31 yrs mother of 2 - Silicone understand 375cc BA with Lift and TT with Dr Ortega

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I had my son when I was 21 and lost most of the...

I had my son when I was 21 and lost most of the pregnancy weight but then 8 years later I had my daughter and gained 60lbs and had a really hard time after the birth. In the last year ( she is 2 years old now) I have made a complete 360 and have lost 70lbs and with the weight loss my breast are deflated and saggy. I was a B cup when I was 21 and a DD when I was 31...now I have dropped back to a C38. I really just want lift, firmness. I teach fitness classes and hate that they fall out of my bra, the over hang, spillage etc. I don't want big/huge breast but a nice C cup is my wish! :)
I am also considering a mini tummy tuck, but nervous based on some of the pictures I am seeing, some look great, others are horrible. I'm not sure if I can deal with the scar......so I am still researching and seeing where that takes me.

The things I do know, I am doing it in Miami...I have booked a 2 week vacation for January with my family and so have started to really look into doc and set-up consultations.
I have a consultation with Dr Ortega & Dr Wigoda both from south Florida. I love the reviews and pictures from both...Dr Ortega prices are amazing, Dr Wigoda has done a friends boobs and she loved him. So I have sent them both pictures and filled out paper work just waiting for quotes and consultations. Fingers crossed.

In Miami for 2 weeks!!! Scar treatments? What things do I need?

Looking for advice on the best creams, oils etc for the scars. What have you guys used and how much was it? I will pay for the best stuff! Also what do I need I will be in Miami for 2 weeks and want to make sure I have everything I need. I will be there with my husband and 2 kids. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies :)

So I am all ready to go.....

So I have spoken with Vivian ( she is so sweet ) I have my pre-op on January 13th and surgery the 14th. I now have to get all the supplies, etc that I am going to be needing. I have been really looking into vitamins, lotions and potions...silicone strips all those kinds of things I keep seeing. I am staying in Miami for 2 weeks to recover and relax, I will have my husband with me so I will have lots of help. I bought a book and have been writing down all the questions I have for Dr Ortega.
I am in love with RS, so much info and it helps answer questions....Great site!

Next step!!

So I have booked my hotel for 2 weeks now....It has everything I need for a relaxing 2 weeks in Miami after my surgery. I come into Miami on the 13th at 5am so then I am going to do a bit of running around to pick up some supplies etc. Then I have my pre-op appointment that morning with Dr Ortega. So going to set-up my room etc get kids settled so that the next day its stress free and to be able to come back and have everything set-up and ready to go give me such a sense of calm. :) I also just got the blood work info so going to get that done asap.

I am on the hunt for bras and compression suits for post op....so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

Tattoos!! Covering TT scar with a tattoo???

I don't think I was comfortable with the scar until I saw some ladies with there tattoos. I know it wont be for a while and to me honestly will depend on how my scar turns out and I feel about it. But I love that this gives me an out and a beautiful one at that. I love how it looks, and I have no tattoos right now so this would be my first and I would defintly have it be something of meaning, I saw ones girls post about it being butterflies ( as this is what I like ) and the what a butterfly represents, your freeing from something that was holding you back....you fly away type thing...lol!

So I am looking forward to that in future and planning it out and really making it mine :)
What do you guys think? anyone have this done?


I am working on losing 10-15 more lbs before my surgery....but was wondering about vitamins etc I should be taking before. I want to be in the best possible shape and allow my body afterward.

What did you guys take, or recommend? Thanks xo

76 Days and counting!!!!

Days have been flying by for me...and I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I have been going hard in the gym as I am a fitness instructor. I have dropped another 4lbs so just going to keep pushing until January. I was researching post op scar stuff....so much out there, also looking at post op compression garments as I am fairly familiar with this stuff from work, but hoping to have something comfortable and tight, again so many reviews I dont know whats really good.

I teach 15-16 classes a week and I hit the gym on my own so just going to keep my nose to the grind till Januray 2015!!! #cantwait

Only 65 more day......update!

So I have done my blood work...wanted to get it done early as it takes longer in Canada to get it done. I have also been taking my supplements that Vivian sent me. Started taking them about 2 weeks ago, iron supplements. I am fairly healthy and active person so don't want to take to many things. But not much to update, just hitting the gym hard, eating right and trying to get everything ready for our trip. wanting to lose 12 more lbs before January. Only 65 more day, time is flying by. I think I have narrowed down my fajas and coursets and things, have been looking on Ali express and Amazon. Starting buying wipes, pads, things I will need for post-op. But most things I will be buying in Miami....I saw the Doctor on the 5th as I flew down for a consult just for the day Decided on silicone not 100% sure on sizing yet but he said we will have another meeting on the 13th ( day before surgery) and we can look at your weight loss etc then and re-evaluate. So I am super excited!!! Can not wait! #Ortegadoll xo

Boobies Fund!

ONLY 37 days to go!!! SOooo excited!!! UGH but They moved my date back....grrr!

So I was scheduled for the 13th pre-op 14th sx.....now I am the 13th still pre-op and actual sx will be the 16th first one in the morning. I was upset at first but Vivian said you want to be the first one of the day its better for you...if I want on the 14th I was towards the end of the day, so now I am 930am.

It works out for me as this gives me time to do my running around get my faja, post op items, set-up the condo and everything else so I am ready to go on Friday. Only 37 more days.....time is flying by, just saving working my ass off in the gym everyday.....clean eating and taking it easy.

Will post some new pictures I have taken....:)

24 more days!!!

So I just did my blood work, glad to get that all out of the way. I have just been trying to keep busy and focus on my physical. I have started to get small things for my post op but planning on buying most of it in Miami. I am taking some vitamins, C and Iron but other than that nothing.

I have a book that I started a while ago with all my questions, lists etc so I dont forget anything.
Christmas is 4 days away time has flown by and all I keep thinking is in less a month I am on a plane to Miami. Im so nervous, excited so many unexplainable emotions. But I am ready, so ready.
and I am loving how excited my husband is...lol!
WIth the holidays and new years right around the corner after that I am right back to the studio and we leave in a week so I am going to do my best to up date as much as possible.

Good Luck to all those have ps over the holidays.....Merry Christmas everyone!!!

2 week and counting.....

Only 14 days to go till we fly out. I am kicking up the clean eating these next few weeks. I have been taking my iron pills but stopping those this week. I also have my stool softeners but starting those on the 13th as they need time to work there way through my system before surgery day the 16th. Other then that just keeping busy, working out and getting more and more excited with every passing day.

Working hard...

Lightening up on the chest work but going hard everywhere else ????????????????????????????????????

8 days to go.....ahhhhh!

Super super pumped.....tomorrow will be 1 week. We fly out on the morning of the 12th.....tims is flying by.
Made my self a dress and I actually found some at a bathing suit store locally so happy about that I can relax knowing I have some, gonna go shopping in Miami when I get there for some stuff....yay!

Started packing my suitcase and will keep adding up too the 12th. I started a journal a few weeks back and have been documenting my journey ,my feelings, things I'm excited about, questions I have for thee doctor etc (which I highly recommend)
But I have been thinking a lot about sizing, thinking 400-425 but ultimately waiting to see what Ortega recommends for me.

Before I forget I want to Thank Real Self and all the ladies on here for the amazing support, it is really comforting to know
There are people to talk to about this kind of stuff and not be judged. The world needs more of it.

Thanks guys, xo

1 day 11 hours and counting.....

Well girls his will likely be my last post before I fly out. I've been shopping for some basics but as I mentioned before I will be going shopping in Miami when I get there gonna hit up Walmart for the other things I need. I was given a post op bra from someone which is great, hoping it fits and works.

I have been feeling sick to my stomach and finding it hard to sleep the last few nights. I just can't stop thinking about it.
Yesterday was my last day at work until the 28th and its -31 outside so really looking forward to getting out of here.

I've packed my bags, printed all the paperwork etc for the Dr.
Vivian and Ruth have been really great with keeping in contact and sending all the required documents and returning phone calls. So I must say I am very happy about that.
Just really looking forward to getting to Miami and getting settled and having a few days in the sun before the big day.
I will do my best to post when I can and answer any questions you guys have. Please feel free to ask me or message me with any questions you have.

Thanks a lot for the support and RS has been a great help to me and I hope I can contribute to such an amazing thing.

See you on the other side xo

Hello from Miami.....xoxox

Hi girls, I am here!
Beautiful weather, getting out and about before Friday.
I have to go in to see DR Ortega tomorrow Thursday to pick up prescriptions and finish up paper work and then we are all set for Friday morning surgery. My condo have a 24 hour CVS down stairs which makes me happy.
Taking lots of pictures for my before shots.....eating super clean and feeling great. Almost there.....enjoying every mi ute of everyday before my surgery and really looking forward to feeling even better afteward.

Happy Tuesday from M.I.A xo

I am freaking out.....

I just paid the balance in full full....so no going back. But I am starting to freak out, finding it hard to focus and sleep at night. Constantly feeling sick, like I want to throw up.....I swear to god. I'm driving today and I saw a girl with boobies...and told my husband think I'm gonna be sick, I felt like I was gonna pass out. Just praying that he does a good job......and the tummy tuck part of the whole thing.....ugh! I am more nervous about that then the bobbies....but the whole thing is settling in now.....

12 hours and counting.....

Well it's the night before surgery....I have been running around like crazy today. Went to the beach and hung out in south beach all day until I had to go into the Dr office. Went is and the office is nice, ladies were nice and very quick I only wait 5 minutes before I was called in. Gave me my prescriptions talked to me about what each one was. I took a urine test for pregnancy and then she took me back to do photos and fill out paperwork. I was able to see some samples of sizing and we talke a bit about that. I asked my questions and she answered them, she was was really laid back and kept reassuring me that everything was going to be fine and how great the doctor was. The office smells like a hospital which creeped me out a bit, lol!

I talked to her a bit about scar management and she said Dr Ortega does not recommend Maderma....because he feels it does nothing. Scar away is ok, but he bioderum stuff he sells is the best Only silicone topical stuff that is FDA approved. I didn't get it but will probably grab some tomorrow.

The medications total was $55 total so not too bad.
I'm scheduled first thing in the morning so bed early and up early. Out of here at 8am. She said surgery time is 2.5-3hours but total time in is 5-6 hours.

This will be my last write up before surgery......here's to Ll my hard work this past year and a half and kicking off 2015 with a bang. Thank you to all the ladies for the support and reassurance. You have all help me so much.
I will post pictures tomorrow.....or I will get hubby too.

Thanks girls......xo

Im Alive.......I did it!

Hey girls.....so much going on so much to tell you guys.
Dr ortega was amazing, I was scheduled for 9 am but got a call at 7am this morning as they had a cancellation so asked me if I wanted so I did. Got me some extra time with the doctor.

But I'm really tired so I will post again tomorrow.

Day 2 of recovery....

Hey guys........well I amfeeling good....back is killing me but overall feeling pretty good. I have not taken off my garment or bra yet as they told me to leave them on till my post op appointment on Monday. My husband has been amazing and making me food, getting up to reposition me , my medications etc.
So from the top........
I went in an hour early as they had a cancellation...I waited all of 5 minutes then was brought into a room to change and relax. Dr Ortega came in and we talked for a while about what I wanted and the outcome....he is really nice, down to earth and makes you feel at ease.
I ended up with 375cc in each breast silicone under the muscle natrelle type. I Was really doped up when my husband came to pick me up...so much I don't remember getting home. The only thing I remember was when I was being woken up...the nurse just yanked me up....and I screamed at the pain from my tummy tuck I was laying flat and she had to sit me up........started to cry. Was horrible.
They told my husband to keep me moving, to get me up walking every couple of hours. Take meds on time and to rest. Keep my legs elevated.m
Saturday was rough here and there sleeping is very hard as I am upright I want to keep as much tension off my tummy as possible.
They put me in a garment that has zippers on the side and the zippers are buckling and digging into me which hurts a lot so I'm really looking forward to my appointment tomorrow, I go in at 730am.

Day 4 post op.....feeling amazing, very very happy

I am loving the results so far....I had my first post op appointment today went great. Was scheduled for 730am went right in on time. Christine who is amazing asked about how I was doing,feeling etc. told me to change into a gown to do pictures and then the doctor would come see me. This is the first time I took my garment off...lol and was very happy. Nice straight low line, any lower and your in my pubic hair. Minimal bruising which made me very happy.

So when I saw Dr ortega he said everything looked good, and gave me the go ahead to shower..yay! Had a shower when we came home amazing!!!!
The first couple of days are hard but I am feeling 100% better I can walk on my own now and that was huge cause my back was killing me.

I have been eating salad, fruits, yogurt rice, chicken, tuna to stay clean and I feel it helps a lot with recovery.

I go back to we Dr ortega on Friday and my drains should come out, he said he wants them at the point where you see yellow fluid draining in the lines which I have started to see the afternoon.

Dr Ortega and his team have been amazing with me and never felt rushed or neglected. They give you a lot so don't buy until you need it. You get a garment and a chest band and a bra so don't buy any you will wear these for a while. I know you want to buy but just wait. I am so looking forward to going shopping this Friday after my drains come out....Victoria secret here we come lol.

But my review of Dr Ortega is 5 stars.....he has been great and I will highly recommend him to anyone in future.

Day 5

Day 6

Feeling great today so got up showered dressed and went down to the pool for a bit, I made sure to cover up and sit in the shade. I wore a dress so I could sun my legs...felt really really good to get out and hang with my family.

I go back to see the doctor Friday at 9am and drains should be coming out. He said when they start to run yellow then they are ready.

Taking one day at a time, I wear the garment bra, socks etc all day long. I have been wearing the bra band as well which to me has helped drop them a lot. I started massaging just in a downward motion which the doctor said to do...and they have already started to soften....my husband has been helpin with that part as well. Lol

Looking forward to seeing the doctor and getting the drains out......going shopping tomorrow and enjoying some more sunshine.


1 week post op....yay!

I'm so freaking excited to go to the doctors today....Friday 9am I get my drains out....HELL YEAH! Lol they called me Thursday as a reminder ????
I went out a lot yesterday was feeling really good, went to the pool then out for some shopping. I got my faja I ordere off amazing great feeling material and the butt separator strap I can not wait. Cost me $60
Once the drains come out today I will be putting that one on.
i have yet to see my belly button butt not in a rush. Good things take time ;)

Love love love my boobies, the bra band is murder but it helps shape and drop them, I wear it all day and take it off before I go to bed as it hurts my arm pits.
I started massaging just in the downward motion as the doc suggested and they are getting soft.
I will post more pics after my check up today...looking forward to it.

1 week and 1 day post op

Hey girls.....so much is going on and I love it.
So first I went to my appointment on Friday 9 am went right in.....the nurse came into see us and took post op pictures. I asked about a few things and about my drains and she said the doctor will probably leave them in until he sees you again Monday. Then we waited to see the doctor.
For the drains you need to have them drain less then 25cc in a 24 hour period. He says you want to see a yellow like urine color before they should come out.
When I saw the doctor he looked at the papers my husband had been keeping track and says take those out and re,I've her belly button tape then Monday we will do the others.
Let me tell you I have never felt anything like it, pain and uncomfortable feeling as removing the drains.
We asked him all our questions he answered them and I was happy.
The nurse then left us for a few minutes and said she would be back to do the drains.....ahhhhh!!!!
By the way loving the belly button....;)?
When she removed my drains there is a small stitch that they put in to hold the drain in place right at the insert site.....God damn that shit hurts when she pull it out...grrr!
But the good news is drains are out,mfeeling good, hubby took me to the beach...again I covered up and he got me a chair rather then get down to the sand. Which helped and was super comfy. But you feel free once the drains are removed but need to really watch and take it easy as a hematoma can still form and if so the drains would be put back...ahhhhh!!!

But I'm happy, boobies are dropping, softening again wear that bra band it's uncomfortable sometimes but really helps.

Another beautiful day in Miami...10 days post op today :)

hey guys so notmuch going on spent the day at the Miami marathon walking around getting out thenhung by the pool.

i am noticing a big diffrence in the shape roundness fo my breast, getting much softer. We see the Dr tomorrow one last time before we leaveon tuesday. as far as i know if all goes well tomorrow he will give me the ok to leave.
also tomorrow they are taking of the tapes and putting new ones that I am to leave on till they fall off. Im nervous becasue Dr ortega says the longer they stay on the harder it is to get them off andthen sometimes because of the dried blood it car rip off some skin etc etc....ahhhh!
I am going for my appointment at 9am so i am going to shower before which softens up the tape and helps it come off easier.
Feeling good, getting out and walking around alot....not looking forward to going home to the cold but oddly enough i do miss my home and my dog.
10 days post op today :)

2 weeks post op I'm HOME

So quick update.....I'm back in Canada. My last post op was on Monday he didn't remove the tape as he said there is no infection etc so need to remove them so leave them on until Friday and then use a cutical oil to remove the tapes.....the advised me to start scar treatments.

Same goes for tumme tuck, I have moved out of my post op faja and into a new one, one size down...much tighter but its a seamless so I love it.
I will be removing the tapes tomorrow night after a shower and I will post pics.

Other then that girls....I'm in heaven over the moon with the results and getting better and better everyday. I still have some numbness in my tummy which is annoying but lessoning everyday.

Happy healing girls....xo

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op

Feeling great started to remove the tape...ahhh!
So far so good. Loving the new garment.

Loving the results and I feel so damn sexy :)

19 days post op..yay!

26 day post op....

So excited to be coming up on my 1 month post op.

Feeling really good, I have removed all the post op tape and been using a silicone tape. I have it off right now as I have been using the bio oil and it's great.

I still wear my garment all day, swelling isn't to bad anymore, so sometimes I leave it off for a few hours if I'm at home.
Breast have dropped a lot, right is still a bit higher. I wear the band and it has been helping to drop it.
Beyond happy with the results, scar on Breast has faded a lot since I started usin the bio oil. Keep in mind I'm still only 26 days post op. But the way I look at it is if it's this g old now, only gonna get better.

Being in the fintess industry I'm having a hard time not doing anything right now so really really focusing on my food. Clean eating 100% helps with recovery as well as keeping my body in shape for when Im able to get back to my weights.
I have lost 9 lbs since surgery so happy about that an just trying to stay busy and focused.

Day 26...February 11th 2015

Just a few pictures of me in clothing....really loving th results and getting so many compliments on how great I look.
Love love I am so so in love with how everything turned out.
Still taking it easy and do very little but by choice I feel I can do more but choosE to let my body rest. I went for a walk today and found about 20 mins in my hip started to burn a bit so I said I'm done....not unbearable bit just better safe then sorry. I don't want any problems. Husband has been amazing, doing everything for me and my son who is 10 helps mom a lot. Love my family.
Happy healing ladies....xox

TT scar

Up close and personal TT scar is thin and all the crusty stuff is just from the tape when we removed it. Slowly coming off with every shower.

Life is good ......

3 years later....

Well it has been a few years and I thought I would do an update.
I had Breast lift with augment as well as a Tummy tuck. I had lost a lot of weight prior to my surgery which I felt help aide in the best results possible for me.

I had no complications once I got home and communication was great with Dr. Ortega and his office.
I busted my ads once I was healed up enough to go back to the gym but my eating was super clean and healthy.
I am in love with the results and happy I chose Dr. Ortega.
I am now looking into a Bbl as it is hard for me to gain fat and or maintain fat there. With age and kids and gravity.......backside just needs a little help. I really hope this helps with questions people have. I am 100% satisfied but remember it's all you when it comes to pre an post work. The Doctor can only work with what they are given. Planning on going with Dr. Ortega again for bbl so Stay tuned! ????????
Miami Plastic Surgeon

if I could give him 10 stars I would. Wait times were on point never waited more then 5-10 minutes for my appointment. Christine (nurse) was amazing, very caring and down to earth. Dr Ortega is great, answered my questions and was throughout with exposing the process to me. Very, very happy with the doctor, office and his staff and I will highly recommend him in future. Thanks Dr Ortgea. xo

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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