Tummy Tuck Minus 30 Days and Counting

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Hi, well after "lurking" for quite some time I'm...

Hi, well after "lurking" for quite some time I'm plunging in! First of all I'm a train wreck right now! ???? My surgery is in a month and I'm a bundle of nerves. I'm 5'1 and 214. The good news is I'm healthy under the fat, but my belly must go! Your all so courageous and I commend you for putting yourself first. I just need some sound commentary for those who have went down this path and especially those with my height and weight issues. I have so many questions but I'm not sure I have a lot of answers. I need help. And I have no idea what to buy....


I've added my "before" so we can gauge my results. I'm praying to be healthy and have this waist "snatched"!

x5and a wake up!

I can't tell anyone reading how much it has helped me to read the numerous journeys! I actually forget to post, but waiting is not very exciting. Each day is an extension of the previous day because it's still not "operation" day. Now that is exciting!
Anyway, I have my mostly everything I need and I'm ready. I'm going to get food over the next few days, along with fresh fruits and veggies. I don't have enough loose clothes so I'm going to have to shop this weekend. Does anyone have any tips for sleeping in the recliner for the next few weeks? I'm not sure which position is best, back or side? I don't want aggregate swelling.


Moving past the fear of everything concerning an abdominaplasty was a very lonnnnggg and hard journey. Reading the post of my real self community has made me move from dreaming to living it! Thank you for the prayers and support.

Post Op....let the games begin!

Today is my 3rd day after surgery and I'm so happy to use the word after I could cry. I have an incredible and gifted physician. I chose Dr. Csikasi after brewing over this for several years and a few interviews. He is knowledgeable and direct, never promising the moon but that he could and will enhance you to satisfaction. That means before embarking on this journey, understand what your asking for and decide how much work your putting into it!. For me, this was not aesthetics only, it was taking an opportunity to move the obstacle this extra weight and skin were causing. If you happen upon my post, please sunderdtand that it's okay to get help. And that's what this is. Help. Surgery can't fix emotions or how people feel about you. What it can do however is allow you a "reset" to an area that is pivitol in your everyday life and make your journey to a healthy life much better.

What a difference a week makes!

So I'm day 7 post op. No need for critical pain meds, but I'm managing as needed. My abs are feeling better but the pain is still real! I am still on my ritual of elevating my legs, doing foot pedals when at rest and walking around! You must stay moving to keep your blood flowiing. Every part of me requiring compression garments is covered as well. But I feel like I'm more clear and not a foggy as the first few days. I've posted some pics. I'm really swollen at the end of the day, but I will try to take better pics in am when curves are are enhanced. In my garment pic I'm wearing a garment romper and a binder for extra coverage. Compared to my before this is a true miracle and it's only day 7! I'm so glad I did this! I'm a big girl but I've crossed over to "curvy thick" and I'm okay to live on that street.

Food and sleep!

Sorry forgot to update that having someone to care of every aspect of your life so you can vegetate is absolutely critical! I have done nothing and it felt wonderful except eat low sodium foods like soups and protein, a few shakes here and there. I did add a little mashed potatoe one day for a carb boost. But I eat, take my meds and sleep!! It's so selfish but petty much everything has to stop for a few days to get your body in sync and not have some of the horror stories of recovery. If you make the money investment, make the recovery time investment!
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