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I have been getting my lips injected for about 2...

I have been getting my lips injected for about 2 years now & have tried both fillers. I now get my lips injected every 6-8 months with Juvederm & absolutely love the results. I go so often because, I happen to be one of those people who go for the large, sculpted lips look. When I start to see my lips go down slightly I pump them back up into Angelina mode. I like to keep them perfectly maintained. The MOST important thing I can tell you is find the BEST injector you can. Placement & technique is everything when it comes to lips. Either find someone who you know does a great job or ask to see photos of finished results from the injector. A great injector will have a portfolio of before's & after's for you to look at.

I first started out having Restylane put in my lips 2 years ago but, restylane can be lumpy under flurescent lights. I don't recommend restylane AT all. The consistency is thick & hard to place in the lips. Under fluorescent lighting Restylane bumps can be seen in the lips.It also will not last as long as Juvederm Ultra Plus. There are 2 types of Juvederm: Juvederm Ultra & Juvederm Ultra Plus. Find someone who injects the Ultra Plus, because it lasts much longer then the plain Ultra. Make sure to ask which one you're getting. It does make a difference.

I always get a dental block, so I don't feel too much pain when they inject. The hardest part is getting up nerve to go for the first time. However, once you start going, you'll get used to the pain. I find it less painful then getting a tattoo, personally. Make sure to take 2 extra strength Tylenol 1 hour before having your lips done. The pain will be minimal.

Once again, I can't stress enough, the importance of finding an excellent injector. The technique & placement of the filler in the lips are the MOST important factors in having great results.Crappy results come from the injector, NOT the product.

One more thing.. I don't recommend Restylane or Juvederm for under the eye area. Both products do not take well to that area. Under fluorescent lighting, the filler can be seen through the skin. I have not personally had this done myself but, have read A LOT of negative reviews on the net about under eye placement horror stories.I'm one of thos people who does a ton of research on things. I've read that are can end up worse off & bruised after receving injections under the eyes.

Hope my review helped a bit! Juvederm Ultra Plus is hands down the best filler for the lips & looks very natural.

Cheryl Kimmel - Daytona Beach, FL

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