scarred face from fraxel repair and dual

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I went into this procedure knowing exactly what to...

I went into this procedure knowing exactly what to expect. I chose this procedure for mild acne scarring on my cheeks, my right side being worst than my left. I had done my research, chose a board certified plastic surgeon who performed the procedure... and who has experience with the traditional CO2 laser.

I was ready for oozing, swelling, redness, laser tracks, blotchiness and rough texture. I was definately prepared. Excited and worry free. Everything went fine, perfect as far as wound healing until I began peeling.. I then noticed a depressed "patch" of skin of my left cheek... at that moment I felt worried but contiuned to stay positive thinking the rest of the skin around it would eventually peel off and even it out.

Tomorrow will be 21 days... and while the rest of my face is healing fine...this patch remains indented and different from the any other texture change on my face. I have inspected it in every lighting and it doesnot seem to change since when it first peeled. I know im still in the "healing" phase... but I feel sad and worried because in my gut I feel something is wrong.

I feel that this could be a scar... although I had no infection and was meticuolus about caring for my face post op. I have found this community to be very helpful...and if there is ANYONE who has had a similar experience please let me know... or give me hope (as my doctor says) that although he isnot sure... he believes it will go away with time. I am not rating this procedure yet....because I am hoping that it will go away. I will keep updating!! Please help!

Hello to everyone... it has been awhile since I...

Hello to everyone... it has been awhile since I have updated and would just like to share my experience 9 months out of fraxel repair.
I wish I could say that all healed fine and that im happy with my results but unfortunately that is not the case.
At 6 months given that the patch of skin near my laugh line had still not healed I went back to my doctor and told him I wanted to fix it.
He suggested I do the fraxel dual. He charged me for this at a "discounted" price which I came to find out, there was no discount at all. But I went ahead and had 2 procedures. The first was done meticulously....and I saw improvement... so I went ahead and went through with the other one.
The second one was rushed and to make a long story short I now have all sorts of laser damage all over my cheek bones where I previously had healthy skin. (minor acne scarring only on cheeks)
I am completely devastated! what hurts the most was that I did not seek help for a vanity issue... but rather to fix a problem that came
all of a sudden and left its marks completely turning my life upside down. (I developed acne as an adult)
All I wanted was to feel better about myself.
I want to tell people that I did do my reseach on the these procedures, I did do my research on the doctor... but when things go wrong
you are left on your own.... Not acknowledging the damge (its in your head)... buying time and sending you home with a tube or retin a and hydroquinione. After 9 months and bringing me to complete despair...he admitted that he doesnt know what went wrong and how to help me. Im left asking myself....then what the hell were you treating with the dual.
In additon my after pictures were blurred... because what is worse now is the cheek that barely had acne scarring.
words cannot express how sad I am. I hope to find a doctor who cares that can help me with my face and with this torment.

Hello, to anyone reading...and imput and word of...

Hello, to anyone reading...and imput and word of comfort would be so appreciated
I know other people have and are experiencing what I am but I still feel alone
With no one that relates to my situation. Thursday morning I reported my entire experience to
Solta- makers of fraxel. I have had an awful burning sensation on left cheek- extending frommy cheek
Bone- to my nose and half way down my cheek.
My doctor and his staff dismissed me once again-saying there is
Nothing more that they can do, because they have no idea what's going on.
And suggested a light moisturizer or OTC hydrocortizone cream.
How can they give u a procedure, destroy your face, take no responsibility and leave
You alone In despair... trying to find someone else who could possibly guess what went wrong and
Try to help you?? In what kind of sick society do we live in??
Luckily yesterday a derm gave me a perscription of biafine which over night has helped the burning feeling by 50%
I wish I could have gotten it sooner- I'm 2 months post my second dual. My face has a piece of skin missing.
I was burned! Someone please tell me something. I am so very sad.

Its been 8 months since my 2nd fraxel dual...

Its been 8 months since my 2nd fraxel dual treatment... and all I want to say is that these treatments have destroyed my face and my life.

Not much has changed.

Well its been awhile. I have gotten a tca peel and a vi peel and continue with with dermaplanning and lighter peels every 4 weeks. I have seen an improvement in the sense that my face no longer looks like a quilt but the damage is still there. The rectangle, the lines ect.
I have spoken to many doctors over the course of this turmoil...i do believe people obtain good results when the treatments are done conservatively...but most of us that damaged unfortunately underwent these procedures with butchers who have no business using these machines. My "treatment" was rushed and i was burned which resulted in laser scars.
My heart goes out to anyone in my situation.

face is ruined

dr lawrence colen and kim yost ruined my face- a face full of laser scars after the procedures i had done. its been 3 years and i cant wake up from this living hell.
greedy, run run from this place.

Face destroyed by Dr colen at norfolk plastic surgery

After reading so many stories out there of more and more people harmed by lasers and other devices. I just want to say that Dr colen and his esthetician kim yost destroyed my face. Its been over 3 years and I have scars over scars all over my face from thier total incompetance and carelessness. Do not walk from this greedy "doctor" but run. Also id like to add that both his patient coordinator and esthetician tried to talk me into BA. i went in there for skin not boobs.
Lawrence b colen

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