Tummy Tuck - Florida, NY

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I'm 22, 5'9 and 205lb My highest weight recorded...

I'm 22, 5'9 and 205lb

My highest weight recorded was 288lb. I started loosing weight when I was 17. I got as low as 220 by the time I was 21. At age 22 I was in a bad car accident where open gastrointestinal surgery was performed. Due to the accident I lost 40 more pounds weighing around 180. I now weigh 205lb and I'm healthy but due to the weight loss and accident I now have a lot of loose skin and a vertical scare down my belly.

January 15 I'm scheduled for tummy tuck and tightening of my muscles. I'm so nervous I don't know what to expect. I'm more nervous about not being at my weight goal of 180lb. I almost wish I had more time but at the same time I want the 15th to be here already!!!!



I'm home

Surgery went fine!! I will be posting pics as soon as I can... So far my pain is at a 8 but it's tolerable as long as I stay still.. Lol hope recovery goes by fast I really want to see under this girdle but hurts too much to move.

Day one after surgery

I'm hoping to get a pic up today I'm just as curious as everyone else is hopefully my pain goes down a bit so I can remove this girdle to snap a few pics.. I'll keep u all posted. Pain is at a 7/10

No drains by the way

No drains where inserted into me during the procedure by the way that's why My pain is still high.. Bear with me tho..

Post op photos :))

Happier with results each and every day

Hello so it's been about a week or so that I'v been on here so I decideded to update. Earlier today I got my sutures out from around my belly bottom. For some reason I thought that was going to hurt but didint at all.. As for my tummy Iooks flatter and flatter I love positive results like the ones I am seeing!!! :D

Few days later

I feel sick to my stomach but I think that because I ate something I shouldn't have.. I'm still soar but doing so much more by myself. Here's a pic :)



Idk I'm kind of scared and nervous with how my tummy is starting to look tbh. I feel like I might have been tighter looking these past few weeks because Iv been very swollen. I understand I will be swollen for a minimum of 2 months before I see better results but either way regardless I notice a tiny little swelling coming down a bit each day and I'v noticed each morning that my tummy isn't as flat or as tight as it was the day before or in the beginning... I also have really noticeable dog handles but then again it's only been 3 weeks after surgery.. I'm starting to think I should have included lipo in this procedure. :/

3 months later

HAPPY :D definitely took time for seedling to come down to see the results..
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