Need Your Opinion - Hardness on Top of Belly 9 Weeks After Tummy Tuck - Florida

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I had excess and protuding abdomen.the bulge ws...

i had excess and protuding abdomen.the bulge ws nicely taken off. but the top part of the abdomen became round and firm. the ends of the incision also formed dog ears that seemed like nipples. when i asked my doctor about this said they can be easily suctioned off at a later time. but that means another payment, because it is a separate procedure. most importantly is the breathing discomfort which i'm told will go away, but hasn't.

HAD MY TUMMY TUCK 9 WEEKS AGO. STILL EXPERIENCING BREATHING DISCOMFORT , WORST AFTER EATING. TOP OF BELLY IS HARD RIGHT ABOVE MY NEW NAVEL. HOW LONG WILL THIS TIGHTNESS LAST? it is very uncomfortable that it takes away from the merits of the procedure. infact sometimes i feel so tight i can feel my heart beat. I am 54 yrs old. is this normal? or should i be worried? I was in excellent health prior with no cardiac history. will appreciate your advice.....EM

Had a second procedure to get rid of the dog ears...

had a second procedure to get rid of the dog ears.shape looked great afterwards, but iwas charged for the second procedure. The tightness at the top of my bell never completely went away. I guess ijust have to live with that. The self esteem is tremendous. the compliments instantly transform you. But watch it. The results are not permanent because I am increasing again.

Don't kid yourself that tummy tuck once done will solve everything. You have to continue a regime of exercise fitness and low cab diet to enjoy lasting benefits. Was it worth it for me? It relieved my backpain for almost a year. I can't blame my increasing wt now on the surgery, I am just not disciplined enough to refraim from cabs. I was raised on cabs.

The combined procedure turned out quite expensive, i wish results were more permanent for all that money. EM

was more concerned about covering posible tracts for ligitation than my after surgery problems was better behaved with the followup surgery. so I guess i can forgive him. bed side manners are excellent

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