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I sought out a doctor to give me a Fraxel Re:pair...

I sought out a doctor to give me a Fraxel Re:pair for acne scarring. I found a doctor who would do the Re:pair, but wanted to treat my existing acne with a series of PDTs before doing the Fraxel Re:pair. I was ill-informed at the time, and it annoyed me to no end she wouldn't give me what I wanted, so I turned her down for well over a year.

Well, sheepishly I went back to her again, but this time I listened to her (and her assistant) more intently. I DID need to get the acne under control before getting the Re:pair or I'd be wasting more money that I already had doing everything under the Sun to attempt to fix my acne scars. I was told I would probably be cured with one treatment. I was scared but went through with it anyway.

I've been on doxycycline forever, but I was told to start on Valtrex and various vitamin/homeopathic supplements (vitamin C, bromelain, and arnica montana) a week before the procedure, and purchase distilled water, gauze, Aquaphor, and vinegar for after the procedure. I was informed how the acne bacteria would be killed as my sebum glands were destroyed. I was impressed at their attention to detail and wound care instructions. I'd never received this type of information before. I was told to stay out of the sun for two days afterward and to wear sunscreen religiously...even indoors.

I was given a prescription for Valium and hydrocodone to calm me and for pain. I also took some Xanax I already had. The day of the procedure, I had pre-op photos taken, the ALA was applied, and I was placed in a small room for the ALA to incubate. Another woman going through the same procedure was in the room with me. The ALA stung a little and I was told to expect that. The entire procedure was relaxing although the drugs helped. :) I followed all instructions to a T. I used vinegar washes and Aquaphor (I can't stand the feeling of Aquaphor, though!). I stayed indoors and used SkinMedica sunscreen (purchased from my doctor...GOOD stuff).

Off-topic...SkinMedica sunscreen has been the ONLY subscreen that has not clogged my pores. Anyway, the swelling wasn't TOO bad, the whiteheads weren't as extreme as what I had imagined, but itching was unbearable as my skin healed! I admit I did remove some of the big pieces of dead flaking skin myself. I did develop a larger zit on my lower cheek that resulted in a new scar, though. Yay. :( Post-op photos were taken when I returned for my follow up a week later. The same lady I sat in the room with was there and her skin was a LOT different. I had completely stopped peeling and my skin had pretty much returned to its normal state although it was still slightly pink. I'd stopped wearing Aquaphor although I wasn't supposed to.

The woman who had the procedure the same day I did was still peeling a lot, although she stated she had a lot of sun damage and I've always tried to keep my face pale and safe from the sun even though I DO tan. My skin felt a little tighter and my pores were smaller. The keloid scar I had on my jaw from a previous Fraxel Re:store burn had flattened some, too.

My oil production had decreased although my chin and forehead were shiny by the end of the day and the slight crow's feet wrinkles around my eyes (I'm 31, after all) were greatly reduced. Everything was great for about a week or two. I don't know if it's just my body chemistry, the amount of stress in my life, what job I have, or what, but the oiliness returned and so did the acne. I returned to the doctor to have TWO more PDTs which, as you know, aren't cheap. The second one I had I had a slight microderm, IPL, light Fraxel (Re:store, I think), injection into the keloid, plus the actual PDT. I had a LOT more whiteheads the second time, but again the oil and acne returned. The third time I went, the doctor did a little stronger Fraxel plus a red AND blue light treatment. In my drug-induced stupor, I asked the doctor would I be one of the "lucky ones" that this wouldn't cure and would I need to have routine maintenance. Unfortunately she said yes.

So here I am. I still break out, I still scar, and I'm still oily. I was referred to a dermatologist by my general physician when I questioned her about my skin troubles. This dermatologist has upped my doxy and got me back on spirolactone, which I haven't been on in years. I bought a Clarisonic from the doctor who did the PDTs, and I'm still waging war on my acne. I hope and pray I'll get it under control so that I can get the Fraxel Re:pair that I so desperately want.

Just updating my post... I believe I had three...

Just updating my post...

I believe I had three PDTs and still haven't decided if it was worth the money and hassle. I used a physician I found on the Internet and heard her commercials on the radio...thinking that, as is mentioned in the commercial...a female doctor would be more sensitive to my wants and needs.

I've had PDTs and a Fraxel Re:Pair from this physician and I will say that she is VERY MUCH dedicated to educating the patient in keeping the treated area -- and the environment you'll be in while healing -- as clean and sterile as possible, and she is very serious about scheduled vinegar washes and keeping the treated area moist with Aquaphor. While I commend her on these aspects and have learned a lot about aftercare and wound treatment, I have not seen the results I was promised. Yes, promised. I'm highly skeptical, cynical, and realistic by nature, but (foolishly?) I DID believe her in that a single PDT treatment would cure my acne, smooth some of my acne scars, minimize my pores, and dramatically decrease my oil production. When one treatment didn't do that, I was encouraged to have a second...and then a third.

After the second or last PDT -- I don't remember for sure -- I developed a huge cyst on my left cheek, directly below my eye. I was horrified. I thought I would never have to suffer from cystic acne again due to the PDTs. I found a dermatologist who injected the cyst with cortisone. Afterwards, due to the cyst or the injection or BOTH -- I don't know -- I developed a large, deep pitted scar that was painful to the touch. The dermatologist injected the scar with Restylane, which helped tremendously. I'm mentioning about what happened with the dermatologist because when I informed him I had had three PDTs and was told I would be "cured" after one treatment, he was very surprised. He said he recommended at least a dozen and sold this as a package.

I'm sharing my experience because I KNOW how difficult it is to suffer from acne and acne-related scarring and feeling helpless and hopeless. Although my experience with the PDT treatments wasn't as fantastic as what I lead to believe, each of us are different, and what didn't work for me may be just what you are looking for.

Guess I require more sessions

Keeping this very brief...

The three PDTs I had didn't "cure" me of oily skin or acne (as the physician led me to believe they would) but my dermatologist informed me that the physician who performed the PDTs basically misled derm recommended at least a dozen treatments and sold them as a package deal. I haven't taken him up on this offer and don't see myself going through this again unless I happen to stumble upon a windfall of money. :)
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The physician's assistant is wonderful. The physician is gentle and polite, but I feel as though she unrealistically gets one's hopes up.

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