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Hi I have just heard about the bbl surgery.I never...

Hi I have just heard about the bbl surgery.I never thought about doing surgery for a great body because Im scared of surgery for one and two I've always had a nice body!But I have just had a one year old son and I still have an ok ass but I can tell I definitely lost volume .Anyway I want a bigass instead of an ok ass!Im interested in going to dr.Anthony hasan or Dr. Pelayo because they are at the same office and I love Amazing me results.She looks great and I'm more of a body build like her except I don't have hips so I will be looking into getting hips also.I am looking to getting my surgery done no later than march 2014.Please if any one can help me I haven't seen many vets from these two doctors I have named .I would like to see more pics of patients dr.hasan or Pelayo have done.I have seen many pics of dr. Cabral and his pics look great!I will be looking into him more .I have been reading about dr. Cabral had something happen in the pass?I would like to know about these doctor please inbox me with answers ladies they will be truly appreciated.Im looking more into a bbl for bigger butt with projection and hips ! I already have a shape I just lost a little volume after having my son:) but I never had hips but will like to now!Lol I never really cared about hips because I've always gotten compliments on my shape I had.Sorry I know I'm rambling and review is everywhere.My first time speaking out of my interest.

Looking into dr. Cardenas now?!!

Hi I'm looking into dr. Cardenas now.She does huge butts and great shaped but I would like to see more pics.I was thinking about staying in the states and going to dr. Anthony hasan but did some research and I've found he's on probation from something going wrong during surgery and he's not board certified in plastic surgery but in internal medicine!I know what the hell!!! And on top of that his customers gave him 2.5 stars.Now here is a time when you ask yourself is it worth it to save a buck????? Ladies I need more pics for dr. Duran and Dr. Cardenas I'm trying to lock me a date in ASAP for the 2014 year.

In touch with Dr.Pelayo

So hi ladies!!! I have gotten in touch with Dr. Pelayo and I have sent in my pics and wish pics !!! Im waiting on a answer back.Omg I know he should be able to do it because I'm not asking for major more like natural but big.You ladies are out here Looking Fine as Hell!Damn Love Bad Bishes Got A F**cking problem lol!!!:)

I have my date ladies!Im anxious!

Hi ladies!Yes I have picked my doctor!My doctor will be Dr.Pelayo !I made my decision with the help of my bbl sister amazing me!My date is March 22,2014 as of now.If I can get time off from work in January then I will bring my date up!I plan to get my stomach,back,and flanks lipoed! I want to change my back to my inner thighs! Maybe he will let me because I was told that he can only take out a certain amount!I want chin lipo too.I have a fat little chin! But mainly as of now I will be getting back ,stomach,and flanks!All of this including bbl for 3500 oh yeah I'm also getting small hips added!Oh yeah !i will be posting pictures of me soon!Ladies you guys are looking lovely and my time will be here soon!

I'm having change of mind about Drs! New pics! Tell me can my wish booty be achieved?

Hi ladies I'm having a change of mind with dr. Pelayo cus the girls I been seeing they be ok but I already have some to work with so I want great! I saw one girl he did and he made he great hips but her butt wasn't nothing that's makes me feel like going through surgery for! I'm thinking about getting a consultation with Dr. Hasan because he did a booty I can't get over! And they are at the same clinic. Ladies I am putting one picture of my booty up now so you ladies can tell me should my wish pic be more possible that just trying because I am only doing this 1 time! Tell me ladies do you think it's possible?

I am only doing once! Is my butt possible to achieve my wish pics?

Hi , ladies is my butt able to achieve my wish picture? Think about my doctors patients we have seen on here?

My pics

My pics

My butt pic

My butt dnt sit up like it use to! And there isn't enough fat at the top and the dark shadow on the side of my butt is a dent from me losing volume after my baby! Ugh I don't like this butt!

My wish butt!

I am being realistic and I would like to achieve this shape and love the butt! I'm about her height.

My wish hips! Do you ladies think I'm being realistic?

Do you ladies think I am being realistic with my wish shape? The first pic is my butt now! I am now getting a consultation from dr. Hasan ! I love how he made amazing me body! I want a big butt but not a huge butt! I plan to do this surgery once! I am 5'2 160 pounds now! Next pic would be of the ugly front! Which is where my weight goes to stomach and thighs! I can't wait to be better than the old me!

Wish hips

My front pic

Now ladies here is the ugly part! Thighs& stomach all fatty! Good fat lol ! No hips never but I will soon!

My date was canceled

Hey ladies I just received a message from dr. Pelayo and his appointments have been canceled due to renewing the necessary license needed! So it looks as I'm looking for another doctor! My options are dr. Baez ! But I haven't seen much of her work or how her work looks later down the line! This is important about the later down the line thing because doctors who have done bbl says more fat survive also because of the technique they use. What do you say ladies do Dr. Baez make big shapely butts? Have anyone gotten inner thigh lipo? Did it leave you with sagging skin? Huh this is so frustrating because I was set on Dr. Pelayo doing my bbl in the states and he makes big shapely butts!


Ok ladies vanidades just contacted me again they are recommending dr. Salas to do my bbl since dr. Pelayo has to renew their license at his office! Have any ladies seen dr. Salas work? He's in Miami Florida. I know I want a big butt and hips! Oh I'm so lost ! This is frustrating! I think I am going to get a quote from dr. Duran because I was told dr. Baez is more conservative and don't do aggressive lipo with big butts ! And I'm looking for big butt cus I plan to only do this once so I only have one shot at picking at great doctor to do what I want and not what they want!

I need my big ass back

I'm ready to be a baaaaaaaaddddddd girl!!!!!

My front inner thigh lipo and stomach lipo.

I am planning to get inner thigh lipo and stomach lipo I refuse to get a Tt it's not that serious to me.I refuse Tt because Im not so up tight about the little extra meat that will be left! I just want a smaller stomach I can deal with a pudge. I have been seeing all Dr. Duran dolls and I think I'm sold. Her latest masterpiece name duran doll body is banging! I want to be shaped like her at first I was saying no to a big butt because I'm only 5'2 155 and I will be smaller after so I thought it would look weird but my son father said he would love that lol! I would too and I think dr. Duran is the right one because I only plan to do this once which means at the end I want to be left with a still bigggg butt lol! These are my pics now ugh I hate them inner thighs and how fat my stomach is. I need hips I realized they make everything look good!

My butt

I have a butt but no projection from top because I have lost at top after losing baby weight. Ugh I miss having butt! I need a doctor now this is a diva emergency! I plan to get more added to top and hips.

Wish pics

I'm confused! I need accurate answer!

I am very confused ladies Everytime I ask this doctor a question she doesn't answer clearly or all of my questions.At this point I'm getting irritated. Very frustrated! I sent this doctor my wish picture like I see the girls on her say they do for other doctors and the doctor let you guys know if he or she can give you what you want or close to. Now I sent her my wish picture after she told me to send a wish picture and my exact words were can you get me close to my wish picture?She said I'm not sure it depends on this it depends on that. Now again what was her point of asking to send a wish picture if her answer is I don't know? I'm fu** ing lost off this whole convo! I'm thinking of not even being bothered with her at all because I want to go in knowing what the hell to expect before I fly half way across the world for a little and I do mean a little more than I have now I'm not feeling that at all! My question is shouldn't her answer been yes or no instead of basically telling me she don't know? I mean if that's the case she shouldn't be asking people to send wish pics like they have a choice! And yes ladies I was being very realistic! Ugh I'm tired and having a little more than I have now isn't worth the pain, money, irritation! This is how I feel!

I'm happy my other doctor answered all my questions just now!

I'm back ladies and my attitude has straightened up! My doctor just answered my questions I sent this other doctor. My doctor will be dr. Baez! She answers everything right away and on time! She also gives clear answers! Ok I'm feel better. Now ladies I have a question what is local anesthesia ? How is it given? I read this one girl said she was poked with the cannula for the anesthesia to be released inside her body multiple times! Omg she said she was in horrific pain! I don't think plastic surgery should be felt and if that's how all doctors give local I refuse this surgery!

Do dr. Baez make huge butts? Has anyone seen any dr. Baez girls with big butts? Please respond still doc searching!

Please ladies help me out I want a biggg butt like my wish pics at least. I seen a few of dr. Baez dolls but their butts wasn't big but they DIDnt want big butts. I do want a big butt that will stay and I'm only doing this surgery once! Help me ladies figure out what doctor is right for me! I want wish pics shape give me your advice on who makes butts like my wish pictures!

Inner thigh lipo

Hey ladies I want inner thigh lipo because my inner thighs are kind of fat and I want a kind of gap effect. I'm afraid to get inner thigh lipo because I was told your skin will start to sag. Anyone got thigh lipo did your skin sag? Oh now I'm thinking about staying in the states and maybe go to dr. Salas at vanities he makes big round butts!


I'm loving dr. Salas bbl. He makes big butts! I may be going to him in march for bbl lipo to stomach, back,sides,and inner thighs for $4300! Will also be getting fat grafting to the hips! We shall see I'm still going between different doctors. I saw one of dr. Bello patients and been in contact for quote of 5000! I think I will be staying in the states. I'm getting things together trying to figure out all I will spend. I'm 160 5'2 I think I'm going to start losing weight like maybe 15 lbs and stop smoking loud. Huh this is going to be kind of hard. Tty ladies later. I'm still making my mind up on dr. Salas I think he can give me the ass I'm looking for.

Dr. Baez no! Dr. Salas maybe but do he do great lipo?

Ok I'm still confused about who I want to go to and it's definitely not baez. She doesn't give big or shapely butts to me. Only thing is good about her bbl is the price. She's giving girls the size butt I already have and how much pain I heard you have to go through isn't worth the trouble To ME! I plan to go to dr. Salas but I'm worried about him not being able to suck all the fat out my stomach. I was thinking about dr. Duran cus she's good with sucking all the fat out the tummy and she makes big butts, but I emailed her two months ago for a quote to no avail. I might just stay in states and hope dr. Salas can suck all the fat out my stomach but I know he can give me the butt I'm looking for. Ladies do dr. Salas do great lipo?

Dr fried lander

Hi ladies so I been researching other doctors and came upon a dr friedlander. Has anyone heard or seen any reviews on dr. Friedlander and the bbl?Please respond with answers!

Has anyone heard of dr friedlander?

Dr friedlander is in Atlanta. Has anyone saw any reviews or know if he do decent butts?Anyone?

My whole review is gone!

My review has been erased somehow!

Dr Lewis friedlander

Has anyone heard of dr friedlander in Atlanta ? He's close to me where I can drive.

Who do better shapes dr. Yily or duran? Feedback please decision making!

Hi ladies I'm interested in a nice shape overall. I want a nice butt with nice hips to match. I was looking at yily bodies which look great and duran shapes look great too but I dnt like her hips much they kind of look cartoonish. I emailed duran over 1 month ago and no answer at all. I just emailed yily two days ago because I were kind of nervous about going with her with the reviews I read. But her shapes are off the chain! Please give feedback I maybe contact duran again.

Dr yily? Nice figure overall?

Hi ladies I'm thinking dr yily over all. She makes great figures overall! Do ladies still go to yily? Have she been having horror stories still? I want a great body and wash retested in yily as first choice but scared of all horror stories. Then duran became second choice was stalking her but to no avail so I gave up on her. Now I'm interested in yily so I'm waiting on quote. Ladies I need help do yily still give bangin bodies? Are there recent horror stories attached? Will I wake and feel pain? I were interested in Baez because of no horror stories but I'm not sure she can give me what I want . What you ladies think?

My doctor is yily! Got my quote $3500

Hi ladies I got my quote and my doctor is yily! She has quoted me $3500 for chin, stomach, back, sides, and armpits. I dnt know why armpits? I never asked for armpits. Despite all the fright I had for going to yily I really believe she is the doctor for me. I want a nice ass with small waist. I already have some ass it's my waist that's the problem. I'm nervous and keep asking myself can I do this? I'm going to stay strong. I want to look like yily doll nrp or boss booty. They look great! Yily march 2014 it is!

Dr yily bodies

Hi ladies I'm so over excited about my bbl with dr yily. It's seems so far away. I'm loving her bodies but my favorite is Njpr beauty. Her body is the shit!Saying a prayer please make me the shit just like Njprbeauty! Lol. So excited come on march 20th! I will be flying out delta because delta has the cheapest flights.

Need help ladies!

What site can I use to save money on flight and hotels? I'm trying to pay very reasonable prices. I need to know a list of only necessity things I need. I also have a question which dolls are more satisfied with their results? By which dr doctor? I think I'm still going to yily but I'm getting skeptical because I don't know if she will give me the big butt I want so I've emailed duran again after no response at all the first try. DaMmmnn!!!! Is what I want men and women saying as I walk pass! If only I could be sure yily will give me a ass like bossbooty or Njprbeauty I will be thrilled! I'm becoming obsess as time draws closer. I need my big butt with hips and small waist to make me almost perfect lol cus I am a Cutie just need a nice booty! Happy healing to all the bad Bishes ! Happy holidays! Banging body here I come!

Miss Argentina?Death?

Hi ladies I forgot to say I know everyone heard of miss Argentina death which I'm sorry to hear about. The news say she was going for butt implants but she died because the doctor injected her butt with some liquid form of something that went to her lungs killing her. Now that don't sound like anything done legal by a real doctor that sounds like illegal butt injections because I haven't heard about someone going to a real doctor getting some liquid injected into buttocks for implants. So what procedure was she getting done?

My ass

Hi ladies this is a pic of my ass today. I put on like 7 more pounds that I will lose before going to dr in march. Yes ladies I have an ass already but my ass doesn't sit up as great like before the baby. I have a fat stomach that I try to hide but I can't hide it anymore and now I'm taking this shit to the next level. I will be going to yily because I want that banging shape I had. After my bbl I think I will have a breast reduction and lift. Ladies I give you my ass as of now!

My ass

My ass today!Need more fullness, roundness, and more on top plus I want hips too!

My wish pic!

My wish pic I sent dr yily!

My front

My front

Need help on recovery houses!can someone please help me on recovery house deals?

Hey happy new year everyone! I am two months pre op I'm getting more nervous as time gets closer. I need help on recovery house deals can someone help me?give me different information on recovery houses ?Thank you ladies!

My ass

My ass I have now

OMG IM Scared! Can I get a nice shape without tummy tuck?

Hi ladies I get more anxious and nervous as time gets closer. Im nervous about the pain and I now know for sure my child father cant come with me anymore since he has to work and stay to take care of our son soooo Im freaking out. Im looking for a cheap recovery house as of now. Im lost and confused about everything. I dont know what tests I need to get before my trip and I gained 10 pounds. Im also nervous because I have asthma and Im hoping I havent became a diabetic because Im having signs but hope im tweaking as my doctor says I always think something is wrong with me. Lol Im worried because I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant which is a even higher risk at having diabetes and I know I stopped really watching my intake of junk which is a no no. Ladies send me your prayers because I really need it. Do you ladies think if I lose about twenty pounds it will make my chances of getting my wish shape even better? Im such a nervous wreck over everything but I know GOD has my back 100%! thanks ladies for listening to my nagging lol.

High blood pressure!

Hi ladies I went to the doctor today and I wanted to cry.The doctor came in and told my blood pressure is so high I need to take high blood pressure pills. What to do ladies can I get my blood pressure down in a month and a half? Im tryi blood pressureng relax and stay calm and also Im trying to lose like 15 pounds in that time. I finally stop smoking and that plays a MAJOR roll in getting high blood pressure down.More vegatables and fruits with POTASSIUM are Great in helping Lowering high blood pressure naturally! Im all for natural use and natural products.Ladies please pray for me Im stressing bad and that definitely isnt good for high blood pressure.Oh yeah you know what else is good to eat to lower high blood pressure is OAT MEAL yes ladies oatmeal its great! So Im going to try my hardest.

Recovery House! Great Prices

Hey ladies Im looking for recovery houses with I do mean great deals. Thats including a great price(cheap) yes so serious. Please give me some names and advice. I need your help. Plus what else would I have to pay for? Please ladies my fiancee' is trying to get everything together including paying everything off now! Please I need prices and contact info!

Have you heard of Flowers Recovery? Or Death at Cipla?

Hi have anyone ever heardof Flowers recovery? I found them online they said they been open for 10 years and their prices are great! Im asking you ladies or anyone who has been to DR. Im trying to make sure this isnt a SEX trafficking company lol but Im serious. This is a foreign country sh ** like that happens! what about Yasmins recovery house? Who recovery house did I see on someone else profile where they were sleeping in the living room with curtains up? I want to make sure I never pick that recovery house lmao. That was a GHETTO HOT MESS!Oh yeah I forgot to mention I lost 6lbs which isnt hard for me to lose weight at all but I also can gain it back fast.I must admit I was still checking on other doctors at Vanity but no one wants to put up with vanity crap so I guess I need to get over my fear of DR and worrying of dr Yily. I heard a new rumor on here thati a mother and daughter went to yily while the mother is in a coma and the daughter is in a coma. Ladies is this true? This is the reason Im so freaking nervous about DR and Yily. I understand that this can happen with any doctor or anywhere but this shit Really happens in DR! Im getting VERY NERVOUS!

Answers to last Questions!

ok ladies I have asked DR Yily were there any deaths at cipla and was she involved? She said NO!NO ONE HAS DIED! And definitely not by her hands! I also wanted to say Thank you sexy ladies for your support and encouragement. I really mean this from the heart you ladies kept me SANE! I have to let you guys know that my date has been changed to JUNE 9TH. I changed my date due to I couldnt get that time off for march but I was confirmed both from work and yily. Thanks oh yeah Im looking for a buddy. I will be there from june 9 to june 17! Hit my in box.

Vanity is pissing me OFF!

Hey ladies I havent wrote a review in a while. I have changed my doctor. Its going to be Dr. Hasan. Im not going to DR anymore because there are too many deaths over there back to back. Hey ladies be nice this is my review and DR does great work but its not for me.Anyway my date at vanity is SEPT. 8,2014. I paid my deposit and now they are trying to go back on my quotewhich is really f**ked up. My first quote from priscilla was $4000 for 14 areas which included full stomach,back,flanks,and chin. My second quote after they wrote me from maria was $3500 which included full stomach,bach,flanks,and chin. I was given that quote if I put down $2000 which I did.Now I was contacted by Anaily who gave me her own quote of $4000 which included only lipo to full stomach,back,and flanks plus a $1000 more for CHIN LIPO. WTF type of games are they on. So I snapped and told her no that was not the deal I have the emails to prove it. Their customer service sucks and how could different coordinators contact you with their own different quotes. Im still going to vanity because Im not interested in DR anymore. Huuuuhhh this shit is irritating and very stressful.What is a girl to do because I want this! Vanity keep changing things I hope there would not be anymore misunderstandings or I will ask for MY DAMN MONEY BACK!

Im excited this is going to happen! A nice ass here I come

Hi sexy ladies you all are looking wonderful. Im so excited everything is working out well. I paid for everything but my hotel room. Im looking into renting a place off airbnb because a few members from my family is coming to take turns taking care of me. Im so thankful for this. Im thankful for the doctor who said lets make a way to give every woman the ass she wants lol. Im starting to buy my supplies. As for vanity everything was worked out by jessica. She is a great coordinator and I asked her about who in her opinion will give me what I want between dr hasan and dr salas. As I want a smaller waist with a big butt and she said from what she has seen dr. Hasa patients come out with bigger butts. So dr hasan it is plus she says he does aggressive lipo which I need for this stomach I have. My quote is lipo of stomach,back,flanks with fat grafting to hips and butt for $3500. Im kind of disappointed about no chin lipo because I hate my chin but I will get my chin lipo done here in my city so I guess. I cant wait I already have haters especially in my family. I know they going to ask where all that came from and Im going to say I been working out like crazy because I was a excercise junky lol. I have this one cousin who already has a big ass and she always in competition against me in everything but the only thing she won in was the ass lmao. I have my degree, I pay real rent and my kid father has his career building making good money. Im truly blessed, thank you god! This is so amazing God please give me strength to do this surgery without any complications and to achieve great results. My pics are up what do you ladies think about me being able to achieve my wish pic with Dr. Hasan? Ive been working out to manage my size which is 5'2 160lbs. I have always done the plastic wrap around the stomach which really works.Do I have enough weight for a big booty and descent hips? My supply list wont be big at all. I am bring 3 maxi dresses and 3 pairs of sweats. Vanity dont want you to take any vitamins only iron. Last time I went to this hating doctor my blood pressure was high so thanks to my realself sis Nellyjelly Ive been eating raw garlic with vinegar. Ive been feeling so much healthier. And it doesnt suck like I really thought I wasnt going to be able to do but the raw garlic is bought in the vinegar which made the garlic taste like PICKLES. Yes ladies pickles so try this out if youre having high blood pressure problems.Thanks to all for your support,advice, and honesty.

Just saw 3 bad Hasan Dolls!

Omg I just seen my doctors work up close and personal lol. Me and my bd we're going into the gas station when two ladies were walking in front of us both with tiny waist and nice sized butts.My Bd say excuse me but I don't mean no harm or anything but do y'all have a bbl? I looked at him kind of shocked but the two ladies look at each other and say Yeah! I smiled then my Bd say I paid for hers lol . That's when a third girl got out the car and her shape was killing the most. They then asked what doctor I'm going to I said Dr. Hasan miami vanity.They laughed and said that's who we went to you going to look good . Lol they just made my day but they were just excited as me. I just wanted to let you ladies know that Dr. Hasan is getting very popular around the world. Oh yeah I'm sure my stomach will look great after my lipo because the third girl had stretch marks from her two kids she had in the car. Anyway I just wrote to tell about my walk into faith that I'm suppose to get this done which is happening because it's paid for already.

Unanswered questions Help!

Hi ladies you all look great and happy headings to all. Looking at all these new dolls makes me very anxious for my day.I say F the summer I'm anxious for sept lol. I talked to Jessica asking what I can use after surgery since no one told me what I need or anything. I asked her should I buy arnica cream right after surgery and she said I can't use that until weeks after. I thought you use arnica right after for the pain of lipo areas? Is bromelain and arnica the same? What is a good size weight to be for surgery at 5'2 if I want a big butt and hips? Help ladies I have questions I need answered.

Omg! Just googled dr Hasan Brazilian b lift!

Omg I just google dr Hasan Brazilian butt lift deaths and I got something. I searched dr Hasan before I paid my money and didn't find anything. I searched and found a 51 year old woman I five no dropped and oxygen levels also five min after surgery and she was rushed to the nearest hospital where she died. She died from a embolism. Dr Hasan later settled with the family out of court. He also was put on probation before that for changing the labeling of pain meds. Now I knew dr Hasan wasn't board certified plastic surgeon but I didn't know he was a dermatologists WOW. I said in my review long ago DR Hasan is not a board certified plastic surgeon while others said he was to make themselves feel better. I'm already so afraid about this surgery where I don't know if I still want to go to dr Hasan. Me and my child's father will discuss what to do. Thanks ladies for reading this is my review and I PROMISE to bring you nothing but the truth! Who ever don't like it there is a back button. Love you ladies looking good! Will vanity give me my money back? Or does dr salas have any baggage? I know what you ladies are going to say this is a risk but how many patients has dr. S or dr. Jimmerson, or Dr Hugh's had that died? None from my knowledge of research.JS

Sorry typos

51 year old woman dies at 51 years 5 children embolism from fat being injection too deep into her muscle.

My review hit the back button!

Some people are crazy but y'all funny to me. Lol some get mad when you talk about a doctor they went to and tell the doctors facts( secrets) of their surgeries. They say this is a good doctor because my hips look perfect or my butt huge or this doctor give most of his/ her patients great results. Hummm but the doctor has 8 deaths in 6 years. Lol because your ass is fat and your waist small don't make the doctor a good doctor. Now I can say what I want and how I feel on my review you don't like my talk Hit The Back BUTTON. You not feeling the facts I'm giving Hit The Back Button. I'm also on my way to bbl I thought Hasan was the man for the job but I don't know and if you don't like how I'm feeling some type of way about Hasan or any other doctor Hit The Back button. I'm upset I paid my money and I hear it's none refundable for me to find this about dr Hasan after I knew he wasn't certified but to have a dermatologist working on me doing plastic surgery IM FEELING Some Type of way! When I asked everything there is to be asked and got lies. On vanity site it says dr Hasan is board certified in reconstruction surgery which I feel can be close enough to plastic surgery. Ladies what to do? What are my options?

Ok just talked to Jessica! I'm feeling ok now!

Ok just talked to Jessica about the situation and she told me some of the story was true but dr Hasan was proven to be non negligent for what happen to the patient even tho the article says different. Ikr but dr Hasan hasn't had any more patients to die or complications after a bbl since starting doing surgery 15 years earlier. IDK I'm way more nervous now. I just sent Jessica more pics and she told me to try to get down to 155lbs at 5'2 because of my stomach. I will start in June really dieting for surgery sept 8,2014. But before surgery I plan to get down to 150lbs for the summer to be comfortable with myself. Sooooo we will see I plan to still have a talk with my child's father about the situation to see what he say because it is his money and I am his love lol. Jessica did tell me before she relaxed me some was that at VANITY all you put down is refundable which the article about the lady deaf said vanity is no refundable not true they as Jessica has said always has given refunds.


Lol I know ladies bare with me. I'm taking y'all on a even better roller coaster than six flags has lol. I feel so bipolar with my mood swings getting ready for this surgery.

Hips!does dr Hasan gives hips?

I'm getting anxious again! I just read a girl who went to Hasan for bbl and she also doesn't have any hips post op. Her reason she has no hips is cus she says Hasan doesn't do hips. Now before I paid my money I told Jessica hips were very important for me a hour glass figure I want . Jessica told me Hasan does hips and he will do them. Now I see his post patients and he didn't give them any hips. Can any of you ladies please let me know if dr Hasan offered you hips when you went in for marking or did you have enough fat for hips?

Vanity are liers! Dr Hasan doesn't do hips!

I've paid my money at vanity and before even paying my money I asked are hips included and was told yes. I been asking Jessica does dr Hasan do hips since day one she's told me yes let him know how important hips are to you. Now I have butt already but my stomach and hips are very important to me. This morning after seeing another dr Hasan doll without hips I texted Jessica and asked again and also asked can I get my money back because I'm looking for a new doctor. She then texted back dr fisher is the surgeon who does hips. I then asked about dr salas does hips she said he did but not typically. Then she text me that it's not that dr hasan doesn't do hips it's that some patients aren't candidates to inject fat into the hips. So that mean all his patients aren't candidates for hips because none are given hips. These are Jessica's exact words which are very confusing and misleading. This place seems to be very unorganized. I'm looking for a new doctor as of now upon finding a new doctor I will be asking for a full refund.Im tired of vanity misleading me and on top of that an hourglass figure has hips which I'm more interested in instead of just butt, which I have now!

The coordinators from different doctors on realself!

Lol ladies just got call from vanity after my review. Lol are they on realself as patients? Maybe! I got a call right after writing my review and I feel like doctors or their coordinators shouldn't be able to read our post on realself. I'm going to stay off realself for a while it's becoming stressful and there is no privacy.Happy healing to you beautiful new dolls and have a good day.

Stomach no hips

Big stomach no hips

My time is almost here!

Hi ladies my date is coming! My date is September 8, 2014! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I just took my labs waiting on everything to clear. My blood pressure has went down drastically! I have been using the pure ginger root cut it up and and made it into a tea now my bp is 122/80 when it was 144/80! I have everything I need except a few simple things! . New Hasan Barbie coming very soon! Thanks for all you ladies help and support! I do know I'm getting hate from the health staff down here in Bama because this isn't what they do, well this is what I'm going to do so the haters can step to the side with their comments or get pushed over!

Ladies I need your help!

I have to keep calling and texting Jessica to ask her what I need and when I need it! I'm tired of having having to ask them what I can and can't do before my surgery to no avail! Ladies please tell me what I can take, can't take, can do to be ready. Thank you muah!

Thank you so much Fingerscrossed 02

I'm thanking Fingerscrossed 02 for the genius of using pure ginger root to get your bp low naturally! It really works and I'm so happy and grateful she shared this with me! Muah to Fingerscrossed 02!

My date is sept 8! I'm scared ladies please send your prayers up for me!

Hi beautiful ladies my date is September 8,2014 with dr Hasan. I've been cleared for surgery everything is normal including my bp. I will just be arriving Sunday night in Miami. I'm very nervous and scared but I do know this is what I want to do. Ladies please pray for me. I will have my evaluation the same day as my surgery. I have to be there at 8am. I really don't have much to say cus all I can think about now is how scared I am! I've been wrapping my whole body in plastic wrap to get the smallest I can get lmao with also dieting watching what I eat. Um yeah I'm scared as hell!

I have less than 24 hours until I be a Hasan Barbie! Send your prayers up for me ladies!

Hi ladies I have less than 24 hours until I am a Hasan doll! I'm ready for this fat ass! Lol I'm super anxious! My list of things I've bought is arnica rub, hibicens wash, Lipofoam, 4dresses, 2pair of jogging pants, a Marie butt in faja size 2x because they run small, flip flops, flat slip on shoes, vitamins, vitamin d, vitamin c, iron pills, shower curtain, chux pads, maxi pads, dial soap, qtips, sterile bandaides, sterile gauze pads, waterproof medical tape, aloe Vera drink, pineapples, yogurt, probiotics, neosporin, protein shakes, water, dark colored towels, halls, cough syrup, laptop, lotion, menthol lipgloss, extra eyelashes lol I'm a diva. I hope I didn't miss anything, if so anything else needed I will buy when I make it there in Miami. I leave in 2hours! HERE I COME MIAMI! I'm getting on the bad bitch train along with all you bad bitches! I rented me a apt off airbnb and my host is causing drama already so I will see how that goes but I'm trying not to be stressed out because I have a lot going for myself including in the middle of my exams to be a registered nurse! God loves me and always work things out for me so no worries! Please send your prayers up for me ladies thank you all for your help!

I made it and I'm moving around just fine lol I feel great! Thank you lovely ladies!

I'm feeling great! I love you ladies for all your support and love thank you soooo much! I'm just really soar and my face is swollen. I will write a review on my experience soon but I will upload a pic tonight! I haven't token any pain pills yet and I pissed on myself three times already gross but I scrubbed with my towel and dial soap I just can't lay in piss.

My anaconda Dnt want none unless you have buns Hun!

Ass, ass,ass damn everybody checking me out in Miami!

Big booty all 4liters

I'm doing ok but when it's time to have BMI I get swollen!

I'm sorry ladies update coming soon please pray for me!

I'm sorry ladies I didn't write my review on my journey to becoming hasanified. I'm just sooo soar and uncomfortable! I want to feel normal! My butt been hurting not too far from the stitch I sent dr Hasan pics he told me to keep a eye on it. Vanity is great I can always text one of the nurses and get a answer no longer than 10 mins.When can I start using the arnica cream?

Surgery day was sept 8!

Hey ladies my surgery day was sept8,2014! I was supposed to be there at 8am but didn't get there until 11am traffic was terrible and they were working on the e way. As soon as I made it to the office they had me to sign my papers and told me I need to do my evaluation. I was sooo nervous. They had me to change into a gown behind a curtain. Dr Hasan came in and told me I'm late they have to hurry do my evaluation because I'm 3hours late. He then had me to take my gown off to mark me up he told me I really needed a tummy tuck I said no I'll never get a tummy tuck he told me I'm not sure your stomach will go flat. I said that's fine can you give me the illusion of hips? He said he's not sure because my skin is tight at the hip area for one and two the fat might only last for a month, two months, a week so why waste fat for hips when he can put all the fat back there! The next thing I had to sign more papers Hasan came and said come on we're rushing you because you're 3hours late but we usually don't rush. I said that's ok you're ri I'm sorry! They took me into the operating room and Marie wiped me down with idodine. Next the bartender came in and said we're going to have martini lol. I told him I knew you would say that. He then put my iv in and I all of a sudden got really scared where I told the bartender I don't want to do it. He told me you are im about to give you your martini now he put the oxygen mask on me I said how long? I was dreaming I had my graduation on my way to be a nurse they were calling me on stage but it was Maria calling me waking me up. I woke up was soar and had to pee really bad so I said take me to the bathroom! All the other women were in recovery crying I asked are you okay to everyone. They finally came to get me to pee moving very slow I was moving like nothing happened they told me slow down. I was ok except they had a lady who didn't speak English take me to the doctor I told her help me unsnap the bottom of my faja she didn't get it so I pissed myself. I was so mad. The first week was easy I went looking around miami the next day. The Tylenol 3 had me good I slept fine. The second week I was out of Tylenol and was really soar a d sleeping mad me more soar so I was miserable. I'm at my third week now feeling better except I've hit my butt on everything not use to this big thang so I've been stressing thinking I'm losing fat. The hate is real I posted a pic of me on FB all the men wrote me and the ladies asked questions but who cares I'm so happy and obsessed with my body! Can I lose fat from bumping it a little bit and I woke up on my side a few times? My butt still be hurting and all my wounds are closed. Dr Hasan checked me before I left he said look at that big booty with that small waist lol my bd was cracking up! He said I can believe your stomach went flat he was in love with his work! He said you have been hasanified lol come back let me give you a tummy tuck clear your stretch marks and give you an even flatter stomach! He then rubbed my lipoed areas it hurted sooo bad they had to hold my hands but he taught me that if I rubbed the lipoed areas it will help the nerves reattach faster. He told me oh I also put more hips in like you asked I thanked him and he left out. If you go to dr Hasan there is no point in buying bandaides because he would tell you don't put bandaides on the wounds let them breath. I've been massaging my lipoed areas and they feel much better less sensitive and stiff. Yes the arnica rub does work it helps with my itching and stiffness. My measurements are 26-30-44! Yes I'm in love. The top of my butt is soft and the rest still hard. I'm in love with my shape my world has changed this is life changing! I'm praying I don't lose any fat. Thanks ladies for all your compliments and well wishes! Trust me for all that's scared to get this its just soarness I'm usually a cry baby but no I took this very well! Oh my mom love my shape!

Vets Dr Hasan said I can sit at 2months has any dolls sat that early? Getting cellulite over but where I did have fat a?

Dr Hasan said I can sit at 2months has anyone sat that early? I mean early because other doctors say 3months. It looks like I have a small dent or cellulite where I had like dents at before the surgery I'm very worried I'm losing fat in that area again. I can't stop obsessing about losing fat now because I'm been leaned on by my baby and his daddy which I thi he did on purpose! Is that possible the fatime can leave from the same spot again? It's crazy how I'm going to have haters from outside including my man! Wow the hate is real MF keep hating and get left behind! Ladies please answer my questions! I'm 3 weeks out and I put on my scars way today is that ok? And my antibiotics gave me diarrhea but I've been using probiotics so it's slowing down! Please answer some of my questions vets!


Typos but you can still figure out what I'm saying! Thanks ladies

Is it okay to wear loose fitting thin jogging pant?

Ok I'm trying to keep pressure off my butt is it ok to wear leggings? And lose fitting jogging pants? I'm going to continue to wear my maxi dresses also? What can I wear ladies that won't put pressure on my new booty?

Butt still hard! Pic for you ladies!

My butt is still hard but a little soft by crack can't wait to be fully healed and see it shake lol!

More pics token today! Love you ladies

More pics for my supporters and the ladies who day is coming! Relax I was really nervous for nothing no pain just soarness. I forgot to mention I used my granddad extra walker the first week. I used it to hold myself up using the bathroom and to take a shower and in the middle of the night when you have to get up and walk lean on it I was so tired one day I lit couldn't stand. I felt like I was sleep walking! Good luck and be blessed ladies I'm definitely is!

My measurements are 36-30-44!hasan did that!

In love with my new shape! I'm banging I forgot to tell yall I went for my checkup with Hasan before I left miami and he was looking at me from the back and he kept saying look at that big booty with that small waist! Lol he had me dying laughing he said your waist don went flat you have been hasanified! I told him yes thank you sooo much! I love him and he's great! I felt very comfortable I text Marie anytime I want or think I need to ask a question she answers immediately or no longer than 10 mins later. And at first vanity was calling me like 4 times a day I appreciated it but they were ruining my rest lol but everything is great!

How long until I can sit? Have sex?

Thank you ladies for answering all my questions and compliments. I really appreciate you all! I have another important question how long until I sit? At two months can I sit for a hour? Can I have sex at 2months? Please help me ladies how long should I wait to sit normal at least a hour at a time?

Buy aloe Vera juice instead of arnica!

I forgot to mention in my review is I dru aloe Vera juice two weeks before my surgery and I hard bruised. The aloe Vera Juice is for inflammation also! I drunk it right after surgery for 3 weeks and i haven't had any fluid. I believe this really helped me heal much faster so instead of buying arnica pills but aloe Vera juice it works just as great! It also helps clear up acne skin period! It's also a cheaper way!take care ladies!oh now answer my questions lol!

Don't like my wife butt! Done by hasan

As time went by my butt seems to be getting wider and wider! The part I complained about which is the top I specifically told him to put my fat in he told me no because it would look too high! On top of that I have no fat in the top you can see the scar between my cheeks sooo good! And I have a burn on my ass and all over my stomach! I'm so disappointed and I feel like crying! I will try to show yall pics of my burns! I was wondering why the skin on my butt felt rough and really dry feeling then my bd noticed my butt was very dark looking coming from the crack area! What can I use to help with this burn and rough feeling skin between my crack??? So sad I had a cute butt at first! What can I use can I use palmers cocoa butter? Help I have scaraway but it doesn't stick between crack area! I don't want any one to see my butt I'm embarrassed! Hopefully it gets better! I might just end up getting a tattoo right there at the 3 month mark! But it looks wide at the top with no projection like I said I wanted! How you pay your money for someone to tell you no they're going to do it how they want! I have a big wide ass! Will it round out I'm a month and 1week out? Do I still have time for it to round out? Help vets please explain I'm upset and obsessed!


Look at the top in the leggings! Burn on stomach and my stomach looks whopsided

Debt in one side of my stomach and burn on the side

More fat token out of one side of the stomach! I think I'm more shame about my body than before

I'm going to try relax and wait

Thanks ladies for your support! I'm going to try to wait and relax but I've been looking at his other dolls and my butt looked better than theirs before surgery and around this mark their butts still had some projection! I'm worried it will stay looking wide and flat! I haven't sat at all! I've done everything right! I squat doing everything. In the bed I lay on my fours with butt in the air sometimes can these movements Chang shape? I'm trying to be patient but I will be two months in no time , which is when he told me I can sit! I don't want to sit at two months if it's still not shaped right! I just felt like crying trying on leggings! I don't know what to do or what to wear to look like I have a shape until it does the fluff

Butt looks more wide

Butt looks wider as time goes by! I know it's not just me! What do you ladies think?

Pic bent over a little bit

I'm slightly bent over that's when it looks good to me!

I'm back home around family

I'm back home around my family and no one knows I had surgery but my mother.No one else in the family knows.they also didn't compliment me on my new booty only on how flat my stomach is. My mom I showed her my butt naked and she said it looks just like your old butt! So like I thought it was a waste of my time and money! I don't see a difference anymore either! I saw a difference at first but I guess it was swelling! I had cheeks to start with at the bottom if yall see my before pictures with the black panties. I wanted my fat at the top which I still don't have! I'm upset because my family sees the same thing no change when I went through all this discomfort! I see other doctors patients like for example salama patients come out with a totally different shaped butt! I'm very upset and disappointed!

I don't recommend no one goes to Hasan

My butt is back to the size it was before surgery with a lot of scars now! I'm pissed my butt keeps getting smaller and smaller. I have no projection which I pointed and told him I wanted fat at instead he told me no it would sit too high after I worked hard for my money. I don't reccommend no one goes to Hasan all his past dolls want a round two because their fat didn't last or not enough project! Just to name a few who want a round 2 or more fat shay08, bigbooty24whatisawaist, and now me I'm pissed! I went through all this discomfort and I worked hard for my money for nothing! By the time my two month mark gets here I'm going to be all the way back to the size I was before my surgery and I'm almost there.

Butt lost major projection

No projection and all my fat is leaving! I'm pissed! Going to Hasan is a waste of money! All the fat and projection I thought I had was swelling!

my before butt! Do it look the same ladies

I'm not updating anymore because there's no point in pissed my body looks the same with scars for nothing!this is a picture of my before!do it look the same ladies?

My before and after side by side

My before and after is the same size just after shaped better! Ladies please tell your honest opinions! I picked these pictures because this is the only before pic I had so I took a picture today in the same pose!

Maybe yall are completely flat which is why you're satisfied

Maybe some of you are completely flat is the reason yall are thirsty and easily satisfied! I always had ass! Especially at the bottom of you're flat when you bend over you will still look flat! Bend over a girl that's completely flat and you will see! The pictures with my beige panties on I'm standing straight up to the haters I bet that is very flat!now this is my last post!
Miami Physician

I cant wait to be feeling sexy again! But anyway I refuse not to be able to feel sexy in everyway like I use to!I use to can come out in a two peace bathing suit with pumps because it was hot.Im looking to get my groove back! But for me! It's just as simple as that! I am a Yily doll. I already have an ass so I should come out looking good!

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