Getting a Hysterectomy & Much Needed Mommy Maker TT/BL/BA/ Lipo & Fat Transfer to Bbl - Flowood, MS

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My dated is finally scheduled. Friday November...

My dated is finally scheduled. Friday November the 14th!! Hearing I needed a hysterectomy was difficult to accept. I'm 43, 3 boys 23,20 & 8. I guess I was still hoping for another little one. My weight goes up & down. No matter how much weight i loose, I still have the extra fat skin roll. I didn't really gain that much weight with any of my pregnancies, the issue was how I carry. All out front, like a swallowed a large beach ball. 10 years ago my husband & I went for a consultation to get mommy makeover & then we decided to have our last son. So here we are he is now 8 and I am ready! Im So happy that I've found RS. We moved to Mississippi 22 months ago & I'm ready for another big change. The me change! Everyday Im getting more excited for the day to be here. Love reading all the stories that everyone is posting and the pictures are super helpful.

Before pictures

My before pictures! Still need my backside, need hubby to assist. But after seeing my own pictures, I dont want to ask! The count down is on!!

I'm horrible about my age!

I put in my profile 43. I'm 45 will be 46 in December. I was reading to my husband and he just laughed & corrected me! lol! At least I didn't put 39! I think he's as excited/nervous as I am. While I was laying in bed, he said not too much longer & you'll have a new tummy! He's never seen me with a flat sexy tummy. This is my 2nd marriage & I had my 1st son at 21 & 2nd at 24. The boys were just 3 & not even 1 yr old when we started dating. Can't believe it's been 17 years & during that time we've had another son who is now 8, 3 dogs & 1 cat. I've had a stretch marked, skin hanging tummy & saggy boobs for over 1/2 my life. The 14th of November will be here before I know it!

1 Month to go!!

That's all I could think about today at work. My prep will be on the 13th with surgery on the 14th. The week before my surgery will be spent in Naples Florida for a mini vacation for me & work for my husband. Last week I started weening myself off coffee, now I'm drinking green tea w honey in the morning & lemon/cucumber/orange & mint detox water during the day. I dont drink sweet tea or sodas so i havent had to ween off that. My problem is drinking enough water. Finding a clean bathroom is not always easy w my job. For breakfast & lunch im drinking protein shakes and eating a health dinner, no snacking after 7! I've always taken a multi vitamin but not on a regular basis. I'm so proud of myself, I've even started using my daily pill dispenser to keep me on track. My work schedule is so busy & I'm active all day but by the time I get home, im too pooped to go to the gym. Im trying to get as healthy as I can in this last month. im parking farther out so i have to walk & taking the stairs whenever I can. I can honestly say I'm starting to feel better. Yeah me!!

28 days to my big day!

Counting the days down. I'm down 13.5 pounds! Yippee! I'm working hard to get as much of this weight off. Boobs are always the first to go. Can't wait till I can fill my bra. Cup size??? C or D?? This is all I can think about.

Since my last post I'm down 5 more pounds and my to do list is getting smaller too! Yeah for me!

Yesterday, I was able to wear a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in over 2 years. Plus, we had the dogs groomed.. check off list. Last week, I had to go see my family dr and she was so excited for me. Not just for the weight loss but also for me getting my MM! I've only shares this with everyone here on RS, my husband & 1 coworker oh and let's not forget my PS office. This week is going to be my last full week of work before our trip to FL and my surgery. Cleaning service is coming on Wednesday...Check off list. Thursday is our neighborhood costume & fall festival. Friday is Halloween and Saturday my mom & Max(her dog & the brother of my 2 dogs, yes we have 3 dogs and this will make 4) arrives from SC. She knows she coming to stay with our little on while we are out of town and stay with me the week after to help after my surgery. I still haven't told her about my MM, she knows about the hysterectomy. Any suggestions on how to tell her??? I'm stressing out more over her coming and telling her about the MM than the surgery! I have no idea how long she plans on staying, I just need her to help with the driving and my son if there's an emergency. My husband travels with work, some over nights, but mostly long distance driving during the day, so he is not always in the area to help. If he was, believe me, I would not have her stay. Not sure if it's because we are too much alike or just so different. I am leaning to the very different side! LOL!! Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to see the PS. I want him to meet him before surgery as well as get some other questions I have answered. Do they really use wish pictures? I have some wish pictures that he may look at me and laugh out of his chair. Oh, well what do I have to loose, you never know until you ask. Today will be spent picking up the house and I am going to take a trip to from what Ive been told is the largest & best 2nd hand store in Mississippi. Hoping I can find a walker. Happy Sunday Yall!

Count down continues to hour glass shape!

Today's meeting with PS went great! My husband was able to meet & get his questions answered. Whew, he feels so much better, now he's just as excited as I am. It was great news having my ps tell me, I already have the curves to use for my wish pictures. Going with a D to DD silicone smooth round. Lipo on inner thighs, back flanks and fat transfer to butt! Need to stop loosing the weight so I have enough fat. Now that's a first!! Lol!! Love that he is so easy to talk to and such a warm caring person. Not to mention talented. I'm Soooo super excited!!

Vacation starts tomorrow!

Bags are packed we are ready! Gotta get up at 3 to be at airport by 4, yuck!! Just want to relax & get some sun before my MM! My mother arrived yesterday & my son is not happy at all we are leaving. Love that he wants his momma & daddy around!

Tomorrow my post op appointment & blood work. Sure it will all go well

Wednesday I Work till noon & pre-op after. Getting so anxious. Having more difficult time sleeping. Playing tonight goes well!

Surgery is scheduled for 10:00 am tomorrow.

My stomach is in knots, I'm totally emotional. Got my markings done today to save some time tomorrow. Absolutely love both of my doctors, know I'm in the best hands possible for both my hysterectomy & mommy make over. My mother has been here since last week and things are going well. Had to drink 2 bottles of magnesium citrate.. Which has kicked in! Lovely, like my stomach wasn't already a mess! Going to try to get some rest. I still can't believe this is happening tomorrow!!

It's been 5 days since my surgery! Have been trying to get this posted for the last 2 days!

After a 3 nights stay in the hospital, I'm back home! Sleeping in my room & my husband's favorite recliner. My first night after surgery (6 hours) I was in the worse pain I've ever experienced. The nurses at the hospital were all so wonderful & on top of the pain meds. The gave me a spinal pain pump which was awesome!! On the second day, (which I thought I had just come out of surgery) I was up walking around. They removed my cath hoping I would pee. No luck, had to be recath in & out 3 times before my bladder finally woke up. Trying to have a BM was awful. Had to take MOM & suppository. All for just a little gas. Still have not had a BM.. Scared to eat anything too heavy, I know I need to keep my strength up, just scared of getting more bloated than I already am. My cat Sasha must sense there's something going on with me. She will lay on the bed and just watches me. Will post some pics soon.

Sorry it's been so long updating!

I'm doing much better!! Will be posting some pictures tomorrow. Just received my new phone & I've got the space yeah!! I can't stress how very happy I am with my results. Still swollen & some brushing, love my new earrings (as my husband puts it) lol! Do have suggestions on what is the absolutely necessity when shopping for CG. Must....must ..must have the pee opening! Takes some time to get position correct. The ones without are way too difficult to try an wiggle out of when you've got to go! Believe me accidents happen! Spend the extra $. You will be so thankful! Talk tomorrow. Sleeping is still some what of a challenge getting comfortable. Hugs to all who have gone thru this journey & the ones scheduled! Soooooo worth it!

I'm 3 weeks post surgery from MM & Hysterectomy.

My Recovery has been challenging, still have 5 weeks of recovery left. Every time I look in the mirror I get more & more excited. My mom was here for over a month & just left yesterday. My emotions are all over the place & I know it's my hormones. This normally would be my time of the month, so I think this has to be my problem. It's like post pardon depression ! Have OB appointment Monday, May need to go on hormone patch. Yuck, plus my bladder is having spasms which makes it uncomfortable to pee. Now for my MM. ????????????!
Swelling is going down, love how low my scar is. my new girls. Still trying to get the hang of the massaging. I'm constantly rubbing my belly & holding on to the girls. Lol!! Tonight was the first night we went out to dinner & my husband keeps telling me how good I look & how my shape is completely different. Yeah!!! My tummy has never been so flat! I can't remember how it looked while I was in high school, did gymnastics & was a cheerleader. Just so happy & excited to continue to see my transformation! Theses hormones better get under control, I just don't have time for this! ???? Too many positives in my life to be thankful for. Hope everyone else is doing well. Thanks for all the support!

Forgot to mention underarm hair!

Omg!! I never had any trouble shaving. Had to get my husband to shave what I couldn't see & get last night. Yep, there were some pretty long ones he had to get. Hopefully this will become an easier task!

Best Christmas,Bday, Life Gift..So Happy and Excited with my decision!

Had my 4 weeks checkup yesterday & I am loving my new body. Still recovering and everyday is more exciting. Last night I took some pictures and sent to my husband via text message. My question was which pjs looked better? I thought he was still awake, he fell asleep with our little one. So, this morning, when he saw my text with pictures....He couldn't stop telling me how good I look! He's seen my weight go up and down, but I always had the extra skin and saggy boobies. Not anymore!!!

Have been going through pictures and just had to add.

Can't believe this is really me!

Think I overdid it today! Trying to put up holiday decorations. Was almost finished just had ornaments that need to be hung on t

I used a ladder
, but did do more stretching & bending today. Now I'm Having pulling & ripping feelings in my tummy right under my breast bone & beside my belly button! Ugh!! I'm in bed now hoping this goes away. Praying I didn't do any serious internal damage & I just need to rest! Which I'm finding it harder and harder to do! I feel so guilty if I don't decorate for my little one!

5 week update!

I have no idea how someone can go back to work after 2 weeks! Tomorrow will be 5 weeks for me & I'm getting around much better. Cant believe it's already 5 weeks..time is flying by. Thank goodness for Internet shopping!! My Christmas shopping is almost complete!

The MUST HAVE after your surgery!!

If you are still adding items to your pre surgery list or even if you've already had surgery..You have to add get this grabber! This has been my life saver after my surgery. It's helped me pick up action figures , dirty clothes, dog bowls, put up Christmas decoration, put away groceries... Etc...!! Don't know what I'd do without her!! I've named her Sally! Lol!!
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Works with my OB to perform my hysterectomy and he will do all his procedures at the hospital. His office is comfortable, staff is friendly. His nurse Susan is wonderful! I know I'm driving her crazy with all my questions.

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