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Well I have always been a petite person( 5'1, 125...

Well I have always been a petite person( 5'1, 125 lbs) but after having three kids( 9lbs , 7lbs8 oz., and 9) my belly got the worst of it. My stomach was stretch beyond belief and even though my last pregnancy was 10 after my second birth, I still could not tone my saggy, wrinkled skin. So, after much talk and debate my husband and I considered a tummy tuck( thank God he seen things the doctor way). Of course the pregnancy caused muscle separation and I was left with saggy skin from gaining too much weight with my first born( went from 109 to 180). But I lost it all by the time he was five months.

My self esteem became so low and I have never taking off my sleeping tank during intercourse with my husband. But I know with this tummy tuck I gain confidence in my body and feel comfortable about the skin I'm in. Don't get me wrong I love myself and I thank God for my three kids. And yes stretch marks are a sign of the mother tribute, but I'm doing this for me....because I deserve to be at ease and not worry about holding my belly in 24/7. Besides the extra poking belly just doesn't fit with my skinny frame. I anyways, I have learned so much from this site over the past few weeks, meet a friend( who encourage me the most ) and finally feel as if my belly will be toned.

Right now I'm very excited and have been searching online none stop for weeks. I have at least two moths before surgery and I have a thousand and one questions to ask but I don't want to bug anyone, so ill keep searching, lol. The doctor said that I'm very petite and that I would get the most benefit from a tummy tuck. At least 95% of my stretch marks will be gone , MR ,and the surgery will take an hour and a half. It will be an out patient surgery. I'm super exited!! THE DOWN PART is that all my summer plans may not take place, with the kids. But then again who says we can't go to Destin for Two weeks And I can relax in e condo while they site see... Anyways I can't wait until the day.

Well, the hubby and I decided to cancel our trip...

Well, the hubby and I decided to cancel our trip to Cali until July. So I called anxiously on Thursday to reschedule my appointment. But to my luck they were all in clinic, so I decided to email instead. By the end of the day I receive an email response back and was told that the date I requested was arranged for me. So now I have 4 weeks and 7 days until my surgery. Super excited. Just an update. Also I've been looking on YouTube at videos and reading none stop on here. Apparently, everyone has different results. All I want is a flat stomach repaired muscles, no dog ears, a low cut, and a successful surgery and recovery.

Okay... TT date rescheduled to May 29 th. The date...

Okay... TT date rescheduled to May 29 th. The date was conflicting with my husband's coaching schedule, so there you have it. Besides I need him with me for the support. I can wait... I'm getting nervous anyways, lol. Every night I tell him I'm going to call and cancel and he says why, this is what you been complaining about for so long.and that's true. So why not I'm going for it eyes wide open. The same God that keeps me here will see me through this surgery. I'm praying myself up for this. So would someone please give me a list of things that I may need after the surgery? I only have about three weeks left. Oh yeah, going next Tuesday to pay in full. I'm excited maybe I can take that time to pick up a few thing. I already bought Victoria secret leggings, some Nike active wear, ummm a few tanks, over night pads, and that's about it.

Okay, just an update. Went paid in full yesterday...

Okay, just an update. Went paid in full yesterday and boy have I been super emotional. I freaked out so bad I was in tears. I'm was worried about all the what ifs . But my husband has been so supportive. He was like you can't think like that... Lets keep it positive and pray about it. So today I have been worry free. Everyone situation is different and my experience will be just that mines. I'm so proud of him and staying in my corner when I wanted to run out of it. Let the count down begin -22 days until surgery, I'm excited.

Almost time..

Well now it's becoming reality. Not sure what to expect but I'm expecting nothing but the best. Well, one week of teaching left and then it summer vacation. Timing is great. Only down part , not being able to hold my 15 month old Kobe for a while .its going to be okay though. I have tons of support . Good luck to all .

Flat side success.

. Well, today my DH helped me showered and that was such a breeze for him but it was kinda a struggle. but ive been feeling a lot better since the shower. I'm still eating soup and apple sauce. I will take my laxative tomorrow. Being that I haven't been eating much I figured I would wait. Didn't get a chance to take pics because I felt like everything was falling out of me, but I will take a picture soon and post it. Well my TT sisters, I will post again soon being that I'm confined to this recliner and my DH has decided to pull the sofa up next to me to sleep as well. Got to love this guy, very supportive.


Posted some pictures. Not really sure how the scar will turn out. For now its a waiting game.

An itchy mess...

3 days post and i Woke up and I am extremely itchy. Can't scratch because I have the binder on. Ugh, I'm frustrated with this feeling. On top of that i tried not taking pain meds today because i wasnt hurting, but i got a headache that would. Ot stop. i took two Tylenol and it still wouldn't budge. Four hours later I took a pain killer and bam headache gone. I just am sick of taking the pain killers, but my body still needs it I guess. Everything seems to be moving fast. My drain has been light red orange color for the past two days so the doc said its draining the last of things and I'm not running a fever so, that's good. I also noticed my incision line is smoothing out ( I'm happy) I guess it was just swollen. But I still have a long way to go. One day at a time. Also, I using dial soap to bath with and putting antibiotic cream on the incision. Is that cool?

The journey continues...

Had a nightmare about having a blood clot and the OR refused to see me. I woke up frantic and could hardly catch my breath. I muscled myself out of the chair and called to my husband I can't breath. He said huh, youre stand straight What's wrong? I said I can't breath. He said you sound like you breathing fine. I said I hate this binder I'm taking it off. He helped me remove he binder and then I was relieve. Then I noticed my tummy. Flat. Scar smooth. I was in awe. I counted to ten and burped. Tight chest gas. Lol I had lettuce on a grilled sandwich earlier around seven and of course I ate it in the recliner. Silly me. Panicking for nothing. Anyways, I'm actually seeing something beautiful take place. My tummy looks amazing... I'm not sure exactly what to do about the swelling, but this morning at 5:45 it was not swollen. I took a shower with my husband help and and got dressed. Ate a bowl of raisin brand cereal and got on my iPad. Been up every since. Yesterday I took one pain killer before bed. And I think I did pretty darn good. My online classes have started , so I have to attempt to go get my books, but I think these master classes will be a breeze. Besides I have only one class to finish after July.
Oh I almost forgot. I didn't take a laxative or a stool softener. Instead I have been eating plenty of fruits and veggies. I had apple sauce and graham crackers, raisin brand cereal, and fiber one bars. Went yesterday for the first time and oh yeah it was smooth ( TMI LOL I KNOW) but I went three times in one day. And this morning I have gone once so far. So I guess fiber does the trick. And I felt 100 times better. I'm draining less than 10 ccml., which is great news. So the sun does break through the clouds on day 6. I want to thank you ladies for your comments and prayers because the past few days have been a challenge. I called my mom crying yesterday telling her that it hurts to cough, she told me that she know it hurts but I have to cough to clear my lungs. She told me to get some cough drops ease the coughing out slowly, use a pillow, sip some warm water...and the my dad said get tough you're an ex solider,bare against that pillow and cough it up. I tried to laugh through the tears. But he the said be strong baby you're going to get through this I'm just glad the worst is over. Oh well, have a good Tuesday my TT SISTERS. XXOO's

Update pictures

Well I drank 3L of water and I will honestly say I could tell a difference. It does work. Well I'm excited because I go to my 1 week 1 day post op appointment tomorrow and I'm excited. Hopefully this drain will get removed. I have a lot of energy today and I just want to get out of the house. Perhaps I'll take a walk around the hard later. Yesterday evening my stomach felt all nervous like, my sister told me it was just my nerves wakeing up in my stomach. The only spot on it that feels wired now is the center. I'm abut concern about the thickness of my scar, so I will ask that question to my ps tomorrow. Just and update ladies. Tell me what you think of my pics, do you see a difference?

Drain out !......

Well I had my drain removed yesterday and the Doctor Brantley said everything was healing good. He told me to go back to my regular activities slowly and just listen to my body, don't over do it. He also told me to do not start any scar therapy until Wednesday. I was told to force my body to stand straight because I can, my mind is just telling me I can't. He told me believe me you will not rip apart. And sure enough I've been working on that since that day and today I did pretty good walking straight but I found my self leaning over after a few minutes. Also I tried my binder for a high waisted griddle and some spanks undies. The high waisted griddle is actually helping me stand straighter. And who, all is well y'all. I'm due back in 6 weeks for a follow up and then we are headed on vacation... Two piece here I come. I'm excited.


More pics.

After a day of trying to walk in the mall...the after effect was hell. My poor abs felt like they were on fire and it felt like I could feel the muscles in knots. This was not a good feeling. I have to keep in mind that inside takes a little longer to heal then outside. Other than that my day was almost perfect. I drove for the first time and it felt weird. Being that I'm short I could sit close to the wheel as usual but I had to position the seat so I didn't put any pressure on my abdominal....hard task. Of course it played out, lol. I'm just not ready to drive. I am walking straight, but find my self hunching back to that over position, that's weird. Any ways....happy Monday you guys and take it slow. Xoxoxo

Belly button infection .... My fault

Well I been battling with this belly button infection for about three or four days. It has been hellish . Although, now I'm slump over and it's causing me to have bad back pains. At this time I'm so depressed because I know it's because of something I did or didn't do enough of. Any suggestion or recommendation would be appreciated. By the way I'm taking some antibiotic, pain killers, and I haven't had Bowen movement I three days., ugh I'm feeling really bloated and just bad.

Bathing suit ready...... I think ?

Well it has been six weeks, if I'm not mistaken since my surgery on may 29. And basically, everything has gone pretty well. The only problem I have is constipation every now and then, but that's my fault since I don't eat enough fruits and veggies. I have had minor swelling every blue moon but it was uncomfortable. Been wearing a few of my normal clothing, like blue jeans that are extremely loose around the waist. I'm now in a size three to a four, which I love.still waiting for more stitches to dissolve around my incision but it looks pretty good.
Doc said he's going to fine tune my navel, he said it isn't as deep as he wanted so that will get done in September. I love my PS. He is the greatest! Haven't done any gym workout yet, just a lot of shopping walking, lol . Just an update you guys. Enjoy your day.

Had a belly button revision

Well I know it's been a while but my life has been extremely chaotic... However two months ago I had a belly button revision done . The doctor said he wasn't satisfied with how it looked so he did a in office surgery which didn't take long about ten minutes . He numb the area cut stitched and now I have an in belly button instead of an out. Which I totally like. I haven't been exercising a lot because I swell terribly and just really afraid that I'm going to hurt myself but I have to get these loa handles off lol. So to the gym I must go. Other than that I'm doing pretty good . Hope all is well with everyone else . Any suggestions on exercises?
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brantley was a very down to Earth doctor to talk to during consultation and post op visit. Whenever I called his staff was always friendly and did not hesitated to give clear advice. In between post op visit was easily scheduled as well. Overall, I am please with the procedure and his staff. I am so happy I decided to have this surgery and allowed him to perform it. He is the best plastic surgery doctor that I have met. I would most definitely recommend his service.

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