32 Yr Old Slim Woman Gaining Weight for BBL

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Hi I'm looking to get a lipo and fat transfer to...

Hi I'm looking to get a lipo and fat transfer to my butt and hips and I've been trying to gain weight for three months now and hoping I have enough fat I've gained 13lbs so far and I am currently looking for a plastic surgeon that specializes in BBL! Any advice or referrals would be greatly appreciated:)


Wish pics

More wish pics

Decided to go with Dr. Fisher in Miami

I am currently 142 I had gained 12 pounds and I have scheduled my appointment with Dr. Fisher on February 22 2016 Feeling like a fat heffer right about now but still trying to gain five more pounds!

Hassan or Fisher????

im Soo confused I know I either want to go to you sooner fisher I need to go with the one who's best on petite women any advice???


Paid my 1000$ deposit today!!!! Decided to go with Dr. Fisher scheduled March 14:)

Any fisher dolls want to switch your February date for a March date 2016?

Booked with Dr. Fisher trying to switch my March 14th 2016 for an earlier date let me know if you'd like to switch!!

23 more days!!!

Getting my lab work done this week what's the cheapest place to get your blood work done quest diagnostics or LabCorp?

Trying to gain weight is Soo hard:(

I have been eating anything & everything and this is as big as I think I can get I've tried everything and surgery is exactly 2 weeks away I feel like this isn't enough fat to achieve the results I want hopefully fisher can find fat! I have never had this much cellulite in my life even after pregnancy wish me luck. I am 5'7 and still 145

Getting close

Surgery is Monday at 530 pm:( I was scared that was going to happen!

Finally feeling a little better

It's been five days since my surgery and I'm finally feeling a little better Dr. Fisher said my recovery would be really rough because I was smaller and he took every single piece of fat I had all really happy with my results so far I just feel that pictures don't do me justice! I'm not really in pain anymore I just feel a lot of swelling and discomfort.

Best manual lymphatic drainage massage

If you're getting your surgery in Miami I would highly recommend this woman I got her card off of another fisher doll on here and it was the best choice I made she comes to your hotel and brings everything you need for a great massage she charge me $80 per massage and she was absolutely amazing

Nine days postop and still in so much pain

I've had 101 and 102 fever diarrhea and my lower back has been killing me so I had my hubby massage it yesterday and now it's bruised and has a lump and redness not sure if this is his seroma but it's very very painful making it almost hard to walk.

Before and after

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