LOVE the Product but Lips and Lines Need to Be Redone Every 2 to 3 Months

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Since 9-2009 and 3-31-10 I have spent $2400 in...

Since 9-2009 and 3-31-10 I have spent $2400 in Restylane shots. I have had 3 visits with each visit using 2 syringes of the Restylane for lip enhancement and lip lines. I LOVE the immediate effect, but it does not last. I was wondering if anyone else had (or has) such a SHORT life of these Restylane shots? Prior to having Restylane I did a LOT of research on which filler I should use, and Restylane had the best reviews, that is why I went with Restylane.

I am very happy with my cosmetic surgeon (who is very conservative in the results he likes to give). I am not looking for a very 'pouty' effect. I am just trying to get rid of the lines and slightly enhance the lips, but I don't understand why the product is not lasting that long, and would like to hear if any one else has this problem. I am seeing my surgeon in a few days and will discuss this with him, but I'd also like to hear others who have the same experience.

I contacted the company about the short length of...

I contacted the company about the short length of time that the Restylane lasts for. They have referred me to file a report as they state I MIGHT have had a bad batch, so I filed the report, they asked a number of questions, and the company is going to invesitage and look into this. My Dr is also aware of this and supported me in filing the report.

I would suggest that anyone that has the same problem with Restylane, at least file a report with the company, OR ask them questions. Initially, the company always refers you to their literature, but if you persist, they WILL look further into your case.

The only way research figures can be corrected or updated, is if people file reports with the manufacturers of these fillers so the public and the FDA can be fully informed.

I don't have this problem, but I have read some reports that patients with scleroderma that have Restylane (or other filler) shots do have a shortened life span of the product. So IF you have scleroderma discuss this with your Dr.

Scleroderma is a rare, chronic autoimmune disease which afflicts an estimated 300,000 Americans, primarily females who are 30 to 50 years old at onset. The overall occurrence is 1 per 1,000 (.001% of the 310 million U.S. population) and the ratio of women to men is about four to one.

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My surgeon is very competent. We have a great patient/doctor relationship. He is also very conservative in the results he likes to give. He is HIGHLY qualified and I would very HIGHLY, and without hesitation, recommend him.

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