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Hello!! I am a 44 year old mom of 3 boys ages...


I am a 44 year old mom of 3 boys ages 19, 17, and 14. I am 5'3" and 152lbs. When I had my first son I went from about 125lbs to over 190lbs. I believe that a big chunk of that was water weight gain as I was borderline pre-eclamptic. For the next many years I gained weight, I lost weight, and gained it back again. When I reached 180+ 2 years ago I joined Weight Watchers (for the third time), lost nearly 40lbs and made Life-Time. Problem was, I really think that my motivation to maintain my loss took a severe nosedive when I reached 139lbs and my stomach still looked terrible. I still looked like I had a pregnant pooch whenever I would wear anything snug. Why was I doing all this work when I still hated how I looked in the mirror. Now, I hate to say that I did put back on some weight and I think it was because I was thinking that I would never have the results that I was looking for. One of the "after" pics I saw at the PS office was so nice and he mentioned to me, that after that patient had the procedure she was motivated to work more on her figure afterwards. That really hit a note with me!!

Hubby and I had been joking about me getting a tummy tuck and possible breast lift for years. Once we made the decision to consider it seriously, it took him a bit to get over the sticker shock of how much one procedure was going to cost let alone 2. I decided to put off any breast work at the moment because my feeling is, I hate this stomach and I don't think you can do much to make it look any worse, however, I like my breasts, even if they do droop a bit, and I am not ready to run the risk that I won't like the results of a BL. Perhaps I will in a few years but for now this TT is totally for me!

My surgery date is August 1 (yeah... 2 days from now.. eeeek!) We chose this PS about 3 months ago. My husband and I both went to the consultation. The PS was direct, informative, not pushy, answered all of our questions. I was immediately comfortable with him. Bonus is that I continue to run across people who know his name and have glowing reports about him and his work.

A very big Pro to this doctor is that on top of his being a board certified plastic surgeon, he is also a wound care specialist. I feel extremely confident that I am in very capable hands. Now if I can get over the nervousness of the upcoming procedure! I have to be at the hospital on Monday at 5:30.

Wish me luck!! :)

Tomorrow is the day!! I am packing up my overnight...

Tomorrow is the day!! I am packing up my overnight bag for the hospital. Excited, nervous, feel like I need to get more things done around the house. A little worried about things. Wish me luck!!

Surgery was monday, this is Thursday so I am...

Surgery was monday, this is Thursday so I am looking at Day 3 post-op. I am feeling so much better. Surgery day I did feel like I was hit by a truck. I was beating myself up for having done this to myself. Anesthesia left me queasy and very jittery for the first day. Next day felt a little better, could eat a bit.

**Want to suggest Nivea, a Kiss of Moisture hydrating lip care.**

My lips were so dry from everything and this was one thing that didnt have to bother me. It's unscented so it didnt affect my queasiness.

Day 1 I really couldnt eat. Had no appetite. Everything was either too dry or too sickly sweet. Drinking a lot of water!!

Day 2: Applesauce is my friend! Its not too sweet, doesnt dry my mouth out. Finally I can eat. I had to go back to the PS office.. I have formed a small hematoma on my vulva (of all places). He says this is pretty normal and tells me to watch for redness or hotness coming from it. Hubby says he really see's the difference.

Day 3: I have my sense of humor back but I am careful not to laugh too much. Moving around is much easier. Tried to sit up at my desk but that was too much. back to recliner and playing around on hubby's laptop for the time being. At the moment I am really enjoying being pampered :)

Day 4 PO: A lot more energy but being very...

Day 4 PO: A lot more energy but being very careful not to do too much. My compression garment is rubbing me raw in a couple of spots. We coated it in antibiotic ointment and a cushiony gauze pads. I am finding that I like the compression garment on snug now. Feel safer that way.

*Possible TMI alert*: Have not had a BM since Saturday (today is Friday) I have been taking stool softeners all week.. had some gasiness but no real action. Not feeling sick or uncomfy. Didnt really start eating solid foods again until a day or two ago. I am planning to try Milk of Magnesia tomorrow.

Day 6 po: It took until today to finally get my...

Day 6 po: It took until today to finally get my system plumbing to go. Oh I finally feel Soooooooooooooooo much better. Yesterday, on a whim I had stepped on the scale and my weight was registering at 152 and change. I was really annoyed that I hadn't lost a single pound with surgery, eating responsibly, etc... Today, after everything finished, I hopped on to see what the difference was... 148. WOW! Taking it easy today. Not having much discomfort so I am putting off taking pain pills for a bit.

First PO appt is tomorrow.

Day 8 PO: Had my appt yesterday with PS and he...

Day 8 PO: Had my appt yesterday with PS and he removed my drains. Despite the puffiness I can say I am very happy with my results. I have to wear my compression garment for another 2 weeks and then I can start going with out bit by bit. The garment is ok but I really need a light weight tunic t-shirt to keep it from rubbing my skin. Tried a regular t-shirt and I was just over heating. I have the green light to get out so hoping to have hubby take me over to a store to buy some new shirts. Still doing the sponge bath thing since I really dont want to deal with the gauze dressings over my stitches getting wet. Will work on posting a new pic soon.

Day 10 PO: Going to post some new pics today. ...

Day 10 PO: Going to post some new pics today. The nurse in charge of me from recovery until I made it to my room called today to check on me. Some good info from this call. I was so queasy and jittery after my procedure due to the anesthesia, she suggested if I ever have to go under again to request a patch that can be put on while I am under to help with that. Forgot the name she said it was but I plan to keep that in mind. So if you have trouble with anesthesia, be sure to talk to your Dr. about this.

I notice that my food desires have changed big time. I am only able to eat small portions, I have totally detoxed from sweets and soda (neither appeal to me at all) and I shy away from "too-salty" foods. Being a Weight Watchers person, I am trying to eat my points each day but I am in no way trying to lose weight, or denying myself anything. Eat when I am hungry and drink water.. **Crystal Light on the Go packets for flavoring water**!! I can only manage about half a package at a time, full package is too sweet. I am curious if anyone else has experienced a marked change in food preference after surgery?

Day 17 PO: Got my stitches out this week!! Little...

Day 17 PO: Got my stitches out this week!! Little bit of infection on the incision site that my PS is keeping an eye on and having me self treat with antibacterial ointment. Stitch removal was annoying, his removing the steri strips hurt more.

Appetite is starting to return to normal but I can't eat large portions.. not sure if it's my stomach or the binder I am wearing!! All told, I have lost about 5 lbs. I feel really capable of doing activity but it doesnt seem to take very much and my abdomen feels tight up and down.

5Weeks PO: I know it's been a long time since I...

5Weeks PO: I know it's been a long time since I have checked in. A lot has changed in the past few weeks but this past month felt like it just dragged by slowly. My appetite has returned. Each day I can walk a little faster, further before I need to rest. I listen to my body completely and I have followed what my PS wants almost to the letter. I have watched a lot of movies and read several good books to keep the doldrums away. I absolutely did not want to do anything that would compromise my results.

I met with my PS for my 5th week po visit. The middle spot on my incision was still oozing a bit and bleeding. He removed a stitch that had surfaced and it closed right up and scabbed over by the end of the day. Now that the incision is all scabbed and healing I am considering using Maderma or something like that for scar treatment though PS didn't sound as if he put a lot of stock in those products. I experience a lot of achiness between my navel and the ribcage and there is a patch in the very middle that still feels numb. It's a tight, sore muscle, after a work out, kind of ache. I'm not taking anymore pain meds.. really don't feel a need for them. PS has banned any ab workouts but I am cleared to walk and do normal stuff.

I can wear my regular clothes again. I love the look of a flat front. I am so happy that I did this!! I will add new photos soon. I bought a Flexi middle garment to wear when I sit up for long periods or if I am going out. This one has boning in it so it helps me sit up straight but also makes me feel protected.

6 1/2 weeks PO: I love that I did this! I love...

6 1/2 weeks PO: I love that I did this! I love my new belly, the straight line, the clothes fitting. I still have days of swelling and I am continuing to wear a compression garment of some type around my middle. I really find I am not comfortable for long periods during the day without one if I am up and walking around or sitting. I have started exercise walking and while I am not to my pre-op pace, I am feeling stronger each day. I am back to losing weight and this operation has been my biggest motivator. This week I put on jeans that were a size smaller than I usually wear!!!

Today I bought a bikini! I dont know that I will ever wear it out in public but.. who knows.. maybe I will next summer.
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I couldn't be happier with Dr. J. His careful attention to detail when it comes to his work, and he makes me comfortable to ask any questions, to call whenever I have a worry. I would highly recommend him! Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs FL, Phenomenal care!

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