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When I first decided to get Restylane injected...

When I first decided to get Restylane injected into my top lips, I was so excited, I always wanted bigger, sexy lips! A plastic surgeon did it, it cost $600. She used the entire 1 ml syringe. After a week I noticed that one side of my lip was looking less and less full. I went back to her numerous times to correct it. She used a lesser filler to correct it called Prevelle. It only lasted for a month at a time.

Finally when that was depleted, instead of buying another $600. syringe from her, I found someone online who sold fillers to doctors offices. You need a doctors RX to order this stuff online. Most doctors want the revenue for themselves. Anyway I bought it for $200. - a whole 1 ml. So I had seen the doctor injecting me many times.

SO I got the courage up... and did it to myself... without any anesthesia! I was already too addicted to full lips not to try. It hurt a little bit, but they say beauty is pain right? So, I've been doing it to myself for almost a year now, and I notice that I need to reinject every few months. I guess my body absorbs it quickly.

I dont recommend anyone do this... I had enough experience to know how to do it. I have not had any ill effects.

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