23 Year Old Female, Grade 3 Panniculus - Flowood, MS

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I am so excited about my upcoming surgery! I know...

I am so excited about my upcoming surgery! I know how much it is going to improve my quality of life along with my self esteem! I wanted to get an initial post done before the procedure itself. I will be posting before pictures also. Four months ago, I had my consultation with Dr. Brantley at The Face and Body Center. He and the rest of the staff have been amazing during the process of getting insurance approval! The plan is to preform a panniculectomy and scar revision on an old gallbladder scar. He will also reposition my belly button. I did find out that I have MRSA in my nares (I'm a RN), so I have been applying an antibiotic ointment to them every night. I will also complete a small round of oral antibiotic before the surgery. I will make sure to post again soon with my before pictures!

One Week Until Surgery!

This time next week, I will be out of surgery and hopefully back home! I am so excited! I've been swabbing my nose with Bactroban since I tested positive for MRSA colonization. Tonight, I will also start washing the area with Hibiclens everyday. I took some pre-op pictures. They aren't great quality since I took them myself, but they give a good idea at how large my panniculus. I also took a picture of the scar I'm having revised. You can see how it is indented into my body, and creates a pouch of fat above it. I can't wait to have a more normal body shape! I will probably update again the day before surgery.

Tomorrow is the big day!

I can't believe that my surgery is tomorrow! I am a bundle of nerves and excitement. My surgery will be an outpatient procedure , so I won't have to stay the night at the hospital. My surgery is at 7:00 in the morning, so I hope I will be home around noon. I intend to update tomorrow after surgery, but it will all depend on how I'm feeling tomorrow!

6 hours post-op

I can't believe I had my surgery today! I got to the surgery center at 6:00 AM. My husband and my mother both came with me. I signed some last minute paperwork, and the lab tech checked my blood iron levels. I also had to take a pregnancy test. I was originally supposed to be the first patient of the day, but a lady having complications got put ahead of me. I was fine with that since it game me more time to get acclimated to my surroundings. I was not told that I needed to have everything shaved "down there" during my pre op appointment, so I had to shave in the bathroom at the surgery center. The actual procedure included a scar revision, panniculectomy, and belly button transfer. When I woke up in the recovery suite, I was in a lot of pain and having trouble keeping my oxygen levels up. Once the nurse started to give me pain medication, I felt better. Dr. Brantley came in and explained that the procedure went great and that he removed 40 POUNDS! I couldn't believe that! He also explained that I have two drains and a binder. Once I woke up a little more, I sat up on the side of the bed and put my clothes on. Sitting and standing for the first time was pretty rough. The nurse wheeled me to my husband's car, and we went home. I took one pain pill when I got home. They are to be taken every 6 hours. I am not in an unbearable amount of pain, but I am in pain. The panniculectomy incision and drains have a burning sensation when I stand up or sit down; however, if I am still, it pretty much stops burning. My whole stomach is very sore and achy feeling. It also feels very tight. Once I stand up, I am able to walk by myself, though my husband insists on holding on to me. I can almost stand completely straight up. I can not really wipe after I use the restroom because it hurts too bad to bend. Hopefully, I won't have a bowel movement for a couple of days. I am walking once an hour and doing ankle pumps to prevent blood clots. I have not tried to lay down, and I will be sleeping in a recliner until I feel comfortable enough to lay in bed. Despite the pain and discomfort, I feel amazing. I have not taken off my binder yet, but I already love my new torso. I'm still a little out of it from surgery, so I apologize if this post is erratic. I will be sure to update soon
with pictures! Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers!

Day after surgery

I didn't get much sleep last night. Not necessarily because of the pain, but because it was difficult to get comfortable in the recliner. I have slept a lot off an on today though, so I think my body had gotten used to it. As far as pain goes, I've definitely felt it today. The pain is fairly superficial, and feels like a burning/stinging sensation. I'm taking Percocet one 10/325 every 6 hours. I have the option to take two, but I haven't felt like I needed to. When I first stand up or sit down is when it hurts the worst. It feels like a sharp, quick pain, 8 out of 10 on the pain scale at worst. I constantly have pain around 3 out of 10 on a pain scale. It's more discomfort than pain. My face, chest, and upper arms got flushed, hot, and itchy around 1:00 pm today. I called the doctors office and they took me off of the antibiotics. I'm still flushed, and I have been taking Benadryl. We empty my drains every 8 hours. The right one is draining a lot more than the left, but the doctor said that was normal. The drains themselves don't really hurt too badly, but I can feel them and they get in the way. I can bend over more to wipe myself better than I could yesterday. I took a shower today. Taking off the bandages weren't too bad because I'm still pretty numb around the incisions. To my surprise, the water felt good. I took a lukewarm shower with the water pointed away from me so that I could direct how much water got on my stomach. I had to have my husband pat me dry. It took probably 20 minutes to bandage me back up and put the binder back on. Taking the binder off for the first time felt good for a little bit, but I was ready to have it back on after the shower. Once I stand up, I have no issues walking around. I can still stand up pretty straight. Because I was anxious to get re-bandaged, I forgot to take any pictures, but I promise I will take some tomorrow with and without the binder on. The one picture I posted is me sitting down with the binder on. Thank you all for your support! It makes me feel so much better! Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions that I haven't answered!

Third day post op

Today has been a little tougher than yesterday. Around noon I started running a temp. The highest it has gotten is 101.8. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to let him check me out. I'm still having the same amount of pain as yesterday. My incisions are looking great! Here are some pictures after I got out of the shower. I'm still very swollen, but I'm in love with the results! Oh, and I attach my drains to a lanyard around my neck when I take a shower.

Feeling better!

After a rough day yesterday, I feel so much better! I'm still running a fever, so I went to see the doctor today. He said that everything looks amazing, and it is probably just my body's response to the surgery and anesthesia. I have great control over my pain levels, I am able to slightly bend over now, and I'm less stiff. If I could keep this fever away, I would be in great shape! If I continue to have a fever through the weekend, I will have to get a chest X-ray just to make sure I'm not contracting pneumonia. They also took some blood, but I won't have the results until tomorrow for that.

One week post surgery

This time last week, I was in the OR! Fast forward to today, and I am feeling pretty great! My pain levels are decreasing, especially when I'm moving. The most painful thing now are after I've been sitting for a long time, and I stand up. The swelling in my legs are going down (I walk a lot and do ankle pumps). My mons pubis got very swollen, hard, and painful, but it is getting better now! My right drain is ready to be pulled out, and I'm praying that my left drain will slow down so that I can have them both pulled in the same day. The swelling in my abdominal area fluctuates, but everyday I feel like I can see a small difference! My scar revision looks so good! It's barely indented at all anymore! All of the incisions look amazing! I'm still having a little issue with the fever, but it's much better and the doctor isn't concerned! I am so excited to sleep in the bed again! I decided to wait until I have at least one drain out. I take a shower every night. They feel amazing, but they are pretty exhausting. I'll take some pictures after my shower tonight! I'll update again on Thursday after my appointment.

Almost 2 weeks out!

I've been super busy! My husband has gotten a job out of state, so we are in the process of moving! I'm sorry for not updating! I've been doing great! I'm down to one pain pill a day (I take it before I go to bed). I'm still pretty swollen, but that is to be expected. It is getting better, especially in my pubic area and legs. I had one drain removed last Thursday, and I hope to have the other one removed this Thursday! The drain removal didn't hurt AT ALL! I barely felt a thing! I'm currently putting hydrogen peroxide on my scars to get the scabs to go away. After that, I will start using a scar reducing cream recommended by my doctor! I am so beyond happy with the results of my surgery! I am attaching pictures that I took a couple of days ago! Thank you everyone for your support!
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brantley has amazing bedside manner. He explained everything wonderfully and made me feel at ease! I know he is going to do a wonderful job!

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