign significantly smaller.

I can't wait to see my results although I had to...

I can't wait to see my results although I had to call my PS to ask for a different pain Med because I do not do Vicodin or Percoset well it makes me gittery and nervous. I really want to see how I am going to look after thus transformation wow a small waist and big boobs

During pre-op I asked about lipo in my upper inner...

During pre-op I asked about lipo in my upper inner thighs. Question if you had additional money would you have it done or will you wait a d go shopping?

Added a pic yesterday of a magazine cover of my PS...

Added a pic yesterday of a magazine cover of my PS doing surgery on the biggest loser in 2010. I am very confident that I will have great results. My nerves are on edge today. I went into my office today to work while the office was quiet. I felt good getting all the work out and catching up colleagues up.

I still feel overwhelm that my day is nearing and maybe I nit ready mentally,

I am going to pick up some snacks for my helpers...

I am going to pick up some snacks for my helpers and I was told pineapples may help with the swelling. I picked up some jello, puddings, and ensure.

Oh my my headaches and I can't take anything right since I am three days post op.

I had to suffer through the night with a horrible...

I had to suffer through the night with a horrible headache but I made it through. Duh the list is attached to my profile of what not to take and at the bottom it said Tylenol products will be fine. Well I didn’t have any Tylenol so I had to endure the pain. Not to mention my braids are loosening and pulling on my head OUCH!!!! I hope that my anxiety doesn’t get me during this process and I am able to recover without having to deal with that on top of it. I can probably guarantee that I will have anxiety because I am having a bit of it now.. I am not sure why because I am happy with my decision, the PS I have chosen I am very confident in him, I have been released medically but I am not sure what is gearing up the anxiety. The pain is not really been a concern especially since he has given me Demerol, Flexril, and antiboitcs. I don’t think I will have an issue in that area, I do want to be sure I have all that I need for my aftercare.

I am emotional because one it is getting close to my time of the month lol but on a more serious note I am sadden because my parents are not here to share in my transformation and having to rely on people to help me plays on my nerves. I do believe I will have more support because everyone is aware that I have recently buried my father and my mom is now deceased 7 years. So that for me is sad because everyone wants there mommie, but it will be okay at the end of the day.

My BF lives out of town approximately 3 hours away...

My BF lives out of town approximately 3 hours away not a long ways away. It appears we have lost out edge. We visit each other frequent and I haven't visited him since October. My father was alive and having health complications and I really was afraid to be far away just invade he needed me. Well now that he is deceased I still really have had a big desire to visit. He comes home maybe twice a month. My problem is that he is bet much a workachlic and EVERYTHING comes second to it. Understand he is self employed and I must say he does dam GOOD for himself. I guess what has prompted me to share is that like most men he takes our relationship for granted. I guess he feels he has time. Now that my parents are deceased I have a sense if urgency to enjoy my life and have more stability. I guess him not asking me to visit bothers me but I also don't ask to visit. Either way it is becoming old and I don't know how much I can take. I think losing my parents has left a void and I'm wishing I had the feeling of comfort in a secure relationship. Well he did fund a substantial part of my surgery and he appears to be supportive. He states he will come down the next day after my surgery because I may have a lot of support with family and friend do he says he come down to take me home and help me after but he will have to get back to close out and be back the weekend. I really wonder if he will start to rethink the relationship and take it more serious because maybe he may think my market of opportunities will open more freely with my new contour body. Well I hope it brings me a lot more confidence to move forward in my life one make love all if me. It's hard loving who you are as a women but hate the body you in especially when you have worked and worked to improve it and it never budge. Yeah I make everything about my weight. Maybe he don't take it serious because maybe he feels he DID have time because options of another relationship transpiring with another man for me was slim considering men are 1st attracted to the physical. Well now that ill have the body contouring and my inner divaness I'm wonder just how he will view the relationship. Well I want have time to wonder because now that my parents are decease and I have no children. I'm ready to live and enjoy life. No time to wait in someone to grab what's in front of him.

Oh well 2 DAYS before my INNER resurrections begans. FLATSIDE here I COME!!!!!

Because I'm still up..... Oh my God I made the...

Because I'm still up..... Oh my God I made the mistake of reading April blog oh my god why were the first two I read had complication. I stopped and said a prayer for them both having blood clot etc. Oh my how do I rest now. Got to stop reading before it scare me right out if this.

God be with us all for this is conscience decision we are making and pray we have your blessings an whatever comes our way we ask that you help us recognize when we are in need of help and bless us past, present, future TT and help us heal. Amen

The day has just got started but it appears to be...

The day has just got started but it appears to be better. One i relaxed my mind no worries after i stayed up cleaning and getting my recovery room in place. Than I have slept so that's better than yesterday but I've been awaken now at 2 & so on because I've made the HUGE mistake of taken magnesium citrate at 7pm what the what I shole woke my ass up!

Good morning hope your day is filled with excitement, confidence, pleasure, and great healing.

What the wat shut the front door my day is down to hours!!!

Hello All my TT SISTAH past present and...

Hello All my TT SISTAH past present and future

I am now on the hour(s) countdown, the nurse called to confirm my arrival is at 12 noon tomorrow. She told me because I am the late case I can eat before 6 am a light breakfast. The anesthesiologist has called to familiarize himself with me and my history. I can’t tell you but that made me feel real comfortable.
Right now at 10:33 pm cst I am not really nervous or anxious, I hope that this peace continues tomorrow. I have been praying for days in and out several times a day even today. I know our heavenly father heard me the first time but I want to be sure he knows what I asking lol.
My BF has farely new range rover and tells me today that he had to be pulled in because the motor locked. He is not a happy camper. He said he was still planning on coming down but he can’t make any promises but he will see to me having extra money and will send it in the morning. I can say that there are good points but I’d rather have him here for support among my fam and friends than the money. Who am I kidding hell I’d rather have him and the money lol. That is not even bothering me and I know he will come up the weekend if he don’t make it and that will be good because that will give my friends a break.
ON to ME I have been cleaning up again and washing my sheets and getting my room ready. Actually now I am sitting in my recovery room talking with my aunt and cousin. Well they are on some game candy crusher or something who knows. I am so relaxed it is scary………
Living with in the body of lust and soon to become lusted for what's with in.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this day. I pray and...

Thank you Heavenly Father for this day. I pray and ask you for deliverance peace and mercy. Touch all those who are embarking on a new section of their life be it financially mentally physical spiritually and emotionally. I am asking for today right now that you provide comfort to those who need it and be the guide of the surgical and utensil used by the PS. Let all by TT sista today and peace.

3 hours to go

Hey TT sisters I'm on the flat side. I have some...

Hey TT sisters I'm on the flat side. I have some discomfort but I'm okay. Can't stay woke long enough to type but I will.

Had my tt on Wednesday and I can say I am managing...

Had my tt on Wednesday and I can say I am managing well. I sleep a lot but I get up and walk and I believe because I worked out has improved my chances of recovery. I am able to left and push with my legs. I didn't want to wake up anyone so went to the rest room alone. People dropped by to visit says I am doing good. Now i have gas and I have been coughing. Coughing is devil in his worst form.

I have no regrets thus far it went so fast I...

I have no regrets thus far it went so fast I didn't have enough time to think about it. They wheeled me over and woke me up and it was over. I had mini pains and they kept me doped up with pain meds until it was controllable. The overnight nurses were pleasant and Dr. Mani called to check in on me.

I can say working out played major part in my strength of my lower body. I don't think I would be able to scoot and move my legs. Otherwise I'm fine I do feel like my legs are tingly but I'm feeling OK. I didn't take a lot of pain meds today.

But thank you ladies for checking on me. When I can stand to take off binder better I will take more pictures . Right take. It off makes me feel insecure. My belly feels really funny not tight just mushy.

I havent been able to report because i have been...

I havent been able to report because i have been sleep most of the days. Everytime I get up to write I fall asleep typing. Well on PO day 4. I have been feeling pretty good. I ran a low grade fever 100.7 which PS says is normal. I have taken tylenol and it has dropped. My cousin a nurse ask does my incision smell or was it bleeding. No it isn't so she said it was okay but I need to cough more and breath in to wake up my lungs. So I have been checking temp and trying and trying check smell.
I can tell you I started freaking out because I got scared I had infection but I have be taken antibiotic and tylenol.

I am in swell hell, it feels much better with binder and can you believe it I am keeping it as tight as it was and when it get extremely tight I let it breath by taken a loose but not off. I haven't taken a shower yet because I can't stand stable long. In also have nit had to keep up the pain meds because I'm not having a lot of pain.

I do pray that I can sleep and I don't worry myself about every little thing.

I need to know how to maintain swollen.

I need to know how to maintain swollen.

Today I'm PO 6. I was in the middle of typing I...

Today I'm PO 6. I was in the middle of typing I got a muscle cramp that scared me shitless. I'm alone today and belong alone took up my anxiety a notch.

I'm feeling pretty good took a bath today it felt really refreshing and I still have no regrets.

I am going to attempt to stay awake long enough to...

I am going to attempt to stay awake long enough to tell my story. Pleasing to say I wasn’t really that nervous on the day of surgery. I did get up pretty early that morning because I was unable to sleep. I drove down to my mother’s grave to place her mother day flowers. I spoke with her a while and I drove back on my way back I started to pray and thank God because I knew that he had to be in the plan because nothing from the first day I said I wanted to take this journey did I have any road blocks. I had several prayers that day with various friends and family. Once I arrived at the facility I had to make my last payment to them and once they took me back for blood work etc. I slowly walked through and said a prayer for the facility, ps and staff. I went back to sit with my family and friends and it was amazing to see them all there for me but I was glad I had such a strong support. When they called me back to prep me I was really nervous to the point when the nurse started my IV and gave me the zantac I thought she gave me a happy pill lol. I started telling her my mouth felt swollen and tingly. I sent out text and told people I got my happy pill so I am getting ready. LOL the nurse said Ms. I only gave you something for heartburn. I laughed and laughed until I was in tears because I was so worked up until I mask my nervousness with talking. The Anesthesiologist came to introduce himself although we spoke the night before. Dr. Mani came in and some of my family was back with me as he marked me off, they were all laughing. It was a really nice comfortable feeling that calm me down that he was such a down to earth person that he could laugh with my family as they were asking crazy questions like can we do a two for one or can they see the fat he pull off. Once he marked me he said he had to go scrub in and the staff would wheel me around. As they wheeled me to the surgical room which look like it was just next door the last thing I remember was seeing some lights above my head and them asking me can I slide over to the table. The next time I remember anything someone was saying wake up and I was like I am trying but I can’t I am so sleepy. I was put on a small dose of oxygen afterwards because they said I wasn’t breathing 100%. My family and friends where there to greet me and tell me they loved me and once they left I don’t remember anything but the nurse coming in and out to give me medicine. Once I was in the room I kept telling her I was in pain and she was like ok so she alter my pain medicine dermol with a different type because she said she wanted to catch me up with the pain. So every couple of hours she was giving me medicine. I also had a catheter place and it was taken out at midnight. The nurse let me know the PS called several time through the night and left me a message at 6am that he would see shortly. The nurse said funny I never seen anyones urine as clear as yours so she knew I wouldn’t mind having water but she wanted to give me some juice to build me up. I was released the next morning after the PS had his visit and he told me he took 11 pounds off my stomach everything looked well and also explained if I had any question no matter what it was he wanted me to call his staff. He didn’t leave out before saying I have one crazy cousin she wanted him to flip the skin over so she could see the actual fat. He said he has been doing this 20 years and never has anyone asked him something so crazy. He said he had to go back and flip it over and take a picture to show her. That part of my experience was too funny but you have to know my people. Overall my experience today if I had to judge it was 100 and no regrets.

Where can I get the arnica Walgreens didn't have...

Where can I get the arnica Walgreens didn't have it and I am going crazy itching. Now I am very sore I think it's the cg and the lipo that have me sore but I will be glad when I can scratch and rub lol.

Drains OUT

My PS is out of the office thus week which I was aware so I was to see the nurses. They say I'm healing nicely and they were impressed I could stand straight. I asked them about the numbness I feel in my stomach surrounding my navel. They says that is normal and when the nerves start to wake up I'll start having sharp pain and muscle spasm will possible increase. My drains were removed and I can say it wasn't that bad but it wasn't a pleasant feeling. The feeling was more like a sharp pain that went a way. I can say I was exhausted my friend and I stopped to pick lunch. On the ride home I started to eat in the car and when I made it home I laid in my couch BIG mistake. I couldn't get back so I headed back k to my recliner where I slept for about 3 hours. I woke up to swell hell!!!!!




I have been running a low grade fever. PS says its normal but Itvis scary I don't want pneumonia so I went to after hours clinic. They said I have urinary track infection from catheter and I need to call my PS tomorrow.


. Im am still very swollen and numb around the naval. My fever is stil running low.

Feeling Better

I am feeling better PS called in a stronger bacteria antibiotic. It is very possible to get a urinary tract infection and run a low grade fever. Please don't just accept the reason you may run a low grade fever because you aren't coughing or inhaling deeply. Which is very important to wake up your lungs and failing to do so could set up phenomena. I can say today although its early is m feeling better. Even coughing doesn't hurt. My stomach is still rather numb around the naval but I'm hoping that want last long. Funny I haven't been wanting to try on clothes but I'm excited about the thought now. Peace and blessings future past present TT Sistah

Skin & Fat removed 11lbs

Picture oh my

I am still embarrassed and its gone.

Sat to long

My grandmother turned 93 and the family had a dinner. I wasn't going to go but I felt so good today I wanted to go out. I went I tried to drive part of the way but i let my aunt drive the rest of the way. Arrive was planning to stay only a short time ended up staying longer and sat up straight the entire time and I paid for it because I am swollen a lot more than I ever have been. When I was asked what was wrong I told them u ha a tummy tuck and one of my male cousins after watching me getting help to get up. He OPEN his mouth to ask me have I ever heard of exercise and I almost blow a gasket. I explain my drive of exercising and my aunt and cousins were like that's all she do and when I was about to leave I shared my photos and she was like oh I didn't no u had that and I said it wasn't up of public view but ill never explain my dam decision again !!!!


I am really disappointed in some people in my life. To know me you would know I say what I mean and I mean what I say but I will do anything for anyone. My mouth is smart and I come off hard but my feelings are paper. Anyway let's start off.  Let's start with the BF he wasn't able to make it and I have nit heard from him either after he sent me $2000. I am sure he avoided my calls because he didn't come and he thinks I am going to bitch partly I would but I never really expected he would come any way I know him better than he thinks. Well my aunt who I am close in age and my cousin who is 25 use my home like a revolving door. I never ask them to pay rent I let them come get on their feet. I was recently generous to my cousin u signed for her an apartment and I bought her furniture she paid me back. Anyway to say my aunt who usually is always beside me she   . seems to have more important things to do so she has t been over much. My cousin agreed to stay with me at night while my bff helped in the morning. Well to say the least my cousin has taken sleep aide to help her sleep and she doesn't ask me if she can get me anything when she here and if I ask she will but sometimes she act like I am bothering her and I don't want to be a bother to anyone. Than my good friend who I thought would at least drop by hadn't heard from her but when i text to say I haven't heard from her she say she been busy hanging out we are suppose to go to Los Angeles at the end of the month so she manage to ask if I was still going to go. I didn't bother to answer. I can tell you this I have not cried so much since my parents died.  Another friend said said maybe the bf was jealous already I disagreed he is a coward when it come to saying what he means and besides he probably i cheating and I don't care. Its just the thought of how I've been ,their for these people and they treat me this way. I am going to send my cousin home and I'll try to take care of myself the gray of my recovery. To think my friend is jealous is crazy. She his a nice shape but she never has been supportive like in boot camps because I have bronticitis I dnt run hard she would always leave me and never tried to boost me on. I am not sure what the deal is but we will see because they ALL can kiss my azz as soon as I am well enough.

Emotional Day PO 13

Yeah today I am feeling bad emotionally. My incision is bleeding more on one side and its always has been more swollen more on that side. Parts of it has open and leaking which I believe that may be normal since my drains are out. The bleeding scares me. It's not like running out of me but I can see it bleeding and it bothers me because everything appear to be closed.

I don't regret doing this but I feel I should've waited until I was sure I had better help. I feel now I'm begging for help and to keep from having to bother anyone I been doing things myself and I may have over did things. With tears in my eyes i did this to myself. Maybe i didnt think it all the way through I never expected ill have these issues. Having this site has been god sent because there is always someone sharing the issue phases of this procedure.

Today I feel I shouldn't have done it not because of the minor complications although they are expected and I keep praying they continue to stay minor if I have to have complications. Praying all goes well tomorrow. I see the PS tomorrow. But as tr saying goes "thine help cometh in the morning" in Christ son Jesus name all will be healed emotionally and more importantly physically.

PS Appointment

My appointment yesterday started of I was filled with a bunch of nerves because I started to bleed out of a small section of my incision. The bleeding isn’t like a gosh of blood but like it is still draining and a section in my pelvic has separated to drain fluid. I was in tears by the time the PS came in and held my hand ask was I okay. I told him I was nervous that I did something and he told me to let him take a look. After reviewing my incision, he stated that all was normal activity. He says the bleeding comes from the fact it wasn’t finish bleeding when they removed the drains but he prefers to remove drains in 7 days because you risk the chance of infection. He says the clear drain is normal should also to be expected basically he says everything look good and he rather it bleed and drain rather than set back and cause internal infections. To be safe he still put on another antibiotic. I hope I am providing much information to my future TT sistah so they want be to alarm but no matter what please advise your PS first. I have read where some people on here didn’t drain properly and they ended up with dead skin and having to have a wound vac so if this is to prevent me from that route than I will try to calm my nerve.

I can say being physically active played a good part in this process even though I am having some minor setbacks. I can still say I don’t have any regrets with my decision to have this surgery. I do wish I didn’t have to so many challenges and the swelling I am having seems to be more on one side than the other um wonder if anyone else has that issue. I only have one thing I don’t like thus far and that is my naval it is not the prettiest. I also would be glad when I regain all my feeling in my stomach. I am praying that the Lord heals me inside and out rid my body of infection or potential infections take away the bleeding and that everything the PS has ensured me of is the proper diagnosis. I will be glad I can really start to enjoy the new me.

picture of separation and bleeding


No Regrets

Today I'm 2 weeks and 2 days post op. Ready to return to work next week but because i can work from home I'll take the advantage of doing so. Than i'll walk into my office ready willing to serve on June 3. I feel good today just have a pinch of discomfort. My emotions are settle back to normal no over analyzing everyone's intensions. I am thankful for going through the minor setbacks anything to rid me from any potential major issues. Yes I worked out and cleaned my system but this didn't keep me from having the issues of UTI, fluid drainage and bleeding out the incision. I found these things although not expected they are part of a normal process of healing.

The only thing I dislike about my surgery is the numbness and my belly button. Last I dislike the swelling and for me I can't really tell my shape because I am still very swollen on top of the swell hell. I was depressed because some immediately have seen their flat stomach for me I stil have a ways to go but like anything one day ill look up and i would have formed my curves and lost the loose swelling.

This surgery is a major surgery but I think it is one that can be bared and can be hard based on the person and that is shown all through the profiles on RS. Pain levels very and me personally I didn't really have any pain. I had discomfort when trying not to move anything that may cause stress to my abdomen. You read some went back to work in two weeks some have gone back in six weeks. Remember even though you physically able to transition back into your life & work in two weeks your body is not completely healed on the inside. You still need to be very careful because you still can have setbacks. Take the allotted time if you can and if you can't still be very careful.

I do believe along with being healthy you should be physically active. If someone is reading my profile and thinking about the surgery. If you have done the research and you have gotten cleared medically please move forward you want have regrets. Remember every one heals different.


Today is a better day. The draining is still here but it looks like it is slowing down. I am walking much better although I still haven't seen my truest figure I happy. I decide to stop stressing about the excess draining now that my drains are out. As long as I am not feverish or bleeding I'm cool. I'd rather not have the fluid build up on me so we good. I know I look different because he keep commenting about my fat stomach lol comparing to my new tummy although very swollen it is much different.

The missing BF came in town I think he is amazed by the results. I also know he didn't know the extent of the surgery so he is kinda babying me but I am saying to myself " I can do now for myself man gey back"

3 weeks 1 day PO

Hey ladies. I have been progressing well although I still hVe separation and fluid draining I'm much better. I feel much better and to be honest I started to feel better when I made my face up and put on clothes. I bought some cotton pants to wear until I'm completely healed. Having to wear the binder tighter to hold the pad in place to keep it from draining on my clothes is tight enough. I can see the swelling is going down a little but I'm still very much swollen on my right than my left. I think once te swelling leaves I will be completely pleased with my results. I am down 21lbs since surgery and although I'm still in the 200 I am ok with it. I have always even a very solid girl. I weigh heavier than I look but this time ill be a brick house lol just kidding but ill look much different. I will start back walking after I'm a month than gradually get back to the gym and bootcamps. I can wait !!!! I am so ready to tone this 41 year old body it is a shame.

I had my visit with the PS he was pleased with my healing and he was impressed that I drove myself and I was alone. He says that's a great progress. He says it is time to start using the vitaman E and he showed me how to massage my incision oh man that was not any where near how I did it. He pushed into my incision and I could hear cracking and said that was how he wants me to do it. It sounds like eggs cracking and if I'm not mistaken he was saying its to break down the cartledge and have a smoother incision. The cut is great very thin and because I'm not as swollen I seem to feel it more where as in the beginning it was like te swelling overlap the incision.

I started working from home this week. After I left the PS ofc i went to the office. My friends in the office knows what I had but my director doesn't and she kept looking at me and finally she says what type of surgery did I have I said a hernia lol. She look said she had that and I know in her mind she wanted to say but say she didnt look like me lol. So she went to probe about the surgery. I said what I know about the surgery and laughed on the inside and ended the conversation with I'm loosing weight lol. LMAO.

Have a good day all my Sistah future past present. Muah !


Driving with a pillow


Sexy is all that any woman wants to feel, sadly to many of us don't realize Sexy really is a feeling not a look.
If you feel good and you dress your body type appropriately you will achieve SEXY.

So got Dam Happy I can not remember a time I have been so elated in my life. I have had happy moment but to get up and lay down feeling 100% GOOD about me and who I am. I have always been the best thing anyone can be and that is a child of God but I can say i have not always felt good about myself. I am thankful in so many ways today 1) having the courage to follow thru with TT surgery 2) Feeling good about my results as they are showing thru. 3) loving myself as a whole. Many have done this surgery for many reason and that can be read all over RS. I had the surgery for health & self-esteem I can say that my health has improved I don't feel so winded all the time. I feel that when i get back in the gym it's all uphill for my best results will prevail. My self-esteem has improved I am feeling comfortable about what I wear and not feeling I have to wear 100 girdles to pull off a look. Beauty I never felt ugly but maybe not the prettiest but now I am dam all right! Can you say the baddest bitch lol but for real I feel good. Not to mention I have purchased a brand new black chromed out 2013 dodge charger hemi RT. having the body and ride oh my what a dam feeling!!!! Yes I am feeling myself now when I get out my car which the personalize tag says sexymj I feel just that way. A personal share men always read my tag and would pull up to see who was driving than a trailblazer and wait to see who I was and to me I always felt like they were disappointed BUT NOW baby she meaning me rocks. I know when I step out my batgirl ride sporting this size 14 body built and fly they will no who represents my tag lol. Yep feeling myself and I feel good doing it because never have I felt so good about ME.

I need to change my profile name from sexydivaontherise to sexydivahasarrived!!!'

Thanks my TT Sistah I am glad I can share my most enter thoughts. Lawd ill never share wht I just said out loud lol.


Yes I have say my testimony

Good morning. Hope you slept well my TT sistahs been up praying since 430. Just filled with joy and blessed. I can tell to you I have been pitifully sad most of my life for one reason or another. Sad about me, my life, how I look, not married , not obedient, recently sad about being parentless. Still managing to fall out of a slump to say thank you lord for your son Jesus that there are ppl far worst than me and thinking that so many ppl would want to be me and I am sad about being me WHY but realizing just how blessed I am no matter my situations. I'm still a child of god & he never has not had mercy or blessed me. To my father faithful I vow to be to my savior. Luv you and praying for the blessings to pour over you all until u are flooded. Muah love u Sistah.

What a day makes when you feel good about yourself. Wow lets not the confidence a smaller stomach makes lol. Muah.

Still talking lol

It is amazing how many ppl inbox me I nvr thought ppl was reading and could identify with me but I always knew I wasn't alone but I try to be honest because this surgery is more than recovery it is mental and you have to have real expectations it want cure you not focus on being cured with confidence. Another truth they didn't want to give me that car off the show room floor but feel good about myself I wouldn't settle for less and I left because My heart desire is to ride a BMW but I didn't want the note and I REFUSE to let them give me something I didn't want just lie I refuse to accept not trying to improve myself. It is good to be fine in your 20's but you surely enjoy it more in your 40's because most have already Devine who they are as a women and now you can work it all together and not believe some else has to appreciate my finess but at 40 who gives a dam if my watchers, spouse, significant other, etc like it hell I DO now that's the mature attitude...

No matter if you have the finances to have the surgery make a plan save it, goal it, and change your work out and until than and when it comes or if it is here!!!

Dress it, work it, and LOVE IT!!!

The Devil is a LIE

Sense we last spoke the devil has tried to ruin it. Well just a word for the devil. Get the HELL back. I been happy feeling good. Happy with results, swelling going down slowly and got my bat girl ride windows tinted. Than it happen I started to swell and I mean so big like I was pregnant. I mean I am so tight I felt like I would pop any moment. I ice packed myself at night for relief now did it work I'm I don't no. I believe my monthly is coming and that is contributing to my extra swelling. Everything uncomfortable on my stomach. I never knew what I could take for my bloating because I mean I bloat really bad. Any ideas ?

Well good new from the doc. He says I'm looking good and the swelling isn't fluid but purely swelling. I asked him if I would get flAtter he said oh yeah. I told him he was the he laughed. I said the scar is amazing it doesn't even look like a scar just a dark line he says that the reason for staying in the crease so it want be so noticeable. Nurse advise I could stop wearing binder but it really make me feel comfortable.

The incision is healing looking better. I started running warm water over it and using Neosporin just lightly around it. I am not saying it worked but it did improve. Now I don't have to wear the binder unless I want and I no longer have to cover separation in the incision. I am now using doing what is call wet to dry method which all that is to wet the gall and place a dry one over it and tape it down. We will see what happens he states it will absorb some of the fluid draining and help it heal.

Um had a moment if intimacy last night it was uncomfortable because I am trying to protect my stomach lol. Of course he didn't care he was just happy I said ok.

Happy Healing to the the future present & past TT Sistah

Pic of healing & Swelling


Bromelain is anyone using it, how often and is it working on the swelling


I'm about to let depression win this swelling is HORRIBLE!!'

GOD stilling showing favor

First let me share the favor God pour on me. After my surgery I notice my refrigerator wasn't getting as cold and my washer machine sounded like an old car back firing.bwuth both being 7 years old I knew these thing would need to be put in my budget. Well if you like me can get one without the mate. I jumped up saying ok MJ you will have to get a cheap washer until you can do better maybe by fall you can get the top loader etc. well I got up to go to the appliance store and I had my mind set just for that and I armed myself not to get bombarded into anything so I wasn't listening to anything the salesman said. Well long story short I left with a top loader set, a side by side and stove lol I financed it but the deal came because it all totally 3500 and I have no interest for 12month and the note is like what ill shake a stick at as long as I can work. My testimony is I went for one thing came back with everything and Its all because I am trying to build my credit and being somewhat single I have to be sure I can always take of me even if the BF doesn't help. I did not even call him because he would say well wait til he comes home hell nawl he a procrastinator and ill be sitting in water and soiled food lol. Just a share that when you think you can't remember GOD can.

Now on to my TT life ugh

Devil is still LYING

I was rather disturb because unlike most of you I am not completely flat. I seem to stay swollen at the lowest portion of my stomach. I am back wearing the binder all dam day just to get some control over it. When it bloats like a big ass beach ball it reminds me of my old stomach (sad eyes). I paid to much good dam money to be swollen like this still now that I a month today. I know the PS can't predict how long the swelling will last but dang he don't no any remedies lol (smdh). At a month I want to be FLATABLOUS today you know and I can say I am freaking not happy with Mother Nature stupid azz on top of a big belly I got to deal with her dam bloat issues. I'm not feeling her she better come on cus I'm tired of waiting and take her azz back til next month!!!!! Next month at two months I better be on my FINEAZZiness.

I'll start walking next week maybe that will help with my issue with the monster belly so ill start off light and hopefully at 6 -8 weeks ill pick up and get back to 6 miles a day.

My personalize tag came yesterday so i am offically ready to roll out. I'm going to get my bat girl ride wax because she was used like 1200 miles and hand prints seem to be embedded. Now when I get that done I'm gone be ready to ride and in the meantime I will do what i always did for a big ass stomach hold that b$$tch down and find me the most fitted shirt and tights and FAKE it til I MAKE it. Lol

Still Smiling

Today just thankful to God for allowing me to make a decision that I can forever be proud of just like when you marry the man of your dreams and he still has you dreaming. I am feeling pretty good swelling has not subsided any but it is definitely better than it was last week. I appear to be healing up around the separation although it is still very much draining it has close leaving me about an inch long. The DEVIL of a monthly cycle has finally rid her ugly head and as quick as she has come I am ready for her to GO….. Now having to change my dressing surrounding the separation (maxi pad), than having to wear one for other reasons DAM MAN give me a break.
Even with the minor dispositions I have had I am still happy with my results although I am swollen I am not looking pregnant. While I was getting dress for a casual work day I decided I would wear my shirt tucked on the inside and a belt wow I must say it brought a big bright smile on my face, I look pretty dam good. I haven’t been able to wear my shirts tucked in under any circumstance for many years. I don’t care if my clothing size doesn’t move or the scale as long as I stay healthy and I look fabulous in my clothes. I am kidding I want my size to move but I really don’t care what the scale reads one because I am pure solid weight so I have always looked smaller and weighed a heep..
I want to learn about how to juice and start backing making my protein shakes. I had become very adventures when making a protein shake so much my boss started doing shakes because she said it was giving me some results. Speaking of her I wonder what she will think when she sees me with my shirts tucked in wow that will be an update on my profile lol.
Anyway sistah’s I am glad to have this day and to be sharing my experience with such beautiful women. As I pray I ask God to help my spirit becomes as beautiful as I have imagined my life to be. Funny but what a difference a change in your body will make.
Muah peace and blessing to my present, future and past tummy tuck sistah’s.


I want to learn how to juice anyone can help me get started.

Six weeks

Whattttt it's been six weeks already today and I still have no regrets.

I had my six week check up. I'm healing well, scar is nice, swelling is still evident but now I have a stitch abscess which is a splitting stitches that can occur whenever stitches are left in after surgery. In plastic surgery, they often close incisions just under the surface of the skin with stitches that dissolve over several months. If one of these stitches is a little too close to the skin surface, or works its way up towards the surface, it can cause a stitch abscess which is the skin’s reaction to a foreign substance. It won’t get better until the stitch is removed. If you have had surgery and have a little area like in my photo above, give your surgeon a call. In the meantime, put some warm, moist compresses on the area and don’t freak out! It will be okay!

I have had a maximum of swelling and after reading some of the PS reviews on swelling. It is normal to swell above the incision line. It takes a number of weeks for the swelling to stop.

I was about to be upset about the swelling and the abscess but I quickly remember I ask god to give me patience on the separation draining, swelling and let Dr. Mani thoroughly check me out today. Nurse says I look like I am developing scar tissue so she wants me to continue to massage the area hard.

I guess when it's all said and down I will appreciate my results more because not only did I pay a small fortune but I have gone through enough minor set backs to achieve my ultimate goal. A better body and when its not swollen like a beach ball and its slightly swollen like today I can see what lies beneath. FINEAZZiness lol.

Pray a prayer if healing for me my Sistah as I pray for each of you.

Peace and Patience my TT Sistah's future present past.


another car photo

Today is another good day........

Yep a goo day thus far one God saw fit to make me rise and rejoice in sauce a beautiful day out.

Although I have a little manageable pain in my lower pelvic it is still is a good day. I am sure I am experiencing the pain because I have to stick peroxide Qtip's in the separation (stitch abscess) twice a day trying to get it to heal on the inside. I will take an Advil or Tylenol shortly and it should work.
Yesterday I learn that I shouldn't wear my CG really tight but tight enough for support. It really seems like it fits but it also feels like it could be a little big probably because I stretch it lol. I have bought 2 from the PS office but I want buy another one. I spoke with a local lingerie shop and when I told her what I was looking for she explain now that I am six weeks out I should look into a comfortable panty girdle with support. I will check that out over the weekend. I did read on here where one of the PS stated to transition into a spanx type of support. I will have to keep being patient with this monster swelling it comes now in the evening. I really can't complain now because I notice yesterday I am not swelling as much when I stay off salt and wear my CG at night. I am trying to drink more water and taken the bromelian. I can't really say that bromelian is working but I take it every now and then I am starting to take Zinc as well.
I wonder is it possible to get gas after 6 weeks post op. I seem to keep it lately. I can take something and it passes than it comes right back in a few days. I would think there is no more anesthesia left in my body wore a girdle one that I would wear before it is not as tight but it is fitted and it I didn't' seem to swell anymore and I actually felt comfortable so I will try it again.

Well here I am again but this time not in the car!!

Love you all and take care of yourselves.
Happy Healing Friday

Feel good

another day up & down

Still not regretting...... I just want to know that I'm on the end of healing. I get so worried about how I'm healing. Things look great swelling is kinda at a stand still it doesnt get gorilla big when i wear a girdle. The binder warn all day tend to make me swell. I can say I wore some tights I would never west out but oh bad girl did that...... confidence was lurking behind the pounds of unforgiving fat. The fat is still slowly standing its ground in swollen territory but it will have to go and let ME the owner of my body improve. I really fell in love with a glimpse of ,y finally results and so did the mister lol. I'm just ready to perfect it and get myself back in my work out regimen.

I can say having to do the peroxide Qtip twice a day has shown me that I still have layers of skin to heal although it has been 7 weeks and my incision line is looking great. The small separation is mending but still quite small but open and slow healing. Still no regrets because nothing has put a smile on my face as big as when I look at myself thinking you are finally not pretending to lobe you but I LOVE ME MYSELF AND I. Thanks to my decision on adominalplasty and exceptionally glad Dr. Mani was PS.

Pray for me ladies as I pray for all who have chosen an elective surgery to improve themselves and most a new found confidence.

Muah. Blessings

Scared, Happy, Still No Regrets Thanking God.

Hey Ladies:

Had a scare yesterday, for several weeks I have had minor discomfort in my chest cavity near my heart. I felt it was gas but didn't know if I should have a gas issues so far out from surgery. Well for about 3 weeks I have this off and on feeling. Some sharp pain associated with it but mostly discomfort. Well after my PS appointment which went very well although I was poked with the needle to see if I had fluid build up (NO fluid). Any way I went to my internal medicine doctor for my chest pain. Well he appeared weary and because I have had a recent surgery he wanted to check me for blood clots, heart attacks and pneumonia. Well one thing the Doc said was usually women don't gain heart disease until much later in life after menopause. Later in the day they call to say it was urgent I get to a hospital doc wanted to check for blood clots near my heart and lungs. Can you say scared!!! Ooh my I was dying inside as I drove myself to the hospital. Had the test and pleased to say NO CLOTS. Thanking God because I had prayed for each of my Doc's to be thoroughly with me because I want to be sure I am healing and no visible complications.

To share every since my parent died although from complications they had heart attacks. I am worried about me having a heart attacks and that is why getting the extra fat off me because we hear now so often the diseases found associated with stack fat. I will say again I wanted this for the feeling it has given me to look at my body and be pleased no matter the size I can put on firm fitting clothes that shows my thickness and although still consider plus size I feel FAB....

Can't wait to get on the track and back in the gym. I need to keep motivated because I one don't want to lose this FAB feeling I have and self confidence. I also don't want to have paid all this money and gone through so many scares since the surgery to have let it be wasted by not doing my part to keep it.

Love and Blessing my Sistah's.

Today Photo

After all the poking yesterday I can say I have not drained as much since.

Through my sad tear filled eyes

Hi Ladies:

I went back to PS today for my weekly follow-up visit (yeah weekly didn’t do two weeks for long). I had two hard knots above my incision to form, one was very painful to touch that actually didn’t come until after one had gone away. It was amazing it went away after he stuck a needle in it to see if there was a seroma (fluid) but nothing came out. Than a few days later the second one formed with pain. Although it has minimized today from Friday, yes I went back Friday because of the pain from the second knot. He wants me to stay on the antibiotic and comeback next week because he says I should have been healed completely by now at two months but the fact that these little things are arising has him wondering if she should cut back into the incision. If he has to go back in for my health than let him but I promise I don’t want that and I can’t really afford to be off again. I can tell you that my spirits are as low as they can ever be and I still say I am pleased that I made the decision but would I have made it knowing that I would have minor complications yes and that was the reason I went back and forth to the doctor every month until I went into for the surgery. I exercise and did my part to prepare for the surgery and I am TIRED to 10th power of people saying are you moving too fast. I am two DAM months out I should be doing what I am doing but my body is just not healing the way it should. NO doctor I have could have expected that with a person who has no other health issues and was physical active. I DON’T want people to read this and say oh no I change my mind because it is still not a bad surgery. Waiting for the PS to call me back I spoke with a small stature woman who had her surgery 5 weeks out and she had on heels and look like she was headed back to work. She said that she had separation and still a lot of swelling above her incision line. I said this because I also thought well maybe it was because I weight like a small elephant I shouldn’t have done this but speaking with her it could happen to anyone or any size woman.

Just keep me lifted in prayer and I will do the same for you all.

Funny thing while I was typing this a gospel song came on the radio that said “he did it before he will do it”. Yes he has healed before he will heal again in Jesus name we are all healed.

Through my tears I am still thankful.

Prayer Works!!

As most have read my previous post, I have been having minor setbacks. I am glad to report today after my PS visit I was clear to resume my normal activities. The once painful knot has started to dissipate, although it is very small it is not posing any potential problems at this time. It no longer cause me a pain or have any reddness in the general area. I can say that it is still slightly tender in that location but nothing to dwell on. My incision is coming along nicely and soon after a few weeks of coco treatments I beleive it will be a faint memory.

I am feeling pretty good although I am swollen like a bull but I am hiding pretty darn good today. I am not sure how long this will last but this part I surely will be glad when it is over. I am ready to buy some new clothes and just from looking I do not believe the size will change much but I will definetly look GOOODDAH in my clothes a lot better than before.

With my pass to resume excercise I am going to start off light with a gym work out. I have had my gym membership on hold since the surgery and I will go this week to have it reinstated and than I will gradually go back to spin and try zumba classes. Last but not least I am going to get back into the BOOTCAMPS...... I dont think right now I could take anythign to stressful. I think I am held but I don't think I am completely healed on the inside. I am going to go walking today and pace myself not to run well wog lol.

Thank for the uplifts and inbox of prayer.


Although I have surpass some obsticles I still need prayer. I am feeling much better and the most part about this all is that I wanted this and it is like anything when you haven't done somethign before you tend to be afraid of it but want it anyway but than you never know what to expect. I wanted it, I got it and I am happy even with the setbacks only once did i say I shouldn't have done this but I know I prayed about it and there was no reason to believe I would go through what i have and I had to get with it and get back to believing this was for me. Problems sometimes are for our own benefits it will stop us from doing things that we would do if we werent having problems Just think if i was feelign great looking great like some of you. I would have been in Cali in a two piece dangling all my goods just to come back home and complications because even in three weeks the body is not completely healed. So I am glad that I have had the MINOR set backs and I hope I am done with them and the get hell on now...................

I do have a very hard section below my belly button above my vagina and the PS says it is scar tissue and he recommends me getting a hand massager to massage the area. Anyone else have this after two months.


Sometimes delays or blocks but as we would say here on RS setbacks are ways that God put in our path to keep us from moving to fast to many times we hVe read ppl have healed and moved on to the next level in life and they have had major setbacks and some have healed in 3 week and are doing great. For me I know if I had healed or felt I had healed setbacks would have been much worst so today I say thank you Heavenly Father for stopping me an showing me obedience and patience was the key to a successful healing. Today I feel I am healing or healed 85% if not more. I'm still very protected of myself and that I need to let go. I did water aerobics with a friend and i pray it is helpful not harmful and maybe help me.

I will have to share my new results the swelling is minimizing thank God only if it wouldn't swell like a gorilla head at the end of the day. Lol

Patient healing ladies muah.

My days

Howdy ladies I can tell you I haven't had one moment of rest this weekend. Now that it is Sunday I'm wishing it was Friday at 5p lol.

Well today here it is a day to relax and get ready for tomorrow.

Here is a little piece of me.


Repost for assurance for those going through going through or been through

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know what I have planned for you,' says the Lord . 'I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.

11 weeks

Hi Ladies:

I am 11 weeks, 5 days away from 12 weeks and 11 days from 3months.
I have had a my last weekly visit now I am on to monthly visits from this point on. I can report that this week was good and the PS report was even better. PS says I may resume any activites I want and I should listen to my body and I will be fine. I feel good, I believe I look good and I still have NO REGRETS….
The separation has stop drainging and closed. I still have some scar tissue that appears to be minimizing as I continue to rub the area aggressively as often as I can per the PS reuqest I purchased a hand massager and that seems to help break up some of the tissue. He says the last bit of swelling I have will leave when the scar tissue heals. I am not swelling as much now, I do but I think this week is because my monthly is about to come. I also am taken the bromelian.

Well I went to my OBGYN because for atleast 8-10 weeks I have been on some type of antiobotics and we all know that taken antibiotics for that long will or can take a toll on the girlly below. I havent’ had any of the normal signs but I wanted to be check and get ahead of any potential problems. So listen when I was explaining to the nurse my reason for coming in why she ask “why are you here I don’t understand you don’t have any symptoms” I looked at her and said the reason for my appointment so now she tells me “so you want to be sure you are okay well if you are not having any itching, burning or iritation than you probably do not have any yeast infectitons etc” I gave her another look as to say thanks B**t**h but can you get the Doctor please!!!! Dam you better be glad you have a job and besides it is my body, my money and my insurance. Do you know she had put me last on the list, heifer. You bets believe when I saw the doctor I mention it and she said “well next time tell them you have some irritation and you don’t have to go any further”. Yah doc because I didn’t pay to talk to her if she wanted to be a doctor she should have gone that extra mile DAM she made me mad.. Lawd she may have been trying to be helpful but i am 41 don't you know I know the symptoms. Anyway the OBGYN said it was a good idea for me to come although I have no sypmtons but after taken meds for that long if I don’t have any yeast now I may have it in the future and she gave me a script in the meantime to hold. But if I never have any signs than I have good ass immune system and she had to laugh herself. Thanks Doc because your b**t**ch ass nurse trying to tell me…………………..

Other than that I am fine ladies a little disappointment about my weight gain but have a plan to get on the right track. I am hoping some of it is because my cycle is coming but i believe most is because my mouth want stop moving....

I have to get my mind wrapped around the fat that loosing weight and/or keeping weight off is a life style change I can’t keep believing I can eat the way I want and loose weight because it is just not in my genetic makeup it maybe that some can cut back and eat the same and lose but I am no sure if that will help me. I do know that I am the one that if I eat 5/6 small meals I can see the change in the scale. I just have to let the hold back of thinking I know the answer to my body get in my way and do what I am told. If I don’t try to do something different at least step by step than I am going to gain all the weight back with a smaller stomach.
So will you pray that I can keep my mouth SHUT not from speaking my mind but eating whats on my mind…………………..


Love you be blessed my TT sistah future, past and present.




I have used Bromelain approximately a month and today I started the turmeric. I can’t attest to the turmeric tablet although I heard it is amazing for a lot of things articles read that it is good to use a supplement as well as to be taken in small does raw when added to fruit or flavor food. The tablet is said to be good for Blocking cancer, Powerful antioxidant, Potent anti-inflammatory. It has been used to treat everyday problems such as indigestion and flatulence, as well as more serious problems such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, high cholesterol, heartburn, jaundice, liver disorders, and menstrual disorders. Turmeric can also be applied topically in poultices to reduce inflammation and to relieve wounds, cuts, and bruises.
Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapple juice and in the pineapple stem. People use it for medicine.*It is used for reducing swelling (inflammation), especially of the nose and sinuses, after surgery or injury. It is also used for hay fever, treating a bowel condition that includes swelling and ulcers (ulcerative colitis), removing dead and damaged tissue after a burn (debridement), preventing the collection of water in the lung (pulmonary edema), relaxing muscles, stimulating muscle contractions, slowing clotting, improving the absorption of antibiotics, preventing cancer, shortening labor, and helping the body get rid of fat.


After taking the Bromelain I believe it has contributed to the minimizing of my swelling. I do continue to swell but nothing like before. Now I am starting to take them both together I will see if there is a significant in results.

I noticed today that I have a slight tingle around my belly button which is still very numb. According to the PS once the scar tissue dissolves that is near my pelvic area underneath my BB the rest of the swelling will leave. I also have gained a few of the pounds back and I am not sure how and I am bout to freak out...

UM no I paid to much money to think I am looking fly to find out in a few hours to look 9 months pg lmbo. I also have paid to much to be gaining weight. OH MY GOOODNESS

A few weeks ago I started walking but after my last PS visit I was told “YOU can DO whatever You WANT” yephee I started wogging (step above walking a step blow jogging) on the track to see if there was going to be any reaction. I didn’t have any reactions beside my stomach felt like it was swelling but when I looked down it wasn't swollen but it was like tightening and of course when I made it home it did have some swelling but not enormous like it has been in the past.

I have signed up for a free 4 week boot camp that caters to all levels of exercise. I choose to start off with this method of exercise to give my body a challenge but not one that will overexert. If all goes well after this boot camp depending on how challenging I may sign up again but if not I will go back to flipping tires and running up walls lol I want to see how I respond to this before I transfer back to the gym or to high impact boot camp. I pulled my elliptical back out and I have told myself I will get on it for an 30 mins to an hour a day but we will see.


Well this morning I had a new attitude, I put on a dress that normally would be tight EVVERRRYY WHERE but it is exceptionally loose more so than it was when I bought it over 15 years ago. I remember wearing it with two girdles because it was rather tight around my mid section and of course everything is tight around my breast oh boy I am thinking everyday I should have gotten them reduced.

Anywho I am on a new kick I purchase a new all in one NINJA blender, mixer, juicer, and processer. First off I don't know how to operate it although it appears to be simple but for me I couldn't even release the pitcher. Well after making attempts to get it started i realized I didnt have the blade in and that solved that problem. The shaked blended and now it was time to pour oh well i picked the entire thing up to pour and what happens my cup falls over and spills on the floor. I was so so so anger I screamed to the top of my lungs. I walked away and left it and on my way out the door for work which I am not late for at this point. I grabbed a special k breakfast bar and yogurt. I turn around before getting in the car, I had decided not to let the spilled shake sit on the floor and spoil. I mopped it up with much attitude and now I am at my desk with a very bad disposition and a headache.

Thanks for reading if you read.

I am lifting everyone up in the name of Jesus that have real problems!!!!!

shake on floor

It GOT to get better

First day

Had a great first bootcamp day. Today was the physical assessment although I have been out of commission and never was the top athlete I still had a smile on my face. 16 min mile. 25 full sit-up & 32 push ups in one (1) min. intervals. I was/am worried about the sit ups. I did not feel any pulls but I did have a few muscle cramps. After a stretch or two it went away. I will keep praying I'm doing well.

Swelling difference

John 14:14

If you are weary about anyhing surgery, finances, job etc please remember in the bible it says.

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. -John 14:14

Lipo Next

HI All:

Hope you all healing wonderfully and are enjoying your transformation.
I am now 15 weeks and had my first months check-up and I feel good although I still have this stubborn scar tissue along the line of my incision but he says it is minimizing but to me it seems like it hasn’t moved much since we saw each other last month. PS stated he will do lipo suction to get the remaining fat before Christmas. He mention that he didn’t lipo me as well as he would have liked because he was watching my blood supply (now what that means I do NOT know). Either way he said it will be “NO PS CHARGE” although I will have to pay for the supplies. I hope it doesn’t cost a hell of a lot ou know. I am rather excited because he said the lipo will smooth me out more on the sides and across my abdomen. That sounds great to me but I told my BF he is concerned that it will be a repeat process. I don’t believe that it will because he is not cutting just taken out the fat out the stomach with a cannula with light anesthesia. I am sure the soreness and pain will drive me crazy but it want have me in misery worrying if I am healing.

Pray for me as I pray for you. Peace and Blessing.

Just thinking

At 16 weeks I am feeling exceptional no real complaints. Now that I have asked the questions to the PS on here about the liposuction (how normal is it to need one after full TT) The ones who have responded thus far stated it is common especially on someone of my size. I can take that but now I am worried about liposuction and the severity of it and what should I expect. If it is not to invasive I am thinking about asking him to do my back which I think that is one of the place he did more alone the love handles.

Where my scar tissue is located well in one location it gets very tender but the other section doesn't and that is probably because I am still very numb there is anyone else still very numb along the naval area?

had Lipo but wondering

Yes I have had Lipo with my tummy tuck. I just was wondering if having Lipo alone will the downtime be less. Wondering if I will have to go all the way under with anesthesia.

whats up

Hey ladies guess the traffic has died down either we are recovering well and nor so full of questions. Um I am willing to bet everyone is enjoying their new look and real self is the last thing on our minds. Well here I met some wonderful online friends.


At four months I am feeling okay. Still have scare tissue and a bit sore in that area especially if I rub it. Last does any of your abs hurt like hell when you work out? I stay sore a long time.

scar tissue

Hi All:
How is everyone fairing in Tummy Tuck land? Has anyone been having annoying scar tissue to appear and cause discomfort. Do you find if you work out that you have a ongoing soreness in your abs. I did have muscle tighten during my tummy tuck but when I asked the PS nurse she said it was common. I will ask the PS on my 6 month visit next month October. Wow cna you belive it 6 months ago i was scared to death about my decision. Now i am still having no regrets but having this scar tissue is bothering me an sometimes gives off a little burn sensation in my side. Not all the time but sometimes, so today I decided I would journal it to see if it is noticiable after a work out or menastration.

I am still unable to do a hard work out like bootcamp with ab work but I can do some excercising: walking/running. Just not enough for me really because my PS wants to do lipo on my in December and I wanted to have fined toned his work but don't look like I can have the best of the best.. Yep having a small pitty party but I will be okay. Will post an updated picture soon. Not many changes though.

Holla at me let me know how everyone is doing.....

update 5 month or 22 weeks

The past five months have gone well once over the minor humps I am pleased with the results. Per my last visit with the PS he stated he will schedule additional lipo giving me more definition to my waistline in December with NO additional PS cost. It has me up in air because I hope the cost for the surgical tools aren’t more than 1k if it is I will have to live with the dog ears. I should know more next week……
I am not completely flat and still very numb in the naval area which the PS said I wouldn’t be flat and numbness can last for up to a year. I do have a significantly smaller waist and with a shaper I have a nice allusion to a pear shape. My breasts look extremely bigger now that my stomach isn’t matching lol. I hope at the beginning of the year that I am able to resume my strong physical workout. I will be glad when I am able to wear flattering under wear without a shaper. I am still wearing my cg through the night and sometimes I can go without it but I get this very discomforting feeling, maybe because I am still very numb.
I have gotten to a point where I don’t have swell hell as much. I can dictate when it may occur, which is usually after a workout or some serious standing or strenuous movement. I am still unable to do sit-ups or basic ab work so I have decided to just stick to jogging and walking until I am ready to get back to a full physical workout. I can’t wait to get in to a good workout regimen because this I believe will help me with my results. I still have a lot of weight to drop but right now if I don’t get to the ideal weight I like what I see in my clothes. Hopefully, my metabolism will boost and give me the drive to push harder for the ideal weight.

Hope everyone is well and anyone thinking of this surgery, I still have no regrets.

picture at 5 months


Pic on bday

How Do You Feel

I still have a bit of I can't call it discomfort but like a heavy feeling in my lower stomach. If I lay to the side feels like it lbs shift. I can't explain it really.

Did have my last visit with PS. I was rather surprised because I was suppose to see him for a year. I guess because i was having issues and saw him every week for first three months constitutes all my visits.

Did talk with him about lipo, he kinda was backing out and I was going to accept his suggestion but I thought about it, I like my results but I do believe I could look much better more defined. So he says he will do it if I like but I want to know of he is going to be Hgrssive enough to give the hour glass. I will think about a reduction in 2015.

Happy healing all.....,,,

ab workout

Has anyone since their surgery had discomfort in the abs when working out. I feel like a pull. Didn't think it was where muscle tightening. Just bombed because I cant get back to my workouts. Just tired ladies feelings crying.


Hi you all look great!!!!! I went through and checked on some of the ladies. I see some had issues but are now better.
Me, I'm only shy a week of 6 months and I have been working and had to stop because my abs hurt when I directly or indirectly work on them. I haven't worked out over a week before I started back jogging because I was sick. I went to a concert danced and danced a few days later I have a uncomfortable pull iny ab area because I'm stil numb I can't tell upper or outside side of naval. I only can feel it if I move certain ways. I am wondering if I should contact my PS now that's been a week or is this because I really did get my groove on lol. Or is it something I need to call my PS back. Ill try a muscle relaxer but probably give him a call since it's been over a week. Please some one share their work out experience.

bak to the gym

It's a New Year and I'm engaged

Hello Ladies

Good News for the new year. I got engaged.

Funny how we were on here everyday sometimes all day before our surgeries.

For me I still have no regrets about the surgery. I am pleased with the results although now I believe I could be flatter. I was scheduled to have lipo but I haven't had it yet. I'm debating after one of my friends had the surgery with De Mani. She says he charged her about 4k and she was swollen for weeks before she could see results. Although he is not going to charge me for his part of surgery. Honestly I don't want to go through the swelling.

I am still numb and swell a little not a lot. Most times I swell after a work out and may be if have warn a tight bra

Anyway I am back strong working out still not dropping weight. I count it up to be my metabolism. I'm going to also ask the doctor my internal doctor about that on my next visit.

Other than that things are fine.
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. ManiSundaram is a very professional plastic surgeon, he took time to listen and read my emails. During my office visit we went over my emails again to be sure that I understand. He told what my expectations should be after surgery. Overall he was great and if I have to do anything else I would defiantly go back to him. If anyone is seeking a Plasitc Surgeon in MS please check out Face and Body Plastic & Hand Surgical Center

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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