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It's only been 2 days since the procedure, so I...

It's only been 2 days since the procedure, so I want to get this in before I forgot. Day 1 (the afternoon following the surgery) was bad. It hurt like a mofo and I was getting sick from the anesthesia and pain meds. Still waiting for the results, which I know will take several months. I will be adding on more to the review and uploading more pics, but this is a good start. Additionally, I would like to thank his wonderful staff (Jana, Ari, Ashley, and Cindy) for being truly awesome throughout this process with me.

Exactly 3 days post-surgery. The left breast is more swollen than the right breast due to extra bleeding during surgery.

Still sore, but the pain meds and Valium make me so loopy that I'm opting out of taking them.

One week + 2 days post surgery

Stitches came out yesterday morning. The right breast is looking great, but lefty is still having a hard time settling in. The doc said it'll be a few weeks (or even months) before it really drops into place and starts looking good. I'm still sore, but starting to feel better. Stopped sleeping upright last night.

One week + 3 days Post-surgery

Lefty is still really high and swollen, but righty seems to be looking great! The incision scar underneath is also healing well. There is still a sizable "ridge" high up on lefty.

One week + 4 days Post Surgery

One week + 5 days Post-surgery

I'm in some pain tonight. My right breast (underneath) is quite sore, and there appears to be a tendon or something popping out (???). I'm also starting to get concerned as my breasts are looking more and more asymmetrical, to the point that the left breast looks distorted. I know it's still early, but I'm even more self conscious now than I was pre-surgery. :-/

Exactly 2 weeks post-surgery!

Still swollen and a little asymmetrical. Lefty is still quite high and swollen. The "band" popping up under my right breast is still very tender.

Two weeks + 3 days post-surgery

I finally bought a sports bra from VS today, and will start wearing it tomorrow. It's a 32DD!!! Still sore, but it seems to be getting better slowly but surely. Still waiting for lefty to drop down.

Two weeks + 5 days post-surgery

Back is sore, which I believe is due to the new sports bra. As soon as I take it off, I feel relieved! May need to see if they have a 34D or 34DD size (instead of the 32). Added pics to show how lefty is still very high as compared to righty...note the shadow of the ridge on lefty. I really hope lefty drops into place soon! Righty has been doing well and dropping into place nicely. Also flash pics shown of the inframammary scars. They seem to be healing well.

Two weeks + 6 days post-surgery

Sore today. They feel firm. Still hear some gurgling, but not as much as previously, so it appears that the air and fluid is being absorbed. Hoping lefty continues to drop!

Exactly 3 weeks post-surgery!

Lefty is still considerably larger than righty. Follow up appt is in two weeks from tomorrow, so I'll address it then. Living on Advil these days as the soreness is prevalent, especially toward the evening.

Three weeks + 6 days post-surgery

Four weeks + 1 day post-surgery

Put ice on lefty on Wednesday evening for a bit to see if it would help with the swelling. Can't really tell if it worked or not. Sent the PS's nurse a pic that day to ask if I should be concerned yet; she showed the pic to the PS who told her no, and that lefty would continue to drop as the muscle relaxes. She asked when I was coming in for the f/u next, and I said next Fri. So they'll probably evaluate it then.

Exactly five weeks post-surgery

Righty looks great, but lefty still has quite a bit of dropping to do. Slowly but surely! The muscle is still high and firm on left side. Follow up appt is tomorrow.

Five weeks + 4 days post-surgery

Lefty is still high and swollen. The doc gave me some massage exercises to perform in order to assist the implant down. Once the muscle relaxes, he said the implant should settle and drop down. He wants to see me again after 3 months.

Exactly 6 weeks post-surgery

Pain has decreased substantially, although I still feel pains in Lefty from time to time. It's much more sore than Righty. Hoping Lefty drops soon!!!

Exactly 7 weeks post-surgery

They're feeling softer and softer!

7/24/16 (top) vs today (bottom)

7/1 vs 7/21 vs 8/18

Like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to boil, it hasn't seemed like there's been much progress. So I decided to take some pics and collage them to see what the progress truly was...

7/1 - one day after surgery
7/21 - 3 weeks after surgery
8/18 - 7 weeks after surgery

Lefty looks almost the same as Righty did the day after surgery! I'm chalking that up to progress. :) Hopefully that means Lefty will continue to drop down and catch up to Righty.

Massage exercises my PS showed me to perform on Lefty

These are the massage exercises my PS showed me to perform on Lefty, to get it to settle into the pocket and drop down.

(1) Top Left - start by placing your opposite hand over the breast like so.

(2) Top right - squeeze gently upward.

(3) Bottom left - squeeze a little firmer, pushing the implant downward.

(4) Bottom right - using your whole palm, squeeze the muscle and gently massage the muscle using upward squeezing motions.

Repeat these 4 steps two to three times each day. Make sure you're not squeezing so hard you're in immense pain.

*My PS did not have me doing these massages until I was 5 weeks post-surgery. Every person and every surgery is different! Please make sure to consult your PS before beginning any massages to make sure you are ok to perform them.

8 weeks, one day post-surgery

Lefty has still not caught up with Righty. The muscle is not relaxing as quickly, but I am continuing to work on it with massage exercises.

Exactly 9 weeks post-surgery

Righty is getting much softer and natural feeling. Lefty still looks like an ahole due to the muscle not relaxing as much. Will post more side by side progress pics!

For reference - Style and Size of Implants

Natrelle Smooth Round High Profile (style 20) Silicone Breast Implants. 400cc on right, 425cc on left.

July 21 vs Sept 1


10 weeks + 1 day post-surgery

I'm beginning to think Lefty will never look normal :(

11 weeks + one day post-surgery

Still waiting for lefty to relax and drop down.

12 weeks + three days post-surgery

Lefty still not fully relaxed. Righty looks and feels amazing!

Sept 16th (top) vs Sept 25th (bottom)

13 weeks + three days post-surgery

I'm beginning to worry more about lefty. The implant isn't settling down into the pocket, and I'm not sure if it's because the muscle still isn't relaxed or not. I'm supposed to have a follow up visit with my PS in a couple of weeks, but it's been 3 months already and still not a lot of progress. :-/

15 weeks post-surgery

My 3 month follow up appt is on Saturday. Hopefully he'll tell me where we stand with Lefty!

3 Month Follow Up and Revision

Had my 3 month follow up today. My PS said we may know why Lefty looks so deeply...he doesn't think the pocket was made quite deep enough. So for now he gave me a band to wear, and in one month he'll take a look again, but he's almost positive we'll need to do a slight revision. He said it's a simple in-office procedure where they numb me good and silly (he may even bring in an anesthesiologist), but I won't be fully knocked out. He'll basically go in and make the pocket lower, stitch me up, load me up on painkillers, and send me on my way. Wearing the band today made me realize how correct he was -- just look at Lefty! The incision is sitting several millimeters higher than Righty. No wonder! But I'm not upset, I'm just glad my PS is working to make it right.

Going in tomorrow for the revision...

It's been just over 5 months since I had my breast aug. It's pretty clear to see by the pictures that I wasn't imagining things when I thought there was something "off" about Lefty. Fortunately, my PS is a great guy and is making the correction tomorrow.

The good news is Righty looks amazing! Hoping that Lefty turns out just as good. Wish me luck! :)

12 hours post-revision surgery on Lefty

So get this...the reason Lefty was acting like such an @$$hole was due to capsular contracture! The capsule basically acted like shrink wrap and prevented the implant from dropping. The PS had to remove the entire implant (in order to remove the whole capsule), and put a new implant in. Already I can tell a huge difference! I'm really hoping Lefty acts right this time.

Pain level: sucks. It's definitely not fun, but not as painful as the first surgery. I am more mobile, and it doesn't feel like there's an elephant on my chest. However, the pain feels like jabbing pins more toward the bottom of my breast. Also, my left shoulder is quite sore. I took a half of a prescribed painkiller, but that made me feel awful, so I'm sticking to Advil.

Has anyone else experienced capsular contracture within a few months of their initial breast aug? I'm wanting some advice on how to *hopefully* prevent it from happening again.

Lefty's capsular contracture versus today's post-revision surgery

24 hours post-revision surgery

Took a shower to wash off the markings, plus took the gauze off and let the soapy gently wash over the incision. As you can see, Righty has dropped into place nicely. (The lines are from the compression bra I have the pleasure of wearing for two weeks again, ugh.) Lefty should begin dropping into place in the next couple of weeks!

2 days post-revision surgery

A little more than 48 hours since Lefty's revision, and I can already say that Lefty looks better than she ever did before! I can't wait until she drops into place and starts looking more like her sister. ;)

Before and after (as of today) comparison

Lefty Revision Update

Last Friday, 12/9/16 (one week after revision) vs today (Thu, 12/15/16). Started feeing some pinging pains like I did previously, thought to be when the capsule was forming. Did some massaging to get that worked on. Hopefully no capsular contracture this time!

Lefty Revision Comparison

Left pic: night before revision
Middle pic: one week after revision
Right pic: today (2 weeks + 2 days since revision)

2 weeks + 2 days since Lefty's revision

Come on, baby! Drop into place!

2 weeks + three days post Lefty revision

I'm obsessing. Is it just me, or does Lefty look like she is starting to contact again???

For reference...Lefty's Revision implant

Surgery date 12/02/2016

3 weeks post Lefty revision

Left: last Sunday, 12/18
Middle: yesterday morning, 12/22
Right: tonight, 12/23

Dec 14th vs Dec 31st

Lefty is dropping! She's starting to round out and catch up to Righty. I've been wearing a band across my chest every night to assist the drop. So far, so good! I'm much happier with the revision.

Dec 27th vs Jan 5th

Lefty is still continuing to drop! :)

Thu, Jan 5th vs Mon, Jan 9th

Left is looking good!!!

1/9/2017 vs 1/11/2017

There's still some swelling, but Lefty appears to continue dropping. Wore a regular bra today, but may go back to sports bra tomorrow. Decided to wear the chest band again tonight to help it along. Hopefully the swelling continues to diminish.
Dr. Sanderson

At this time my reviews of Dr. Sanderson are very positive. He has great bedside manner and let me take all the time I needed to make a decision (it took over two years from my initial consult!). He is patient, kind, professional, but also light hearted and made me laugh when I needed to relieve some of the anxiety.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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